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Subject: Re: Kleim does it again! What a card!
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Richard Schultz writes:

>>I'm not going to get into a debate with you over this.  

>I can see why.  

No you don't.  

First, I don't have the time to waste on this issue, and secondly, I'm not 
going to Madison or Milwaukee to look at a copy of the book again.

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Subject: Re: Kleim does it again! What a card!
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Jamie McCarthy responds to me:

>> 1, I never said the book was an authoritative source.  It is useful in that it
>>    is friendly to your side, yet contradicts many of the claims made by
>>    earlier "historians" regarding the subject.
>> 2, most of the material I found favorable to my stance was in the appendix, 
>>    not the main text, which was essentially cheap commentary.
>> 3, like most works on World War II published by the Establishment, it has
>>    a "proper" slant against the Germans.
>> It also says exactly what I claimed it did.  Depends on whether you read the
>> book with the author's bias already being "accepted fact" or not.  I didn't
>> pay much attention to his "commentary," which is essentially what most of the
>> book is.

>> I'm not going to get into a debate with you over this.  The reader may judge 
>> whether the book is of value and presents material which contradicts the 
>> "standard" view of Ukrainian-German relations by READING IT HIM/HERSELF.

>I want to be sure I have this straight, Mr. Kleim.

>Your claim is that, because:

>(1) the book presents quotes from Nazis saying that they were going to
>keep the Ukraine for themselves,

>(2) the book was written by someone who's not sympathetic to the Nazi cause,

>you conclude

>(3) the Nazis were going to give the Ukraine back.

>Is that right?  If not, what don't I understand?

Well Jamie, you DON'T have it straight.

The book is an Establishment written and produced book.  It contains material
which contradicts the orthodox dogma of the what happened in Ukraine.  That's
the only value in reading the book.  

I had originally read the book hoping the author, being "foreign" (i.e. not 
American, British, or German), would have had an objective perspective.  While 
he wasn't as bad as some of the professional liars calling themselves histor-
ians, his work was slanted enough.

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Subject: Re: Hitler, Poison Gas, and Jews (was: Re: Mr. Rave
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Danny Keren writes:

>Well, what do our "revisionist scholars" have to say about this - Hitler 
>expressing his wish that Jews be exposed to poison gas? They are not
>going to claim this one is a forgery, are they? 


Hitler _did_ write something to the effect that if the Weimar Traitors (mostly 
Jews) would have been attacked with chemical weapons (as Hitler himself was), 
Germany would not have lost the War.  I don't remember the exact quotation, 
but I can surely look it up -- and I certainly will.

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Subject: Re: A Modest Proposal
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Deaddog addresses Tim McCarthy:

>Tim, melodrama aside, what do you think we'd find if we scoured the
>walls of the gas chambers and used the polymerase chain reaction to
>amplify the residue?  How many different restriction fragment 
>polymorphisms do you think would be present?  A few?  Hundreds?
>Thousands?  Millions?  And since it is likely that only extreme
>volumes of bodily fluids could result in the (excuse the phrase)
>impregnation of the wall with enough DNA to remain 50 years later,
>what would this say about *exactly* what went on in those

>The dead may still speak, Tim.  And I think they would call you a

Well, you're writing to Tim, but I'll throw in my thoughts as well.

Let's have a full archaeological expedition to Auschwitz and the other camps.
Both Holocaust Mythologists and Revisionists on the team.  Let's find out if
there is ANY trace of the alleged homicidal gas chambers being used for 

The first group to oppose any further scientific examination of the alleged 
"extermination centers" to confirm or dismiss the charges of genocide would
not be Revisionists, but the Jews.  They'd scream it would be "desecration."

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Subject: For Mr. Baglow's benefit
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The Soul of Jack London (II)

by Dietrich Wolf

     We saw in the first part of this study that virtually all of Jack London's
writing, even his earliest work, gave explicit expression to his strong racial 
consciousness. Despite his otherwise very healthy racial and philosophical 
views, however, London's understanding of the Jews required a long time to ma-

     He was certainly well acquainted with members of that race through the 
radical socialist circles to which he belonged, where they abounded. He viewed 
them as clever, aggressive, and hard working, as well as dedicated leaders in 
the struggle for the betterment of the proletariat, and so it was difficult for
him to think entirely ill of them. Later, however, his disenchantment with the 
socialist movement seemed to proceed apace with the growth of his understanding
of the true nature of the Jew.

     At the beginning of his writing career London established a close intel-
lectual relationship with the Jewess, Anna Strunsky, whom he met in the social-
ist-Bohemian circles of San Francisco. Jack described her as "a Russian Jewess 
who happens to be a genius.

     She had immigrated with her Red-activist parents from Czarist Russia. Jack 
and Anna eventually became close friends, and it seems that he was briefly on 
the verge of falling in love with her, while still bound in his unhappy first 
marriage to Bess Maddern. 

     Anna, however, never had any romantic inclinations, and the relationship 
remained strictly platonic -- an affair of the minds only. Once divorced from 
the bland Bess, Jack soon married the more fun-loving and independent Charmian 
Kitteridge; and Anna remained as she always had been -- a woman with whom he 
could argue intelligently.

     Jack and Anna were two opposites, in both race and mind, and the fair Teu-
ton and the dark Jewess argued greatly on all subjects. Among other things, 
Anna scolded Jack for his accumulation of material possessions and for his 
brash statement that he would write for money and show the capitalists a thing 
or two. Anna, who was from a well-to-do family and would eventually marry mil-
lionaire socialist William Walling English, ironically argued that no real so-
cialist could hoard up his money until he had a fortune, because his compas-
sion for the less fortunate would force him to give it away as soon as he earn-
ed it.

     By late 1900 their letters arguing the nature of love evolved into a lit-
erary collaboration. Jack, using the nom de plume "Herbert Wace," would dis-
cuss love from the biological viewpoint. And Anna, writing as "Dane Kempton," 
would argue love from the emotional perspective. The Kempton-Wace Letters was 
published in 1903, and it remains one of the oddest books ever written.

     A personal incident a few years later, in 1910, gives us some insight into
the changed attitude toward Jews which London had been developing in the inter-
im. After being beaten up by a San Francisco bar owner as the result of a mis-
understanding, he brought charges against his assailant, but they were thrown 
out of court by a Jewish judge, George Samuels -- who just happened to own the 
land on which the bar stood. Infuriated, London denounced Samuels as "a dark, 
sinister Hebrew judge who . . . [draws] his inspiration from the cruelty of the
old scriptures."

     In a letter to Charmian, referring to Judge Samuels, Jack wrote: "Dear 
Woman, the more I think of that cowardly, oily Jew, the angrier do I get about 
it." And in a letter to Samuels himself he wrote: "You played the cheap, un-
fair, bullying game that police judges and magistrates have played in the 
Anglo-Saxon world for a score of generations before you and yours entered said 
Anglo-Saxon world and embraced its unfair practices." Jack reiterated his at-
tack in another letter to Charmian, referring to the judge as "Samuels, a shee-
ny shoe peddler."

     That his understanding of the Jews still had not crystallized, however, 
and that he still was not ready to acknowledge fully and forthrightly at an in-
tellectual level the visceral antipathy he felt for that race and had manifest-
ed in his reaction to Samuels, is illustrated by something he wrote the follow-
ing year. The September 22, 1911, issue of The American Hebrew and Jewish Mes-
senger ran an article entitled "The Jew in English Fiction," which was a sym-
posium of letters solicited from a number of prominent authors on the subject 
of their depiction of Jews in their writing. The Jews were up to their age-old 
game of "sensitizing" their Gentile hosts. In this case the implied suggestion 
was that, in order to be fair, Gentile writers should bend over backward to 
avoid any negative portrayal of a Jew. London had been asked to contribute to 
the symposium, and he sent the following response:

"I have no recollection of having made a Jew serve a mean fictional function. 
But I see no reason why I should not, if the need and the setting of my story 
demanded it. I cannot reconcile myself to the attitude that in humor and fic-
tion the Jew should be a favored race, and therefore be passed over, or used 
only for his exalted qualities. . . 

. . . I am a terrific admirer of the Jews; I have consorted more with Jews than
with any other nationality; I have among the Jews some of my finest and nob-
lest friends; . . . it is as unfair for a writer to make villains of all races 
except the Jews, as it is to make villains only of Jews. To ignore the Jew in 
the matter of villainy is so invidious an exception as to be unfair to the 

     Actually, London already had portrayed the Jew in a despised or villainous
role in some of his works, and he would do so with increased frequency and con-
viction in the years to come. The outstanding example is The Mutiny of the Els-
inore, in which he appropriately cast the scheming Semite as the sinister foe 
of the noble Aryan.

     London wrote his two best and most important racial-ideological novels 
during the last four years of his life. The Valley of the Moon, published in 
1913, and The Mutiny of the Elsinore, published in 1914, are powerful literary 
works whose theme is the uncertain future of the White race. It was during 
these last years of his life that race became an overriding obsession with him.
During the same period he also achieved a mature understanding of the Jew's 
role in the world.

     The idea of the unconquerable Teuton projected in the much earlier A 
Daughter of the Snows is replaced in The Valley of the Moon and The Mutiny of 
the Elsinore with the recognition that the White race is not invulnerable and 
that it is granted no divine guarantee of survival. London, in deteriorating 
health, had become aware of his own mortality by this time, and this may have 
awakened him to the mortal threats to the race itself.

