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        The LaRouche Cult and the Nation of Islam

The professional bigots of the Nation of Islam (NOI) and the
Lyndon LaRouche organization have recently revived an ad hoc
alliance  to  advance  their  attack  on  Jews  and   Jewish
organizations.  They  have held joint  programs  and  street
demonstrations  to  vilify  the Anti-Defamation  League  for
allegedly  fostering the AIDS epidemic, promoting drugs  and
violence,  and  "attacking" black  leaders.  Much  of  their
rhetoric  has been confrontational and violence  prone.  The
two  fired a new incendiary salvo recently, suggesting  that
ADL  is  somehow  involved in a plot to kill Minister  Louis

Apart from the bleak diversion offered by this spectacle, it
is  useful, on a more serious level, to see what these  hate
peddlers  have  in  common. It's hard to  imagine  two  more
disparate  fringe  groups.  The Nation  of  Islam,  a  black
separatist,  anti-white group, boasts ties to Libya  and  an
assortment of neo-Marxist radical groups and violent  street
gangs.[1]   The  LaRouche  political  cult,  whose   bizarre
conspiracy   theories  are  impossible  to  place   on   the
ideological map, draws mainly white, middle-class adherents.

                   Conspiracies in Common
So  what do they agree on? Not much - except that tired song
of  the demagogue, that some of the world's ugliest problems
are spawned and furthered by conspiracies involving Jews.

The  LaRouche cult ~ whose leader, 71-year-old,   Lyndon  H.
LaRouche,  Jr., was just paroled from federal  prison  after
serving  time for his role in defrauding a series of elderly
persons  of  more than $30 million, in many cases  of  their
life  savings  -blames prominent Jews and  Jewish  families,
organizations  and  businesses  for  organized   crime   and
international drug trafficking. The announcement a year  and
a  half ago for a joint Nation of Islam/LaRouche program  at
Howard   University  trumpeted,  "The  ADL  is  historically
indistinguishable from organized crime and the  bankers  and
financiers who operate the $500 billion drug trade known  as
DOPE  INC."  NOI officials have parroted this conspiratorial
LaRouche claptrap in recent statements. Conrad Muhammad, who
runs  the NOI's mosque No.7 in New York  told The New Yorker
in February 1994, ". .Why not condemn Fe criminal activities
and the charges that have been laid at [the ADL's] door that
they  were  a front organization for Meyer Lansky and  other

Farrakhan's tabloid, The Final Call. has editorialized  more
broadly  on  the theme of 'Vile plots being hatched  against
Black  people  by  clandestine  organizations  dominated  by
Jewish  interests, including the...apartheid  system,  which
was helped to be formed by Jewish doctors."

Prominent  Farrakhan follower Steve Cokely, has  charged  an
international "secret society' exists to oppress
blacks and create a single world government run by Jews.  In
the  same  speech, Cokely kid the AIDS epidemic to  doctors,
especially Jewish ones, injecting black babies with the AIDS
virus. Said Farrakhan, "Cokely spoke the truth."

The  "international Jewish conspiracy''  theme  surfaces  in
both  camps.  LaRouche  has endorsed the  notorious  Czarist
forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, stating that a
"corrected  version...would stipulate that  the  evil  paths
cited were actually the practices of...B'nai B'rith...."  In
turn,  the Protocols and Henry Ford, Sr.'s The International
Jew  have  been sold in bookstores owned by Nation of  Islam

Both  groups  have  echoed the classic a anti-Semitic  blood
libel that the Jews killed Christ. In the world according to
LaRouche, "It was the Jewish Sadducees who crucified  Christ
and  the same faction in Rome who prompted the Emperor  Nero
to   launch  the  centuries-long  'holocaust'  against   the
Christians."  Last  year  Farrakhan's  national   spokesman,
Khalid Abdul Muhammad, stated, "it is a known fact that  the
Jews  have been an enemy of Jesus" and they "sought to  kill
the Messiah." And in his 1994 Savior's Day speech, Farrakhan
told followers, "they didn't want to hear what he said.  And
they  trumped up lies on Him and they killed Him.  Right  to
this day Jews don't believe in Jesus...."

