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Here 'tis...
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                         A few facts about the
             Post Office Box 2739 - Newport Beach, CA 92659


                          WHAT IS REVISIONISM?

  The more facts known about the past, the more the present can be
understood and honestly evaluated, and the future predicted.  The
writing and teaching of history, regrettably, contain a great many
prejudices and opinions.  In fact, much of what today passes for
"history" -- especially that which deals with the World Wars era and its
aftermath -- is built upon unverifiable data, prejudiced opinion, oral
testimony and the like, and is steeped more in moral arguments than in
reliable historiographical procedure.  This has reduced the vitality and
significance of history to one of confusion and near uselessness, while
at the same time enabling history to be controlled and used by an
Orwellian "Ministry of Truth" as a club with which to bully dissent and
mold "public opinion."

  Since World War Two there has been a stranglehold monopoly on what the
public should know about the origins and nature of that catastrophe.
The Institute for Historical Review was founded in 1978 to break this
monopoly on history by directing attention to THE FACTS.  The late Dr.
Harry Elmer Barnes pointed out:

       "...truth is always the first war casualty (and) the emotional
disturbances and distortions in historical writings are greatest in

  To understand the true causes of war and thus learn how to prevent it,
we cannot be satisfied with accepting the view that it is simply the
"Good Guys vs. the Bad Guys," for this explains nothing -- except how
war propaganda works.  We need to dig deeper to determine what other
forces were involved, what BOTH SIDES in the conflict were doing, AS
WELL AS ANY HIDDEN THIRD PARTY PROMOTERS of the conflict who stood to
come out ahead as the visible contestants fought each other.

  The Institute for Historical Review is a non-profit, non-partisan
educational organization dedicated to the prevention of war through
knowledge of the identifiable underlying causes of war.  We are not
terribly concerned with what the official historians or "accepted"
textbooks say, as these tend to exist by virtue of government funds or
donations from large politically-oriented foundations.

  We are concerned that the current popular belief of the causes of war
is ENFORCED -- based more on leftover propaganda, emotionalism and
suppression of the facts than on the facts themselves.  So we see our
job as one of bringing history into accord with these facts, and the
scholarly journal, books, tapes and conferences we sponsor are
accomplishing this exceedingly important mission.

                           WHAT CAUSES WAR?

  The main purpose of the IHR is to investigate the actual causes and
nature of war, and related phenomena, and to disseminate these findings.
We do this for two reasons:

  The first reason is founded in our deep dedication to the avoidance of
war.  We feel that the United States has been RAILROADED AGAINST POPULAR
DEMAND into one international conflagration after another, a conclusion
formidably borne out by research.

                           WAR ERODES FREEDOM

  Registration for a renewed draft and the continually escalating crises
in the Mideast, South Africa, Nicaragua, and who-knows-where-else
threaten to drag the United States into yet another planned and
unnecessary sacrifice.  We feel we owe it to our sons --and daughters--
to try to prevent their being sent off to die in foreign lands on behalf
of the POLITICIANS AND BANKERS, and in conflicts which further erode
freedom and justice rather than enhance it.

  This country's leaders have made so many mistakes and unethical
decisions in the past -- with one overseas intervention after another --
that we reckon it is about time somebody tried to shed some honest light
on this needless, criminal bloodletting.  In this respect, the IHR is a
foundation for peace.

  Secondly, the IHR is dedicated to finding out the TRUTH about previous
wars.  We all know from bitter experience that politicians and
governments cannot be trusted even during the best of times.  And during
wartime they can be trusted even less; for during these periods there
are whole battalions of propagandists at work for them, manufacturing
deceptions and outright lies.  Sometimes these war lies will be exposed
-- usually many years after the war's damage has been done.  But more
often than not the records of wartime mendacity will be kept under lock
and key and no amount of effort will release them from bureaucratic

                            FACTS AND TRUTH

  Therefore, it is up to the Revisionist researcher to investigate the
propaganda allegations first-hand.  If certain events are alleged to
have happened in a certain place at a certain time, then the researcher
must visit that place and perform a meticulous forensic examination.  If
a witness to certain events testifies that those events happened, then
the witness must be cross-examined, or if this is not possible, then his
testimony must be carefully scrutinized by experts in regard to its
authenticity and veracity.

