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October 1999

Dear Friend,

As you may have heard, Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby have 
finally agreed to a settlement proposed by the Institute for 
Historical Review.  Now, after six years of debilitating 
litigation, the Institute _can get back to doing full time what 
it does best:  fighting for truth in history_.

Renewal and Rebuilding
We all know that the IHR is one of a kind.  No organization in 
America, or anywhere else, can match _its 20-year record of 
achievement, or its potential for accomplishment_:  _The Journal 
of Historical Review_, the books it publishes and sells, its 
conferences, Web site, media and campus outreach, and more.  
Friends of the IHR such as David Irving, Arthur Butz, and Robert 
Faurisson -- and enemies like the Anti-Defamation League, the 
Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the Harvard Law School's Alan 
Dershowitz -- agree:  _the IHR is the world's number-one force for 
historical revisionism_.

Which is why, for the Institute, standing pat is not an option:  
_the IHR must be restored to full functioning as soon as 

Guiding the IHR through the rocky shoals of Carto's law suits [sic]
required cutting operations, expenses (including salaries), and 
staff to the bone.  The good news is that Mark Weber and Greg 
Raven have not only kept the IHR alive, they have built a firm 
foundation for future IHR projects.  In fact, Mark and Greg have 
done such a good job, despite years of legal harassment, that 
today the Institute of Historical Review is poised to _open a 
major revisionist offensive_.

That's where you and I come in.

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My name is Ted O'Keefe.  You may remember that I edited books, a 
newsletter, and the _Journal_ for the Institute between 1985 and 
1994.  During the last few months, I've worked closely with the 
Institute on special book assignments, giving me first-hand 
knowledge of the exciting projects IHR is readying for launch.  
So, when Mark and Greg asked if I could rejoin the team, I jumped 
at the opportunity.  I hope that once you hear what we're 
planning for the IHR, you'll want to jump aboard, too.

New Book Projects
First off, there are the new books.  We are now putting the final 
touches on a first-rate English translation of _Israel's Founding 
Myths_, by world-renowned French scholar Roger Garaudy.  This 
book has enraged the Holocaust lobby (the Simon Wiesenthal Center 
recently issued a ranting, four-page attack condemning it), 
brought Garaudy legal persecution in France, and, most important, 
_aroused an unprecedented storm of support for Garaudy and for 
revisionism from the Muslim world_.

Once _Israel's Founding Myths_ is off to the printers, we'll be 
readying another revisionist take on the Holocaust, this one by a 
well-connected "Islamic fundamentalist" journalist from Turkey.  
_Holocaust Deception_ is an excellent primer for anyone 
unfamiliar with the revisionist case:  Harun Yahya's radical 
Muslim perspective makes it a natural for adherents of Minister 
Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam and other American Muslims.  
_Holocaust Deception is dynamite_!

Another book virtually ready to go gives a remarkable inside view 
of the Third Reich at the outset of World War II by the noted 
American journalist and eugenicist Lothrop Stoddard, featuring 
his personal interviews with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.  
And there are still more in line, including an authoritative new 
expose of the Jewish role in the Bolshevik revolution and the 
Soviet regime!

One reason these books are such strong candidates for publishing 
is that they aren't written solely for the "converted."  This 
means that each of them can be targeted at new people, enabling 
IHR not only to distribute more books, but to broaden its reach 
to bring in _potentially thousands of new readers -- and future 
revisionists_ -- around the world.  To do so, we're planning to 
promote these titles beyond our current mailing list.

We know the audience is out there:  they're already stampeding to 

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our Web site ( to read the articles we offer from 
the _Journal_ at no charge.  We also want to reach these new 
readers (and our existing customers, too!) with a _new_ site that 
will allow Internet users from around the world to buy books and 
tapes online.  This electronic "catalog" will be ready to go as 
soon as we can afford the custom programming required to make it 

Another Revisionist Conference
It goes almost without saying that the Institute needs to _hold 
at full-scale International Revisionist Conference_.  We're 
looking at Memorial Day weekend, 2000, but arranging, organizing, 
and coordinating these conferences means a mountain of work.  IHR 
needs an additional staff member to pull it off.  After the 
conference is over, this additional staffer will also enable 
better customer service and less "office work" for Mark, Greg, 
and me.

Outreach, Outreach, Outreach
IHR needs more hands on deck, of course, particularly to help 
with revisionist outreach.  The exciting news is that today 
Bradley Smith, who over the past fifteen years has compiled _an 
unequaled record of achievement in media and campus publicity for 
revisionism, is ready, willing, and able to work once again with 
the IHR_.  What a vital center for revisionist activism the 
Institute can be with the affable and effective Brad Smith back 
on the job!

Better Equipment
Of course getting IHR up to speed again required help in areas 
that are decidedly unglamorous -- but absolutely necessary.  Our 
photocopy machine is now ten years old, and on its last legs.  
The newest computer in the office is five years old, and much too 
slow to keep up with the work that needs to be done (the next 
newest machine is seven years old!).  We have long since outgrown 
the software that tracks our inventory and invoices, and our 
computer network is a joke.

While IHR was in survival mode, we were forced to let some 
valuable titles go out of print.  Among those crying out to be 
brought back into print are David Hoggan's _Forced War_, the path-
breaking re-examination of the origins of World War II; pioneer 
French revisionist (and Buchenwald inmate) Paul Rassinier's _The 
Holocaust Story and The Lies of Ulysses_; H. Keith Thompson's 
informative and influential defense of the German admiral, 
_D"onitz at Nuremberg_; and Waffen-SS veteran Leon Degrelle's 
gripping memoir

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_Campaign in Russia_.

Your Help Is Needed
To complete all these projects, and thus restore IHR to full 
function, will cost well over $150,000.  We know this is a lot of 
money, but by now you know _how efficiently IHR applies every 
dollar to what needs to be done_.  Your contribution to the best 
of your ability, whether large or small, will be put to the most 
effective use in the Institute's vital work.

Today, the IHR is primed to return full-time to the vital work of 
publishing _and publicizing_ the revisionist classics, as well as 
the latest in leading-edge revisionist research.  Those of us at 
IHR and those who soon will join us have the know-how, the 
dedication, and the vision to resume the offensive for historical 

I want very much for you to join us as well, by playing your part 
_in the renaissance of the IHR as the full-speed, full-strength 
force for historical revisionism in America and around the world_.

Your tax-deductive donation today will enable us to realize vital 
projects near completion, such as the Garaudy and other books; to 
resume essential functions such as full-scale IHR conferences and 
outreach to media and campus; to replace aging technology with up-
to-date equipment; and to hire new staff and undertake new programs.

We at the Institute of Historical Review are very mindful of how 
important your contribution is, and has been, in assuring the 
IHR's continued vitality -- and we are most thankful for your 

Yours truly,

Theodore J. O'Keefe

P.S. Best of all, there are ways of donating to the IHR that 
benefit everyone.  First of all, _your contribution is tax-
deductible_.  And if you have appreciated assets, you can donate 
them to the IHR and _write off the current value, no matter what 
you paid_ for the asset originally.  The year-end deadline is 
getting closer, so be sure to _avoid capital gains_, and _help 
the Institute in its vital work_, by making a donation of your 
appreciated assets today.

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