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For those who may wish yet another source on Carto and the 
Liberty Lobby, I would recommend _The Liberty Lobby and the 
American Right: Race, Conspiracy, and Culture_ by Frank P. Mintz 
(Greenwood Press, Westport Connecticut, 1985.) This documented 
study of the history of the Lobby makes interesting reading. To 
return to the point which Gaut avoided. The publication _Right_, 
was put out by the forerunner of the Liberty Lobby, Carto's 
Liberty and Property organization. _Right_ revealed many of 
Carto's viewpoints:
     During 1958-1960, the anti-Jewish propaganda in _Right_ 
     intensified concurrently with the bulletin's growing 
     tendency to eulogize past and present advocates of 
     paramilitarism or extreme racial and cultural monism. In 
     1958, _Right_ defended the newly created racist 
     paramilitarist National States Rights Party, whose formation 
     as a fusion from the splinter United White Party and States 
     Rights Party the bulletin announced in July 1958.
     In role as bridge between the right and paramilitarism, 
     _Right_ since 1958 had given publicity to George Lincoln 
     Rockwell and future leaders of American Nazism. That year, 
     the bulletin had reported Rockwell's gubernatorial primary 
     bid in Georgia. In February 1959, it called attention to a 
     Rockwell pamphlet, "Who's a Hate-Monger?" The following 
     month, _Right_ featured articles by Edward Fields and Matt 
     Koehl, who assumed leadership of Rockwell's organzation [The 
     American Nazi Party] after the latter's assassination in 
     [_The Liberty Lobby and the American Right: Race, 
     Conspiracy, and Culture_ by Frank P. Mintz, Greenwood Press, 
     Westport Connecticut, 1985, pp. 77-78]
Carto's interest in the Klan and similar groups did not end with 
the closing of _Right_. In 1975, the _Spotlight_ printed a puff 
piece about the Ku Klux Klan on October 31, 1975, page 3, with a 
photo showing a burning cross (_Klan No Longer `Invisible 
Empire', October 31, 1975, page 3.) In that issue, David Duke is 
shown in Klan uniform and identified as the director of the 
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
>> On December 20, 1991, KPFA programmer Dennis Bernstein hosted 
>> Liberty Lobby lawyer Mark Lane. Bernstein, who has publicly 
>> defended Liberty Lobby affiliate Fletcher Prouty, failed to probe 
>> Lane regarding his connection to the Lobby.
>Why would he need to prove the connection.  Mark Lane, who is
>Jewish, is quite openly the main attorney for Liberty Lobby.  
>Lane reports in his book "Plausible Denial" about the Kennedy 
>assassination that he had heard allegations of anti-semitism 
>directed towards L.L. and had thoroughly investigated them and 
>found them to be groudless... 
Gaut's remark about Lane being Jewish is puzzling. Does Gaut mean 
to say that one's politics are determined by one's religion or 
ethnic background?
Lane did not mention his Liberty Lobby affiliation during the 
interview. During the interview, Lane did mention in detail a 
court case related to the Liberty Lobby and the Institute for 
Historical Review. Lane's connection to the Liberty Lobby was 
highly relevant to the discussion at hand. Of course, not 
everyone in Bernstein's listening audience had read _Plausible 
Denial_ and therefore many might not have known of Lane's close 
relation to Willis Carto. 
Mark Lane's supposed investigation of the Liberty Lobby (his 
employer as a laywer) is laughable. 
>> An article in the _Express_, a weekly paper published in the
>>San Francisco Bay Area, reported on Bernstein's accommodating 
>>treatment of Lane.
>Why should he have treated him shabbily?
Once again, of course, I did not say he should have been treated 
shabbily. Asking a radio guest about their work with an outfit 
described as "the most notorious anti-Semitic organization in the 
country" could hardly be considered shabby treatment, unless one 
would rather have such discussion suppressed. 
>I note you also mention that Bernstein defended Fletcher
>Prouty although you fail to say what he defended him 
>for...traffic violation?  You refer to Fletcher Prouty as an 
>affiliate of Liberty Lobby by which you certainly give a glowing 
>report to Liberty Lobby.  Anybody who would take the time to 
>read the first thirty pages of Prouty's recent book "JFK: The 
>CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy" ...
