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From: fredrick toben 
Subject: Open Letter to Mr Jamie MCCarthy; Open Letter to World  Jewry;Open Letter to Public Prosecutors, States of Israel and Poland
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Dear Mr McCarthy

Thank you for your 8 June communication which I found very interesting.
Isn't it amazing that fifty years after the event there are still issues
which are alive and far from settled - and that we can actually participate
in a Holocaust debate. How wrong people like Professor Deborah Lipstadt are
when they claim that "there is nothing to debate about the Holocaust".
Only recently I remarked about the Kuwaiti claim, made during 1990 before
Desert Storm was unleashed, that Iraqi soldiers had perpetrated unspeakable
acts of violence upon helpless victims in a Kuwaiti hospital - throwing
babies out of incubators and taking the incubators to Iraq. It is now common
knowledge that an American advertising agency schooled the daughter of an
US-based Kuwaiti diplomat to say such things before the US Congress. Luckily
for the sake of historical truth, the incubator story was soon exposed for
what it was - war-time propaganda. Yet, it served its purpose, namely to
draw the USA into the Gulf conflict.
So, too, it is with the horror stories about Nazis having made soap out of
Jewish cadaver and lampshades out of Jewish skin. Yet I wonder why this kind
of war-time propaganda has persisted for so long. Why does the media not
vigorously expose such stories for what they are? Even to this day I can
think of a number of people who still believe the war-time soap and
lampshade propaganda to be based on facts. 
It is only if we can fearlessly ask questions about the alleged Jewish-Nazi
Holocaust, then we will get to the truth-content of those allegations which
state that Germans gassed millions of people in homicidal gas chambers.

Only a few days ago I received information about a court case in Tubingen,
Germany, involving the publisher, Wigbert Grabert, and author/publisher Udo
I believe that Walendy has received a prison sentence while Grabert has
escaped that fate with a DM30,000 fine.
What was their crime? It appears that they doubt the orthodox homicidal
gassing story - and that is a criminal offence in Germany. Also, in the
latest 'Historische Tatsachen' Walendy questions the long-held belief that
all Auschwitz prisoners had numbers tatooed on their arms, forearms, wrists,
etc. He claims there is no proof of this ever having been done. Imagine, if
this is true, then how many people do we personally know who have spent
fifty years of their lives trading on that tatooed number on their forearm!
I passed this information on to John Sack ( Eye for an Eye) who is now
pursuing this matter. I am certainly interested to find out whether Walendy
is making wild claims . Hoever, I do not think it is wise to use legal means
wherewith to silence anyone making silly claims,  and I would not like any
government or private authority stop me from looking into such matters.
Anyone who makes wild claims about something as controversial as has Walendy
will soon be exposed as either being a fabricator or a truth seeker. Would
you agre with me, Mr McCarthy?
You see, Mr McCarthy, it does not make sense to me that the German
government authorities are persecuting through prosecution these people who
dare ask questions about incidents and events of  World War II . That's
exactly what we are doing here per our Email service engaged in an exchange
of views and opinions, yet in Germany we would be subject to judicial
surveillance. Mind you, Mr McCarthy, you have an advantage over me. What you
say is already legally protected  because you have accepted the view that
homicidal gassings did occur at Auschwitz and elsewhere. I am not so
convinced - as yet. Please let me explain why I still have a nagging doubt
about the so-called official version of what happened during the second
world war at Auschwitz.

1. The fact that doubters are not convinced of the homicidal gassing story
produces a violent reaction from Jewish-Zionist pressure groups - and from
the various government agencies whose parliaments have passed laws outlawing
doubt on the topic. For example, in Canada it was the 'false news' law which
Sabina Citron used to start the Zundel Trials. In Germany it was initially a
provision of the defamation law which saw the absurd situation arising where
Dr Wilhelm Staglich, Gunter Deckert, Pastor Manfred Junger,et al, were
accused of "defaming the memory of the dead". Usually any defamation action
is extinguished upon the death of the plaintiff  who begins an action. Not
so when the defamation law was used in Germany. We then saw people coming
out of the woodworks who claimed to be speaking on behalf of the dead.
Naturally they did this in the hope of being handsomely rewarded for their
expressed concerns. Financially it was worth millions of dollars.  Now, of
course, in Germany it is not necessary to rely on defamation alws anymore.
This anomaly has been rectified in Germany and elsewhere with the
introduction of specific 'Holocaust denial' legislation. In Australia we
have the Zionist lobby working very hard on getting such legislation passed
through the various state and federal parliaments. It's done under the guise
of the 'Racial Vilification/Hatred Bill'.
To my mind defamation law exists to protect a person's reputation from
wrongful accusations. Unfortunately not all jurisdictions accept that truth
is an absolute defence against defamation. Public figures, however, claim
they are deserving of extra protection - which is a nonsense claim. We saw
this kind of nonsense reach its height with the doings of British publisher,
Robert Maxwell, who silenced his critics by throwing writs at them. So, if
you do not have the financial clout, then you are out! But in the long run
the truth will come out because it is too much of an effort to have to
support, by legal means, those processes which are corrupt.
Yet, now in Europe various governments have made it a criminal offence to
doubt matters concerning the allegation that Germans gassed millions of
people. Why should we, Mr McCarthy, have a view of history supported by the
force of a law? Isn't this exactly what the Marxist ideologues did in
eastern Europe and in the former Soviet Union? Imagine, to have a special
law which states that 'Holocaust denial' is off-limits, is a criminal
offence? If someone denied that the earth was round, we would just laugh at
that person's display of ignorance. Yet, when someone like 30+year-old
German industrial chemist Germar Rudolf writes 'The Rudolf Report' - which
is a detailed scientific analysis of the alleged homicidal gas chambers at
Auschwits -  then he has his career ruined and, together with wife and two
young children, is now on the run. A court had imposed on him a 15-month
prison sentence for distributing his report, and as he failed to turn up at
the Grabert trial in Tubingen, there is now an arrest warrant out for him. 
All this does not make sense to me, Mr McCarthy. Why would the German legal
establishment use a sledge hammer to protect at all costs an orthodox
version of the Auschwitz homicidal gassing story? This is an historical
debate which can be settled if we are mature enough to listen to what others
have to say. I have a firm belief about this story - that there were no
gassings at Auschwitz. However, should after fifty years by some miracle new
evidence come along and conclusively prove that homicidal gassings did occur
at Auschwitz, then I would write about that too. But let's not have people
muzzled because they dare to become HOLOCAUST HERETICS.