  In sponsoring such research, the IHR hopes to get at the facts no
matter who might be called to account by their discovery.  We are
non-ideological and non-partisan.  We are interested in rehabilitating
the TRUTH, or as the late dean of Revisionist history, Harry Elmer


  It was George Orwell who wrote in _Nineteen Eighty-Four_ that: "Who
controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls
the past."

  We believe that Orwell was essentially correct.  The rulers of today
DO manipulate history to suit themselves.  They DO manipulate historical
events to lay this or that claim to territory, reparations or sympathy,
and to explain away the inexcusable.  And the American establishment
mass media bears a lion's share of the responsibility for this
deliberate distortion and cover-up.

  Prior to the Second World War, the protagonists were painted in
different colors (or made to wear different-colored hats) just to suit
the situation.  The Russians were "good guys" when they were opposed to
the Nazis.  Then they were "bad guys" for signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop
Pact.  Then they were the "good guys" again when the Germans invaded
Russia and the Soviets became our glorious allies.

  Today, with more and more sophisticated manipulation of the media,
things are even more dramatic.  The Soviets were "good guys" after the
Helsinki accord and SALT agreements.  With the invasion of Afghanistan
they once more became the "bad guys" and the Chinese switched to being
the "good guys" in their place.  Today (January, 1988) they are again
the "good guys."

  Likewise, the United Nations was regarded as a "good thing" when it
voted to establish the state of Israel, but came to be regarded as a
"bad thing" when it voted that Zionism was racism and that Israel should
give back the occupied territories.

  It all sounds very much like Orwell's Ministry of Truth, doesn't it?


  The work of the IHR covers the following educational activities:

-  The publication and reprinting of relevant Revisionist books.

-  The production and publication of a scholarly quarterly historical
   journal (_The Journal of Historical Review_).

-  The publication of a regular newsletter on topics of interest to the
   Revisionist-oriented layman (the _IHR Newletter_).

-  The sponsoring of international Revisionist conferences (there have
   been nine such events through February 1989).

-  Sponsorship of original research.

-  Sponsorship of the Media Project to promote historical Revisionism on
   the airwaves to new audiences across America.

-  A limited Revisionist speakers bureau to provide spokespersons for
   group meetings.


  The books we have published so far deal mostly with the Second World
War, since that is by far the most distorted period covered by standard
"history" books.  Some examples of our titles:

-  _The Hoax of the Twentieth Century_, Arthur R. Butz

-  _Campaign In Russia_, Leon Degrelle

-  _Hitler: Born at Versailles_, Leon Degrelle

-  _Katyn_, Louis FitzGibbon

-  _The Auschwitz Myth_, Wilhelm Staglich

-  _How Diplomats Make War_, Francis Neilson

-  _Dealing in Hate_, Michael Connors

-  _The Tragedy of Europe_, Francis Neilson

-  _Pearl Harbor After a Quarter of a Century_, Harry Elmer Barnes

-  _Is The Diary of Anne Frank Genuine?_, Robert Faurisson

-  _The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry_, Walter Sanning

-  _The Man Who Invented Genocide_, James J. Martin

-  _The Barnes Trilogy_, Harry Elmer Barnes

-  _The Six Million Reconsidered_, William N. Grimstad

-  _A Trial On Trial: The Great Sedition Trial of 1944_, Lawrence Dennis
   & Maximilian St. George

-  _The Myth of the New History_, David Hoggan

-  _The Forced War_, David Hoggan

  These books are professionally edited, designed and "packaged" to
present a finished publication which is both scholarly in content and
attractive to the layman.  The prices of these books are deliberately
kept low to allow the maximum possible distribution.  IHR titles are
regularly exhibited at book fairs and academic conferences around the
world.  Many of our titles have been adopted by colleges throughout the
country.  Several have been translated into foreign languages.  One
title alone has sold over 50,000 copies world-wide.  Our books are
generally listed in the Library of Congress catalog, and also carry
International Standard Book Numbers, enabling them to be logged and
ordered worldwide.  In addition to these, the IHR also stocks scores of
other publishers' books which, in our view, provide responsible
Revisionist accounts on subjects and events of vital interest.