Bernstein defended Prouty's association with the Liberty Lobby 
and its Populist Action Committee (PAC), of which Gaut must be 
well aware. Prouty has been repeated listed as an advisory board 
member of the PAC in the pages of the _Spotlight_, where he sits 
in the company of activists like Eustace Mullins. Also in the 
pages of _Spotlight_, Prouty has been listed as appearing dozens 
of times on the Liberty Lobby sponsored radio program and on 
numerous occasions as a speaker at Liberty Lobby sponsored 
events. Oddly, Bernstein's defense seemed to be that Prouty must 
be mentally impaired to allow himself to be associated with the 
likes of the Lobby. Prouty's beliefs concerning the Kennedy 
assassination are another of Gaut's red herrings.
>So Richard, maybe you need to take it back to the drawing
>board and figure out what the real fascist threat is to our 
>society: patriots like Prouty or statists who don't know 
>recognize an increasingly oppressive government when they see 
Gaut is free to believe that the best political course to 
preserve his freedoms is to link up with racist and anti-Jewish 
activists. Others are free to believe that it is against their 
own best interests to collaborate with elements who would deprive 
them of their rights as soon as they achieved the means to do so. 
>By the way, where was your outcry against the government's
>travesty of justice in Waco?
Once again, Gaut uses the red herring. My opinion on Waco has 
nothing to do with the facts concerning Willis Carto, Mark Lane, 
and Fletcher Prouty. I suppose that next Gaut will trot out a 
baseless charge that somehow my failure to echo his analysis of 
the events in Waco proves I support the government's actions.
Gaut seems to believe that any group which arms itself heavily 
and shoots it out with the cops must be good. Gaut also seems to 
be ignorant of previous case histories of alternative religious 
movements that have engaged in violence and other crimes against 
their flocks and others. To mention just a few such cases: 
members of the Hari Krishnas movement murdered some dissidents, 
leaders of the Aryan Nations robbed and killed, high members of 
the Church of Scientology were convicted of various crimes, 
            **********Spotlight News*********
The May 3, 1993 issue of the _Spotlight_ carries the following 
statement in boldface print on page 2:
     Why didn't somebody tell them? In spite of the deafening din 
     of "Holocaust" publicity in all of the news media, 22 
     percent of the population believes it is a myth...Primarily 
     responsible for this situation must be the Institute for 
     Historical Review, a California think-tank comprised of 
     revisionist historians and investigators who long ago 
     established that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz, 
     contrary to what all the history books all say.
As documented in a previous post:
     In 1980 the business license for "The Noontide 
     Press/Institute for Historical Review" was filed by 
     Elisabeth Carto, wife of Liberty Lobby founder and treasurer 
     Willis Carto. Carto himself is listed on IHR's letterhead as 
     "founder." IHR's activities are regularly promoted in the 
     _Spotlight_, as are the racist and anti-Semitic books by 
     Noontide Press, which are advertised as part of the Lobby's 
     "Liberty Library."     
     [Response to letter by Mark Weber, Paul Rauber, _The 
     Express_, January 17, 1992, page 4.]
The _Spotlight_ gives credit to the Carto-linked IHR for the 
supposedly widespread public belief that the Holocaust is a 
Also, the same issue of the _Spotlight_ carries the statement: 
"All classified ads are subject to approval. Publisher reserves 
right to reject advertising with or without cause being 
assigned." Nonetheless, on the same page as the Liberty Lobby 
Reports column, the issue has a quarter page ad for Cliveden 
Press which is selling _Shockley on Eugenics and Race_, _Races of 
Britain_, and _The Wandering of Peoples_. The latter promises 
"photographs illustrating the differences between Europeans 
Negritoes, Pygmies, Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc..." The 
classified section yields ads from groups like the Aryan 
Awareness Movement, and for publications on "White America", 
"Chemistry of the Holocaust", "Return of the White Man", etc...
The masthead of the May 3, 1993 edition of _Spotlight_ lists 
Robert Weems with the Southern Bureau. Weems is a former KKK 
leader, as documented in a previous post. The Canadian member of 
the international bureaus is Ron Gostick. Of Ron Gostick, the 
following is of note:
     The Canadian League chapter [of the World Anti-Communist 
     League] the Freedom Council of Canada, is controlled by Ron 
     Gostick and Patrick Walsh, both officers of the anti-Semitic 
     (non-governmental) Canadian Intelligence Service, with Walsh 
     doubling as the Canadian correspondent of the Liberty Lobby 
     in the United States. (Anderson, 154)

     [_Inside the League_, by Scott Anderson and John Lee 
     Anderson, Dodd, Mead and Company, New York, 1986, page 154.]

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