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Subject: Penn State 'Holocaust History' Course: A Lesson in Ignorance
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Summary: Professor Responds to Revisionist Question by Calling Police

>From _The Journal of Historical Review_, Vol. 13, Number 5 (Sept./Oct. 1993):

     Penn State 'Holocaust History' Course:  A Lesson in Ignorance

      Professor Responds to Revisionist Question By Calling Police

When _Journal_ subscriber Karl Striedieck signed up in January for
Professor Rose's three-credit "Holocaust History" course at Pennsylvania
State University (University Park), he wasn't expecting a warm welcome for
his skeptical views.  Still he wasn't quite prepared for the bigoted
reception he did receive.

   Striedieck, who served for 23 years as a US military fighter pilot, says
that he decided to sign up for course 297C "to broaden my knowledge of the
subject in a university-level course, taught by an accredited specialist on
the subject."

   On the first day of the Spring term class, Dr. Paul Rose warned students
that they should not read any of the writings of Robert Faurisson, Arthur
Butz, Arno Mayer, David Irving, or Mark Weber, or any of the publications
of the Institute for Historical Review.  These Revisionist historians are
so clever, Rose explained, that students aren't able to see through their
deceptive arguments.  Thinking this a rather odd approach to take by
someone supposedly dedicated to open-minded inquiry, Striedieck informed
the teacher that he had, in fact, already read works by these individuals,
and would appreciate a critique of their arguments.  Rose responded by
suggesting that the student immediately drop the course.

   "Much of what Rose taught in the weeks that followed contrasted sharply
with the findings of revisionist historians," recalls Striedieck.  "Still,
I resisted the temptation to raise awkward questions."  That is, until one
day when students were assigned a short story that included a claim of
homicidal gas chambers at Buchenwald, a Nuremberg trial story that is now
generally acknowledged as a propaganda lie.

   At this point Striedieck asked:  "I have been unable to find a single
serious historian on either side of this issue who claims that there were
homicidal gas chambers at Buchenwald.  Would you please comment?"  Without
attempting to answer, Rose ordered Striedieck out of the classroom.  The
student responded by explaining that "since I haven't behaved in a manner
deserving expulsion, I am staying."

   In the face of this defiance, the teacher threatened to call the police
to have him removed.  Rose then abruptly left the room, and ten minutes
later two campus policemen arrived.  During Rose's absence, Striedieck gave
the other students (bored until this point) an abbreviated crash course in
Holocaust Revisionism.  After taking his statement and listening to his
account of what had happened, the police agreed with Striedieck that he had
done nothing wrong, and returned with him to the classroom.  Unsuccessful
in his further efforts to remove the uppity student, Rose himself returned
ten minutes later and finished the hour-long class.  Later Striedieck met
with the head of the History Department, who agreed that he was a serious
student who had done nothing improper.

   Professor Rose's course reflects the standards that now prevail in
American academic life.  More than half of class time was devoted to
watching videotape presentations, many of them frankly fictional
dramatizations, including "Seven Beauties," "The Garden of the
Finzi-Contini," "The Wannsee Conference," "Nasty Girl," and "Europa,

   Although the teacher urged students to purchase and read Michael Marrus'
_The Holocaust in History_, as a "course text," Rose made no assignments or
even further references to it.  He did make a point of bringing to class a
copy of the 1989 book about Auschwitz by French pharmacist Jean-Claude
Pressac (whom Rose inaccurately identified as an engineer), and of telling
students that this 564-page work thoroughly discredits the revisionists.
On other occasions, Rose endorsed the Holocaust fable that Ilse Koch made
lampshades from the tatooed skins of murdered Buchenwald inmates, and said
that Zyklon B was not an effective pesticide.

   This "Holocaust history" class might be described as a course in
German-bashing, Striedieck recalls.  At one point, Rose told students that
the German national character is one of "mindless obedience."

   Of the eight or so students who normally attended, one or two routinely
nodded off during class.  There were no tests or exams, and no grading
policy was announced.  The only requirement for this three-credit course
was an eight-page paper analyzing "a single Holocaust" event, issue,
episode or process from different perspectives.

   Predictably, Dr. Rose did not find Striedieck's paper on Birkenau very
satisfying, and gave it a "D."


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[Reprinted by permission from _The Journal of Historical Review_, P.O. Box
1306, Torrance, CA 90505, USA.  Subscription rate: $40 per year, domestic.
$50 per year, foreign.]

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Subject: How Fake War Propaganda Stories Are Manufactured
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>From _The Journal of Historical Review_, Vol. 13, Number 5 (Sept./Oct. 1993):