Both  organizations  have  cozied up  to  white  supremacist
groups.  The  LaRouche  network has employed  Ku  Klux  Klan
members as security consultants, notably Roy Frankhauser,  a
two-time felon lately of the United Klans of America.  Among
Frankhauser's  convictions was one involving  explosives  in
connection  with  a  school bus bombing  in  Pontiac,  Mich.
Representatives  of  Farrakhan invited former  Klansman  Tom
Metzger  and several members of his White American Political
Association (now called White Aryan Resistance - WAR)  to  a
1985  Los  Angeles  Coliseum appearance by Farrakhan.  Later
Metzger's  group  donated  $100 to Farrakhan.  According  to
Metzger,     he    and    Farrakhan's    people    exchanged

Both  the  LaRouche  organization and the  Nation  of  Islam
promote   ignorant  and  distorted  claims  concerning   the
Holocaust.  The  LaRouche  tabloid  has  referred  to   "the
mythical   'six  million  Jewish  victims'   of   the   Nazi
'holocaust,"'  asserting  that a million  and  a  half  Jews
perished,  and  that  Hitler was put in power  by  prominent
Jewish  banking families. The cult continues to  vilify  the
Office  of Special Investigations of the U.S. Department  of
Justice  and  defend accused Nazi war criminals  and  German
rocket  scientists  who  used slave laborers  while  working
under  the Nazi regime. For its part, in February 1985,  the
NOI  welcomed  Arthur  Butz, author of the  Holocaust-denial
tract,  The Hoax of the 20th Century, as a guest speaker  at
its annual Savior's Day Convention in Chicago. Butz's pseudo-
history  has  been  sold at recent NOI events.  Despite  the
historical tack, Farrakhan has admonished Jews: "You  cannot
say  'never again' to God, because when He puts you  in  the
oven, 'never again' don't mean a thing."

Khalid  Muhammad has joined his anti-Semitism with Holocaust
denial.  In April 1994 Muhammad staged a visit to  the  U.S.
Holocaust  Memorial  Museum  and  held  a  press  conference
afterwards at which he belittled the magnitude of the Nazi's
near  extermination  of  European Jewry.  The  museum  visit
appeared  to be a publicity stunt for Muhammad's speech  the
following night at Howard University, where he repeated many
of  the same remarks. At Howard he said "the black holocaust
was  100  times worse than the so-called Jew Holocaust.  You
say  you  lost 6 million we question that, but we  lost  600
million. Schindler's List is really a swindler's list."

Farrakhan himself made similar remarks in his 1994  Savior's
Day speech in Chicago.

          Hostile to Israel. Friendly to Terrorists

The  anti-Jewish  leitmotif surfaces in foreign  affairs  as
well.  For LaRouche this frequently takes a nominally  anti-
Zionist  form which, in some of its language, echoes classic
anti-Semitic imagery. He has stated, ...We know that Zionism
today  is a parody more hideous than what it  imitates  from
the  most  evil  period of Ptolemaic  Egypt  and  the  Roman
Empire,"  and  has referred to "the Zionist octopus,"  which
"must  be destroyed." The cult leader has also argued  that,
"If  international Jewry were...freed of  the  grip  of  the
Zionist psychosis...the problems of the Middle East could be
resolved." Farrakhan states simply, "The presence of a state
called Israel is an outlaw act."

Also  on  the  international scene, both groups have  sought
ties  with  terrorist states. In the 1980s,  the  Nation  of
Islam  received a $5 million interest-free loan from  Libya.
Farrakhan  and his lieutenants have visited Muammar  Kaddafi
in   Libya   on  several  occasions,  and  participated   in
demonstrations protesting the 1986 U.S. raid on  Tripoli.[4]
Last year LaRouche's wife Helga Zepp LaRouche,  participated
in  a  conference in The Sudan, a repressive launch pad  for
Islamist  terrorism,  and  met with  Sudanese  leaders.  The
LaRouche organization also had a relationship with  Iraq  in
the  late 1970s that apparently was revived at the  time  of
Gulf   War.  A  member  of  the  cult's  European  Executive
Committee  made  several trips to Baghdad, ostensibly  on  a
humanitarian  mission,  and  LaRouche-controlled  newspapers
lambasted the anti-Saddam campaign in 1990-91.