     In The Valley of the Moon the heroine is Saxon Brown. Her first name was 
intended to symbolize the purity and strength of her ancestors. When Saxon 
first meets her future husband, Billy Roberts, they talk about their racial 
heritage. Billy remarks that "Saxon" is a peculiar name. Saxon responds:

"My mother gave it to me. . . . The Saxons were a race of people -- she told me
all about them when I was a little girl. They were wild, like Indians, only 
they were white. And they had blue eyes, and yellow hair, and they were awful 
fighters. . . .

". . . We're Saxons, you an' me, an' Mary, an' Bert . . . ."

     As Saxon looks through a scrapbook of her mother's, containing depictions 
of historical paintings, one of the paintings reminds her of the similarity be-
tween her Teutonic ancestors and the man who will become her mate:

"Between bold headlands of rock and under a gray cloud-blown sky, a dozen 
boats, long and lean and dark, beaked like monstrous birds, were landing on a 
foam-whitened beach of sand. The men in the boats, half naked, huge-muscled and
fair-haired, wore winged helmets. In their hands were swords and spears, and 
they were leaping, waist-deep, into the sea-wash and wading ashore. Opposed to 
them, contesting the landing, were skin-clad savages, unlike Indians, however, 
who clustered on the beach or waded into the water to their knees. The first 
blows were being struck, and here and there the bodies of the dead and wounded 
rolled in the surf. One fair-haired invader lay across the gunwale of a boat, 
the manner of his death told by the arrow that transfixed his breast. In the 
air, leaping past him into the water, sword in hand, was Billy. There was no 
mistaking it. The striking blondness, the face, the eyes, the mouth were the 
same. . . . Somewhere out of the ruck of those warring races had emerged 
Billy's ancestors, and hers . . . .

     In the novel London attacks the socialists as dreamers and foreigners. 
Billy says, "I for one won't stand for a lot of fat Germans an' greasy Russian 
Jews tellin' me how to run my country . . . ."

     Democracy also is attacked, as being "the dream of the stupid peoples":

". . . [D]emocracy is a lie, an enchantment to keep the work brutes content, 
just as religion used to keep them content. When they groaned in their misery 
and toil,they were persuaded to keep on in their misery and toil by pretty 
tales of a land beyond the skies where they would live famously and fat while 
the clever ones roasted in everlasting fire. Ah, how the clever ones must have 
chuckled! And when that lie wore out, and democracy was dreamed, the clever 
ones saw to it that it should be in truth a dream, nothing but a dream."

     The Valley of the Moon is a novel about blood and soil. Saxon and Billy 
are the descendants of a great people, but they are trapped as members of the 
working class in the young Industrial Age. Newly married and entangled in la-
bor problems, Saxon decides that they must flee the city of Oakland to escape 
the spiritually unhealthy urban environment and the massive influx of non-White
labor from Asia and the increased numbers of Mediterranean types from southern 
Europe. She realizes that they must return to the soil for their racial and 
spiritual rejuvenation:

"Her mind was made up. The city was no place for her and Billy, no place for 
love or for babies. The way out was simple. They would leave Oakland. It was 
the stupid that remained and bowed their heads to fate. But she and Billy were 
not stupid. They would not bow their heads. They would go forth and face fate. 
Where, she did not know. But that would come. The world was large.... The world
was free to her and Billy as it had been free to the wandering generations be-
fore them. It was only the stupid who had been left behind everywhere in the 
race's wandering. The strong had gone on.     

". . . Always had her race been land-hungry, and she took delight in believing 
she had bred true; for had not she, despite her life passed in a city, found 
this same land-hunger in her? And was she not going forth to satisfy that hun-
ger, just as her people of old time had done, as her father and mother before 

     Saxon and Billy settle on a farm in the Valley of the Moon, an exception-
ally scenic gorge on the American River, a few miles south of San Francisco, 
which was the site of London's own ranch: the place where he himself had re-
turned to the soil. When the novel ends Saxon is heavy with child, symbolizing 
hope for the future of the race.

     But London expresses his uncertainty about that future in the following, 
as Saxon recalls a lithograph that she had seen when she was a young girl:

"It was of a Plains Indian, in paint and feathers, astride his horse and gazing
with wondering eye at a railroad train rushing along a fresh-made track. The 
Indian had passed, she remembered, before the tide of new life that brought the
railroad. And were Billy and his kind doomed to pass, she pondered, before this
tide of life, amazingly industrious, that was flooding in from Asia and Europe?"

     The Mutiny of the Elsinore, which followed The Valley of the Moon by only 
a year, is a starkly foreboding novel depicting the struggle for survival of 
the Aryan in the face of the revolt of the world's Untermenschen, led by the 
Jew. The ship, the Elsinore, named after the tragedy-ridden castle in Shake-
speare's Hamlet, is a microcosm of the world. The blond Aryans comprise the 
heroic officer class of the ship, while the darker breeds and degenerate blonds
comprise the crew. The Aryans must withstand a mutinous revolt, led by a Semit-
ic-Mediterranean trio from New York City.

     The latter are introduced early in the book as they board the ship. One of
them, "Nosey" Murphey, has the following encounter with the Aryan officer, Mr. 

""What's your name -- you?" Mr. Pike barked at the first of the trio, evident-
ly a hybrid Irish-Jew. Jewish his nose unmistakably was. Equally unmistakable 
was the Irish of his eyes, and jaw, and upper lip.

     Bert Rhine, "in whose veins ran God alone knows what Semitic, Babylonish, 
and Latin strains," and "who looked the admixture of all that was Mediterranean
and Semitic," is the leader of the trio.

     The third member, "Kid" Twist, is "a dark-eyed, olive-skinned fellow ... 
from southern Italy -- from Naples, or even Sicily."

     The only other Semitic character in the story, and one who will side with 
the mutiny, is introduced in the following:

""One more, sir, a sheeny. I didn't know his name before, but Mr. Pike got it 
-- Isaac B. Chantz. I never saw in all my life at sea as many sheenies as are 
on board the Elsinore right now. Sheenies don't take to the sea, as a rule. 
We've certainly got more than our share of them."

     The story is written through the eyes of the young Aryan officer, Pat-
hurst. He makes the following observation, voicing the theme of the book and 
London's own racial concerns:

"Every one of us who sits aft in the high place is a blond Aryan. For'ard, 
leavened with a ten per cent of degenerate blonds, the remaining ninety per 
cent of the slaves that toil for us are brunettes. They will not perish ... 
they will inherit the earth . . . .

"And I look at the four of us at the table -- Captain West, his daughter, Mr. 
Pike, and myself -- all fair-skinned, blue-eyed, and perishing, yet mastering 
and commanding, like our fathers before us, to the end of our type on the
earth. Ah, well, ours is a lordly history, and though we may be doomed to pass,
in our time we shall have trod on the faces of all peoples, disciplined them to
obedience, taught them government, and dwelt in the palaces we have compelled 
them by the weight of our own right arms to build for us."

     Captain West is referred to as "the blond Aryan master, the king, the Sam-
urai," while the crew is described as being "a nightmare spawn of creatures, 
assumably human, but malformed, mentally and physically, into the caricatures 
of men."

     Pathurst relates his racial pride when Mr. Pike fearlessly rescues two of 
the crew during a severe storm:

"I knew augustness and pride as I gazed -- pride that my eyes were blue, like 
his; that my skin was blond, like his; that my place was aft with him, and with
the Samurai, in the high place of government and command. I nearly wept with 
the chill of pride that was akin to awe and that tingled and bristled along my 
spinal column and in my brain. As for the rest -- the weaklings and the reject-
ed, and the dark-pigmented things, the half-castes, the mongrel-bloods, and the
dregs of long-conquered races -- how could they count? My heels were iron as I 
gazed on them in their peril and weakness. Lord! Lord! For ten thousand gener-
ations and centuries we had stamped upon their faces and enslaved them to the 
toil of our will."

     Pathurst again lauds Mr. Pike, much later, with: "How Nietzsche, with his 
eternal slogan of `Be hard! Be hard!,' would have delighted in Mr. Pike!"

     Events of the voyage bring Pathurst's ancestral past to the fore:

"It is nothing new. I have been here before. In the lives of all my fathers 
have I been here. The frost is on my cheek, the salt bites my nostrils, the 
wind chants in my ears, and it is an old happening. I know, now, that my fore-
bears were Vikings. I was seed of them in their own day. With them I have raid-
ed English coasts, dared the Pillar of Hercules, forayed the Mediterranean, and
sat in the high place of government over the soft, sun-warm peoples. I am 
Hengist and Horsa; I am of the ancient heroes even legendary to them."

     Bert Rhine and his cohorts, the "ripened product of the New York City in-
ferno," organize and maintain the mutiny, which achieves a peculiar result. The
Aryan officers manage to hold off the dark horde and maintain control of the 
"high place," and thus the steering of the ship. And the mutinous crew controls
the deck, and thus the motive power.

     Near the end of the book, Bert Rhine, the Semitic mongrel and leader of 
the revolt, sneeringly suggests to Pathurst the possible fate of his beautiful 
Aryan woman, the daughter of Captain West. Pathurst's response is the most re-
vealing and most moving passage in the book:

"And I knew anger. Not ordinary anger, but cold anger. And I caught a vision of
the high place in which we had sat and ruled down the ages in all lands, on all
seas. I saw my kind, our women with us, in forlorn hopes and lost endeavors, 
pent in hill fortresses, rotted in jungle fastnesses, cut down to the last one 
on the decks of rocking ships. And always, our women with us, had we ruled the 
beasts. We might die, our women with us; but, living, we had ruled. It was a 
royal vision I glimpsed.... It was the sacred trust of the seed, the bequest of
duty handed down from all ancestors.     