T.J.S.L./S.B.                                                       SECRET.
~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                        ~~~~~~
      Suggestions for Rumours of a Military Nature submitted through
          the Inter-Service Security Board for the current week.
      |                                              |         |
Serial|               Suggestions.                   |Submitted| Remarks by
 No.  |                                              |    by   | I.S.S.B.
      |                                              |         |
   A. | GENERAL.  Note: This rumour is designed to   |         |
      | ~~~~~~~   suggest that although the Germans  |         |
      |           may have a peace offer in mind,    |         |
      |           (a) such offers are never genuine, |         |
      |           (b) the British have no intention  |         |
      |           of negotiating.                    |         |
      | 1.  The reason the Germans want peace is     |         |
      | that they have worked out that it will       |         |
      | require 200 divisions to hold the Russian    |         |
      | front in winter.  Fifteen divisions are      |         |
      | proving too few even for the Russian         |         | No security
      | guerrillas.                                  |  P.I.D. | objection.
      |                                              |         |
   B. | GERMANY.  Note: Nos 1-7 are designed to      |         |
      | ~~~~~~~   stress the horrors of the Russian  |         |
      |           winter and are aimed at German     |         |
      |           women, particularly the older      |         |
      |           generation.                        |         |
      | 1.  The wolves in White Russia track         |         |
      | ambulance columns by the smell of blood.     |    "    |      "
      |                                              |         |
      | 2.  Two ambulance columns from the East      |         |
      | Front ran out of petrol in a forest in White |         |
      | Russia and were besieged by wolves for three |         |
      | days.  When they were rescued only the       |         |
      | guards were left alive and the only doctor   |         |
      | had gone mad.                                |    "    |      "
      |                                              |         |
      | 3.  The Wehrmacht have realised that heavy   |         |
      | casualties among specialist troops are       |         |
      | killing off all their numbers and have       |         |
      | insisted that men over 40 should be drafted  |         |
      | into shock battalions.                       |    "    |      "
      |                                              |         |
      | 4.  Now that the East Front war has become   |         |
      | less mechanised the last war soldier has     |         |
      | come more into his own and is getting more   |         |
      | of the fighting.                             |    "    |      "
      |                                              |         |
      | 5.  At a certain point on the homeward       |         |
      | journey guards and attendants on German      |         |
      | hospital trains are ordered to put their gas |         |
      | masks on.  The train then enters a tunnel    |         |
      | where it stays for half an hour.  When it    |         |
      | comes out the wounded are dead.              |    "    |      "
      | Note.  This rumour was suggested by the      |         |
      | ~~~~   J.I.C.                                |         |
      |                                              |         |
      | 6. There are special words in some of the    |         |
      | more remote German hospitals for noseless,   |         |
      | earless, toeless and fingerless soldiers --  |         |
      | frostbite cases.                             |    "    |      "

Manufactured "rumors," designed to mislead and demoralize the German public
during the Second World War, were proposed to the British War Cabinet's
Joint Intelligence Sub-Committee in October 1941.  "Rumor" number five,
which was suggested by the Joint Intelligence Committee, is a story that
the Germans were using poison gas to secretly kill off their own wounded

   This document, and other records of this Committee, were kept secret
until earlier this year, when they were released to the Public Record
Office in London.  This document is reproduced in facsimile from _The
Independant Magazine_ (London), March 27, 1993, p. 59.  [Format changed
slightly in the process of adapting the facsimile to computer ASCII form.
Also, the letters T.J.S.L./S.B. in the top left may be slightly incorrect
because those letters were not entirely legible in the facsimile. -Maynard]

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[Reprinted by permission from _The Journal of Historical Review_, P.O. Box
1306, Torrance, CA 90505, USA.  Subscription rate: $40 per year, domestic.
$50 per year, foreign.]

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From: (Dan Gannon)
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Subject: Vindication for Demjanjuk!
Date: 20 Sep 1993 05:50:57 -0700
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>From _The Journal of Historical Review_, Vol. 13, Number 5 (Sept./Oct. 1993):

                            From the Editor

                       VINDICATION FOR DEMJANJUK

On April 18, 1988, an Israeli court solemnly declared "without hesitation"
that a simple Ukrainian-born auto worker, John Demjanjuk, was "the sadistic
motorman who had operated the gas chambers at the Nazi death camp in
Treblinka."  When the verdict was announced, hundreds in the Jerusalem
courtroom jumped to their feet and launched into gleeful shouts of "Death!
Death! Death!"

     Five years later - and just as we were wrapping up this issue of the
Journal - Israel's Supreme Court acquitted Demjanjuk of the hideous charge
of helping to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews.  In the face of
compelling new evidence, it apparently decided that acquittal was the least
damaging way out of what had become a great embarrassment for the Zionist

     John Demjanjuk's terrible 16-year ordeal has meant destruction of his
good name, financial ruin for his family, and seven years imprisonment,
five of them under sentence of death.  Along with all others who stood with
him, we join in expressing joy at this victory of justice.  Demjanjuk must
now be permitted to return without delay to his family in America.

[Photograph captioned, "John Demjanjuk in Israel"]

     Ignoring for the moment Israel's role in the case, the actions of our
own government should shame every American who cares about justice and fair
play.  The acquittal is a devastating indictment of the "Office of Special
Investigations," the US government agency established to track down "Nazi
war criminals."  In its zeal to "get" Demjanjuk, the OSI, it later turned
out, suppressed and threw aside - in at least one case, literally -
evidence that OSI officials knew could have helped to exonerate this
naturalized American citizen.  Now, more than ever, it is time to shut down
the OSI.

     Even more culpable, though, have been the US Congressmen and Senators
who dutifully voted, year after year, to continue funding the OSI.
Throughout this entire affair, Washington's politicians and much of the
establishment media - fearful of the power of America's most formidable
special interest group - put an alien agenda above all else.  To protect
their privileged positions, they bowed to the demands of the Holocaust
lobby in this assault against justice and the rights of American citizens.

     There was never any legal justification, for example, for the United
States to turn Demjanjuk over to Israel - a country that did not even exist
at the time of the alleged crimes.  The Zionist state had no more right to
try Demjanjuk than, let us say, the Vatican has to try Catholics living in
the United States for crimes allegedly committed in Brazil.  By handing him
over, the US government recognized Israel's bizarre claim to act in the
name of Jews everywhere.

     To their everlasting credit, a handful of courageous Americans dared
to defy the powerful "Never Forget, Never Forgive" lobby.  We remember, in
particular, Patrick Buchanan, Ohio Congressman James Traficant, and
Cleveland businessman (and good friend of the IHR) Jerome Brentar.