Let me say in passing that my training in philosophy - Sir Karl Popper's
theory falsification and C.S.Peirce's fallibilism - prevents me from
accepting anything controversial as being true without my having done some
personal thinking and research about the matter. So, Mr McCarthy, let me put
your mind at rest about my intellectual integrity. After all, this is what
you are alluding to when you ask me in your 8 June communication: "Is your
questioning really honest, Dr Toben?"
Yes, indeed it is. But not only, Mr McCarthy. I am also fearless in my
questioning. Mr Brockschmidt and I have deliberately sought out those who
support the homicidal gas chamber story. It was a little disconcerting to be
rejected by those who could not answer our probing questions. In 1994
Professor Deborah Lipstadt visited Australia. We made the special effort to
make the  1,600 Km Adelaide-Melbourne return trip so that we could ask her
probing questions. She even signed her book for us with "May Truth Prevail"!
It was during her seminar that she informed us that the conversion plans for
the Auschwitz mortuaries were now available. Similarly, British historian,
David Irving, and American author, Michael Collins-Piper, also confronted
Lipstadt about those plans. Why, if the plans prove the homicidal gassing
story, did Lipstadt not take up Irving's offer of $1,000 to produce those
plans? It is not good enough for Lipstadt to travel the world and claim that
the conversion plans prove the homicidal gas chamber story without having
with her these plans - and discussing them in the way you now wish to do.
More of this a little later.

2. The Jewish death figures are a real problem and your criticism of what we
have on our website highlights this problem very well. Permit me to give you
a chronology , from 1996 backwards to 1964, wherein I detail my personal
connection with the 6:4 million death figure as it presented itself in the
public domain. I hasten to add that what you say is quite correct, i.e. the
6:4 million death figure can be argued about. Greg Raven of the IHR informs
that it was once claimed that of the six million Jewish deaths, two million
were in the Eastern territories and four million were in the concentration
camps. Even the 1990 removal of the plaques claiming that four million
persons died at Auschwitz has not definitively solved the problem. Blaming
the former Soviet and Polish Communist governments, as you do in your
explanation, is a total cop-out by those who have known for decades that the
four million figure was wrong from the beginning. There are Revisionist
works which mention a far lower number. I think Rassinere mentions a very
low number - but such numbers were ignored by so-called mainstream
historians. Why, Mr McCarthy? Even the six million total Jewish deaths
figure is urgently in need of revision.Yet for some historians this number
is set in concrete and anyone who dares question it is immediately labelled
'antisemitic', a hate-monger', a neo-Nazi, a racist, etc. Why, Mr McCarthy?
I am reminded of the entry under 'Oswiecim' in the Reader's Digest
'Universal Dictionary' of 1988 : "Town of southern lies near
the site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, where, between 1942
and 1945, some 4,000,000 people, mostly German and east European Jews, were
systematically put to death by the Nazis."

Permit me now to tabulate my Personal Chronology:

*  1996 - as recently as 7-9 June in ADELAIDE , at the so-called
conservative Samuel Griffith Society seminar, during a dinner conversation
the 6:4 million death figure was mentioned. Much to the disbelief at our
table, of five of the eight persons present, I stated that the current death
figures for Auschwitz stood around 710,000 to 800,000 (Pressac).

*  1995 - At a European history conference at the University of New South
Wales, SYDNEY, Dr Stephen Wheatcroft reduced the Auschwitz death figures to
1.5 million - much to Professor Hans Mommsen's disbelief. Wheatcroft claims
to be Australia's expert on the Ukraine. He denies the
Bolshevik-Jewish-Soviet connection which gave rise to the Ukrainian
famine.See Adelaide Institute newsletter No. 30.

*  1994 - at the Professor Deborah Lipstadt seminar in MELBOURNE I canvassed
a few individuals about the 6:4 million figure. It would have been foolish
to have pursued the matter among this group because they were all 'true
believers'. It was at this meeting that Professor Lipstadt predicted that a
force from within the Jewish community would lead to dissent and disunity on
the Holocaust.See Adelaide Institute newsletter No. 20.

