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Subject: Gritz, Populists, and Nationalists
Date: 25 Jan 1993 02:51:55 GMT
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NNTP-Posting-Host: (N.O. Monaghan) writes concerning the 
book _Beyond the Pale_ by Derrick Knight, CARAF Publications, 
1982, and the British National Party (BNP):
>My opinion of the book is based not just on its biased 
>political stance but also on its collection of lies, half-
>truths, unwarranted assumptions and general smear tactics that 
>it uses - many directed against people that I know personally.
>As to the BNP, I have not examined its policies in detail and 
>unable to comment on whether it follows the classical fascist 
>corporatism or not.
>N.O. Monaghan
     Gritz, the Populist Action Committee, and John Tyndall
     In a previous article, I noted the connection between Lt. 
Col. James "Bo" Gritz and the Populist Action Committee. Gritz 
wrote of his involvement with the PAC and Willis Carto:
     I was asked to allow my name to be placed on the list of 
     policy board members of Carto's Populist Action Committee. I 
     saw nothing wrong in this, but I must tell you I have never 
     received the first communication from them. 
     [_The Patriot Review_ newsletter, Christian Patriots 
     Association, November 1992]
In fact, Gritz was listed as a member of the Populist Action 
Committee (PAC) in several issues of Carto's (Liberty Lobby) 
_Spotlight_ newspaper, prior to this claim of not having 
received any communication from the PAC. In itself, Gritz's 
willingness to serve on "Carto's Populist Action Committee" is 
revealing, given Carto's well-known politics. 
     The PAC was launched in 1991 by the Liberty Lobby. The 
featured speaker at the kick-off meeting was "English populist" 
John Tyndall of the British National Party. [_The Spotlight_ June 
3, 1991, page 1] The founding national chairman of the PAC, 
Robert Weems, was a Mississippi KKK leader [_Blood in the Face_ 
by James Ridgeway, Thunder's Mouth Press, 1990, page 131] Tyndall 
is a British "former" National Socialist who has been quoted as 
saying "The Jew is like a maggot feeding on a body in an advanced 
state of decay." [_Beyond the Pale: The Christian Political 
Fringe_ by Derrick Knight, Caraf Publications, Lancashire, 1982, 
page 47] The selection of Tyndall as featured speaker for the 
founding meeting is an indication of the politics of the Populist 
Action Committee.
        The British National Party (BNP) and Its Origins
     _The Other Face of Terror_ [by Ray Hill with Andrew Bell, 
Grafton Books, 1988] describes several European fascist 
organizations in detail. The material of the book was also the 
subject of a 75 minute documentary film which aired on British 
television Channel 4 and has been shown here in the United 
States. Of the BNP it summarizes:
     Born in 1960 out of a merger between Colin Jordan's White 
     Defence League and John Bean's National Labour Party, the 
     original BNP was led by Jordan and Andrew Fountaine. Pro-
     nazi and anti-semitic, it split in 1962, when Jordan left to 
     form the National Socialist Movement. It was one of the 
     groups which merged to form the National Front in 1967.
     When former NF leader John Tyndall launched a new party in 
     1982, the BNP name was resurrected. It is now a few hundred 
     strong, and publishes _British Nationalist_ and _Spearhead_.
The book also includes a photograph of Jordan and Tyndall wearing 
stormtrooper-style uniforms with the following caption:
     Colin Jordan and John Tyndall at a 1962 (?) camp organized 
     by 'Spearhead', the paramilitary wing of the British 
     National Party. Both were later gaoled for their 'Spearhead' 
     Tyndall also helped found the National Socialist Movement in 
1962. Among his exploits, he was also fined for a 1964 assault on 
Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta; in 1966, he was jailed for 
illegal possession of a firearm. [_The National Front_, by Nigel 
Fielding, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1981, page 19] He split 
from the NSM in 1964 to form the Greater Britain Movement. He 
later served as Chairman of the National Front from 1972 to 1980.
     Tyndall has tried, much like David Duke, to explain his 
openly Nazi period as youthful exuberance. But in 1978, he still 
defended the German Nazi social and economic programs, their 
_lebensraum_ justification for war, and their race theories, 
balking only at defending their dictatorship and extermination 
policies. [_The National Front in English Politics_, by Stan 
Taylor, The Macmillan Press, Ltd., London, 1982, page 57] 
However, Tyndall still promoted the expulsion of non-whites from 
     In fact, the National Front issued a _Statement of Policy_ 
which claimed that:
     The NF upholds the wish of the majority of the British 
     people for Britain to remain a White country and for this 
     reason opposes all coloured immigration into Britain. It 
     further advocates the repatriation, by the most humane means 
     possible, of those coloured immigrants already here, 
     together with their descendants and dependents...
     Pending the repatriation of immigrant peoples, their status 
     should revert to that of any other aliens...Apart from 
     welfare, housing and education facilities--to which British 
     citizens should have prior claim--all aliens should have 
     equal protection by the law as well as equal 
     [_The National Front_, by Nigel Fielding, Routledge & Kegan 
     Paul, London, 1981, page 67-68]
The NF would have deported untold British citizens and residents, 
based solely on their race and denied them equal access to 
"welfare, housing, and education" while they awaited this fate.
     The National Front was opposed in Britain by a variety of 
political and civic groups. One of these groups, Christians 
Against Racism and Fascism (CARAF) formed as a result of a 1977 
meeting of the British Council of Churches. [_The National Front 
in English Politics_, by Stan Taylor, The Macmillan Press, Ltd., 
London, 1982, page 138] The National Front eventually suffered 
serious electoral decline and Tyndall went on to form the British 
National Party in 1982.

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