                      JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL REVIEW

  _The Journal of Historical Review_ was established in the Spring of
1980.  It is a 128 page scholarly quarterly with an Editorial Advisory
Committee of distinguished academics: historians, men of letters,
logicians, economists, researchers, and freethinkers.  The _Journal_ is
listed with an International Standard Serial Number of 0195-6752.  The
subscription price is currently $40.00 per year and includes the 7 times
per year _IHR Newsletter_.  _The Journal_ is mailed to universities and
public libraries throughout the country, as well as to individual
academics and interested laymen.  Recent feature articles in _The
Journal of Historical Review_ have included:

The Public Stake in Revisionism - The Problem of the 'Gas Chambers' -
The International 'Holocaust' Controversy - Hidden Aspects of the Katyn
Massacre - Justice for Palestine: A Libertarian View - The Boer War
Remembered - The Big Lie Technique - Raphael Lemkin and the Invention of
'Genocide' - The European Volunteer Movement in WW II - The Japanese
Camps in California - Allied War Crimes Trials - The Civil War
Concentration Camps - Revisionism and the Promotion of Peace - On the
Uses of History - The Anne Frank Diary - The Inside Story of the Hess
Flight - India's War of Liberation - Yalta and Its Aftermath - Who are
the Palestinians? - A memoir of Globaloney, Orwellianism, and Dead Sea
Fruit - President Roosevelt's Campaign to Incite War in Europe: The
Secret Polish Documents - Zyklon B, Auschwitz, and the Trial of Dr.
Bruno Tesch - Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz: Last President of a United
Germany - Was Pearl Harbor Unavoidable? - Toward History - Imposed
German Guilt-The Stuttgart Declaration of 1945 - Shattering the Icon of
Abraham Lincoln.

                              BOOK BURNING

  The IHR's history proves there are powerful forces at large in our
country which hate truth and fear debate to the extent of being willing
to attempt to throttle the IHR's First Amendment right to Freedom of
Speech.  Following numerous death threats received by telephone and
mail, extensive property damage, five firebombings, one shooting into
our office and two physical assaults, our office-warehouse was burned to
the ground on July 4, 1984.

  The loss is estimated at over $400,000, including some 50,000 books
and back issues of _The Journal_, rare research documents, irreplacable
files, expensive equipment and miscellaneous furniture.  The loud voices
predictably heard against "book burning" and terrorism were totally
silent at this outrage, the FBI looked the other way, and the local
police were uncooperative.

  Thanks to sacrificial giving by many supporters, the IHR has re-opened
its doors once more and is continuing its invaluable and unique work.

|                                                                      |
|   Perhaps the most significant and influential work in the world     |
| dealing in the filed of the avoidance of war through the propagation |
| of truth is being done by a small group of scholars and researchers  |
| in southern California.                                              |
|   In a world geared toward the annual expenditure of trillions of    |
| dollars for constant and never-ending war, materiel preparation for  |
| more war, propaganda for war and the malicious institutionalization  |
| of ignorance and falsehood concerning the causes of war, the         |
| seriousness and effectiveness of their work may be judged by the     |
| controversy they have aroused, the enemies and violent hatreds they  |
| have gained and the extreme efforts that have been made to silence   |
| them....                                                             |
|   Return the form below and become acquainted with the Institute for |
| Historical Review                                                    |

---  ------------------------------------------  ---

Post Office Box 2739
Newport Beach, CA 92659

Please send me postpaid:

[ ]  Subscription to the _Journal of Historical Review_ and the _IHR

     [ ]  I enclose $40 for one year    [ ]  $65 for two years
     [ ]  $90 for three years
     (Add $10 per year for foreign subscriptions -- add $20 per year for

[ ]  One copy of a recent issue of the _Journal_.  I enclose $7.50

[ ]  Catalog of Revisionist Books (Free with purchase; otherwise $2.00)

[ ]  I enclose a contribution to your work of $_________________________



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