*  1993 - on a visit to WELLINGTON and CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand,  I met a
cross-section of New Zealanders who generally held to the 6:4 figure. Any
depth of knowledge on this topic managed to focus on the fact that the death
figures referred to Jewish deaths. No-one I came across had heard of
Franciszek Piper's 1993 published book 'Die Zahl der Opfer von Auschwitz',
published by the Auschwitz Museum in Poland. Therein we find a figure of 1.1
million total deaths at Auschwitz. What bothers me with these figures is
that Piper claims that 200,000 of the total deaths were registered, while
the remainder was unregistered. When I pointed this out to Dr Wheatcroft, he
claimed that the Germans immediately herded the unregistered into the
homicidal gas chambers. That is why there were so many unregistered deaths,
if which to this day there is no trace! This is pure nonsense because nearly
a million people do not just disappear into thin air - unless they never
existed in the first place. Only on Friday 21 June I saw a TV item about the
Belorussian government uncovering a mass grave from World War II in which
the victims had been shot in the neck - the typical Soviet Union style of
execution. I'm awaiting confirmation of this news item because I could not
find any mention of it on our other four TV channels, nor did I find
anything in the newspapers. Perhaps you know something about it. If it is a
genuine news item, then we can again say that we can go to the Auschwitz
site and find the evidence of mass killings and burnings by excavating the
whole complex, etc. Such reasoning leads me to believe that the Piper
methodology used to arrive at the death figure for Auschwitz is unsound. I
cannot accept such methodological approach in reaching a 900 000 death
figure because it is possible to look at physical evidence rather than rely
on mere speculation..
Further, at the conference no-one had heard of 'The Rudolf Report' wherein
its author, Germar Rudolf, claims that the homicidal gassings were a
physical and technical impossibility. I actually find this a little hard to
believe that the experts in the field are not aware of what Revisionists are
doing to push the Auschwitz argument further along. If they are not aware of
what Revisionists are doing, then they are incompetent; if they remain
silent about them, then these histrians are corrupt.
Also at a MELBOURNE seminar, at which Professor Yehuda Bauer was guest
speaker, the 6:4 million figure was still about . In fact, some persons
claimed that it was a 6 + 4 = 10 million Jewish deaths figure.  One
participant, who invited me to his home for tea, claimed that he easily
escaped from Germany to Switzerland where he qualified as an architect. His
qualifications were accepted by the Victorian Education Department for whom
he worked until his retirement.
During 1993 Professor Bauer also made an interesting public comment about
the 'Wannsee Conference'. For him it is  "a silly story that at Wannsee the
extermination of Jews was arrived at." So, Mr McCarthy, isn't it a fact that
for too long people have read into documents what wasn't really there at the

*  1992 - on a visit to Parliament House, CANBERRA, A.C.T.. I was struck by
the solid belief in the 6:4 million figure. This in spite of the fact that
all parliamentarians received from John Bennett, Australian Civil Liberties
Union, a copy of 'The Leuchter Report'. We may be disturbed by Leuchter's
claims about being an engineer, Mr McCarthy, but that is of secondary
importance. The fact is that he was the first person to physically do
something about verifying or falsifying claims made about the Auschwitz
homicidal gas chambers. I could not understand the frenzy with which his
critics lashed out at him - hounding him in Germany because of what he said.
But that's the problem, isn't it. He said some pretty startling things. For
example, he claimed that "All things considered, killing six million persons
by means of gassing would have taken 68 yars", and "If the matetr were in
fact as claimed, then executions would still have to be taking place today,
and would have to continue until the year 2006".
If Leuchter's claims are outrageous, then he discredits himself, and so his
claim that "The poison substance Zyklon-B was not used on people at
Auschwitz", need not be feared,i.e. if it is false. 

Canberra is also the only city in Australia with a legal pornography video
industry. The other Canberra vice is that its youths have a high drug
addiction rate.

*  1989 - during a visit to LAUNCESTON, HOBART,and PORT ARTHUR
Hobart,Tasmania, the usual response from tourists and from locals was the
6:4 million death figure. As far as I could ascertain, the figure referred
to Jewish deaths alone. It was obvious to most persons I met that the second
world war had been fought by Hitler to 'specially kill the Jews'. Why did
the media not correct this distorted picture? It is a perversion of
historical fact to represent the second world war as an exclusively
antisemitic, and anti-Jewish war - the elimination of European Jewry. I see
such claims as being a perversion of historical facts. What has to be borne
in mind is that the Nazis and Zionists collaborated in establishing the
State of Israel. This explains why the Zionists and the Nazis collaborated
so well on the task of moving  European Jews into Palestine. Mr McCarthy,
have you read Leni Brenner's book on this topic? It's called 'Zionism in the
Age of the Dictators'.
During this year Professor Yehuda Bauer was again busy correcting the
Asuchwitz picture, claiming the four million figure was wrong. The Auschwitz
death book registers, obtained from the former Soviet Union archives in
Moscow,  listed 74,000 deaths. None of this information has been pumped into
in the public domain as have the alleged attrocity stories. Why not?
I am reminded that as late as 1994 Professor Lipstadt loudly proclaimed that
there is nothing to debate about the Holocaust. Mr McCarthy, it is good to
see that you have opened yourself to a debate  - admittedly carrying the
orthodox Holocaust line.  

