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                     NEW ADMISSIONS BY TOP ADL SPY

             Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT, May 3, 1993 issue
                        by Michael Collins Piper


        Declassified San Francisco Police Department documents reveal that
The SPOTLIGHT and its publisher, Liberty Lobby, played the key role in
unmasking the illegal espionage and dirty tricks network of the ADL that is
now the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation.

        Roy Bullock, veteran undercover operative for the Anti-Defamation
League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, informed the FBI while being interrogated that 
it was The SPOTLIGHT (in its June 30, 1986 issue) that first exposed Bullock 
as an agent of the ADL's criminal spy apparatus.

        The SPOTLIGHT's expose set in motion the process which not only
began unraveling the ADL's spy network, but which also led to what Bullock 
described as his current "imbroglio." (It was in its June 30, 1986 issue
that The SPOTLIGHT revealed how self-styled "California statesman"
William K. Shearer allowed Bullock to infiltrate the Populist Party's 
national convention even though Shearer had been warned Bullock was an ADL 
agent provocateur.

        Bullock, who has been an operative of the ADL for nearly 40 years, is
a central figure in the growing scandal that is almost certain to result in 
the criminal indictments of top ADL officials. Under questioning by the FBI,
Bullock also confessed it was one of the ADL's attempts to sabotage Liberty 
Lobby that forged the chain of events that led Bullock and his partner in 
crime, fugitive former San Francisco police officer Tom Gerard, into selling 
stolen police intelligence files to agents of South Africa.


        Bullock revealed under interrogation that when he learned a South
African diplomat was speaking at a meeting he believed to have been organized 
by Liberty Lobby, he arranged for his police contact, Gerard, to warn away 
the diplomat. The diplomat, in fact, canceled his scheduled appearance.
Ironically, however, Bullock was wrong: Liberty Lobby had nothing to do with 
arranging the event. Instead, the event was sponsored by Robert White of Duck 
Book fame.

        It was some months after Gerard initiated this contact with the South
Africans that they, in turn, asked him to arrange a direct link to Bullock. 
>From this emerged a lucrative and ongoing payoff deal involving the ADL 
informant, the policeman and the South Africans. It was the contact between 
Bullock and the South Africans that ulti-
mately led to the two-year-long FBI investigation, including a wiretap on
Bullock's phone.


        So it was that the ADL's campaign against Liberty Lobby backfired and
led to the events that ensnared the ADL in a crisis that could send its top
officials to jail.

        The sale of this information by the ADL, Bullock, and Gerard to 
agents of Israel and South Africa is yet another aspect of the scandal. South
African intelligence is long known to have maintained an intimate working 
relationship with Israel's secret police, the Mossad.

        The SPOTLIGHT has obtained some 700 pages of declassified San
Francisco Police Department (SFPD) and FBI investigative files relating to
the activities of Bullock, Gerard and Bullock's superiors at the ADL--Irwin 
Suall, a former labor racketeer who heads the ADL's so-called fact finding 
(i.e., dirty tricks) division; and Mira Lansky Boland, the ADL's Washington 
spy chief.


        What emerges from the most cursory review of the SFPD documents on
the ADL is a chilling portrait of a massive national, and international, 
racketeering enterprise organized for the purpose of secretly and illegally 
obtaining classified data from a wide-ranging array of official government 
archives: criminal records, department of motor vehicle registrations, police 
intelligence files etc.

        Although Bullock's own computerized files and those of the ADL, 
seized in two consecutive police and FBI raids, have not yet been publicly 
released, a complete list of the titles of the various files Bullock kept 
indicates Liberty Lobby was very much a target of the ADL's illegal spy 

        According to the SFPD documents, The SPOTLIGHT has been able to
determine that Bullock kept more than 20 different files on Liberty Lobby and 
affiliated organizations such as the Populist Action Committee under the 
special classification "RIGHT."

        There are also several Populist Party files listed. On February 15 
The SPOTLIGHT reported that a Bullock conduit had infiltrated the Ford City, 
Pennsylvania-based operation led by promoter Don Wassall who had been warned 
in advance of the ADL linkage.


        Meanwhile, as the ADL is reeling in embarrassment at the exposure of
its criminal activities, the highly aggressive in-house ADL damage control 
team led by Barbara Wahl, a Washington attorney, has rushed to the West Coast 
in a desperate last-minute cover-up attempt.

        Miss Wahl has publicly denounced the San Francisco law enforcement
officials, rightly infuriating the police who have been doing their job 
investigating criminal activity. The ADL attorney, however, charges that the
real issue is police misconduct--not ADL misconduct.

        Although district attorney and SFPD investigators initially viewed
the case as strictly local in nature, they now realize--and have publicly
stated--that the case is national in scope. The authorities also realize
the ADL is the prime mover behind the entire operation, not Bullock or Gerard.


        San Francisco Assistant District Attorney John Dwyer said recently:
          "People have been calling this the Gerard case. Now it's the ADL
          case. Gerard was just their guy in San Francisco. The ADL is
          doing the same thing all over the country.

          "This case just gets bigger every day. The more we look, the more
          people we find are involved."

        Miss Wahl has also tried to distance the ADL from its loyal, thorough,
capable and highly regarded 40-year informant, Bullock, saying he was "the 
classic independent contractor"--this despite the fact that the authorities 
have an in-house ADL document in which Bullock is proudly described by ADL 
spymastcr Suall as "our No. 1 investigator."

        The ADL bosses know Bullock has information that could send them to
jail, and Bullock, unlike the ADL, has been cooperating with the police.
Although the ADL repeatedly claimed that it, too, was "cooperating" with the 
investigation and falsely announced it was not a target of the inquiry, San 
Francisco police official Ron Roth stated in an affidavit that "ADL employees 
were apparently less than truthful" in their dealings with the police.

        In short, the ADL lied.

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-Dan Gannon

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