The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

Hilary Ostrov

Despite all appearances to the contrary, Hilary Ostrov is old enough to be a grandmother. She lives, quite happily, with her cat, in a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia.

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, more years ago than she cares to remember, Ms. Ostrov, a former social services administrator, now enjoys a career as a computer educator/consultant. She is also an occasionally published (but often not) writer.

Although born in the United Kingdom, Ms. Ostrov is proudly Canadian - and equally proud of her Jewish roots. Her life has always been informed by a strong appreciation for the privileges and responsibilities of living in a democratic society - and by an acute awareness of the reality of the Holocaust and its anti-semitic antecedents.

As to why Ms. Ostrov has become involved with Nizkor:

She believes that the voices of the Shoah Deniers cannot be silenced - nor should they be. But, while their words fall on many incredulous ears, time has taken its toll on humanity's conscious knowledge of the Holocaust. There is a chasm - into which the deniers, masquerading as self-proclaimed voices of reason, scholarship and doubt, plant their seemingly endless supply of seeds of vitriolic malice. The myths which the deniers propagate must be countered by facts.

She invites you to visit her home page.

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