*  1988 - in BRISBANE, Queensland at the World Expo Fair, the 6:4 figure was
alive and hotly defended by those who were enjoying the atmosphere in an
'all German' beer tent. I met one businessman who knew something about
Zundel's second Holocaust trial. Mr John Bennett in MELBOURNE
single-handedly had distributed copies of 'The Leuchter Report' to all
Australian media outlets, libraries, politicians and prominent  Australians.

*  1987 At Deakin University, WARRNAMBOOL, students and staff whom I
randomly canvassed about the 6:4 million death figure, claimed it referred
to Jewish deaths. At HORSHAM, Victoria, during British historian David
Irving's visit, the 6:4 million figure was held to be true by most people
present at the meeting. Irving's book 'Churchill's War' upset some persons
who could not imagine that Churchill had a very dark side to his character.

*  1986 - in country Victoria during business trips, the 6:4 million death
figure made vague sense to some. My general impression was that few people
cared about the death figures. What was commonly held was that the Germans
killed many Jews during World War II in homicidal gas chambers. However, the
gas chamber and the creamtory ovens were fused into the 'gas oven'. Pictures
of crematory ovens were understood to be gas ovens. Generally, though,
country living had its own problems without having to worry about an event
that happened in Europe over forty years ago. 
On the radio journalist and broadcaster, Mark Aaarons, began to crank up a
waning interest in the war crimes concept by broadcasting a series of
programs which dealt with Nazi atrocities commited in eastern Europe.

*  1985 - during a visit to LONDON I noticed business associates shied away
from discussing the 6:4 million deaths figure. However, during a visit to
one of the pubs the ensuing discussion did raise a vague 4 million death
figure. No one had heard of Professor Raul Hilberg mentioning on 16 January,
at the Zundel Trial, that there was no blueprint nor a basic plan which
accompanied the destruction of European Jewry. 

*  1984 - in SINGAPORE and KUALA-LUMPAR, Malaysia, talking to all racial
groups yielded no definitive figure for Jewish deaths. The first Zundel
trial in TORONTO did not feature in any conversation. 

*  1983 - during an English Language conference in CANBERRA, A.C.T., the 6:4
million deaths figure was alive. One person wished to eliminate the ratio
and claim that 10 million Jews died in Europe during the second world war.
Inevitably when, during seminar sessions, the death figures for Auschwitz
were mentioned, it was assumed that the four million referred to four
million Jewish deaths. I also opposed the view that because of Auschwitz
literature had lost its meaning. The soap and lampshade stories were still
accepted as founded on fact rather than on propaganda. 

*  1982 - during a visit to AMSTERDAM and PARIS, the general conversation
among locals and tourists was a strong belief in the 4 million deaths figure
for Auschwitz. I heard people say quite specifically that this figure
referred to Jewish deaths at Auschwitz. 

*  1981 - At MINNA, Nigeria, among educated and traditional Nigerians,
little interest was shown for the Jewish-Nazi Holocaust. Too many still
remembered the Nigerian civil war and its legacy, namely that it did not
stop the "bribary and tribary and corruption at the top". Other Nigerians
recalled how their forefathers were shipped to America by Jewish-owned slave
trading ships. 

*  1980 - during a visit to CAPE TOWN and JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, a
lively discussion about the Jewish death figure was not unusual. At the
universities I found both extreme views represented: under a million and
over ten million Jewish deaths. It all depended whether you spoke to an
Afrikans or English-speaking person, and then it mattered whether the person
was Jewish or not. At that time many Jews had still not left South Aftica.
There was a saying in Southern Africa at that time: "When the Jews leave,
there is still time time. When the Indians leave, it's too late."

*  1979 - at NAIROBIE and in Kenya generally, especially among German
tourists, the 6:4 million deaths figure was a topic of conversation. In the
markets the locals didn't care about Auschwitz. 
In June, Pope John Paul II had blessed the four million victims at
AUSCHWITZ, and Dr Wilhelm Staglich's book: THE AUSCHWITZ MYTH was published
in Germany. 
In France, Professor Robert Faurisson stated to LA MONDE: "The Hitler gas
chambers never existed. The genocide of the Jews never took place. Hitler
never gave an order or permission that nayone should be killed because of
his race or religion. The alleged gas chambers and the alleged genocide are
one and the same lie. This lie, which is largely of Zionist origin, has made
possible an enormous political and financial fraud whose principal
beneficiary is the State of Israel."
Now we know that both Faurisson and Staglich have suffered terribly for
daring to express their views  about Auschwitz. It is not good enough for me
to hear the excuse that because these HOLOCAUST HERETICS have offended the
millions dead, they deserve to pe persecuted. What is your view on this
matter, Mr McCarthy?

*  1978 - at the University of Rhodesia, SALISBURY - now Harare, Zimbabwe -
amond staff and students the 6:4 million deaths figure floated about. It was
alive among those students who had Jewish connections. Few, if any,
non-white students had any interset in the topic. There were more serious
matters to consider than worry about what happened in Europe during the
second world war. 

