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From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: General Leon Degrelle's letter to the Pope
Date: 30 Dec 1994 20:08:16 GMT
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Message-ID: <3e1pbg$7i1@urvile.MSUS.EDU>

In exile 20th May, 1979

The Vatican City

Most Holy Father,

   I am Leon Degrelle and I was the Leader of the Belgian Rexism (The "Christ-
us Rex", i.e., Christ the King! Movement) before the Second World War.  During
the War I was the Commander of the Belgian Volunteers on the Eastern Front, and
fought in the 28th Walloon Division of the Waffen S.S.  This will certainly not
be regarded as a recommendation by everyone.  I am, however, a Catholic like 
you, and I believe that I am thus entitled to write to you as a brother in the 

[BIG snip]

   As holy as you are, Most Holy Father, you must be more or less resigned to
enduring the dentist sometimes.  Have you ever had a tooth extracted?  Or two
teeth?  When this occurs one is on best terms with the dentist who is opera-
ting.  He has potent mirrors trained on the jaws, ideal instruments, and a 
patient who consents to his injunctions.  Now how long does an extraction take 
under these optimal conditions?  A quarter of an hour?  Half an hour?

   According to the legend the foul corpses at Auschwitz were lying on the
ground and it was necessary to distend the hardened jaws which was done with
much difficulty, relax them, and then open them wide, all with necessarily
primitive instruments.  According to the official figures there were only eight
operatives to skim the cement without lighting, and thus scrutinize not
just one bad spot in the teeth, but the two entire jaws.  They then had to ex-
tract, dissect and empty the teeth -- all in less time than a perfectly equip-
ped specialist. . . 

   Would His Holiness please take a pencil?  At a quarter of an hour per jaw,
and with eight desperate drawers engaged on the dissection, that makes 16 bod-
ies dealt with an hour, and 160 in a working day of 10 hours without a minute's
rest!  Even if one was a stakhanovite of dentistry and one doubled the rate of 
extractions, which is in any case physically impossible, that would make 320! 
Well then, Most Holy Father, what about the batches of 3,000 Jews in one go? 
And what about the days when 24,000 were gassed by Zyklon B?  That meant 48,000
jaws to deal with and more than 760,000 teeth to scrutinize daily.  Simply con-
fining oneself to the 6,000,000 dead Jews which propaganda ceaselessly repeats 
to us over and over again (some have doubled or tripled the figure), these 
drawers would still have been in full operation for years *after the War*! 
These extractions, and these alone, with ten hours of uninterrupted labor, 
would have taken up 1,875 working days of the whole team!

   But these extractions were only a preliminary formality.  It appears that it
was also necessary to crop millions of heads of hair.  Then, according to what
all the 'historians' of Auschwitz affirm *ex cathedra*, all the anuses and 
wombs were next examined before the bodies were passed to the ovens.  This was 
in order to retrieve the diamonds and "pieces of jewellery", which might have
been in the depths of these anuses and wombs to filch!  Can you imagine it, 
Most Holy Father?  Six million anuses and three or four million wombs to scour
from top to bottom, when it has been explained to us that at the end of the
massive gassings, the bodies were steaming with excrement, menstrual blood
and dressings!  The fingers and hands of the operatives would have had to grope
in these foul organs in order to locate the hidden diamonds, take them out 
sticky, was them, and wash themselves, 24,000 times a day for the anuses and 15
to 20,000 times a day for the wombs!  It is absolutely mad!  The whole business
is crazy!  And we have not mentioned the complementary activities: the manufac-
ture of fertilizer and cakes of soap which certain people, like the raving 
Professor Poliakov, have noted without flinching!

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