                      Formerly at Odds

The  curious aspect of this meeting of hate-mongering  minds
is   that   as  recently  as  the  mid-1980s,  the  LaRouche
organization was denouncing Farrakhan for what they  alleged
was  his  involvement in terrorism. After Farrakhan and  his
lieutenants  attended  a  1986  conclave  of  radicals   and
terrorists in Tripoli, a LaRouche publication, Investigative
Leads,  called  for Farrakhan's arrest and prosecution,  and
urged  his  surrender for questioning on  sedition  charges.
"Farrakhan, AIM [The American Indian Movement] Get  Marching
Orders  at Libyan Terror Summit," the title shrieked.  Other
issues  characterized  Farrakhan  as  the  "mediating  link"
between    international   Muslim   Brotherhood    terrorist
operations  and "black militant groupings" and  "leaders  of
the  black  race  riot  infrastructure"  in  the  U.S.,  and
asserted  that  Farrakhan  and a  man  associated  with  the
suspected murderer of an anti-Khomeini Iranian dissident  in
northern  Virginia had "reportedly set up  several  training
centers  for firearms training" for selected members  of  an
Iranian-linked Islamic group.[5]

Perhaps  the  most  perverse aspect of  the  twosome's  cozy
relationship  is that the Nation of Islam,  a  black  racist
group  is  in bed with an organization which has worked  for
the  premier intelligence of the apartheid Republic of South
Africa.  In  the  late  1970s the LaRouchies  were  paid  to
prepare intelligence reports on anti-apartheid groups in the
U.S.  for the South African Bureau of State Security (BOSS).
After  the  contract, the staff did additional work  for  at
least one private South African business in the early 1980s,
ex-members  say.  Contacts with the South African  embassies
and  consulate continued at least into the late  1980s,  say

Recent events have the Farrakhan and LaRouche believers back
on  the  same wavelength. The cult's relationship  with  the
Nation  of Islam dates back to the late 1 980s when the  two
held joint forums on AIDS, that were covered in the LaRouche
magazine  Executive Intelligence Review. LaRouche  disciples
were promoting "experts" who claimed that AIDS was part of a
government  conspiracy against blacks and was created  in  a
U.S.  biological warfare facility. Dr. Abdul Alim  Muhammad,
director  of  the  NOl's Washington, D.C. AIDS  clinic  also
participated  in  a  meeting in Paris, France  called  by  a
LaRouche    front   group   -   the   Schiller   Institute's
International Commission of inquiry into Violations of Human
Rights  -  which was agitating for the release from  federal
prison of Lyndon LaRouche. According to the NOl's The  Final
Call, Dr. Muhammad, whose announced topic was AIDS, appeared
to blame the epidemic on "America's global genocidal policy'
(a  LaRouche theme). He told the gathering, "America is  the
number  one enemy of the Black man." He charged, 'The rulers
of America have decided on a policy of genocide to prevent a
Black and Brown majority by the middle of the 21st century."
Since   then,  the  Nation  of  Islam  has  picked  up   and
embellished  that  notion,  assiduously  propagandizing  the
black community.