*  1977 - during a visit to WINDHOEK and SWAKOPMUND, South West Africa - now
Namibia - I received from the Europeans (especially the tourists from
Germany) a split response. There were those who believed the 6:4 million
deaths figure referred to Jewish deaths only. Then there were a few
characters who told me "the whole gas chamber story is rubbish". These
'characters' had served in the German army during the war. Professor Arthur
Butz's THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY was published but it received no
mention in South West Africa among the people I met during my stay there. 

*  1976 - during a visit to MADRID, BARCELONA, etc. the whole issue
concerning Jewish deaths was not alive among the people I met. There was
interest in hammering the nasty communists and lamenting Franco's death.

*  1975 - at the University of STUTTGART, especially during faculty meetings
(Geisteswissenschaften) a particular Dr Rothschild would strut about the
room accusing all sorts of people for being Nazis or neo-Nazis. Faculty
members usually cowered in silence while Rothschild ranted and raved in his
attempt to "expose Nazis in academia". Anyone who attempted to contradict
him would quickly be silenced with the 6:4 million deaths figure. Perhaps Dr
Rothschild was aware of the fact that Richard Harwoood had just published

*  1974 - at the Univeristy of OXFORD the 6:4 million deaths figure was well
entrenched among staff and students. It was considered bad taste to cast any
doubt on the orthodox view that "millions and millions of Jews were gassed
by the Germans during the second world war".

*  1973 - at CLUJ UNIVERISTY, Rumania, any questioning of W.W.II history
quickly evoked the official communist line that Nazi Germany had killed many
millions of people in an aggressive war. 
On a particular day I had an interesting experience at the University
cafeteria. I was late for breakfast and as I sat down at a table a very slim
male student sitting with a very fat female student stared at me. I
responded with a smile. Upon this the young man jumped out of his seat and
cried out: "I don't like you!" 
I expressed silent astonishment and began my breakfast. Upon this the
student jumped out of his seat and with finger pointed at me cried out
again, "I don't like you. You're a Jew." He then ran out of the cafeteria.
Later I was consoled by some of his friends who advised me that the student
had been badly treated at his home in Gaza by Israeli police. 
No-one I met at CLUJ or in BUCHAREST  mentioned or even knew that Thies
Christophersen had published his AUSCHIWTZ: TRUTH OR LIES. 

*  1972 - in MUNICH during the Olympic Games, the Israeli sports team
massacre fuelled memories of the Jewish-Nazi Holocaust. The 6:4 million
deaths figure was part of any discussion after the massacre and much public
sympathy flowed to the relatives of those killed at Munich. 
At DACHAU I viewed the alleged gas chamber, then at a bus stop I met an old
lady who told me that no-one had ever been gassed by the Nazis. She claimed
that Dachau had been re-built after the war and "many things aren't right
At TEL AVIV and JERUSALEM and elsewhere in Israel, I felt the official
Holocaust line hanging in the air - especially among the older citizens. The
young were too busy making sense of the present. At the Tel Aviv University
I had a disussion with a number of people. One person who had just arrived
in the country from New York, proposed a settlement to the Middle East
conflict: "America in Israel and Russia in Egypt", he excitedly proclaimed,
"will solve all problems." A young man born in Israel contradicted him. "We
don't want outsiders to settle our disputes with the Arabs. We feel like
them, we think like them, we speak like them. They are our brothers," he
exclaimed. The New Yorker left the discussion in a huff. 
[I again predict that as soon as Israel has safe borders, the homicidal gas
chamber story will fall by the wayside.]

*  1971 - on a visit to LENINGRAD - now St Petersburg - KIEV and MOSCOW, I
heard little of the Jewish death figures but more of the Soviet Union's
heavy losses during the war. Interestingly, there was no mention of the
Jewish-Bolshevik slaughter of millions or Stalin's reign of terror. All the
evil had come from Hitler and his Nazis - according to the official state

*  1970 - in VANCOUVER, Canada, on the beaches I found that talk centred
around the worry of finding the money to finance drug habits. Similarily in
SAN FRANCISCO no-one cared about anything that was a day old. It was the
moment that mattered - but not for me!

*  1969 - at the University of AUCKLAND, New Zealand, a vague figure of 6:4
may have been about. It was more of an indefinite "millions" expressed in
such emotional terms that any further rational thought became impossible. 

*  1968 - in the South Island of New Zealand, at DUNEDIN, INVERCARGILL, etc.
I found little interest in the Jewish death figures. It was commonly held
that millions of people died during the second world war. There was no great
public interest in things specifically Jewish. 
No one I came across was familliar with Gerald Reitlinger's THE FINAL SOLUTION.

*  1967 - at  Victoria University of WELLINGTON, New Zealand, some interest
was found in discussing death figures. What was generally accepted as fact
was that the Germans had been very cruel to the Jews during the second world
war. "Many Jews had been killed by the Germans", was a claim I heard from
Jews who had themselves come from Russia via China to New Zealand. 

*  1966 - in SYDNEY, I gained the impression that very few people were
interested in the specific Jewish component of the suffering caused by the
second world war. In the clubs it was more of an anger directed at the
Japanese for having caused suffering to Australian soldiers. 

