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From: (Richard Hatch)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Subject: Re: The Institute for Historical Review
Date: 28 Apr 1993 03:24:21 GMT
Organization: Youngstown State/Youngstown Free-Net
Message-ID: <1rktd5$> (Ken Mcvay) solicited further 
documented information related to the Institute for Historical 
Review for a FAQ he is working on. Here are a few items which may 
be of interest:
I. Willis Carto
Mcvay has already posted numerous quotations and other 
information relating to Willis Carto. One item I have not seen in
his material is the following fact:
     Carto had previously run an outfit called Liberty and 
     Property, and published a monthly newsletter called _Right_, 
     from 1955 to 1960. Through _Right_ Carto attempted to link 
     the segregationist Citizen's Councils with the grassroots 
     anti-communist groups of the McCarthy era, and with some of 
     the unsuccessful racist splinter parties of the time. As it 
     grew, the Liberty Lobby would later downplay its Klan and 
     neo-Nazi movement connections. But the pages of _Right_ are 
     a goldmine of evidence on the Lobby's racist origins and 
     agenda. Carto recommended that his readers join up with 
     George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party, whose leader 
     J. B. Stoner was convicted for the 1958 Klan bombing of the 
     Bethel Baptist Church in Alabama.
     [The Right's Grass Roots, by Sara Diamond, in _Z_ magazine, 
     March 1992, page. 19]
II. Mark Weber/IHR
On December 20, 1991, KPFA programmer Dennis Bernstein hosted 
Liberty Lobby lawyer Mark Lane. Bernstein, who has publicly 
defended Liberty Lobby affiliate Fletcher Prouty, failed to probe 
Lane regarding his connection to the Lobby. An article in the 
_Express_, a weekly paper published in the San Francisco Bay 
Area, reported on Bernstein's accommodating treatment of Lane. 
(Later, KPFA programmer Philip Maldari interviewed Lane and asked 
him more probing questions about the Lobby. In response, Lane 
went ballistic on the air.) Mark Weber, of the Institute for 
Historical Review responded to the article, and in turn the 
article's author Paul Rauber rebutted. Here are some extracts 
from Rauber's reporting:
     The question [of whether the IHR denies the Holocaust] 
     appears to turn on IHR's Humpty-Dumpty word game with the 
     word Holocaust. According to Mark Weber, associate editor of 
     the IHR's _Journal of Historical Review_, "If by the 
     `Holocaust' you mean the political persecution of Jews, some 
     scattered killings, if you mean a cruel thing that happened, 
     no one denies that. But if one says that the `Holocaust' 
     means the systematic extermination of six to eight millions 
     Jews in concentration camps, that's what we think there's 
     not evidence for." That is, IHR doesn't deny that the 
     Holocaust happened; they just deny that the word "Holocaust" 
     means what people customarily use it for.
     [Sticks and Stones column, by Paul Rauber, _The Express_, 
     January 10, 1992]
     Weber's claim for the "independence" of the IHR is marked by 
     the same disingenuousness that characterizes that institutes 
     scholarship. In 1980 the business license for "The Noontide 
     Press/Institute for Historical Review" was filed by 
     Elisabeth Carto, wife of Liberty Lobby founder and treasurer 
     Willis Carto. Carto himself is listed on IHR's letterhead as 
     "founder." IHR's activities are regularly promoted in the 
     Spotlight, as are the racist and anti-Semitic books by 
     Noontide Press, which are advertised as part of the Lobby's 
     "Liberty Library."
     [Response to letter by Mark Weber, Paul Rauber, _The 
     Express_, January 17, 1992, page 4.]

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