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Subject: Re: Racist Education 2: The Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion
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Sombody wrote: 

>> Three generations ago [now it's six - Rich] a brilliant 
thinker wrote this>> secret formula for the achievement of 
world domination. We know very>> little concerning his life. He 
was a French lawyer named Maurice Joly. He= was, at the time he 
wrote his little book, a conservative, legitimist and 
monarchist. He had no thought of writing a secret document; on 
the contrary, he had in mind a satire against Napoleon III, 
then emperor of the French. Whether he ever perceived that he 
was leaving behind him the>> prophecies of a great seer; 
whether he ever guessed that his book embraced a political 
doctrine of world-shaking force, we do not know....>>>

More on the source of the Protocols:
The 24 Protocols of the Elders of Zion profess to be the
  minutes of a meeting of Jews convened in the last years of
  the 19th century.  They contain incredible statements of a
  plot by Jews to overthrow the world:  "We shall create by
  all the secret subterranian methods open to us and with the
  aid of gold, which is all in our hands, a universal
  economic crises whereby we shall throw upon the streets
  whole mobs of workers simultaneously in all the ocuntries
  of Europe." (Third Protocol)
  They are a base fraud.  
  They first appeared widely during the Civil war that
  followed the Russian Revolution of 1917, used by Tsarists
  to discredit Bolsheviks.  They were originally written by
  a flunky in the Paris branch of the Russian secret police
  in 1899 or 1901.  They were responsible for the murder of
  thousands of innocent people.   
  Peter Graves, a London Times correspondent, demonstrated in
  a series of articles in 1921 that they are based on a small
  volume written by a Paris Lawyer, Maurice Joly entitled:
  "Dialouge in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu: or
  the Politics of Machiavelli int he nineteenth century"
  published in 1864 to discredit the second empire of
  Napolean III.
  There are over 175 passages in the Protocols that are taken
  bodily from Joly's novel.  Here are a couple:
  Joly, Brussels Edition 1864:
     "Like God Wishnu, my press will have one hundred
       arms, each hand of which will feel all shades of
       public opinion." (P 141)
  From Nilus' "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion":
     Like the Hindu God Wishnu, they will have one
       hundred hands, each one of which will feel the
       pulsation of some intellectual tendency." (p 43)
     "The political has nothing to do with the moral."
     Has politics anything to do with morals?"
  The Protocols were written especially to fool chowder-heads
  like Lomaak into believing that Jews are evil.  
  "...this masterpiece of fraud has been used to inflame the
  passions  of ignorant and fanatical mobs for well over
  sixty years and is still being circulated by evil men under
  the protection  of freedom of press. In its simplest terms,
  the "Protocols" was designed to divert the attention of
  exploited and frustrated people, away from their real
  oppressors, and turn the wrath of the people against the
  Jews. Thus, the Jews would become the easy scapegoat."    
  [For more information see the book "THE HOAXERS-PLAIN LIARS, 
FANCY LIARS AND DAMNED LIARS" by Morris Kominsky, Branden 
Press, 1976.]
  For more information, try "An Appraisal of the Protocols of
  Zion",  (John S. Curtiss, Columbia University Press, NY

>> =
>> In 1868, Herman G=F6dsche, a German signing himself Sir John 
Retcliffe th=
>> Younger, wrote a novel entitled *Biarritz*. In it twelve 
rabbis from all
>> corners of the earth meet in the Jewish cemetery in 
>> Subsequently this chapter, somewhat revised, was printed in 
pamphlet form=
>> and translated into foreign languages. And now, lo and 
behold, we have an=
>> 'authentic document,' proving the existence of a Jewish 
world conspiracy.=
>> =
>> G=F6dsche's text was childish and none too convincing. But 
suppose you ta=
>> these rabbis conspiring in their cemetery and give them the 
>> wisdom, the contempt for humanity, the seductive power of 
Joly's tyrant.
>> Don't just make them avaricious braggars; make them subtle 
and crafty:
>> make them speak the accursed satirical wisdom of 
Machiavelli, but in
>> deadly earnest; finally, confound the fabulous nocturnal 
conspiracy with
>> an international Jewish congress which actually did convene 
to discuss
>> such sober matters as the problem of emigration. Then we 
have before us,
>> in all bloody romantic horror, the demon of Jewish world 
>> gathered in a congress and fixed in a protocol.
>> =
>> That is how it happened. The group of Russian conspirators 
dug up Joly's
>> forgotten book; they were also familiar with the horror 
story about the
>> Jewish cemetery in Prague; they knew by the newspapers that 
in 1897 the
>> Jewish Zionist Movement had very publicly been founded at a 
congress in
>> Basel; finally, they knew only too well the golden awe 
emanating from the=
>> ancient fame of the Rothschilds. The ingredients of a 
>> conspiracy lay at hand, requiring only to be mixed.
>> =
>> From Konrad Heider, *Der F=FChrer*, Ralph Manheim, trans. 
Boston: Houghto=
>> Mifflin, 1944. Pages 5-9.
>> =
>> [For more information on the Protocols forgery and some 
other ancient
>> anti-Jewish propaganda, see .
>> In case your newsreader doesn't like my character set, all 
"=FC" characte=
>> are umlauts, which can be transliterared "ue". Followups 
>> =
>> -rich...
>Though I doubt that the _Protocols_ are actually the notes of 
a meeting =
>(the very _form_ of a meeting itself is absent, for example, 
and further =
>it is doubtful that a meeting with such a purpose would have 
allowed a =
>note-taker), they are extremely interesting and should be read 
by =
>everyone seriously interested in the problems of this century.
>They also do not show much internal evidence of being forged 
by =
>anti-Bolsheviks, since the Bolshevik aspect of the perceived 
Jewish =
>threat to the old order is hardly emphasized. The documents 
also claim =
>Jewish power lay behind, of all things, "Nietzsche-ism" and 
evolutionary =
>theory. Perhaps these are later interpolations by nutball 
>Nevertheless, we must give the author, whoever he was, great 
insight into =
>human nature and how that nature has been manipulated by the 
media =
>elites, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, of the modern "free and 
democratic" =
>With all good wishes,
>-- =
>Kevin Alfred Strom
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