     Because they demanded justice for Demjanjuk, these courageous men were
vilified as anti-Semites and "defenders of Nazi war criminals."  These
three are owed a great apology.  But given the character of Alan
Dershowitz, Marvin Hier and their like, it would be foolish to expect any
expression of humility or contrition.

     Happily, the acquittal of Demjanjuk is an important defeat for the
mighty Holocaust lobby - which Britain's chief rabbi, Immanuel Jakobovits,
once accurately called "an entire industry, with handsome profits for
writers, researchers, filmmakers, monument builders, museum planners and
even politicians."

     We don't expect many newspapers to stress the point, but the acquittal
is also an important vindication of the cause of historical revisionism.
For one thing, revisionists have again been confirmed in their decades-long
insistence that "eyewitness" testimony - even of Jewish "Holocaust
survivors" - must be regarded with the greatest skepticism.

     In his highly-publicized trial in Jerusalem, which had many of the
elements of a show trial, five Jewish "Holocaust" survivors declared under
oath that they recognized Demjanjuk as the mass murderer of Treblinka known
as "Ivan the Terrible."  The judges cited this "eyewitness" testimony as
the most compelling evidence against the accused.  Although the five
"witnesses" conceivably could have been grievously mistaken, so fantastic
and sensational was their testimony that the heavy presumption must be that
they lied brazenly.

     From the outset, Israel's leaders announced that the well-publicized
1988 trial of Demjanjuk would be an "educational" undertaking that would
"teach" the world the "lessons of the Holocaust."  The Demjanjuk case
certainly does have some important lessons to teach - and we will have much
more to say about them in the next issue of the Journal.

[end of article]

[Reprinted by permission from _The Journal of Historical Review_, P.O. Box
1306, Torrance, CA 90505, USA.  Subscription rate: $40 per year, domestic.
$50 per year, foreign.]

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From: (Dan Gannon)
Newsgroups: soc.history,alt.censorship,alt.activism,alt.revisionism,alt.discrimination,alt.conspiracy,alt.politics.correct,alt.journalism.criticism,talk.politics.misc,talk.politics.mideast
Subject: The Holocaust Issue: Three Christian Views
Date: 20 Sep 1993 06:50:00 -0700
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From _The Journal of Historical Review_, Vol. 12, Number 4 (Winter 1992-93):

              The Holocaust Issue:  Three Christian Views


                   Christian Responsibility to Truth

                              HERMAN OTTEN

While most Revisionists appear to be opposed to the construction of the [US
government] Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, right next to some of our
nations's most cherished monuments, I say:  Let it be built!  One day it
will serve as a monument to the stupidity of modern man, who can still
accept a hoax as a fact.  Hopefully it will then serve as a reminder to
study all the facts and evidence, and repudiate all hoaxes.

     The day is surely coming when all the evidence showing that the
Germans never exterminated six million Jews can no longer be suppressed.
Truth is not determined by majority vote.  I learned this lesson in high
school, and since then have repeatedly discovered how the majority of
scholars, even within our churches, can be in error.  That our presidents,
senators and congressmen are all supposed to be convinced that the Germans
killed six million Jews, that almost all of our nation's professors and
churchmen are said to maintain that the Holocaust is a fact, doesn't make
it a fact.

     There is no dispute over the fact that large numbers of Jews were
deported to concentration camps and ghettos, or that many Jews died or were
killed during World War II.  Revisionist scholars have presented evidence,
which "exterminationists" have not been able to refute, showing that there
was no German program to exterminate Europe's Jews, and that the estimate
of six million Jewish wartime dead is an irresponsible exaggeration.

     The Holocaust - the alleged extermination of some six million Jews
(most of them by gassing) - is a hoax and should be recognized as such by
Christians and all informed, honest and truthful men everywhere.

     Here are the reasons that have impressed me as particularly persuasive
in coming to my own conclusion that the Revisionist view of the Holocaust
story is the correct one:

- There is no convincing or substantial evidence for the allegation of mass
killings in gas chambers in the wartime German camps.  Careful
investigation - in particular that carried out by American engineer Fred
Leuchter - has thoroughly discredited the "gas chamber" extermination

- The most reliable statistics available cannot be reconciled with the
legendary "six million" figure.  The best evidence indicates that no more
than a million, or perhaps a million and a half, European Jews perished
from all causes during the war years.

- Neither the major Jewish organizations in the United States, nor the
wartime Allied governments, nor the International Red Cross, nor the
Vatican acted as if they seriously believed the wartime extermination

- Although the German government kept extensive and detailed records of its
wartime Jewish policy, not a single document has ever been found which
substantiates or even refers to an extermination program or policy.
Instead, the voluminous German records confiscated by the Allies at the end
of the war clearly show that the German "final solution" program was one of
emigration and deportation, not extermination.

[Photograph captioned, "Rev. Herman Otten speaking at the 1989 IHR

- Even prominent Jewish "exterminationist" historians now acknowledge that
the stories of gassings and extermination in camps in Germany proper are
not true, in spite of the fact that such claims were once seriously made,
particularly at the great Nuremberg Trial of 1945-1946.

- The Holocaust story now centers on just six former camps in Poland.  The
so-called "evidence" presented to prove mass exterminations in these camps
is qualitatively no better than the now discredited "evidence" once cited
for extermination in the camps in Germany proper.

- Much of the co-called "evidence" presented by "exterminationists" over
the years has already been thoroughly discredited.  For example, the
well-known horrific photographs of piles of corpses taken in camps in
western Germany at the end of the war are now acknowledged to be photos of
victims of disease and malnutrition who perished as indirect victims of the
war in the final weeks and months of the conflict.  Also, so-called
"confessions" - such as those of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoss - have
been shown to be untruthful and extracted by torture.  Many of the official
reports and testimonies presented as "evidence" by the prosecution in the
Nuremberg trials have since been shown to be lies.

