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Excerpt from 
	CODOH's Dubious Assault on College Campuses
	A Fourth Estate Special Report by Cory L. Scott
	Chicago Maroon, May 22, 1992.


The McCalden/Brandon Connection
	The first director of the IHR was a man named Dave McCalden, also
know as Lewis Brandon.  McCalden was a member of the English neo-fascists
and neo-Nazi gropu called the National Front and National Party.  This
fact raises serious doubls about the "honest" aims of IHR
	In 1979, McCalden left the IHR in a scandal, where he accused
the IHR of being a secret gay Nazi group and that the IHR had recruited
members from the Scientology church.  McCalden formed his own organization,
called Truth Missions, but later died of AIDS.

Posted with permission

[Mccalden also wrote a book called _Exiles of History_, a pscyhohistory
of the Jewish People, which is just vicious anti-Semitism.  He writes
that Jews are obsessed with their anuses and child immolation and that
the invented in response to this  LG]

The above paragraph I wrote.  I've read the book

Continuing with another part of the Above mentioned article


	The Noonetide Press publishes books about the testing of Negro
Intelligence, and has published other racist and anti-Semitic and 
anti-Semitic publications, such as "The White Student," in which one
headline read "America is White Man's Country."  The IHR has had
its books and pamphlets distributed and sold by the Noonetide Press.
	In fact the IHR has admitted direct ties with the Noonetide
Press.  Marc Weber, an editor with the IHR, admitted that the NP and
IHR draw from the same corperate pool of funds and distribution. He
did express dismay that his organization is affiliated with such a 
bigoted organization, but he also admitted that one could place a
racist tag on him personally.

Same article, different part

Marc Weber
  Marc Weber has been involved with the Institute of Historicl Review
since 1980.  Currently he is editor of the _Journal of Historical Review_
and a spokesman for the IHR.  Weber is the primary author of a new CODOH
advertisement, which "debunks the Jewish Soap myth."  Weber was named 
a co-director of CODOH in 1987, even though he is not on their list
of directors now.
  Weber first came to national fame in 1978 when he was the news editor
of the _National Vanguard_, a monthly tabloid of the National Youth
Alliance.  The NYA was founded by the William Pierce, a neo-Nazi who
also founded the Cosmotheist Church, of which Weber was a member.  The
church, according to Pierce, was involved with the "fitness of our race
for survival" and to train "warriors for our cause."  Weber wrote in
the _National Vanguard_ that his "conversion over several years has
resulted in the rejection of two basic liberal principles:  inherent
human equality; and human material comfort and happiness as the highest
social good."
   In 1979, Weber became involved with the Liberty Lobby, a notorious anti-
Semitic lobbying group, which publishes the _Spotlight_.  He wrote about
the "Holocaust fraud" and moved into the IHR in 1980.  While Weber
denies that the IHR has direct links with the Liberty Lobby, it seems
rather odd that the Liberty Lobby and the IHR would have such an overlap
or personnel.  As well, while Weber was writing for _The Spotlight_,
he was also editing the IHR's _Journal of Historical Review._
At the current time, Weber is still involved with the IHR and CODOH,
with his anti-semitic ties and all.

>But with Mark Weber, it is a different story.   I have both corresponded
>with him and have spoken to him.   Never did I ever detect any CURRENT 
>hint on neo-Nazi mindset in him.   

We see that not only our revisionists apologists for Nazis, but they
are apologists for neo-Nazis as well.  Weber's past is known.  He has
not dissasociated himself from it.  What this shows is some insight
why people would write and publish material that is just plainly false.
He's not a historian, he's an ideologue and a propagandist.  

>I will ask him about his alleged editorship
>of the magazine in question, but in the meantime, please everybody remember that the word "neo-Nazi" has gotten thrown around rather loosly on this net.   

I call a neo-Nazi a neo-Nazi, and an anti-semite an anti-Semite.  The only
people who complain about this are those who are afraid of being called the
same thing.  But these labels are not just thrown around loosely.  I 
have provided documentation for this, as I always do.  