*  1963 - 65 while at the University of MELBOURNE, not once did I hear about
the gassings of Jews. Surprisingly, not even as a member of the Jewish Club
did I hear anyone discuss the 6:4 million deaths figure. That there were
general war deaths and terrible attrocities committed during the war, in
particular at the various concentration camps, was accepted as a given fact.
Any accusations flowing from this fact and levelled at the Germans, was
accepted by them. However, it was possible to reduce the guilt felt by
pointing to attrocities perpetrated by the Allies. The uniqueness of the
Jewish-Nazi Holocaust had not established itself within the public domain,
as it has thirty years late, in 1996. 

And so, in spite of:
a) the Adolf Eichman hanging in Jerusalem in 1962;
b) the appearance of Paul Rassinier's LE DRAME DES JUIFS EUROPEANS in 1964; 
c) the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial, which began on 3 April 1964,
the actual 6:4 million deaths figure was not readily available within our
community in Australia. 
Perhaps we ought also to recall that Pope Paul VI visited Israel and the
then divided city of Jerusalem in January 1964. Who still recalls that it
was then 28 year-old King Hussain of Jordan who personally directed the
Pope's Alitalia flight into Amman Airport?

My concern with the Auschwitz death figure lies in the unwillingness of
historians to grasp the nettle and come clean on this issue. It is a total
cop-out now to blame the Soviet-Polish political bureaucracy for having held
to the four million deaths figure for so long. Even the total number of six
million Jewish deaths needs to be drastically revised. Why is this not being
done by so-called reputable historians? 
Australia's own Dr Stephen Wheatcroft claims that numbers don't matter when
you talk about the homicidal gas chamber killings. He is wrong to make such
statements because he thereby blocks enquiry on a very important topic: How
many people died in so-called homicidal gas chambers? Some Revisionists,
like Professors Butz and Faurisson state that no-one died in homicidal gas
chambers because the Germans did not operate such chemical slaughterhouses. 

It would be ideal to have an open public discussion on this topic. Whether
my contribution will advance the numbers problem is debatable. What I have
done in the above Chronology  is to bring my personal, subjective reasoning
processess into play. Certainly for myself, I have clarified the issue. I
have concluded that the Jewish deaths number is not six million - and we
need to open the archives which have remained closed to so-called
Revisionist historians. Why?

3. Your next detailed communication concerns itself with the Blueprints of

I have now viewed the material found at:

I am familiar with the Pressac plans which I viewed at the University of
Melbourne library with Associate, Mr Geoffrey Muirden, and at the University
of Adelaide library with Associate, Mr David Brockschmidt.

We had no problem in concluding that these plans do not prove that the
mortuaries were converted into homicidal gas chambers. I cannot accept your
argument, Mr McCarthy, that at the architects' trial in Austria, the
prosecution could not properly read these plans 'of genocide'. Plans speak
for themselves - unless, of course , we wish to read into them a function
which the architects never contemplated.
I am happy to say that Professor Robert-Jan van Pelt has also advised me
that his book on Auschwitz, co-writen with Deborah Dwork: 'Auschwitz: 1270
to the present',  to be published in August 1996, has reproduced these

Unfortunatley, Mr McCarthy, these plans do not prove to me that a mortuary
was turned into a homicidal gas chamber.
What is visible on the plans should speak for itself. Pressac's commentary
cannot prove that either. For example, statements such as: 'a chute was
replaced by stairs' or 'the doors were changed from opening inward to
outward, airtight doors with a peep-hole were installed', do not prove
anything. So what, Mr McCarthy?
Carlo Matogno claims that the exhaust system was renewed and a newer but
less powerful system replaced the older more powerful eshaust system. It
doesn't add up, and this is where I see Michael Shermer's convergence theory
not offering convincing proof. I would rather approach this with Sir Karl
Popper's principle of theory falsification rather than adopt Shermer's
method because the latter's method leads to dogmatic-ideaological
structures. Why? Because a good dialectically-schooled mind can prove
anything! Our search becomes a word-game, a mental process which does not
make contact with the real physical world. How many angels fit on a
pin-head? was a favourite scholastic exercise designed to solve the
universal problem - but it didn't prove whether angels actually existed in
this world. We need to get back to some physical contact with the real world.
That is why Dr Michael Shermer could not rise to the occasion afforded him
by Proffessor Robert Faurisson's challenge: 'draw me or show me a homicidal
gas chamber'. I believe that we must use the plans that you have of the
mortuary - which you believe is proof of a conversion - then re-construct
from them an actual model. Once we have this model constructed, Mr McCarthy,
then we can use eyewitness testimony to reconstruct actual gassing
exercises. This whole process would naturally be a simulation. 
As a guide we would use not THE LEUCHTER REPORT but rather the far more
sophisticated RUDOLF REPORT.