- The fact that so many Jews "survived" German rule during the war - many
of them even in so-called "extermination" centers such as Auschwitz-
Birkenau - is enough to show that there was no German program or policy to
exterminate the Jews of Europe.

     The Holocaust is a hoax.  The time has come for Christian scholars and
pastors to recognize this, and to stop perpetrating a hoax as the truth.  A
Christian is not free to believe and promote a lie about any person or
nation.  True Christian scholars should at least read what the Revisionists

     Many have said to us:  "What difference does it make?  The truth of
the Holocaust is of no concern to Christians."  Nonsense!  A Christian is
not free to believe and promote a lie about any person or nation.  A
Christian is guided by truth and facts, not emotions and majority opinion.

     If Christians can accept as historical fact the Holocaust, despite all
the powerful evidence that it is a hoax, what does that say about their
ability to evaluate evidence?  What about their scholarship?  Is it any
wonder that some Revisionists, who have made a careful study of the
Holocaust, question the scholarship of Christians, so many of whom swallow
as absolute truth what is clearly a hoax?

     I have been told numerous times, even by theologians who claim to be
orthodox:  "I don't care whether it was six million or one Jew, even one is
too many."  Such an attitude shows contempt for the truth.  A Christian is
to show true love, and the Apostle Paul tells us that love is "happy with
the truth."  (1 Cor. 13:6)  The writing of Proverbs tells us: "Speak out
for those who can't speak, for the rights of those who are doomed.  Talk
up, render fair decisions, and defend the rights of the poor and needy
people."  (Proverbs 31:9)

     A Christian bases his faith upon facts and absolute truth, not
feelings and emotion.  A Christian recognizes that only God is all-knowing.
A Christian is willing to listen to evidence and evaluate various
viewpoints.  He doesn't close his mind to the facts and evidence.  He
doesn't start out with the assumption that the Jew is right and the German
is wrong, or that the Jew is wrong and the German is right.  He looks at
the evidence.  Those who say they don't care if it was six million or one
are showing a despicable attitude toward truth.  They are saying: "We don't
care about the truth."  Such an attitude is sinful and worldly.  Is it any
wonder that so many then go on to act as it they don't care about another
man's wife or property?  The truthfulness of the Holocaust is a moral
issue.  Those who maintain that the Germans exterminated some six million
Jews, most of them by gassing, are seeing to it that the Christian Church
can no longer avoid speaking out.  Churches are being pushed, as never
before, to have special services commemorating the Holocaust.

     A Christian is ready to change his opinion if the evidence shows he is
wrong.  Numerous times we have invited "exterminationists" to refute the

     Some tell us that we have not shown love to the Jews, and that we are
being racists and anti-Semitic when we publish articles by Revisionists
questioning the Holocaust, and when we insist that Jesus Christ is the only
way to heaven.

     We have repeatedly emphasized in many editorials that the Bible
teaches that there is no special chosen race.  All those - regardless of
color, race, nationality, sex, wealth, et cetera - who trust in the merits
of Jesus Christ alone for their salvation are God's chosen people and will
go to heaven.  Those who tell Jews, Muslims, and any other non-Christian
that they worship the true God, and can get to heaven without Christ, are
not showing true love to the Jews and other non-Christians.

     The so-called "fact" of the Holocaust is being used to deport innocent
men from this country who, as teenagers, served with the German armed
forces.  In some cases they have been sent back to certain death in
Communist lands.  The [US government's] Office of Special Investigation is
using the Holocaust as an excuse to force from the United States even such
a reputable person as the scientist Arthur Rudolph.

     Israel is using the "fact" of the Holocaust as an excuse to execute
John Demjanjuk, an innocent Ukrainian-American.  "The Jewish people have a
long score to settle with the Ukrainian people" says Dov Ben-Meir, a deputy
speaker of Israel's Knesset [parliament].  According to this top Israeli
official, "unaccounted numbers" of Ukrainians "collaborated with the Nazi
regime, especially in the annihilation of hundreds of thousands of Jews."

     The "fact" of the Holocaust is being used by some to deny that
Christianity is the only true religion, or that Jesus Christ rose from the

     Israel is using the "fact" of the Holocaust as an excuse to kill
Palestinians in Israel.  This slaughter, together with the anti-scriptural
notions of the Israel-first Millennialists, almost all of whom believe in
the Holocaust, could lead to another bloody war.

     The Holocaust is not some innocent hoax, such as children's fairy
tales that entertain and have no evil consequences.

     The "chosen people" and "Holocaust" myths make mission work among
non-Christians far more difficult.  Arabs, who are told that the Bible
teaches that their land belongs to the Jews, find it more difficult to
believe what the Bible says about Christ.


                        "Victims Deserve Better"

                             JOSEPH SOBRAN

I haven't been to the new United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, but even
a _Washington Post_ reporter was shocked by what he describes its
"outrageous" anti-Christian propaganda.  The exhibition apparently dates
anti-Semitism from the birth of Christ.  And of course the implication of
the Museum is that mass murder is worse when its victims are Jews.

     Some surprisingly critical notes have been struck in the reviews of
the Museum.  Kay Larson, art critic for _New York_ magazine, objects that
"the Germans depicted here ... are almost exclusively Nazis....  Most
American children who endure the walk-through will think of Germans as Nazi

     She continues:

     The Jews endured the most dementedly calculated and well-documented -
     but hardly the only - case.  To separate the Nazi evil from other
     evils is understandable but Eurocentric.  It trivializes all suffering
     but its own....  It awards special, extra-human stature to the
     victims. Nothing that occurs inside Israel can be wrong, because Jews
     were gassed at Auschwitz.  And so people set themselves apart from,
     against, and above others.

