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Operation Reinhard:

   Einsatzgruppen: Battalion-sized, mobile, armed units of police,
	primarily Security Police and SD officials, which were used
	to attack and execute perceived enemies in conquered territories.
        (Breitman, 311)

   Einsatzkommando: Company-sized component of the Einsatzgruppen 
   	(Breitman, 311)

   Gauleiter: Supreme territorial or regional party authority(-ies)
	(The term is both singular and plural). The Nazi Party divided
	Germany and some annexed territories into geographical units
	called Gaue, headed by a Gauleiter. (Breitman, 311)

   General Government: The Nazi-ruled state in central and eastern
   	Poland. Headed by Governor Hans Frank. (Breitman, 311)

   Final Solution: Euphemism for the extermination of European Jewry

   Judenrat: Jewish community authority, appointed by the Nazis for
        ghetto and village administration.

   Trawniki: Labor camp, established in the Fall of 1941, in Trawniki,
        S.E. of Lublin, Poland. Trawniki was part of a network of labor
        camps and death camps controlled by Globocnik. Trawniki was
        destroyed when Himmler ordered the death camps closed, and the
        ground plowed and converted to farm use. See Encyclopedia, Vol.
        IV, pp 1480-1481.

   SD (Sicherheitsdienst): The SS Security Service

   Sonderkommandos: Division of Einsatzgruppen, generally smaller than
 	Einsatzkommando, but also a more general term for special
        commando units assigned particular functions. (Breitman, 311)

Military rank

- here's a list from Breitman (314) which shows SS ranks and the Western military equivalent: Oberstgruppenführer General Obergruppenführer Lt. General Gruppenführer Major General Brigadeführer Brigadier General Oberführer between Brigadier & Colonel Standartenführer Colonel Obersturmbannführer Lt. Colonel Sturmbannführer Major Hauptsturmführer Captain Obersturmführer 1st. Lieutenant Unterscharführer Corporal Rottenführer Private, First Class Sturmann Private SS-Mann no equivalent

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