"And I flamed more coldly. It was not red-brute anger. It was intellectual. It 
was based on concept and history; it was the philosophy of action of the strong
and the pride of the strong in their strength. Now at last I knew Nietzsche. I 
knew the rightness of the books, the relation of high thinking to high conduct,
the transmutation of midnight thought into action in the high place on the poop
of a coal carrier in the year nineteen thirteen, my woman beside me, my slant-
eyed servitors under me, the beasts beneath me and beneath the heel of me. I 
knew at last the meaning of kingship.     

"My anger was white and cold. This subterranean rat of a miserable human, 
crawling through the bowels of the ship to threaten me and mine! A rat in the 
shelter of a knothole making a noise as beastlike as any rat ever made!"

     Shortly after this incident, Bert Rhine, the Semitic rat, has a bucket of 
sulfuric acid tossed in his face. His resultant excruciating torment makes ex-
ceptionally delightful reading.

     The book ends with the Elsinore nearing port, the rebellious crew eager to
reach shore, and Pathurst eager to see them in jail. The Aryan has survived, 
at least temporarily. Many good members of the race have died in the struggle, 
however, and there seems an infinite supply of rats and lesser-breeds for fu-
ture confrontations. Pathurst and Margaret, the daughter of the dead captain, 
have decided to marry in the face of an uncertain future. London summarizes the
pessimistic but heroic outlook in the following thoughts of Pathurst:

"Yes, I am a perishing blond, and a man, and I sit in the high place and bend 
the stupid ones to my will; and I am a lover, loving a royal woman of my own 
perishing breed, and together we occupy, and shall occupy, the high place of 
government and command until our kind perishes from the earth."

     In 1915, the year before London's death, The Star Rover was published. It 
is an interesting novel, in which London relates the harshness of prison life. 
It is written through the eyes of the character Darrell Standing, a former pro-
fessor of agronomy at the University of California who is serving a life sen-
tence for the murder of a fellow professor, committed during a surge of anger 
over some private matter. To escape the pain and confinement of prison, he has 
developed the ability, real or imagined, to remove his spirit from his physic-
al body and rove the stars, transcending both time and space.

     In one such roving he travels back in time to the period of Christ, as 
Ragnar Lodbrog, a Teuton captured and made slave by the Roman legions, even-
tually to become a freeman and a Roman soldier. He travels to Jerusalem to wit-
ness the religious madness of the Jews and meets with Pontius Pilate, whom he 
had known before the latter became the "procurator over the Semitic volcano of 
Jerusalem." The piece is essentially an attack on Judeo-Christianity, illus-
trating the foreignness of Levantine thought to the European peoples. Darrell 
Standing describes his journey in the following:

"It was my observation that it was the custom of the country for every man to 
call every other man a madman. In truth, in my judgement, they were all mad. 
There was a plague of them. They cast out devils by magic charms, cured dis-
eases by the laying on of hands, drank deadly poisons unharmed, and unharmed 
played with deadly snakes -- or so they claimed. They ran away to starve in the
deserts. They emerged howling new doctrine, gathering crowds about them, form-
ing new sects that split on doctrine and formed more sects.     

"By Odin," I told Pilate, "a trifle of our northern frost would cool their 
wits. . . .Never were such troublemakers. Everything under the sun was pious 
or impious to them. They, who were so clever in hair-splitting argument, seemed
incapable of grasping the Roman idea of the State....In Jerusalem, that last 
time I rode in, it was easy to note the increasing excitement of the Jews. They
ran about in crowds, chattering and spouting. Some were proclaiming the end of 
the world. Others satisfied themselves with the imminent destruction of the 
Temple. And there were rank revolutionists who announced that Roman rule was 
over and the new Jewish kingdom to begin."

     Ragnar encounters Miriam, a Jewess who "was an aristocrat by nature." The 
Teuton develops something of an affection for her, although they spend all of 
their time arguing their two very different views of life, seemingly mimicing 
London's own earlier closeness to the Jewess Anna Strunsky. Miriam asks him 
where his spirit will go upon death, which sparks a conversation that empha-
sizes the differences of character and soul between the Teuton and this Jewess 
who is the embodiment of Judeo-Christian thought:  

"'As I have said, Valhalla,' I answered. 'And my body shall be there, too.'

"'Eating? -- drinking? -- fighting?'     

"'And loving,' I added. 'We must have our women in heaven, else what is heaven 

"'I do not like your heaven,' she said. 'It is a mad place, a beast place, a 
place of frost and storm and fury.'     

"'And your heaven?' I questioned.    

"'Is always unending summer, with the year at the ripe for the fruits and flow-
ers and growing things.'    

"I shook my head and growled: 'I do not like your heaven. It is a sad place, a 
soft place, a place for weaklings and eunuchs and fat, sobbing shadows of 

"'My heaven,' she said, 'is the abode of the blessed.'     

"'Valhalla is the abode of the blessed,' I asserted. 'For look you, who cares 
for flowers where flowers always are? In my country, after the iron winter 
breaks and the sun drives away the long night, the first blossoms twinkling on 
the melting ice-edge are things of joy, and we look, and look again.'     

"'And fire!' I cried on. 'Great glorious fire! A fine heaven yours where a man 
cannot properly esteem a roaring fire under a tight roof with wind and snow 
a-drive outside....We build roof and fire to go forth from into the frost and 
storm and to return to from the frost and storm. Man's life is fashioned for 
battle with frost and storm.'"

     Their differences pronounced, the Teuton leaves the Jewess and departs the
land of the Jews. Ragnar remarks: "Quickly enough will come the dark, and you 
depart for your coasts of sun and flowers and I for the roaring table of Val-

     Jack London was a fervent and active member of the American socialist 
movement for many years. He, however, possessed a radically different interpre-
tation of socialist doctrine from that of the mainstream of the movement. Fred-
erick Palmer, who served with him as a war correspondent during the Russo-Jap-
anese War, described him in his autobiography, With My Own Eyes, as:

". . . the most inherently individualistic and un-Socialistic of all the So-
cialists I have ever met. . . . [H]e preferred to walk alone in aristocratic 
aloofness, and always in the direction he chose no matter where anybody else 
was going. He had his own separate mess and tent: general and private of his 
army of one, he rode in front of his two pack-donkeys,  which jingled with 
bells, the leader bearing an American flag."

     For London, socialist internationalism extended only to the brotherhood of
the White man. On his return from the Russo-Japanese War he delivered a tirade 
against the Orientals in an address to the Oakland chapter of the Socialist 
Party. One of the auditors, Edmundo Peluso, recalled the event:

"With evident pleasure, he described the wiliness of these "human burnt cand-
les," as he called the officers of the Japanese General Staff, and used strong-
er expressions with regard to them. But his gorge rose not only at the Japan-
ese General Staff; he cursed the entire yellow race in the most outrageous 
terms. Some of the comrades present were somewhat embarrassed."

     The struggle against race prejudice, especially against hatred of the 
"yellow" races, was part of the daily work of the socialist branches on the 
Pacific Coast and it was hard to conceive of Jack London, one of the foremost 
members of the branch, evincing race chauvinism.     

     Convinced that there was some misunderstanding, one of the comrades began 
talking to him about classes that exist in Japan as everywhere else. Another 
called his attention to the slogan decorating the wall over the portrait of 
Marx: "Workers of all countries, unite!" But this did not touch him in the 
least and only served to increase his passion. Pounding his fist on the table, 
Jack met their arguments with, "What the devil! I am first of all a white man 
and only then a Socialist!"

     His socialist friend, Cloudesley Johns, criticized London for his combi-
nation of racialism and socialism. London refuted Johns' criticism with the 
following letter, dated June 23, 1899, in which he very succinctly defines his 
interpretation of socialism:

"Socialism is not an ideal system, devised by man for the happiness of a life; 
nor for the happiness of all men; but it is devised for the happiness of cer-
tain kindred races. It is devised so as to give more strength to those certain 
kindred favored races so that they may survive and inherit the earth to the ex-
tinction of the lesser weaker races. The very men who advocate socialism may 
tell you of the brotherhood of all men, and I know they are sincere, but that 
does not alter the law."

     Johns continued to argue the matter, which brought another frank response 
from London in a letter dated December 12, 1899:

"I do not believe in the universal brotherhood of man. I think I have said so 
before. I believe my race is the salt of the earth. I am a scientific social-
ist, not a utopian...."

     Despite London's maverick views and continual embarrassment of the social-
ist movement, his fellow socialists could not resist the temptation to capital-
ize on his immense popularity as a novelist. And he wrote vast quantities of 
socialist propaganda for them. But here, as elsewhere, his outspoken views on 
race and eugenics are blatantly evident. The following is from his article en-
titled "What Communities Lose by the Competitive System," published in the Nov-
ember 1900 issue of Cosmopolitan: 

"The stronger, the braver, the more indomitable, are selected to go to the 
wars, and to die early, without offspring. The weaker are sent to the plow and 
permitted to perpetuate their kind. As Doctor Jordan has remarked, the best are
sent forth, the second-best remain. But it does not stop at this. The best of 
the second-best are next sent, and the third-best is left. The French peasant 
of to-day demonstrates what manner of man is left to the soil after one hund-
red years or so of military selection. Where are the soldiers of Greece, Spar-
ta, and Rome? They lie on countless fields of battle, and with them their de-
scendants which were not. The degenerate peoples of those countries are the de-
scendants of those who remained to the soil.