     She has caught the note of most Holocaust rhetoric:  intense
self-absorption.  This is a human reaction, and it can be excused up to a
point.  That point comes when those whose rights have been violated begin
disregarding others' rights, as when Jewish apologists for Israel feel
persecuted by criticism of Israel's brutality toward non-Jews.

     Even many pro-Israel Jews feel uneasy about the Museum being in
America, on government land, paid for with tax money.  The implication of
its presence is that all Gentiles, especially Christians, need to be
instructed, to have their consciousness raised, even to be made to feel
guilty about Jewish suffering.  As if we didn't know that murder and
persecution are wrong!  As if Israel were a moral model for *us*!

     In the same way, the implication of the word "anti-Semitism" is that
the chief moral test for anyone is whether he has the correct attitude
toward Jews.  And again, this is understandable - but also very narrow.
Murdering Ukrainians is every bit as evil as murdering Jews, after all.
But why should we even have to say that?

     The wrong lesson is being drawn.  You would think that the evil of
Hitler was mere anti-Semitism as such, rather than mass murder.  But if
anti-Semitism were confined to country-club snobbery, even Jews wouldn't
mind it too much.  The real evil is the use of the state as an instrument
of death.  Government, perverted from it modest uses, can magnify every
crime unimaginably.

     That is the real "lesson of the Holocaust," the lesson our time still
refuses to learn.  We think it's only the Hitler or Stalin version of the
superstate that is wrong.  But think how America's conduct in World War II
would have appeared to our ancestors.  It's hard for us to feel the sheer
monstrosity of bombing cities.

     I recently heard some interesting testimony on this point.  During
that war the US government commissioned a series of propaganda films from
Frank Capra, which were made under the collective title "Why We Fight."
One of them, "The Battle for China," describes the barbarity of the "Japs,"
also called "Nips," and mocked them for their "grinning yellow faces."
Among the horrors perpetrated by the Japs was the unprecedented atrocity of
bombing cities, killing civilians by the thousands!

     Of course Capra and his staff didn't know that the US government was
planning to do exactly that to Japanese and German cities.  In their
innocence, they assumed that only a savage, alien race could have stooped
to such barbarism.

     But we have supped full with horrors.  Evil bores us.  Its statistical
extremes have long since lost their interest, and there is something
ritually formulaic in the demands that we profess belief in, and abhorrence
toward, Nazi and Communist abominations.  "Holocaust denial" has become the
big thought crime, denounced by Christians who are quite tolerant of those
who deny the Redemption.  No similar opprobrium, by the way, attaches to
Gulag denial.  After all, nobody who really believes a thing wants to force
others to profess belief in it.  Sincerity never demands hypocrisy.

     Even the word "Holocaust" has come to seem a polemical appropriation
of human suffering that verges on the indecent.  I remember an old Jewish
woman I slightly knew who had a number tattooed on her wrist.  That told me
all I needed to know about Hitler, and it would be pedantic to wonder
whether a regime that was willing to brand Jews like cattle meant to kill
them all.  But it would have seemed morally crass to call what that woman
had been through as a girl "the Holocaust":  It's beginning to sound like a
brand name, of special utility to glib hawkers.  All the victims of World
War II, including Jews, deserve more respect than that.


                       "Examine All the Evidence"

                             LOUIS VEZELIS

On April 22, 1993, an ugly, monstrous edifice was dedicated in Washington,
DC.  It is a grotesque museum dedicated to the victims of evil.  The only
problem is that the majority of people throughout the world have been
conditioned like Pavlovian dogs to react irrationally to predetermined
stimuli.  Those who refuse are summarily isolated from the rest of the
dehumanized human herd through use of meaningless but emotionally-charged

     It is quite easy to observe which newspapers are subservient to this
modern day hoax.  The subject is the so-called "Holocaust Museum" built on
public land "generously" donated by the US government...

     Insulting terminology in an editorial appearing in the left-wing,
pro-Zionist, anti-Christian _Democrat and Chronicle_ [newspaper of
Rochester, New York] introduces the reader to the most obvious abuse of
logic and good taste.  But, logic and good taste have systematically been
expunged from the American mind during a period of more than thirty years.

     Well-informed American citizens demonstrated [in Washington, DC, on
April 22] against the historically false accusations constantly made
against the German people and other nationalities whose only real crime was
resisting the international gangsters who facetiously call their brand of
exploitation "Communism."

     The _Democrat and Chronicle_ editorial starts out:

     The mindless folks who were waving signs at the opening of the
     Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, last week claiming that
     the Holocaust never happened merely demonstrate why the museum is so
     important:  to preserve the facts, before they disappear in the mists
     of history.

     These "mindless folks" include none other than well-educated
professors and professional historians, investigative reporters and, in
general, are among the most descent people of a civilized society.  It is
their *right and duty* to examine all the evidence, and draw the truthful
conclusions concerning what really happened in history.

     There is already a strong indication that those who promote the
Holocaust story are afraid of the truth.  That can only explain the need
for ridiculing those who seek only to present the entire matter before an
open world forum of unbiased and unprejudiced investigators.  Because the
preponderance of objective and factual evidence shows the promoters of the
Holocaust story to be libelous frauds, sneak tactics and irrational
emotionalism must be used.

     We are concerned for the truth.  Only those who are not of the truth
must resort to lies and bloodshed.  Facts by themselves do not constitute
truth.  Truth is in the judgment...

