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From oneb!!!!!!torn!!!ccamfiel Mon Oct 25 14:25:20 PDT 1993
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Path: oneb!!!!!!torn!!!ccamfiel
From: (Christopher Camfield)
Subject: Re: _The Oregonian_ has printed CODOH's new Holocaust Revisionist ad!
Organization: University of Waterloo
References: <2ade16$>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1993 14:53:57 GMT
Lines: 93

In article <2ade16$>,
Dan Gannon  wrote:
>     Below (101 lines down) is the newest article/advertisement from Bradley
>R. Smith / CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust).  It was just
>printed in _The Sunday Oregonian_, October 24 1993, on page C-5 of the
>"Forum" section.  (The first major newspaper to print it!)  It is also being
>published in the student newspapers of universities and high schools across
>the country.

The Sunday Oregonian has less good sense than one would hope.

>     Note:  In the ad printed in _The Sunday Oregonian_, a word was changed
>*after* the proofs:  ["deniers"] inexplicably became ["dealers"].  Since
>this occurred after the proofs, it was not a typographical error.  Rather,
>it WAS copied correctly by the Oregonian staff, but someone there actively
>changed it just before printing!  Rather odd...  Why was it done?  To paint
>a false picture of Historical Revisionists as drug dealers or "dealers in
>hate"??  I wonder.  Bradley Smith is pursuing it.  Perhaps they will have to
>run the ad again (at no additional cost) or give Bradley a refund.

Tell me, do all of you Holocaust deniers have persecution phobia?  Perhaps
someone ran a spelling checker and found that their checker didn't like

[Loads of nonsense deleted]
>     Remember, the stakes are extremely high.  As George Orwell wrote, "Who
>controls the past controls the future.  Who controls the present controls
>the past."  We must *WIN* this fight.  We must raise truth, freedom, honor
>and justice out of the muck which the wicked, depraved and ignorant have
>buried them in, and we must uphold them!  The future and the human spirit --
>everything -- depends on it!

George Orwell would have hated you for using his words like this.  You spread
lies in the same twisted way that the society in _1984_ produced propaganda.

>     If anyone thinks that is "hateful" to be concerned about such things,
>and thinks, further, that "life is too short to hate", tell them this:  THE
>FUTURE IS TOO IMPORTANT NOT TO "hate" that which would destroy it!  It is
>not a matter of "hate", but a matter of defense -- defending ourselves and
>our loved ones, our freedom, our ideals and our future!  It is a matter of
>love, not a matter of hate!

Are you trying to suggest that the truth about the Holocaust that you so
firmly worship (sure sounds like that to me!) is destroying our society?
Wake up, Gannon.  If anything, it is the spread of fascists like yourself
that damage society.

>     Discriminating between a pool of safe, drinkable water and a pool of
>sewage is not "wrong".  It is not a matter of "hate".  Those who would blind
>you -- those who would rob you totally of your powers of discrimination --
>they are the greatest enemies of humanity, together with fear and ignorance!
>In today's "Politically Correct" society, "discrimination" is a "bad" word.
>That's NewSpeak for you!  Fight it, expose it, and destroy it!  Or be
>destroyed by it!

Yes, discrimination against others on the basis of race or religion is bad.

>"There is truth and there is untruth.  Freedom is the freedom to say two
>plus two equals four.  If that is granted, all else follows."

i.e. Freedom is the freedom to tell the truth.  Not LIES about the Holocaust!
For some strange reason you have fixated yourself with the idea that the
Holocaust did not occur, and you are blind to the overwhelming evidence
to the contrary.

>     Also, if someone thinks that I "hate" people just for being Jewish, or
>what-have-you, that is not so.  I only "hate" the WICKED ACTIONS OF
>INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE, and the things which threaten those things which I value
>most highly (such as truth, justice, the future...)  In the final analysis,
>all actions are performed by individuals, and each person should be judged
>-- and just FAIRLY -- as an individual!  Society is composed of individuals,
>and those individuals have rights and responsibilities.  Those rights should
>never be taken away from anyone, and neither can anyone evade the reality of
>their responsibilities.  If there are no responsibilities, it is impossible
>to speak of "rights", because if nobody has any responsibilities, how can
>they have the responsibility not to violate other people's rights?  If a
>person fails in their responsibilities, they give up certain rights which
>are logically connected to those responsibilities.  This is an ethical issue
>of the most vital and basic kind.

It's a load of doublespeak, that's what it is.  Are you trying to say that
Hitler had the right to force the Jews that were NOT immediately exterminated
to work for the Nazi Reich?

>     Here is the full text of the ad, as it should have been published:
[And surprise surprise, Gannon uses this opportunity to REPOST the nonsense
that he posted before]

This guy belongs in a looney bin.
Christopher Camfield (
     You sing your song, for much too long
     There's something wrong, your brain has gone  (The Police, "Peanuts")

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