     London expressed his concern about human intervention interfering with 
natural selection on the human species in the article "Wanted: A New Law of 
Development," published in the August 1902 issue of The International Social-
ist Review. He foresaw a time when the progeny of men of lower and higher qual-
ity would possess an equal opportunity for survival, which would allow for the 
devolution of man. He expressed the hope that under socialist rule a premium 
would be placed upon the strong and efficient so that man might continue on the
upward path. And in other works, such as "The Tramp," (published in The Ad-
vance, San Francisco, January 25, 1902) he attempted to distinguish between the
hereditary inefficients and the worthy yeomanry that together comprised the 
working class.

     The Iron Heel, published in 1907, was London's most important and most 
militant socialist literary work. The novel has been labeled as both a "blue-
print for Fascism" and a forerunner of George Orwell's 1984. London took his 
theme from W. J. Ghent's Our Benevolent Feudalism, which described the inte-
gration of capital into a dictatorship. The book purports to be derived from a 
manuscript discovered in a hollow oak tree, seven centuries in the future. It 
is written by Avis, the wife of Ernest Everhard, the leader of the socialist 
revolution in America, and covers the struggle from 1912 to 1932. "The Iron 
Heel" is the term London applies to the oligarchy of American capitalists who 
seized power early in the 20th century, when a socialist victory at the polls 
seemed a real threat to them.

     Even in this most important work of socialist propaganda, London's uncon-
ventional socialist views show. In the first few pages of the book, Ernest 
Everhard, the socialist hero, is given the following introduction to the reader:

"I have said that he was afraid of nothing. He was a natural aristocrat -- and 
this in spite of the fact that he was in the camp of the non-aristocrats. He 
was a superman, a blond beast such as Nietzsche has described...."

     With growing unrest occurring in the socialist camp, the oligarchy begins 
to crack down. Vigilante groups destroy the socialist presses and disrupt rad-
ical meetings. Strikes are suppressed by the police and the military, with 
thousands herded into concentration camps. The population is gradually en-
slaved, with no protest from the press, the churches, or the universities.

     Meanwhile, the socialists and trade-unionists naively maintain their faith
in the electoral process, despite Everhard's warnings that they must be pre-
pared for revolutionary action. The labor movement, weak from inner divisions, 
is crushed, its leaders jailed and secretly executed. The Iron Heel stamps out 
all opposition with the aid of the Mercenaries, a professional military corps. 
Everhard then leads the socialists in a campaign of terrorism.

     The socialist revolution is drowned in blood, Everhard is executed, and 
the Oligarchs rule for 300 years, until their own internal decay and a new up-
rising by the proles brings about the final triumph of socialism in the 22nd 
century AD.

     The Iron Heel was never a success in the United States. The book was de-
nounced by the American socialist movement, which claimed that its harsh and 
bloody scenes would discourage the proletariat. The International Socialist 
Review stated that the book was "well repel many whose addi-
tion to our forces is sorely needed."

     The Iron Heel was followed in 1909 with another major socialist novel, 
Martin Eden. Written as an indictment of extreme individualism, it too drew 
fire from the socialist camp for its unflattering portrayal of the socialists. 
The novel's protagonist is, ironically, the extreme individualist Martin Eden, 
a disciple of Nietzsche and Spencer who rejects socialism -- and whom London 
created in his own image. For, more than any of his other novels, Martin Eden 
is autobiographical -- and more than any other, its hero manifests the divi-
sions in London's own soul.  

     The following excerpt from Martin Eden, a description of the hero's reac-
tion to a Jewish socialist speaker, seems to say much about London's own con-
flicting feelings toward the Jews. Remember, it was written at a time when his 
intellectual estimate of them still was changing, from that of a race of ideal-
istic benefactors of mankind, whose socialism was purely altruistic, to that of
Aryan man's natural enemy, who merely used socialism as a means of organizing 
the Untermenschen against their natural superiors. It was the latter estimate, 
of course, which coincided with the gut reaction he always had felt toward them:

"The speaker, a clever Jew, won Martin's admiration at the same time that he 
aroused his antagonism. The man's stooped and narrow shoulders and weazened 
chest proclaimed him the true child of the crowded ghetto, and strong on Martin
was the age-long struggle of the feeble, wretched slaves against the lordly 
handful of men who had ruled over them and would rule over them to the end of 
time. To Martin this withered wisp of a creature was a symbol. He was the fig-
ure that stood forth representative of the whole miserable mass of weaklings 
and inefficients who perished according to biological law on the rugged con-
fines of life. They were the unfit. In spite of their cunning philosophy and of
their antlike proclivities for cooperation, Nature rejected them for the ex-
ceptional man. Out of the plentiful spawn of life she flung from her prolific 
hand she selected only the best."

     Perhaps one of the most disturbing items for London's socialist friends 
was his plan for the construction of "Wolf House," an impressive, castle-like 
residence, which brought protests that he was setting himself up as a feudal 
baron. Indeed, he intended that the house, which was being built in a redwood 
grove on his 1500-acre ranch overlooking the Valley of the Moon, would house a 
London dynasty.

     London had returned to the soil, just as his characters in The Valley of 
the Moon, leaving the outside world and creating his own. He envisioned a u-
topian revolutionary community arising on his ranch. He hoped that it would be-
come self-sufficient and would sustain his colony of relatives, guests, and 
workers. The community was to have its own school; and a non-profit general 
store, slaughterhouse, and refrigeration plant.

     Wolf House was built on a huge, floating slab large enough to support a 
40-story building, as an anti-earthquake precaution. Redwood logs, maroon vol-
canic rocks, blue slate, boulders, and cement were chosen as primary building 
materials. Large redwood logs with their bark intact formed the carriage en-
trance, the pergolas, and the porches. The logs in the gables and balconies 
were interlaced with fruit twigs, providing a natural, earthy effect.

     By August 1913 the magnificent structure was completed. On the night of 
August 22, a few weeks before the Londons were to move in, Wolf House burned to
the ground. All that remained was the outer stone shell. The cause of the fire 
has never been conclusively determined. Jack believed that it was set by some 
hysterical socialist who did not wish to see the plans for Wolf House realized.

     By this time London was growing frustrated, especially with the socialist 
movement. He had abruptly ceased vigorous socialist activism after 1909 to de-
vote his time to the development of his ranch. He had turned to agrarianism for
his spiritual replenishment, and he was traveling the road further with Nietz-
sche and with the ideology of race. In notes for a book he scribbled, "My re-
ligion -- not deep and learned and philosophical -- but going Nietzsche-like to
the root of things."

     On March 7, 1916, London tendered his resignation from the Socialist 
Party, realizing that there was no longer a place for him in the movement. In 
the closing of his letter of resignation he wrote:

     "My final word is that liberty, freedom, and independence are royal things
that cannot be presented to, or thrust upon, races or classes. If races and 
classes cannot rise up and by their own strength of brain and brawn wrest from 
the world liberty, freedom, and independence, they never, in time, can come to 
these royal possessions -- and if such royal things are kindly presented to 
them by superior individuals, on silver platters, they will know not what to do
with them, will fail to make use of them, and will be what they have always 
been in the past -- inferior races and inferior classes.

     Despite his troubles with the American socialist movement, London has en-
joyed immense popularity in the Soviet Union. With the outbreak of revolution 
in Russia in early 1905, he became a propagandist for the struggle, signing a 
proclamation calling on American socialists to support the revolution and lec-
turing in various California cities on the subject. The Soviet government in 
turn has translated his books into 32 languages and printed more than 30 mil-
lion copies of them. A complete set of his works, consisting of 24 volumes, was
published in the U.S.S.R. between 1928 and 1929. In 1956 an eight-volume edi-
tion of his works, with a printing of 600,000 copies, was reported to be com-
pletely subscribed to within five hours of the announcement of publication.

     It would be easier to understand the Soviet government's enthusiasm for 
London if none of his books had ever been published in the Soviet Union. As his
colleague Frederick Palmer noted, he was the most unsocialistic of socialists 
-- if one thinks of socialism in the Marxist sense -- and this fact was nowhere
more apparent than in his books. 

     Even The Iron Heel, the most militantly "socialistic" of his books, does 
no more than pay a cursory lip service to Marxism, by enunciating Marx's theory
of surplus value. In the book there is both a grudging admiration for the Olig-
archs of the Iron Heel and a hardly concealed revulsion for the mindless and 
ignoble proletarian masses. The book is anti-capitalist and pro-revolutionary, 
but not egalitarian and certainly not Marxist, except as noted.

     What is easy to understand is London's hatred of the capitalist system and
what it has done to the spirit of our race. If nothing else, his own experi-
ences as a child of the oppressed proletariat, working 12 hours a day as a 
teenager for a wage of ten cents an hour, led him to support the socialist 
movement. But it never made a true Marxist of him.

     Jack London's socialism, in fact, was National Socialism, although it was 
not known by that name during his lifetime. Had he lived another 20 years he 
himself would have proclaimed the fact to the world, and had he still been 
writing he would have been a far more fervent propagandist for Hitler's Nation-
al Socialist revolution in Germany than he had been earlier for Lenin's com-
munist revolution in Russia. The tragedy of his life is that he was a revolu-
tionary idealist born a generation too soon, and so blundered into the wrong 
revolution: a revolution in which he was never spiritually at home.