The revisionists, because of their anti-Semitism are frequently criticized
by the ADL.  So instead of reforming or rejecting their anti-Semitism,
the accuse the ADL of all kind of things.  (By the way, the ADL is not
a Zionist organization, and Hillel is not a political organization).

So when someone tells the truth about them, the attack them.

And when Weisel or Weisenthal or Mermelstein tell the truth about what
the Nazis did, the revisionists attack them too.

There is a pattern here.  People tell the truth about Nazis, neo-Nazis,
and those with neo-Nazis connections.  The revisionist turn around and
attack those who tell the truth.  

I would ask the revisionists to leave Holocaust survivors alone, and
leave the Jewish people alone.

And if people become revisionists because they are German and want to
defend the name of Germany, they should learn that Germans should not
identify their nationalism with anti-Semitism and/or racism, and they
should dissassociate themselves from known anti-Semities and racists.

Apparently you have learned the wrong lesson from WWII.  The last 
time German nationalism was associated with racism and anti-Semitism
Europe, Germany was destroyed, and millions were murdered.

Hitler blamed the problems of Germany on the Jews.  Revisionist blame
the problems of German Americans (i.e. that they claim that Germany
has a negative image because of the Holocaust) on the Jewish survivors
and organizations.

Do you see the connections?  

If you are concerned about the image of German Americans, realize that
Holocaust Denial is an embarassment to Americans and to Germans.  

If you are concerned, actively reject associations with anti-Semites,
and stop reading anti-Semitic material.  Anti-Semitism and racism is
a disgrace.  Americans who do it are a disgrace to the country.
People of German origin who do it are a disgrace to the whole German

Leon Gross
I'm not an actor, but I play one on TV.

>Magazine might indeed be mislabled.   And even,if by some chance, it is indeed
>a true neo-Nazi magazine, remember, that Mark Weber "USED TO BE the editor".
>He is not the Editor now.
If he was a former KKK member, and he had decided it was wrong, and gone
public and tried to expose the KKK (like on person did), maybe he would have
some credibility.

He has not renounced his past.  What he is doing is continuous with it.
Again we see that the leaders of 'Holocaust Denial' do not have credentials
or interest in history, but do have experience and interest in racist
and anti-Semitic propaganda.

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Summary: was: Holocaust Posters' Hidden Agenda - Two Chilling Possibilities
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     The Institute for Historical Review's agenda is very simple to
understand because the agenda of its leader is very clear from his own
words.  Willis Carto was the founder of, and is still the "brains" (and
I use this word very loosely) behind, the IHR.  According to the
National Review (9/10/71), "Carto is a shadow - a furtive man of middle
height and middle build who shuns reporters, hates to have his picture
taken, prefers to control his empire from behind the scenes while others
front for him."  Because he prefers to stay in the background, his
stooges pretend to run the IHR, but all decisions are actually made by

     In an article in the September 10, 1971, National Review there is
an article about Carto entitled "The Strange Story of WILLIS CARTO - his
fronts, his friends, his philosophy, his "Lobby for Patriotism."  Let me
quote some paragraphs from this article:

     The danger of "racial mongrelization" was not a new preoccupation for
   Carto.  All through the years with Liberty and Property [in 1954 he
   became executive secretary of this right-wing organization], he
   corresponded tirelessly with segregationist leaders.  In 1956, in a
   letter to Judge Tom P. Brady of the Mississippi Supreme Court, an
   originator of the White Citizens' Council, Carto proclaimed (in

     "The revolutionists have seen to it," Carto wrote the racist author
   Earnest Sevier Cox in 1955, "that only a few Americans are concerned
   about the inevitable niggerfication of America."  But Carto had a plan,
   for a "flank attack."  He established, and promoted secretly, the Joint
   Council for Repatriation - a send-'em-back-to-Africa movement with an
   added benefit: "... such a movement would be the strongest blow against
   the power of organized Jewry that can be imagined."