     The Hollywood cosmetics exploiting the unfortunate victims of death do
not prove anything.  For example, to film or photograph dead bodies, and
then label them according to one's political need is a travesty of justice
and truth beyond the capability of morally responsible individuals.  Facts
must be correctly interpreted before they can tell something of truth.

     Another example is the famous "Anne Frank Diary" which has been
foisted upon the American people at all levels.  We all wept at the
Hollywood tear-jerker action on the silver screen.  Decent people reacted
as expected by the unscrupulous falsifiers of fact.  It has come to the
attention of more and more people that this diary is a fraud.  Yes, it has
been proven to be fake.  Public school facilities are periodically used to
foist this fraud upon unsuspecting citizenry to re-enforce the
psychological brainwashing.

     Anne Frank was not fake:  She really did live.  But everything else
about her life is a melodramatic, money-making operation to overwhelm the
world with hatred for a nation...  No one says anything comparable about
the children brutally murdered by the Soviets when they occupied the Baltic
States in 1940, and Germany in 1945.

     A French Professor whose love for truth is greater than his love for
fame and life, Robert Faurisson, has proven that the alleged "diary" of
Anne Frank could not have been written by her...

     While the American people are being lulled into very dangerous apathy
by being fed psycho-babble, a real holocaust, including child murder, is
taking place every day in occupied Palestine...

     Could it be that someone is trying to put a guilt complex on the
American people so they will not dare raise a loud voice of protest against
greater evils?


Herman Otten is a Lutheran pastor and editor-publisher of the weekly
_Christian News_ of New Haven, Missouri.  This commentary is excerpted from
his address at the Ninth IHR Conference.  The complete text is published in
the Fall 1989 Journal.

Joseph Sobran is a nationally-syndicated columnist, lecturer and
Critic-at-Large for _National Review_.  This commentary is taken from his
"Washington Watch" column in the May 13, 1993, issue of The Wanderer, a
conservative Roman Catholic weekly.

Louis Vezelis, O.F.M., is editor of _The Seraph_, a traditionalist Roman
Catholic monthly published by the Franciscan Friars (Order of St. Francis
of Assisi) of Rochester, New York.  This commentary is from an editorial by
Bishop Vezelis in the May 1993 issue of _The Seraph_.


[end of article]

[Reprinted by permission from _The Journal of Historical Review_, P.O. Box
1306, Torrance, CA 90505, USA.  Subscription rate: $40 per year, domestic.
$50 per year, foreign.]

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     I am posting to correct an error in my last post.  The article
entitled, "The Holocaust Issue: Thre Christian Views", was not printed in
the Winter 1992-93 issue of the IHR _Journal_, but rather in Volume 13,
Number 5 -- the September/October issue.  Minor error but I wanted to
correct it.  Thanks,

-Dan Gannon

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Subject: In Europe: Further Legal Persecution of Revisionists
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>From _The Journal of Historical Review_, Vol. 13, Number 5 (Sept./Oct. 1993):

                               In Europe:
               Further Legal Persecution of Revisionists


       German University Professor Charged for Holocaust Remarks

A respected German university professor has been charged with "popular
incitement" because he told some colleagues six years ago that the
Holocaust story is not true.

     Rainer Ballreich, who teaches "biomechanics" at the sports institute
of the University of Frankfurt, reportedly told a few colleagues at a 1987
meeting of the German Sports League that the story of six million murdered
Jews is a lie, and that most concentration camp deaths were due to disease
and malnutrition.  The alleged remarks were first made public last March in
an open letter by one of those present.  (_Frankfurter Neue Presse_, March
26, 1993 p. 18.)

     Ballreich, 62, has a respected name in his profession.  From 1974 to
1988 he was a member of the scholarly commission of the Federal Committee
for Sports Achievement of the German Sports League.  Until 1988 he was
chairman of the "Movement and Training" section of the Federal Institute
for Sports Science, which is supervised jointly the German Interior
Ministry and the German Sports League.  Until last year Professor Ballreich
was a member of the credentials committee of the Federal Institute for
Sports Science.

     Ballreich denies the charge against him.  The case is further
complicated because there is a five year statute of limitations for the


         Teacher Faces Legal Action for Denial of Mass Gassings

A German teacher faces dismissal and legal action for his rejection of
claims of mass killings in gas chambers during the Second World War.

     Hans-Jurgen Witzsch teaches German and history at the metropolitan
school of economics in Nuremberg.  The 53-year-old educator
(Oberstudienrat) and former city council member, is also chairman of a
local revisionist group.

     In January he sent a letter to Bavarian Radio expressing support for
the revisionist views of British historian David Irving.  Witzsch wrote:

     For me, along with many other historians, there is no longer any
     reasonable doubt that the claim of gas chambers as extermination
     facilities during the National Socialist period is an invention of
     wartime atrocity propaganda, and a claim for which there is no real

     Because of his revisionist views about the Second World War, Witzsch
was suspended in 1981 from teaching at the city's metropolitan school of
economics.  However, the suspension was overturned on appeal to a court,
and he resumed teaching at the school in the fall of 1991.  (_Nurnberger
Nachrichten_, March 26, p. 11.)


               Swiss Teacher Suspended for Holocaust Book

Because he wrote a book that disputes claims of wartime extermination gas
chambers, a Swiss teacher has been summarily suspended from his position.

     Jurgen Graf was suspended as a teacher of Latin and French at a
secondary school in Therwil (near Basel) in late March shortly after the
publication of his book, _Der Holocaust auf dem Prufstand:
Augenzeugenberichte versus Naturgesetze_ ("The Holocaust on the Test Stand:
Eyewitness Reports versus the Laws of Nature").  The 112-page softcover
work provides a well-organized introduction to the Holocaust issue from a
revisionist perspective.  (This book is also mentioned in the July-August
1993 _Journal_, p. 25.)