     By 1916 Jack was in worsening health, his condition having steadily de-
clined during the last two years. He suffered from failing kidneys, and the re-
sultant uremia sent him into long bouts of pain and disability. He was a 
changed man. He had become old and tired at the age of 40 from an accumulation 
of injuries and physical self-neglect during an incredibly fast-paced and ad-
venturous life.

     On the morning of November 22, 1916, Jack was found in his bed in a coma. 
After repeated attempts to revive him had failed, he died that evening. It has 
never been conclusively determined whether his death came from the accumulation
of poisons from his inoperative kidneys or from an overdose of morphine taken 
to relieve the pain -- or to deliberately end his life.

     The funeral and burial were conducted as Jack had requested -- simple and 
with no prayers. His ashes were buried on a knoll above his ranch house, amidst
a grove of white oaks and manzanita. A giant volcanic boulder from the build-
ing of Wolf House was then rolled over the grave. No inscription marks the 
site; his life and work would speak for themselves.

     Charmian, Jack's wife, would quote him as saying, "Mate-Woman, I tell you 
I am standing on the edge of a world so new, so terrible, so wonderful, that I 
am almost afraid to look over into it." The world that Jack London envisioned 
differed markedly from that of his socialist contemporaries. Years after Jack's
death, an old socialist mentor would remark that, from 1899 on, Jack "stood 
with one foot in social democracy and the other in the philosophical teachings 
from which have sprung Fascism."

     Jack London was a remarkable man. With keen perception he attempted to de-
termine what was right and true in charting his own course, and he was honest 
enough to alter that course when the evidence warranted it. His combative and 
adventurous spirit, genuine concern for the well-being of his people, and in-
stinctive striving for truth set him far above the common run of men. The Aryan
spirit so perfectly conveyed through the racialist and Nietzschean themes of 
much of his writings and manifested in his personal life should serve as a s
trong source of inspiration for every intelligent, racially-conscious member of
the White race.

     Jack London's personal credo provides a fitting finale for the story of 
his life and work:

     "I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should 
burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would 
rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy 
and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I 
shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time."

(This article was originally published in NATIONAL VANGUARD Magazine, PO Box 
330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. Fax # 304-653-4690  $1 for complete catalog)

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Subject: Re: National Socialism Frequently Asked Questions (updated)
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Jerzy Pankiewicz responds to me:
>: Why do you give that "Hitler salute?"

>BTW, Hitler has given "Hitler salute" in very sloppy way.
>Should a real Aryan give the Hitler's "Hitler salute"
>or SS "Hitler salute"?

I presume you are referring to Hitler's tendency to offer the Aryan salute with
his arm straight up and his hand tilted back.  

You try holding your hand in the standard Aryan salute for an hour through a
parade, and then ask your question.

Most of us use the standard form, unless circumstances require otherwise, such
as when entering a group or building in close company with others.

>: Just who do you consider "Aryan?"

>:    many, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, 

>There must have been a little misunderstanding because National Socialist
>murdered about 2 milion Poles. They didn't know that we were Aryans.

Just how did you determine the Germans "murdered" _two million_ Poles?  And I 
suppose they were killed in "gas chambers?"  

If you have a problem with Germany invading and occupying Poland, criticize the
Polish government officials who provoked such an attack with their refusal to 
negotiate in a reasonable and respectful way with the Germans to resolve the
"Polish corridor" problem and the discrimination by Poland against the German
minority in lands taken without plebiscite after WWI.  Criticize the Polish
nationalists who bragged about defeating Germany and annexing "Polish" terri-
tory, such as German lands up to the Elbe, including Berlin.  

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Richard Schultz writes:

>Kleim misunderstands a lot of things.  Remember, he posted that Ukrainians
>are "Aryans" in the National Bocialists scheme of things, and refused to
>change his mind even after I posted direct quotes from Hitler, Himmler, et al.
>that say the exact opposite.

I either reject your interpretation of such quotes, or reject the "quotes"
because they are spurious.

"We must secure the existence of our People and a future for White children."

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Subject: Re: "Revisionists" Quiet About Hitler?!
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Danny Keren writes:

>Strangely enough, our "revisionist scholars" are very quiet about
>the quotes from Hitler posted here.

>Hitler expressed his desire to see Jews exposed to poison gas.
>No one denies this.

>Hitler said in more than one public speech that the result of a new
>world war will be the "annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe".
>No one denies this.

>Surely, this must mean something, right? Hitler, after all, was the
>absolute ruler of Nazi Germany. These two statements from him are
>therefore very important.  

>One would expect that they be addressed.

Whatever the reasons other revisionists have not addressed these issues to your
satisfaction, one thing is certain --

they don't mean what you claim they do.

Hitler's _Mein Kampf_ quote about seeing Jews exposed to chemical weapons 
referred to the thesis that _had_ they been exposed to such a terrible weapon
during the First World War (as he had been), perhaps they would not have been 
able to foist the so-called "Weimar Republik" on the German People.

Hitler's repeated comment about "the annihilation of the Jews" referred not to
the physical extermination of all individuals called Jews, but rather the
destruction of Jewry _as a People_.  And he carried this out through the 
"Final Solution," it being the _expulsion_ of Jewry from Germany, German-
occupied territories, and States friendly to Germany.

"We must secure the existence of our People and a future for White children."

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Subject: Re: "Revisionists" Quiet About Hitler?!
Date: 16 Sep 1994 14:42:24 GMT
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Jamie McCarthy writes:

>From the _Skeptic_ magazine article:

>   And, finally, there are the words of the Fuehrer himself. In Hitler's
>speech of January 30, 1939, he said:

>      Today I want to be a prophet once more: If international finance
>      Jewry inside and outside of Europe should succeed once more in
>      plunging nations into another world war, the consequence will
>      not be the Bolshevization of the earth and thereby the victory
>      of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe.

>In September, 1942, Hitler recalled:

>      In my Reichstag speech of September 1, 1939 [above, wrong date
>      here], I have spoken of two things: first, that now that the war
>      has been forced upon us, no array of weapons and no passage of
>      time will bring us to defeat, and second, that if Jewry should
>      plot another world war in order to exterminate the Aryan peoples
>      in Europe, it would not be the Aryan peoples which would be
>      exterminated but Jewry.  .  .  .

>   At a public speech in Munich, November 8, 1942, Hitler told his
>audience (see Jaeckel, 1989 for this and above Hitler quotes):

>      You will recall the session of the Reichstag during which I
>      declared: If Jewry should imagine that it could bring about an
>      international world war to exterminate the European races, the
>      result will not be the extermination of the European races, but
>      the extermination of Jewry in Europe.  People always laughed
>      about me as a prophet.  Of those who laughed then, countless
>      numbers no longer laugh today, and those who still laugh now
>      will perhaps no longer laugh a short time from now.  This
>      realization will spread beyond Europe throughout the entire
>      world.  International Jewry will be recognized in its full
>      demonic peril; we National Socialists will see to that.

>   From his earliest political ramblings to the final Goetterdammerung,
>Hitler had it in for the Jews. On April 12, 1922, in a Munich speech
>later published in the Voelkischer Beobachter, he told his audience
>(Snyder, 1981, p. 29):

>      The Jew is the ferment of the decomposition of people.  This
>      means that it is in the nature of the Jew to destroy, and he
>      must destroy, because he lacks altogether any idea of working
>      for the common good.  He possesses certain characteristics given
>      to him by nature and he never can rid himself of those
>      characteristics.  The Jew is harmful to us.

>   Thirty-three years later, on April 29, 1945, at 4:00 A.M., just one
>day before his suicide, Hitler commanded his successors in his political
>testament to carry on the fight: "Above all I charge the leaders of the
>nation and those under them to scrupulous observance of the laws of race
>and to merciless opposition to the universal poisoner of all peoples,
>International Jewry" (Snyder, p. 521). 

>How many more quotes do we need to prove the Holocaust--100, 1,000, 10,000? 
                                    ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^
>The convergence of evidence is overwhelming.

This is evidence of a program to physically exterminate six million members of 
the Jewish People in Europe via "gas chambers"?!?!  

I hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell off your rocker, Jamie.

When Reagan made a comment about "missles are on the way" back in the early
'80's in reference to the Soviet Union, Jamie McCarthy would apparently use 
that as "proof" the Soviet Union endured a nuclear attack by the United States.

"We must secure the existence of our People and a future for White children."

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From: (Barry Shein)
Subject: Re: "Revisionists" Quiet About Hitler?!
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Sender: (Barry Shein)
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Date: Sat, 17 Sep 1994 23:44:25 GMT
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>When Reagan made a comment about "missles are on the way" back in the early
>'80's in reference to the Soviet Union, Jamie McCarthy would apparently use 
>that as "proof" the Soviet Union endured a nuclear attack by the United States.

No, but if 100M Soviets lay dead and glowing in the dark I think we'd
know whose door to knock on to ask some questions about what happened.

There's not a lot of point in investigating murders that didn't occur.

That's irrelevant to the Holocaust, however, since there were millions
of murders.

As every freshman student of law knows about murder:


And of course "corpus dilecti", the court generally likes to see some
evidence that anyone at all died. Your analogy seems a bit weak on
that point.

Hitler's ravings in Mein Kampf and thereafter are what's known as
"Motive". Stop acting stupid and analyzing them as if they were one of
the other two. It's transparently dumb.