     Carto always had his eye on Jewry.  From a letter to one Norris Holt:
      There are 600 million Chinese and about 200 million Russians.  All
      united in a determination to destroy the West.  And we have been so
      misled that we live in a dream world - far away from reality.  Hitler's
      defeat was the defeat of Europe.  And America.  How could we have been
      so blind?  The blame, it seems, must be laid at the door of the
      international Jews.  It was their propaganda, lies and demands which
      blinded the West as to what Germany was doing.

     Carto put it all more sussinctly in a memo to himself:
      Who is using who?  Who is calling the shots?  History supplies the
      answer to this.  History tells us plainly who our Enemy is.  Our Enemy
      today is the same Enemy of 50 years ago and before - and that was before
      Communism.  The Communists are "using" the Jews we are told ... who was
      "using" the Jews fifty years ago - one hundred or one thousand years
      ago.  History supplies the answer.  The Jews came first and remain
      Public Enemy No. 1.

     The indefatibable Willis Carto had yet another project cooking in the
   late Fifties.  In January 1957 he wrote to Judge Brady:
      Now Judge, I do not think that I have ever mentioned to you that for
      over a year I have been working on something tentatively called the
      LIBERTY LOBBY.  Briefly, this involves the establishment of an office in
      Washington to lobby for patriotism ... you can readily see the
      tremendous importance to the Repatriation scheme if this LOBBY ever gest
      [sic] set up.  On the other hand, you can see that there must never be
      an obvious connection between the two, for if there is, either would
      kill the other off, or at least harm it very gravely.  Therefore, I have
      had to make a decision and it is that the logical thing to do is to
      become publically [sic] identified with the LOBBY only ...

     In "The Liberty Lobby and the American Right - Race, Conspiracy and
Culture" Frank P. Mintz makes the connection between the Liberty Lobby
and the IHR:

     In the decade of the 1970s, the Lobby's inner circle mainstays [of
   periodicals] passed from the scene, but a new heir appeared.  The
   "Washington Observer" no longer took the form of a distinct periodical
   but became a special section of the "American Mercury."  After growing
   blatantly Hitlerian, the "Mercury" suspended publication in 1980.
   Before its demise, the "Mercury" hailed the advent of the Institute for
   Historical Review.  The Institute would have as its purpose the
   debunking of the historical verdict that the Third Reich systematically
   exterminated Europe's Jews during World War II.  The organ of the
   Institute, the quarterly "Journal of Historical Review," served as a
   more subtle sequel to the lapsed "Mercury-Observer" combination.

     In other words, the "American Mercury" quarterly had become too
anti-Semitic, anti-Negro, white-supremicist, and neo-Nazi.  In order to
reach a wider audience it was jettisoned in favor of a "scholarly"
publication which could promote the same agenda behind a facade of
respectability.  However, since the person running the show has not
changed, neither has its anti-Semitic, white-supremicist, and neo-Nazi
aims.  And, by the way, who was installed as the first head of the IHR
and publisher of its "journal"?  The answer is David McCalden, who had
been a member of the neo-Nazi National Front in Britain and became a
director of the neo-Nazi National Party in 1976 when it broke away from
the main organization.  Included among its PUBLIC statement of
principles is: " The British people must preserve their distinct racial
character by preventing all further immigration by people of non-British
stock and by organizing the humane repatriation or resettlement abroad
of all coloured and other racially incompatible immigrants, their
dependants and descendants."  (And "racially incompatible" means
everyone except "Aryans".)  He continues Carto's penchant for secrecy
(and for lying in public) as can be seen from a Washington Post article
(4/11/81, p. A6):

     The institute director said Brandon is his pen name.  He would not
   confirm nor deny that his real name, the one used in court papers served
   on him in the lawsuit is David McCalden.  He declined to be
   photographed, because, he said, "I am not very good looking" and because
   of concern about threats toward him and his organization.  He says he
   has visited Germany for one day to pay a social call on a friend.
     The founder of the institute is Willis Carto, treasurer of the Liberty
   Lobby, but Brandon says the institute has no ties with the Liberty
     Asked his attitude toward Hitler, Brandon said, "We regard him with
   the same distain that we do other megalomaniacs such as Churchill,
   Roosevelt and Stalin ... But we can find no practices that the Nazis
   followed that we did not follow also."

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