     Graf distributed copies of his book, along with a four-page cover
letter, to numerous history teachers, professors, journalists and political
figures across Switzerland.

     Graf says that he was very much aware of the likely repercussions of
the publication of his book, and fully expected that official action of
some kind would be taken against him.  "I had to expect to be suspended
from school service," he says.  "De facto," this suspension is "a dismissal
without notice."

     Someone like Graf "obviously" cannot be a teacher, an official of the
Swiss Federal Education and Cultural Affairs Authority has declared.
Graf's book is "absolutely not open to discussion."

     During the year and a half that he worked as a teacher in Therwil,
Graf was well regarded by both colleagues and students as an "involved and
competent teacher."  He did not speak about the Holocaust issue in his
classroom sessions.  (_Basellandschaftliche Zeitung_, March 24.)

     Graf, who was born in Switzerland in 1951, strongly rejects
allegations that he is a neo-Nazi or an anti-Semite.  "I respect the
truth," he explains.  "I can no longer live with the gas chamber lie."

     Graf readily acknowledges that Europe's Jews suffered terribly under
German rule during the war years.  "Every decent person strongly condemns
these brutal persecutions," he says.

     It was only after intensive study - including the reading of more than
150 books - that Graf came to the conclusion in 1991 that the generally
accepted Holocaust story is a product of wartime propaganda.  There were no
extermination gas chambers, and no systematic extermination of Jews during
the war years, he writes.

     A second and much more detailed work by Graf appeared in June.  _Der
Holocaust-Schwindel: Vom Werden and Vergehen des Jahrhundertbetrugs_ ("The
Holocaust Swindle: The Development and Passing of the Hoax of the Century")
is a copiously referenced 250-page softcover book.  A letter by Dr. Robert
Faurisson serves as a preface to the work.

     Graf promises to openly defy a new Swiss "Anti-Racism" law that
provides for heavy fines or imprisonment for those who "deny the genocide
or the crimes against humanity."

     As we go to press, Graf's two books are still available from:  Guideon
Burg Verlag, Postfach 52, CH-4009 Basel, Switzerland.


      Doubts About Holocaust Story Permissible, German Judge Rules

In a remarkable verdict, a German court has found a key Revisionist
activist innocent of the crime of "denying" the Holocaust extermination

     On May 25, Munich court judge Florian Schenk declared defendant Ewald
Althans innocent of charges arising from statements he made during a 1992
television interview expressing doubt about claims of systematic
extermination of Jews during the Second World War.

     In a vigorously delivered and evidently persuasive defense plea, made
by Althans himself, the gifted 27-year-old cited the drastically divergent
figures of Auschwitz victims, as well as the findings of Jewish American
revisionist David Cole.  (For more about Cole and his work, see the
March-April 1993 _Journal_.)

     While German law "of course" makes it a crime to *deny* mass
extermination, said Judge Schenk, expressing *doubt* about extermination or
mass gassings is not forbidden.  Althans had "merely doubted" the Holocaust
story, declared Schenk, who said that expressions of doubt are necessary in
order to arrive at the truth.  The German law that makes it a crime to
"deny" the Holocaust story could be a dangerous restriction of freedom of
expression, he added.

     Schenk also criticized the behavior of the police during a
demonstration by the "Ecological Left" on January 16 against Althans'
Munich headquarters.  Schenk expressed disgust with the behavior of the
police, who escorted the leftist mob to the site, and then stood by while
the hoodlums carried out their crimes of violence.

     Althans is a major distributor of Revisionist writings in Germany.  He
works closely with German-Canadian publisher and publicist Ernst Zundel.

     State prosecutors are appealing the verdict, which Althans called
"phenomenal" and a "splendid victory."


     Health Care Worker Sentenced for Distibuting Revisionist Paper

A German court has sentenced a 30-year-old health care worker to four
months imprisonment, suspended for three years, for distributing copies of
a tabloid paper that rejects the Holocaust extermination story.

     In March, a court in Hameln found the defendant, identified in
newspaper reports only as "Rainer W.," guilty of defamation, popular
incitement, and incitement to racial hatred.

     The defendant, who works in the nearby town of Bad Pyrmont, freely
acknowledged distributing 300 copies of an issue of _Remer Depesche_, a
tabloid paper published by retired German general Otto Ernst Remer.  Rainer
W. expressed his support for the views of Remer's paper, and spoke in court
of the "Six Million Lie."  A newspaper report on the case expressed
astonishment that he felt no sense of guilt for his "crime."  (_Bad
Pyrmonter Nachrichten_, March 19.)

     _Remer Depesche_ is considered particularly "incendiary," the local
newspaper reported, because it claims that there was no systematic wartime
extermination of Jews.  (For more about Remer and his paper, see the
March-April _Journal_, pp. 29-30.)

     Citing the right of freedom of expression guaranteed in Germany's
"Basic Law," Rainer W. told the court that he was legally entitled to
distribute the _Remer Depesche_.  State prosecuting attorney Nikolaus
Borchers sharply rejected this argument, insisting that the right does not
apply in this case.  The right of freedom of expression, said Borchers, is
not unlimited and cannot be abused to libel others.  The "persecution of
the Jews," he went on to explain, has been "historically proven," and is
not open to discussion.

     Calling Rainer W. a "criminal by conviction," the prosecuting attorney
argued that the public must be protected from his activities.  Borchers
asked the court to punish him with a fine of 2,000 marks (about $1,200),
and six months imprisonment, suspended for three years.