        -Barry Shein

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Ary Frenkiel writes:

> Frenkiel Enterprises is an organization that is dedicated to recovering 
>seized properties during the holocaust in the former East Germany, from 
>1934-1989 (fall of the Berlin Wall).  

Do you also assist _Germans_ in recovering _their_ properties seized illegally
by the "Allies" in Central ("East") and Eastern Germany, and the Sudetenland?

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From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads
Subject: Re: Racial equality club formed at my U
Date: 21 Sep 1994 04:32:29 GMT
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Matthew L Miller responds to Sylvia Rowe:

>: pride. Face it folks. If you are proud of who you are, if you want to
>: marry another white person and live in an all-white neighborhood, then
>: you are BAD. We are being told that  white self-determination and self-
>: preservation is bad, people, and we're believing it!

>Wanting to live in an all-white neighborhood goes beyond simple pride in 
>your heritage.  The desire to exclude others based solely on their skin 
>color or ethnic origins reflects an attitude of racial superiority which 
>is as unacceptable to me as the racial heirarchy subscribed to by 
>Farrakhan and the NOI.  

It's "unaccepable" to you?  So?  Your opinion is irrelevant.  We claim the
right of freedom of association, including in our dwellings and neighborhoods.

>	It's fine to be proud of your heritage--it's short-sighted and 
>ignorant to beleive that your ethnic/racial group is somehow inherently 
>superior to others.  

Who said anything about "superior?"  

Whites/Aryans are obviously very different physically and psychologically from
non-Whites.  We believe that those differences, as Thomas Jefferson and other
great American leaders did as well, preclude two races as diverse as Blacks and
Whites from living happily and successfuly in the same communities.

>Also, the need for "Black pride" movements has been produced by the institu-
>tionalized racism in this country.  

The need for African-American pride organizations exists whether this alleged
"institutionalized racism" exists or not.

>        White pride/white power advocates claim that the other races are 
>making too many gains in our society, that whites are being discriminated 
>against.  I say, what country are you living in?  In America, we have a 
>white president, vice president, etc.  The vast majority of members of 
>congress are white.  Most CEOs of fortune 500 companies are white.  What 
>the fuck are you WHINING about?

I live in America, a land ruled by gangsters in the District of Corruption
and New York.

So, Clinton, Gore, and most Congresspersons are White.  Do they represent White
interests?  NO!  Do they help secure the perpetual existence of the Aryan Race 
in North America and to guarantee a bright future for White children?  HELL NO!

Clinton, Gore, and the Partisan Prostitutes, like "most CEOs of Fortune 500 
companies," are interested in one thing: themselves.  This translates into 
one of two things -- money and/or personal power.  If they can sell the Aryan 
Race and its interests out for the "American God," they certainly will.  Their 
record demonstrates they will.  The Establishment has exploited people of EVERY
Race throughout its reign, including millions of yesterday's White Slaves and 
today's White working class.  Racial oppression is merely one of their tools to
further profit and power.  Pan-Aryan racism is not an ideal among them.

Article 8825 of alt.skinheads:
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From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads
Subject: Re: Skinheads suck
Date: 21 Sep 1994 15:37:38 GMT
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Distribution: na
Message-ID: <35pk02$5fu@urvile.MSUS.EDU>
References: <>

Dalbert Bailey replies to Wojciech Kozlowski:

>        James Kinard, rot in hell.  Believe the good news, not Hitler.
>Hitler was satan. We can all live in peace.  Screw your rallies.  If you
>can't then

>Go to hell you racists.
>| Wojciech Kozlowski  -  - Polish Heritage!   |

>  Well boys and girls, this pissant has shown that the polish are not
>  only clumsy. But also two-faced. Read the message below that this
>  person posted. BTW, I love making fools of idiots and vice versa!

Obviously, this "Polish Patriot" deserves a flaming, but I must take issue
with your cheap shot against all Poles on account of this poor excuse for an

 "We must secure the existence of our People and a future for White children."

Article 8826 of alt.skinheads:
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From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads
Subject: Resistance Records Concert in Kenosha, September 30th
Date: 21 Sep 1994 15:43:50 GMT
Lines: 19
Message-ID: <35pkbm$5fu@urvile.MSUS.EDU>

I'm surprised none of the Skinheads on this group have mentioned the soon
upcoming Resistance Records concert in Milwaukee/Kenosha, next Friday evening
(September 30th).

Or did I just miss the post?

Interested in attending?  Bound for Glory, RAHOWA, Centurion, among other
greats, will be performing.  Contact --

Concert Information
Resistance Records
PO Box 24700
Detroit MI  48224


 "We must secure the existence of our People and a future for White children."

Article 8851 of alt.skinheads:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!!!!!!TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU!HERMANN
From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads
Subject: Re: Racial equality club formed at my U
Date: 22 Sep 1994 00:18:45 GMT
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Message-ID: <35qih5$88r@urvile.MSUS.EDU>
References: <20SEP94.16649193.0062@IBM.UTM.EDU> <35nicj$> ,<35p9sq$>

Matthew L Miller writes:

[discussion/debate about "affirmative action"]

>The reason these policies were developed was because the evidence was 
>overwhelming that Blacks had been discriminated against in these areas.  

Let's accept your argument here, which I neither agree nor disagree with.  

Are you saying that because non-Whites were discriminated against, past actions
by _some_ Whites _justify_ discrimination _today_ against White individuals, in
particular young Whites such as myself, whom were obviously never involved in 
such matters?

>      Another fact you should consider is that schools in poor neighborhoods
>do not receive the same funding and do not have the same degree of 
>participation by parents (poor people are usually working all the time).  
>This results in lower quality of education, and thus lower test scores, 
>but does not change the fact that if we are to have any semblance of a 
>just society, Blacks and other minorities must not be excluded from 
>receiving higher education. 

Many great leaders in American history, and _world_ history, for that matter,
never had formal schooling, yet achieved greatness.  I totally reject the
claim that poverty prevents individuals of ability from attaining greatness.

"Affirmative action" is the program where mediocrity is "equalized" with 
greatness, by discriminating against and dragging down those who demonstrate
the latter.

 "We must secure the existence of our People and a future for White children."

Article 16533 of alt.revisionism:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!!TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU!HERMANN
From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: _Action Report_ and the David Irving Fighting Fund
Date: 22 Sep 1994 14:13:34 GMT
Lines: 24
Message-ID: <35s3ee$cmf@urvile.MSUS.EDU>

Interested in reading more about the worldwide campaign for _real_ history?


_Action Report_
David Irving Fighting Fund
PO Box 1707
Key West FL  33041


_Action Report_
Focal Point Publications
81 Duke Street
London  W1M 5DJ
United Kingdom

Find out about best-selling historical author David Irving's efforts to defeat
the censorship and persecution of revisionists encouraged by the traditional 
enemies of truth around the world.

A small donation is appreciated.

Article 8911 of alt.skinheads:
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From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads
Subject: Re: Resistance Records Concert in Kenosha, September 30th
Date: 22 Sep 1994 21:52:48 GMT
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Message-ID: <35subg$gf4@urvile.MSUS.EDU>
References: <35pkbm$5fu@urvile.MSUS.EDU>,<35qvmf$>

wondrboy replies to me:

>: I'm surprised none of the Skinheads on this group have mentioned the soon
>: upcoming Resistance Records concert in Milwaukee/Kenosha, next Friday evening
>: (September 30th).

>: Or did I just miss the post?

>It's alt.skinhead, not alt.bonehead.

Shove it, wonderwoman.

Article 25831 of alt.censorship:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!jhermann
From: jhermann@interaccess (James Hermann)
Newsgroups: alt.censorship
Subject: Need List of Banned Books
Date: 24 Sep 1994 03:17:42 GMT
Organization: IAC
Lines: 8
Message-ID: <3605om$>
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

My wife wants to do a Sunday Service about famous Banned Books.

does anyone have a good list of books that have been
banned by public or university libraries, especially
books that were burned?


Article 8918 of alt.skinheads:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!!TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU!HERMANN
From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads
Subject: Re: Racial equality club formed at my U
Date: 23 Sep 1994 13:28:34 GMT
Lines: 37
Message-ID: <35ul62$312@urvile.MSUS.EDU>
References: <20SEP94.16649193.0062@IBM.UTM.EDU> <35nicj$> ,<35p9sq$> <35qih5$88r@urvile.MSUS.EDU>,<35s19o$>

Matthew L Miller responds to me:

>Making attempts to bring minority groups into the educational mainstream does 
>not equate to "discrimination against Whites."  

Allowing qualified "minorities" into higher educational facilities does not en-
tail discrimination against Whites.

Using "affirmative action" to allow less qualified "minorities" into a higher
education facility in place of more qualfied Whites DOES entail discrimination.

>If you are born with white skin in this country, you are automatically at an 

So you say.  And what are those "advantages?"  

Being born "Hispanic" or "African-American" also means that individual will
receive advantages, namely the fruit of discrimination against White people
through "affrimative action."

>Affirmative Action as it stands has some problems, but I sincerely beleive 
>that the motive behind it is justified--it is certainly not any type of con-
>spiracy to discriminate against whites.

So?  *I* _do_ think "affirmative action" is promoted by both well-meaning but
befuddled or misguided souls, AND criminals who hate the White Race.

>:  "We must bust the nazis in the head to secure the existence of our People 
>and a future for children." :  

White Revolution is the ONLY solution!

