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    Chapel Hill, NC, is famous as the site of the venerable and highly regarded
University of North Carolina. It is also the situs of a venom-
spurting racist coven, bound by guano scraped from The Trashcan of History,
calling itself "The National Socialist White Peoples' Party," firmly under the
paw of a Mardi-Gras F|hrer named Covington, who prefers to use
"Winnie-the-Pooh-Bah Smith" (or something like that) as his *nom de plume*.
   On the otherside of The White-Trash Mountains, is the *Dreckhaufen*
of the Pooh-Bah's chief rival as Imperial Grand Hate-Monger: William Pierce,
Nabob of National Alliance, another dung-pile dedicated to the propositions that
God, if He exists, speaks only Old Norse; and that "the future must be made safe
for our children": meaning that the highest aspirations of Euro-Americans should
be transformation Jefferson's folly (as it, alas, turned out) into one big
*Leave it to Beaver* set: conformity and banality being the only true virtues.

   One would think that these two White Embarrassments, given their common
defilement of those outside their nearly qualifications for the *\bermenschen*
Merit Badge and differences in orientation (with the Pooh-bah, it's forever
1938--save for that brief interlude to include the martyrdom of his "party's"
founder, George Lincoln Rockwell, gunned down in a Laundromat--during the second
rinse; while with Nabob Pierce, it seems to be a reaction to H.S. Chamberlain's
*The Foundations of the 19th Century*, together with his reading the sole extant
copy of *The Protocols of the Elders of Sodom*), they would work hoof-in-paw (as
it were). Instead, it's foot-in-mouth and white-heat animosity between the two.
(Well, there are only so many bucks available for hate-mongering, and that might
explain it--after all, neither is Nizkor--still, vicious public attacks can only
work to the detriment of both: what comes around, goes around.)
   That doesn't stop the Pooh-Bah, who is reveling in an adverse trial verdict
against Pierce, involving shady land deals, convenient suicides, and "sodomite"
cults (both Nabobs being frothing homophobes) worthy of Hilary Clinton's
appointment book. There isn't much Pierce can say, while the Pooh-Bah is
enjoying his "victory" feast. Pierce, condemning the deceit and moral corruption
in his *Turner Diaries* is show to be a slick, buck-suck charlatan, getting old
ladies to part with land at 1/3 its actual value: as gross a hypocrite who ever
hid behind a rune; most hide behind crosses. But exposure of Pierce as being the
Elmer Gantry of "scientific" bigotry doesn't alter the fact that
Winnie-the-Pooh-Bah Smith is a raving psycho, with no understanding of the CLEAR
and PRESENT DANGER raging in this country: it's not the homosexuals, it's not
the Jews, it's not the minorities per se. IT'S THE MULTI-CULTURALISTS, THE
   The relevant book for TODAY, Winnie, isn't *Mein Kampf*; it's Jean Raspail's
*Camp of the Saints*!


   In the struggle against the Multi-Cultural Mongrolians, is there any
alternative to buck-suck frauds like Pierce and manifest psychos like the
Pooh-Bah? Yes, there are! For mature individuals, there's AMERICAN RENAISSANCE
( For students (and mature individuals interested in
supporting student efforts to effect "detoxification" from the bilge which has
been force-fed them by the Mongrolians), there's THE EURO-AMERICAN STUDENT UNION
( Note: the ESU will soon be moving to its own
website, with additional capacity and features. It already offers TWO l-serves:
THE FORUM for student-to-
student "lighter" topics, and THE ROSTRUM, which is a "lecture hall in
cyberspace" for presentations of import and open discussions about the lectures
delivered there.
   Unlike the Hate-Mongers, neither Am-Ren nor the ESU have any interest (nor do
they welcome tirades) about a visitor or member's private life. Except for
folklore or informative content, such topics as religion are NOT welcome
subjects. The only relevant issues deal are the history and culture of ALL
Euro-peoples and preservation of the Euro-centric nature
of our country, which was the First Born Euro-nation not physically connected to
the continent.
   No defrauding of little old ladies, no hate-mongering "Mardi-Gras F|hrers,"
the ESU stands for the restoration of the Euro-Race-Culture, a return to
intensive instruction in the humanities, an emphasis on Latin as THE
Euro-language, which bound all Euro-peoples together for 25 centuries, and an
awareness of the ESSENTIAL UNITY OF ALL EURO-PEOPLES, subscribing to the motto
*Magna Europa est Patria Nostra* (Greater Europe is our [common] Fatherland).
Again, the URLs

Am. Ren.: * ESU:

The White Race-Culture's alternatives to the swindlers and hate-mongers.




Ich weiss keinen besseren Lebenszweck als am
Grossen und Unmoeglichen zu Grunde zu gehen... 

=========> Friedrich Nietzsche (1873) <=========

I know of no better life-purpose than to perish
in attempting the great and the impossible... 

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