The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

John Drobnicki

John Drobnicki is currently Professor & Head of Reference Services at href="">York College of The City University of New York. He has an M.A. in History from St. John's University (where he taught briefly), and an M.S. in Library Science from Queens College/CUNY. He received the David Cohen Multicultural Award from the Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Studies in 1993, and previously worked for the Queens Borough Public Library.

John became interested in Holocaust-denial in 1990 after reading an article by librarian John Swan, who was a passionate defender of intellectual freedom, which mentioned the controversy surrounding David McCalden (aka Lewis Brandon) and his attempts to exhibit Holocaust-denial materials at a California library during "Banned Books Week."

John is the co-author of "Holocaust-Denial Literature in Public Libraries," which was published in Public & Access Services Quarterly, Vol. I, No. 1 (1995) and based on his library science research project, as well as several bibliographies relating to Holocaust-denial literature in the Bulletin of Bibliography. He reviews books for American Reference Books Annual, Library Journal, and Choice, and has also contributed articles and reviews to Polish Review, OAH Magazine of History, the Polish-American Journal, College & Research Libraries News, and various genealogical publications. Several of his articles are available online via his web page.

He is a member of the American Library Association, Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America, Association for the Study of Nationalities, Polish American Historical Association, American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, and the Polish Genealogical Society of America. Aside from history and genealogy, John is also interested in classical music, especially guitarist Pepe Romero, and composer Joaquin Rodrigo.

He can be reached at

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