 "We must secure the existence of our People and a future for White children."

Article 8920 of alt.skinheads:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!!TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU!HERMANN
From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads
Subject: Re: Racial equality club formed at my U
Date: 23 Sep 1994 13:42:11 GMT
Lines: 91
Message-ID: <35ulvj$312@urvile.MSUS.EDU>
References: <20SEP94.16649193.0062@IBM.UTM.EDU> <35nicj$> ,<35pbkp$> <35qk0d$88r@urvile.MSUS.EDU>,<35s2ub$>

Matthew L Miller responds to me:

>: >Man, I don't know about where you live, but where I am White culture is 
>: >definitely the one that is predominant.  
>: I'm from California, San Joaquin County to be exact, and in that area non-
>: Whites predominate.  Working-class Whites MUST adapt to living in such a Hell, 
>: where the non-Whites direct open hostility and violence towards "Whitey" and 
>: "Gringo."

>: Any sort of honorable opportunity for a happy, productive life depended upon
>: my moving to a predominately Aryan region.

>You get no sympathy from me, pal...I live in Atlanta, almost downtown, 
>not in some whitebread suburb.  A Chocolate City, and I like it just 
>fine.  Growing up in Charlotte NC, I definitely received more harrassment 
>from whites than blacks.

Cockroaches usually enjoy living in filth.  

>: And it sounds like you're rejecting the reality that many White people don't 
>: like the "multicultural" deathstyle being shoved down our throats and rammed
>: up our asses.

>Well, they (and you) are just going to have to wake up a smell the 
>coffee--The vast majority of the people on this planet are "non-white", 
>and your dream of keeping them all out of this country (or out of the 
>midwest, or wherever your fantasy-world "white state" would exist) and 
>kicking out those that are already here is never going to be realized.  

Well, if we're "never" going to realize our Vision, why give a damn about what 
we say?

The present state of affairs has come about through the corrupt Will of many,
many criminals -- both within government and without, in the District of Cor-
ruption, New York, Hollywood, and other degenerate places.

The Aryan Will can repair any damage done by evil. 

>: >Yes, and most of the "gains" of the early european settlers were made 
>: >from the free labor of slaves, not by "good white hard work".

>: This is a myth.

>: Most of the hard labor which built the infrastructure and institutions of
>: America was done by White people, often White slaves.

>: I challenge you to prove otherwise.

>I beleive the burden of proof would fall on you, if you have the gall to 
>make such an obviously false statement.  I suppose it depends on what you 
>determine to be "labor which built the infrastructure and institutions".  
>Whites were the ones cracking the whip, it's this thelabor that 
>you consider so valuable?

I believe otherwise.

You made the assertion that Whites built America mostly through "oppression."
YOU prove that slander...or shut your trap.

>: And regarding White extinction in America, are you just blind and stupid,
>: or what?  Have you not taken notice of the darkening of America in even the
>: past ten years?  Do you realize most American Whites are middle-aged or 
>: elderly?  It's my generation which will have to deal with the racial prob-
>: lems dealt us by the Washington Criminals.  If we fail, we sure damn well
>: will become extinct.

>I'll believe it when I see it.

Your head IS full of shit.  I gave you the benefit of the doubt before, but
now all doubt is removed.

When you experience death, you can't take retroactive measures to ensure life.

>  Any material gains made by german working class during the third 
>reich can be attributed to the illegal plundering of conquered territory 
>and the shameless appropriation of property in Germany owned by 
>"Non-Aryans", and is therefore evidence neither of concern for the 
>working class nor the workablility of national socialism as a political 

You take "ignorant" to greater extremes!

The fact of the matter is that the Third Reich's standard of living rose
quickly from the beginning of Hitler's administration.  The prosperity I spoke
of occurred BEFORE any attack on another country ever occurred.

The Germans appropriated goods and supplies from occupied countries during the
war not to raise their standard of living, but rather to survive.

Article 8929 of alt.skinheads:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!torn!!!!!!!!TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU!HERMANN
From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads
Subject: Re: early white settlers(matt miller)
Date: 23 Sep 1994 14:18:44 GMT
Lines: 64
Distribution: usa
Message-ID: <35uo44$312@urvile.MSUS.EDU>
References: <35s9jb$>,<35sde4$>

Matthew L Miller responds to Stephen Hanson:

>You are correct in stating that many of the white settlers came to 
>America with little more than the clothes on their back.  However, you 
>are vastly oversimplifying the issue and ignoring a large chunk of 
>historical information if you think that it is possible to equate the 
>experience of these white settlers with that of Americans of African 

YOU are the one ignoring historical data.  Michael Hoffman has proven conclu-
sively in his _They Were White and They Were Slaves_ that White "indentured
servants" were treated as badly or worse than Negro slaves, the prime reason
being that the former were free or low cost (political criminals or children).

>	For one thing, your ancestors and mine came here voluntarily in 
>order to better their situation.  

Possibly as many as half of the early White settlers came here not by their
voluntary wills, but as "indentured servants" or another sort of bound immi-

>Your ancestors had a cultural bond with many of the people already here 
>and were able to take advantage of cultural organizations.  

Many of our ancestors were looked upon as "scum" and "trash," suited appropri-
ately for hard work in factories, as farm hands, or other occupations, usually 
for little, sometimes no pay.

The relationship between many wealthy White owners and their White servants
was no better than that between many White Black-slave owners and their 
servants.  Indeed some White slave owners valued their Black slaves more than
their White ones, because the former was often purchased specially for certain
tasks, like a horse, and the latter was just abundant "cheap labor."

>Black culture was stifled and banned under slavery, and has been discounted, 
>ameliorated, and appropriated by whites ever since.  

The fact is that Blacks did have their own native culture during slavery, from 
which many folktales and folk songs derive, as well as many unique lifeways 
still used today by the _productive_ segment of the Black population. 

>Government programs and laws may be flawed in the way that they address these 
>variables, but to simply eliminate AFDC and welfare and put nothing in its 
>place would only make the problem worse.

Indeed.  The only viable solution is that proposed by many African-American
nationalists, as well as Aryans ones -- separation.  

If the White man is so evil and oppressive, the logical conclusion is for the 
two races to separate, so that the Black Nation can prove their worth, control-
ling their own destiny, and building a society conducive to their needs and 

I would propose that a National Socialist government would happily pay large
amounts to Blacks to aid them in "divorcing" themselves from the society they
hate so much.  We'll get the billions needed from the criminal bankers who
have raped both White and Black workers for centuries with their interest.

 "We must secure the existence of our People and a future for White children."

Article 16646 of alt.revisionism:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!!!!TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU!HERMANN
From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Backing-up Kleim and challenging Schultz
Date: 26 Sep 1994 01:27:03 GMT
Lines: 20
Message-ID: <365817$ku9@urvile.MSUS.EDU>
References: ,<362dhj$7id@cat.cis.Brown.EDU>

Danny Keren writes:

>To answer "landpost's" nutty claims about how the Nazis regarded
>the Slavs and Poles, it is enough to look at the following two
>excerpts from Himmler. It's quite obvious the Nazis regarded
>Poles and Slavs as sub-humans, to be used as beasts of burden.

[material of unverified authenticity deleted]

Mr. McCarthy asked for original German sources, to substantiate your side's
claim that the National Socialist German government regarded Slavs as non-
Aryans.  It is NOT enough to be provided with possibly spurious "quotations"
from a clearly anti-National Socialist source.

We want citations from German publications, 1933-1945, which substantiate your
claim; "quotations" from _Allied_ publications are not proof.  If none are 
forthcoming, we must assume you cannot provide any.  

The latter represents standards you have insisted I follow.

Article 16647 of alt.revisionism:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!!!!TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU!HERMANN
From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: The Holocaust Myth
Date: 26 Sep 1994 01:27:29 GMT
Lines: 98
Message-ID: <365821$ku9@urvile.MSUS.EDU>

The Holocaust Myth: A Debilitating Device of the Jews

Why is the legend of the Holocaust propagated?  Is it because the
self-proclaimed Chosen Ones wish to "never forget?"  Or is it for a
more dastardly purpose?

The Holocaust Myth is peddled by both professional liars, and well-
meaning but misguided historians.  Enormous amounts of material have
been produced, and hundreds of millions of dollars have been expended
in this campaign to disseminate the "acceptable" version of the plight
of the Jews under the Third Reich.

Building upon the fact that hundreds of thousands of Jews suffered
and died during the war -- a war in which Jewish leaders played the
major part in materializing -- the Holocaust Myth was developed into
a legend of genocide as convenient but irrelevant facts, misinterpre-
tation of the conditions existing at the concentration camps, grossly
inflated numbers of Jewish missing person reports, and a myriad of
falsehoods were manifested into a fable about a program of extermi-
nation against European Jewry.  Never before were historical events
made into a fictitious legend so successfully; the clever synthesis
of folklore and cinema into the believable myth of the Holocaust 
stands as a testimonial to Jewish artistic skill.

What do the Jews stand to gain from the Holocaust Myth?  Mainly two
things: most importantly, a psychological and spiritual weapon for
utilization against peoples of the West; secondly, billions of dollars
of monetary aid and materiel for their cause, including the State of
Israel, via "reparations," and profits collected from the promotion
of the Myth.

The Holocaust Myth serves to shield Jewry from valid criticism, criti-
cism of their unrighteous acts which is negated due to their unique,
special victim status, this victimhood gained in large part by public
sympathy generated through the Myth.