More  recently,  the  two organizations have  trained  their
combined  sights  on the ADL, which has  exposed  the  anti-
Semitism  and  extremism  of both  groups,  hampering  their
efforts  to broaden their support. During the fall  of  1992
LaRouche   representatives  twice  joined  with   a   senior
Farrakhan  lieutenant to denounce ADL as "the  new  Ku  Klux
Klan," an Orwellian inversion that is the brainchild of  the
cult. The two groups held programs at Howard University  and
the  University of the District of Columbia titled, "Is  the
Anti-Defamation  League (ADL) the New  Ku  Klux  Klan?"  Dr.
Abdul  Alim Muhammad, attacked ADL for its 1992 publication,
The   Anti-Semitism  of  Black  Demagogues  and  Extremists.
terming  the report an attempt to "decapitate, if you  will,
to lynch, if you will, the black community." There, Muhammad
delivered a dissertation on lynching. In a pointed metaphor,
he  said  the  charge of "anti-Semitism is a noose  that  is
being  tightened around the black community by  the  new  Ku
Klux   Klan.   As  [the  representative  of   the   LaRouche
organization] reminds us, it's not the new Ku Klux Klan, its
the old Ku Klux Klan, it is that which produced the original
Ku  Klux  Klan,  that which is more evil than  the  Ku  Klux
Klan...." Not to leave the audience in any doubt as  to  the
lyncher's   identity,   Muhammad  ominously   asserted,   to
applause, "If your blood pressure rises, if you start seeing
red  at  the  very thought of the Ku Klux Klan  marching  in
Washington, D.C., then what you should be doing is  learning
about the ADL"

Muhammad  also  echoed the international  Jewish  conspiracy
theme, telling his rapt listeners, 'What we are
dealing with [is] an evil that is a many-headed evil, and it
comes up in many parts of the world...Undeneath there  is  a
subterranean network that connects them all."

Farrakhan  recently  played  a  variation  on  this   theme.
According  to  the organ of the fringe New  Alliance  Party,
Farrakhan, appearing on a TV show with NAP leaders,  said of
ADL's exposure of his and other demagogues anti-Semitism and

     This  is  a  losing, last gasp of an  organization
     that  has had its day, run its course. It is going
     to  be exposed and when you expose the root of the
     ADL to the light, like all things that are exposed
     at  the root, it will die. What I know is the root
     of the ADL and one of these days I'm going to tell
     the  American people how she was formed, what  was
     the purpose in her formation, who formed her...and
     all  of the related parts of...a conspiracy of the
     greatest magnitude to rob the American  people  of
     a  nation  and cover it up by accusing  those  who
     knew the truth of being wicked demons..
                  Joining to Scapegoat ADL
These joint efforts continue. On April 13, 1994, Abdul  Alim
Muhammad and Larry Freeman of the Baltimore LaRouche  office
spoke   at  a  forum  at  historically  black  Morgan  State
University  in  Baltimore.  The  event,  sponsored  by   the
LaRouchite  Schiller  Institute, was billed  as,  'The  Ugly
Truth About the ADL."[6] - the latter being the title  of  a
LaRouche  propaganda  screed circulated  in  several  Jewish
neighborhoods around the country during the last year and  a
half.  As  a  further indication of the ongoing  cooperation
between the LaRouche and Farrakhan organizations, the  March
30, 1994 issue of the NOI tabloid The Final Call carried  an
advertisement promoting 'The Ugly Truth About the  ADL"  The
night following the Morgan State meeting, another joint NOI-
LaRouche   program   was  held  at  Howard   University   in
Washington, D.C.

At  Morgan  State, Muhammad told an attentive audience,  "We  war," The Baltimore Jewish Times reported.  "Who's
fighting  us? The ADL. Either we overcome     them  or  they
overcome us. Until they kill all of us or we them. Kill  all
of  them,  if it comes to that. We must fight them until  we
crush them."

The    next    night   at   Howard   University,    LaRouche
representatives stated, "ADL is behind drugs, destruction of
children,   and  AIDS,"  and  promoted  the  cult's   latest
fantasies. According to an account in The Washington  Jewish
Week,  the LaRouche followers baldly announced that the  ADL
had staged the recent massacre at the Tomb of the Patriarchs
in  Hebron  via  the Jewish Defense League,  which  the  ADL
supposedly  operates as agents of assassination. A  LaRouche
speaker  also  provocatively asserted that the  massacre  is
linked   to  "an  ongoing  attempt  to  assassinate"   Louis
Farrakhan.  Muhammad said that he was "very proud  to  share
the  rostrum" with LaRouche representatives, who he  praised
as  "kindred  in spirit to those you find in the  Nation  of