See our website for material relating to Germar Rudolf:

It would be of critical importance to have an international panel of
scientists who would be prepared to go through with such an experiment. 
Mr McCarthy, I believe that THE RUDOLF REPORT actually proves the  homicidal
gassing story is false. But let me not be dogmatic about my belief either. I
must confess that I am not an industrial chemist and I do not have the
expertise to evaluate the techinical data any experiment would generate.
However, I am well versed enough in research matters to know when someone is
fiddling the books about an experiment so that a desired outcome is achived.
I do not care whether the experiment will prove or disprove the homicidal
gas chamber hypothesis. I want this fifty-year nonsense conflict of whether
Germans did or did not kill people in homicidal gas chambers to come to an
end - and it can be brought to an end. you have made a great contribution to
the Holocaust debate. So has ADELAIDE INSTITUTES's Mr David Brockschmidt
when he challenged Skeptic's editor, Professor Michael Shermer's convergence
theory. [Adelaide Institute newsletter No. 22]
I believe that we are wasting valuable time by discussing the details.
Pressac wrote his book and he could not prove the existence of homicidal gas
chambers. Faurssion wrote a condemnatory critique of Pressac's book and had
to face court charges. Where is the logic in all this kind of behaviour, Mr
McCarthy? Pressac is permitted to write books about the homicidal gas
chamber allegations and when Faurisson refutes such claims, he is hauled
before the French courts.
We must re-construct the actual homicidal gas chambers. In this way we are
also responding to Professor Robert Faurisson's challenge: 'Show me or draw
me a gas chamber'. Shermer flippantly rejected Faurisson's challenge. 
Mr McCarthy, we are at a point in the Holocaust Debate where we can actually
draw upon some physical evidence - the plans. 
The next step is to use these plans, not merely talk about them, but rather
let the plans talk to us. Any architectural plan will speak for itself - and
I am anxious to hear what these plans have to say. 

What bothers me about these plans is that they are still held in the Russian
archives and have not been made available to the general public. No
mainstream historian has grasped them and it was left to a non-historian, an
industrial chemist, J.C. Pressac to publish them in a book which is not
available in the general bookstores.
You have made these plans available by scanning them from Pressac's book
into the net. For that you must be congratulated. 

In conclusion, Mr McCarthy, let me say again that I wish we can begin to
make these plans talk and not have people talk about them. I would like to
see mainstream historians use them when they tackle the homicidal gas
chamber debate rather than regurgitate worn arguments from those who support
or reject the homicidal gas chamber story. 

I am looking forward to August when the latest book about Auschwitz will be
published by W.W.Norton, New York. It's called AUSCHWITZ: 1270 TO THE
PRESENT and is written by Deborah Dwork and Professor Robert-Jan van Pelt.
Let's hope it will be more definitive than Pressac's work. Above all, let's
hope it will be available in the bookshops. 


Fredrick Toben



20 June 1996

I am writing this letter to you not because I hate you but because I wish to
save you from yourselves.
I see with horror that antisemitism is on the rise again, and it makes me
sick and sad to see and hear that this antisemitism is not based on
Christianity, Islam, Fascism, Nazism, any other religion or ideology, but on
the cunning and crafty behaviour of powerful Jewish groups in the financial
world, in the world media , in global culture, in world politics and in
practically all aspects of life.

The anti-Gentilism and the hate for everything that is not Jewish, makes me
sick because this hatred takes us back to the roots of antisemitism - your
anti-Gentile Babylonian Talmud.

If you believe that you can stop assimilation of Jewry into Gentile society
by creating antisemitism by yourselves, then blame it on the Goys
(Gentiles), you are terribly mistaken. By doing this, you are going down the
road of creating  a Jewish martyre status so as to cement your victim status
This policy of always blaming others - the Goys - for your own self-created
misery, will with certainty lead to what you call the ASSIMILATION
HOLOCAUST. This will be the real 'final solution'.

I am not at ease in writing this letter to you because it causes me a lot of
pain. But, no pain - no gain!

You have to come to terms with the dark sides of your own history because it
is a matter of survival for you! From the destruction of the people of
Canaan to the genocide of the Bolsheviks where some of your knights of
darkness played a leading role; from the Jewish money Kabala, bank-rolling
the Bolsheviks and partly the Nazis which made the Bolshevik and Nazi
slaughter houses possible; from the Nazi-Zionist co-operation and
collaboration to Dir Jassin in Palestine; from the sickening excesses of
Slomo Morel and his helpers in Poland after World War II to the insane
Jewish fantastics, Baruch and Amir.

You have been too busy blaming your own misery on the Goys for the last
5,000 years, it is now absolutely necessary to turn the mirror on yourselves
in order to save yourselves from your own delusion.

I am writing this to you because I can see people getting sick of your Goy
bashing! Stop looking at the Nazis, the K.K.K. and Christian or Islamic
fundamentalists and start looking at your very own Babylonian Talmud.
The Frankist said the Babylonian Talmud is the root of evil and cause for
antisemitism. Turn away from Pharisaic Talmudism and go back to the Tora -
the Mosaic Law which is also respected by the Christians and Moslems.

There is always cause and effect in history. Your CHOSEN PEOPLE claim is not
a privilege but a stigma. It is self-destructive. Your only way to salvation
is to show the Gentile world that you are not better than them. This is done
by opening up and showing the world the dark side of your own history. Then
you must apologize for what you have done to the Goys in the last 5,000
years, as the Goys have apologized to you, 24 hours a day - for what they
have done to you.
You scream of antisemitism, Nazi, Jew-hater, racist, pulling out the
Auschwitz or God-card, will not help anymore. They are blunt tools which you
have used too often!