     Rainer W. rejected an offer by Borchers to reduce the sentence if he
promised to "improve."  The defendant was encouraged by the presence of
many friends and supporters, who filled the courtroom.  He is appealing the


[end of article]

[Reprinted by permission from _The Journal of Historical Review_, P.O. Box
1306, Torrance, CA 90505, USA.  Subscription rate: $40 per year, domestic.
$50 per year, foreign.]

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Subject: "The Adventure of Revisionism", by Robert Faurisson
Date: 24 Sep 1993 00:52:01 -0700
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>From _The Journal of Historical Review_, Vol. 13, Number 5 (Sept./Oct. 1993):

                     The Adventure of Revisionism

                           ROBERT FAURISSON

With rare exceptions, a Revisionist researcher is not an intellectual
closeted in his study.  Even if he were to choose a hermit's life, society
would soon see to the end of his isolation.

     To begin with, a Revisionist must be willing to travel wherever his
research requires, and to carry out investigations on the spot.  And
because he'll receive no help from the authorities - on the contrary - the
Revisionist must learn to outwit his adversaries and overcome a hundred
obstacles to achieve his goals.  Life itself becomes his teacher.

     He must establish and cultivate contacts with fellow Revisionists
around the globe, for no researcher can isolate himself from the work of
others.  Speaking for myself, Revisionism has brought me to many lands, in
particular the United States of America, Canada and Germany, as well as
Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland,
Spain, Italy, Poland, and a few other countries.  (Historical Revisionism
is also growing in Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Japan, Tunisia, South
Africa, Iran and Peru.)

     In cultivating these contacts, one discovers the ways that different
mentalities - Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Latin, Arab, Jewish, Catholic,
Protestant, Muslim and atheist - confront one of the mightiest taboos in
history:  the Jewish "Holocaust."  Revisionism, which lays bare the taboo,
thus uncovers differences in outlook as well.

     It reveals, too, what individuals are made of and how institutions
actually function.  I like to watch the face of a man or a woman, an
oldster or a teenager, as he or she trembles upon hearing, for the first
time, the sacrilegious words of a Revisionist.  With some, the face colors
and the eyes light up:  curiosity is aroused.  Others pale; the person who
believed in his own tolerance discovers his bigotry, and the one who had
easily opened his heart quickly slams it shut.

     Confronted by Revisionism, institutions likewise show themselves for
what they are:  products of circumstantial arrangements on which time has
conferred an aura of respectability.  The judiciary, for instance, claims
to defend justice (a virtue!) or to uphold the law (a necessity), and would
have us believe that, as a group, judges care for truth.  But, when a judge
finds himself obliged to try a Revisionist, how odd to watch as he
jettisons the scruples he and his colleagues claim to honor!  When faced
with a Revisionist, there exists for a judge neither faith, nor law, nor
right.  In confronting Revisionism, the judiciary shows just how rickety it


Robert Faurisson, Europe's foremost Holocaust Revisionist scholar, is a
frequent _Journal_ contributor.  This essay was translated by IHR editor
Theodore J. O'Keefe.

     As for the petty little world of journalism, the media demonstrates
how it, more than anyone, is careful to traffic only in authorized ideas
and wares; while at the same time it fosters, through its antics, the
illusion of a free circulation of ideas and opinions - not unlike jesters
in a tyrant's court.

     The Revisionist lives dangerously.  Police, judges and journalists
lurk in wait for him.  He may end up in prison - or the hospital.  He risks
economic ruin for himself and his family.  Little of that matters to him.
He lives, he dreams, he imagines.  He feels that he is free.  It's not that
he cherishes illusions about the impact of his findings.  These frighten
everyone; they are too much in contradiction to accepted knowledge.  These
findings strike at two great human mysteries: the general mystery of fear,
and the specific mystery of the need for belief, belief in something, no
matter what.

     One historian, after finishing a five-volume _History of Mankind_, was
once asked:  "After all is said and done, what is the chief motivation of
human history?"  After a long hesitation, he replied:  "Fear."  There is no
question that fear is an overwhelming factor, and that it assumes in man,
more than in beast, the most striking, and sometimes the most ludicrous,
forms, no less than the most deceptive disguises.  In most men, but
certainly not in all, the mystery of fear combines with another mystery:
that is, as already indicated, the need, the desire, or the will to believe
for the sake of believing.  For this there is a saying in English that we
lack in French:  "the will to believe."  Celine said: "The fury to lie and
TO BELIEVE spreads like the itch."  ("La rage de mentir ET DE CROIRE
s'attrape comme la gale.")  Before him, La Fontaine noted:  "Man is frozen
to truths.  He is on fire for lies."  ("L'homme est de glace aux verites.
Il est de feu pour les mensonges.")

     Revisionism can correct history, but it will correct nothing of human
nature.  On the other hand, the future will prove the Revisionists, as
writers of history, were right.  There is already too much evidence to show
that the progress of Revisionism is inexorable.  Revisionism is destined
for a place in history as "the great intellectual adventure of the end of
the century."

[end of article]

[Reprinted by permission from _The Journal of Historical Review_, P.O. Box
1306, Torrance, CA 90505, USA.  Subscription rate: $40 per year, domestic.
$50 per year, foreign.]

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This site is intended for educational purposes to teach about the Holocaust and to combat hatred. Any statements or excerpts found on this site are for educational purposes only.

As part of these educational purposes, Nizkor may include on this website materials, such as excerpts from the writings of racists and antisemites. Far from approving these writings, Nizkor condemns them and provides them so that its readers can learn the nature and extent of hate and antisemitic discourse. Nizkor urges the readers of these pages to condemn racist and hate speech in all of its forms and manifestations.