Finally, on April 30, a "Stop the Attack" group composed  of
roughly  35 Nation of Islam members, LaRouche followers  and
Howard  University  students, and an apparent  homeless  man
held  a demonstration that floated from Capitol Hill to  FBI
headquarters,   The  Washington  Post,  and   B'nai   B'rith
headquarters,  winding  up  at the  ADL's  Washington,  D.C.
offices.  Demonstrators asserted that the ADL is "a  spy-and
assassination network" responsible for keeping  blacks  from
advancement,    according   to   The    Washington    Times.
Demonstrators   chanted,  "Hands  off   Farrakhan/Stop   the
attack/We  know  the ADL is anti-black." The  demonstrators'
tone  was occasionally threatening. They said, 'We know  you
are  trying to assassinate Farrakhan," and promised that  if
Farrakhan is "attacked," 'We will break every bone  in  your
body.  An  eye  for  an  eye, a  death  for  a  death."  The
Washington Times quoted a protester who promised, "You  want
to  see  assassinations, try touching...Farrakhan. Once  you
aggress  upon  us, you're going down." Some statements  were
also  nakedly anti-Semitic. The demonstrator quoted  by  the
Times  yelled,  "This is not an attack on  Jews  -  it's  an
attack on the Anti-Defamation League...and the synagogues of
Satan. ...You have too much control of the country."


Both  the  NOI and the LaRouche cult are likely to  continue
their  joint attacks on Jews and Jewish organizations.  Each
is using the other to further its own ends, both are seeking
to  expand  their  base of support and  seeking  allies  and
ammunition against the ADL, which has consistently monitored
and exposed their extremism and anti-Semitism.

Neither the Nation of Islam nor the LaRouche cult are choosy
about the company they keep. Both have rubbed shoulders with
terrorist states abroad and bigots and extremists  at  home.
Unembarrassed  by this record, the two have  been  quick  to
accuse the "Anti-Defamation League of being the new Ku  Klux
Klan."  Yet  it  is  their hatemongering,  scapegoating  and
conspiratorial  propaganda - as well as  their  associations
with  Klansmen and other[s of] that ilk -- which  brings  to
mind the KKK.

Deciphering  the  Nation  of Islam  and  the  LaRouche  cult
slogan, "Is the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) The New Ku Klux
Klan?"  requires  a trip to their upside-down  "Through  the
Looking Glass" world. Few will mistake it for reality.


[1]  Radical  groups  include several with  ties  to  Libya,
notably  domestic revolutionary terrorist group (see below).
The  NOI has also enjoyed a close relationship with  the  El
Rukn gang in Chicago, which terrorized the South Side of the
city  for  nearly a generation with murder, drug trafficking
and  protection  rackets. More recently,  NOI  figures  have
reportedly  tried to broker a truce between the rival  Crips
and Bloods in Los Angeles.

[2]  These  and  other anti-Semitic works -  including  Tony
Martin's  The Jewish Onslaught and Martin Luther's The  Jews
and  Their  Lies - have been sold at Farrakhan's appearances
as  recently as March 1994 when Farrakhan gave a  speech  in
Palm Beach, Fla.

[3]  Metzger and his son were held civilly liable in a  suit
brought  by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL  for
the  1988 murder of a young Ethiopian immigrant in Portland,
who  was beaten to death by neo-Nazi Skinheads incited by  a
WAR recruiter.

[4]  The  NOl's  cohorts at these pro-Libyan  demonstrations
included  a  domestic terrorist group the  Republic  of  New
Afrika, a revolutionary black separatist organization  whose
members  have  robbed  armored  cars  and  murdered   police
officers.  Other demonstrators, also veterans of  travel  to
Tripoli, included the American Indian Movement, a leader  of
which  is  in prison for the murders of two FBI agents,  the
radical-left,     anti-Semitic     All-African      People's
Revolutionary Party, and the New Alliance Party, a left-wing
psychotherapy cult which is also anti-Semitic.

[5]  In  recent months the cult's publications have  praised
and  defended  Farrakhan and his followers, and  highlighted
the relationship between the groups.

[6]  The  Ugly  Truth has been sold at NOI events.  LaRouche
followers have also distributed the booklet and
other  materials  at  resent  appearances  by  Khalid  Abdul
Muhammad and other figures, haranguing people as they waited
in line to enter the hall.

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