If you cannot come to terms with the dark side of your own history, then you
will be history.
Please note that this letter will be placed on our website as has all other
material produced by the Adelaide Institute.

David Brockschmidt

PS: Remember what one of your great prophets said: "The destruction of the
Jewish people will not come from outside, but from within." (Prof. Deborah

Books recommended for reading:

*  Israel Shahack: Jewish History-Jewish Religion: ISBN 0-7453-081-8; Pluto
Press, London,U.K

*  Elizabeth Dilling: The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today; ISBN
0-939482-07-X; Noontide Press, California, U.S.A.

*  Leni Brenner: Zionism In The Age Of The Dictators: ISBN 0-88208-163-21;
Croom Helm Ltd.,Beckenham,U.K.

*  Booklet - Why Don't You Believe Us; Noontide Press, Costa Masa, Ca., U.S.A.



20 June 1996

Dear Sir
At the Adelaide Institute we focus our research on the last one hundred
years of world history. In particular, we are looking at attrocities
committed by the Axis and Allied powers before, during and after World War II.

According to American author, John Sack, you must have a citizen by the name
of Solomon (Shlomo) Morel living in your country. John Sack writes in his
book "An Eye For An Eye", that S. Morel, wearing a Polish Secret Police
uniform, was the camp commander of concentration camp Schwientochlowitz,
which was part of the Auschwitz concentration camp complex.

We would appreciate it if you could tell us whether it is true that S. Morel
is guilty of murdering in 1945-46, in a beastly and sadistic way, thousands
of prisoners, including women and children.

If S. Morel is guilty of these alleged crimes, will you, the Chief
Prosecutor of the State of Israel, lay charges against S. Morel and other
eastern European Jews wearing at that time eastern European secret police
uniforms, who, according to John Sack, killed 60,000 to 80,000 civilian men,
women and children.

Could you also inform us wheather Israeli law forbids you to prosecute a
citizen of the State of Israel if he has not committed the crime in Israel
itself but, as is the case with S. Morel, in Poland.  Futher, would you
deport S. Morel and others like him to the country where they are alleged to
have committed murder?
According to our information, S. Morel has been living in Israel since 1992.

We would also like to know if your colleague, the Chief Prosecutor of the
State of Poland, and/or other legal authorities of the Polish state, have
asked you or the Israeli Minister For Justice to extradite/deport S. Morel
to Poland for his alleged crimes committed there. 
If this is not the case, have you or others within the Israeli legal system
investigated S. Morel, et al, mentioned in John Sack's book, who have
committed alleged crimes in Poland, eastern Europe, Russia, Germany, western
Europe and/or any other part of the world?  If yes, what was the outcome of
these investigations?

Finally, have you ever, since the founding of the State of Israel, deported
any of your citizens - except Myer-Lansky - to the country in which they
committed alleged crimes so as to stand trial there in the way the U.S.A.
had John Deamjanjuk deported to Israel in order to stand trial for alleged
crimes committed against Jewish people?  By the way, has the State of Israel
offered any compensation and an apology from the U.S. and German governments
who knowingly gave the wrong information to the Iseraeli authorities in
regard to John Demjanjuk's German I.D. card was genuine, and later admitting
- after the defence brought in discrediting evidence - that this I.D. card
was K.G.B. forgery?

We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.  Please
note that we have placed this letter on our website.

Yours sincerely

W. David Brockschmidt



20 JUNE 1996

Dear Sir

We are an organisation which focuses on the second world war and problems
emerging therefrom. For example, we are looking at the atrocities committed
by all parties between 1890 and 1990.

In the book, "An Eye For An Eye", published in the U.S.A., by
American-Jewish author of Polish origin, John Sack, an ex-polish citizen,
S.Morel, et al, ran communist concentration camps in your country from 1945
onwards, wearing the uniform of the then Polish secret police. 
According to John Sack, S.Morel and other helpers of Polish-Jewish origin
killed 60,000 - 80,000 civillian men, women and children in a most bestial
and sadistic way. S.Morel was camp commandant of Schwientochlowitz which is
located within the Auschwitz concentration camp complex. According to our
information, S.Morel has lived since 1992 in the State of Israel. 

We would like to ask you whether you or any other legal authorities of the
Polish State asked the Israeli justice authorities to extradite/deport
S.Morel and other ex-Polish citizens who are now citizens of the State of
Israel and/or other citizens of other countries', to stand trial in Poland
for alleged crimes they committed in your country from September 1939 onwards?

Does an extradition treaty exist between Poland and Israel?

Have you investigated the case of the ex-Polish and now Israeli citizen,
S.Morel, et al, who committed crimes against humanity in Poland from 1944
If yes, what was the outcome of your investigations? If you have not
investigated the case of S.Morel and others who committed alleged crimes
against humanity on Polish State territory from 1944 onwards, would you
please be so kind and tell us why there were no investigations carried out
by the Polish State, especially as regards the case of S.Morel et al,
mentioned in John Sack's book, but also other alleged criminals which are
not mentioned in John Sack's book?

We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest opportunity. Please
note that we have placed this letter on our website.

Yours sincerely

W.David Brockschmidt

=========================   END   ==============================================

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