The Holocaust Myth serves to instill shame in White people, to dim-
inish pride in the accomplishments of the Aryan race.  By applying
guilt where none is deserved, White people are morally disarmed and
disabled, inhibiting their ability to assert themselves when impor-
tant decisions affecting the Fate of their race need be made.

The Holocaust Myth is used as a vehicle for extortion.  The German 
people have been deprived of many billions of Marks as "restitution"
for "crimes" they could not be guilty of even had they occurred, and
other Aryan nations are expected to contribute to Israel and other
Jewish charities largely to "atone" for their inaction to "save" the

The Holocaust Myth lies in the bedrock of the new "multicultural"
religion which Jews have a great part in foisting on the world.
Without this fabled tale about genocide perpetrated by the defenders
of the Aryan race, such a scheme would utterly fail for lack of 

Criticism of the Holocaust Myth, regardless of the validity of the
arguments presented, is unlawful in Germany, France and several
other countries because of the legend's fragility.  Further Dracon-
ian measures to suppress the fast-growing public skepticism about the
extermination claims will undoubtedly be enacted.  However, this will
prove self-defeating, for as more and more special protections are
required to compel conformity with the Jewish version of history,
the Myth's validity will become ever more questioned.  Reasonable
people will come to understand that if the Holocaust was fact, special
legislation would be unnecessary to help perpetuate it.

Of course many revisionists have a political motive in denying the
factuality of the Holocaust.  They purpose to eliminate the unrighteous
influence that Jews wield when they use their Holocaust Myth.  They
seek to right an obscene wrong, to remove the indictment against not 
only Hitler and National Socialism, but against all Western peoples
who have refused to bow to the Jewish will.  The neutralization of
the eternal shame imposed upon the White race will occur when history
is revised in accordance with the facts.  Justice is the motive of
many historical revisionists.

Should the Holocaust Myth be demonstrated to be the illusion that it
is, what are the ramifications for its primary purveyors?  Great
public outrage would undoubtedly result, as the world is made aware
that it was so dispicably and deliberately deceived.  Exacerbating
this justifiable rage will be the fact that the willful deception
had as a primary purpose the manipulation of Western peoples' Destiny,
and the extraction of their tax dollars.  The uncodified exclusive
privileges of the Jews would be withdrawn promptly.

Yes, the Holocaust Myth is an illusion, a tremendously powerful,
well-constructed and effective illusion.  Many safeguards are erected
to prevent its lack of substance from being revealed.  But, the truth
often appears at inopportune times.  Many more half-truths and con-
cocted "facts" shall be issued, but, as the body of truth slowly 
emerges, so does the Grand Myth slowly erode.  With work and perse-
verance, the Holocaust Myth will be shown to be what it truly is:
a hoax; a program which simply did not exist.

-- Milton John Kleim, Jr.

Article 16648 of alt.revisionism:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!!!!TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU!HERMANN
From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Contradictory material from the Mythologists' own sources
Date: 26 Sep 1994 01:28:20 GMT
Lines: 341
Message-ID: <36583k$ku9@urvile.MSUS.EDU>

The Unholy High Priests of the Holocaust Myth contradict themselves:

      "...there were no extermination camps on German soil..."  [1]

                                         -- Simon Wiesenthal

      "In Buchenwald they sent 10,000 to their deaths each day."  [2]

                                         -- Elie Wiesel


An historian respected by the Holocaust Mythologists makes this absurd and 
impossible assertion:

      " the spring and early summer of 1942...hundreds of 
   thousands of Jews were being gassed every day at Belzec, Chelmno, 
   Sobibor, and Treblinka."  [3]

                                         -- Martin Gilbert


Although we are told constantly the value of "eyewitnesses" to "gassings," we 
learn this unexpected fact:

      "Filip Mueller's book is a unique document indeed: it is the 
   testimony of the only man who saw the Jewish people die and lived 
   to tell what he saw."  [4]

                                         -- Widely-respected Jewish historian 
                                            Yehuda Bauer


An example of the unreliability of "eyewitness testimony" is seen in a 
laughable claim cited by the most respected "Holocaust survivor" regarding 
the infamous Babi Yar:

      "Eyewitnesses say that for months after the killings the ground 
   continued to spurt geysers of blood."  [5]


In a display of necessary "damage-control," Jewish historian Arno J. Mayer 
concedes points revisionists have forwarded:

      Although Holocaust Mythologists such as Deborah Lipstadt claim 
      there can be no debate with "Holocaust Deniers," Mayer says 
      this --

      "...historians are expected to avow their own prejudices and to 
   probe those of their sources.  No less important, they invite critics, 
   both friendly and hostile, to verify the authenicity and reliability 
   of their evidence as well as to debate the logic of their con-
   structions and the coherence of their explanations."  [6]

      "Holocaust scholars" assert that undeniable facts buttress the 
      extermination thesis, yet in reality this "evidence" is 
      phantasmic --

      "No written document containing or reporting an explicit command 
   to exterminate the Jews has come to light thus far."  [7]

      The following is part of the text of the famous letter from Goering 
      to Heydrich of July 31, 1941, generally held as an early directive 
      to "exterminate" the Jews --

      "This is to supplement the assignment given to you in the decree 
   of January 24, 1939, to solve the Jewish question by emigration or 
   evacuation under the most favorable conditions possible given present 
   circumstances.  I hereby charge you to make all the necessary admini-
   strative, practical, and financial preparations for a _Gesamtloesung_ 
   of the Jewish question throughout Germany's European sphere of influ-

      About which Mayer says --

      "There is nothing in these instructions, either explicit or implicit, 
   to indicate that by directing Heydrich to prepare an overall and defini-
   tive solution -- a final solution -- of the 'Jewish problem,' Goering 
   was asking him to prepare for the immediate or eventual mass murder of 
   Jews."  [8]

     Although we are told that the evidence in support of homicidal 
     gas chambers is "overwhelming," and that "eyewitnesses" can offer 
     accurate accounts of happenings at the German camps, Mayer tells 
     us --  

      "Sources for the study of the gas chambers are at once rare 
   and unreliable...No written orders for gassing have turned up 
   thus far...Most of what is known is based on the depositions of 
   Nazi officials and executioners at postwar trials and on the memory 
   of survivors and bystanders.  This testimony must be screened care-
   fully, since it can be influenced by subjective factors of great 

      "...there is no denying the many contradictions, ambiguities, 
   and errors in existing sources."  [9]

      The standard line of the Holocaust Myth is that over a million 
      Jews were "gassed" at Auschwitz, yet Mayer writes --

      "...from 1942 to 1945, certainly at Auschwitz, but probably 
   overall, more Jews were killed by so-called 'natural' causes than 
   by 'unnatural' ones."  [10]

      We are assured by Holocaust Myth defenders that at least five 
      million but closer to six million Jews were killed by the Germans.  
      When asked how these numbers were established, obfuscation is 
      dispensed.  If one presses the Holocaust Myth defenders, he or 
      she is accused of "anti-Semitism."  Mayer is more honest con-
      cerning the facts --

      "All in all, how many bodies were cremated at Auschwitz?  How many 
   died there all told?...We have simply no answers to these questions 
   at this time."  [11]


Danny Keren has said that he accepts German documents as genuine.  Let him try 
to explain away the following:

      " doctors must use all means at their disposal to reduce 
   essentially this death rate in the various camps."  [12]

      "The camp doctors must supervise more often than in the past the 
   food of the prisoners and, with the approval of the administration, 
   submit improvement proposals to the camp commandants.  These, however,
   must not only appear on paper, but must be controlled regularly by the 
   camp doctors.  Furthermore, the camp doctors are to see to it that the 
   working conditions at the various labor places are improved as much as 
   possible.  To this purpose it will be necessary that the camp doctors 
   inspect the labor places on the ground and convince themselves about 
   the conditions of work."

      "The SS Reichsfuehrer has ordered that the death rate absolutely 
   must be reduced."  [13]

                                         -- Extracts from a secret memorandum 
                                            from the SS Main Office 
                                            of Economic Administration to all 
                                            concentration camps, 
                                            including Auschwitz,
                                            December 28, 1942

      "_The fact that the Fuehrer intends to evacuate all Jews from 
   Europe was communicated to me as early as August 1940..._"

      "Hence the basic _instruction of the_ Reich Foreign Minister, 
   to promote the evacuation of the Jews in closest cooperation with 
   the agencies of the Reich Leader SS, is still in force..."  [14]

      "_In his letter of 24 June 1940...SS Major General Heydrich 
   informed the Reich Foreign Minister that the whole problem of the 
   approximately three and a quarter million Jews in the areas under 
   German control can no longer be solved by emigration -- a terri-
   torial final solution (territorial Endloesung) would be necessary_."

      "_In recognition of this Reich Marshal Goering on 31 July 1941 
   commissioned SS Major General Heydrich to make, in conjunction with 
   the interested German Control agencies, all necessary preparations 
   for a total solution (Gesamtloesung) of the Jewish problem in the 
   German sphere of influence in Europe_...In the conference General 
   Heydrich explained that Reich Marshal Goering's assignment to him 
   had been made on the Fuehrer's instruction _and that the Fuehrer 
   instead of emigration had now authorized the evacuation of the Jews 
   to the East as the solution_..."  [15]

      "_The intended deportations are a further step forward on the 
   way of the total solution...The deportation to the Government 
   General is a temporary measure.  The Jews will be moved on fur-
   ther to the Occupied Eastern Territories as soon as the technical 
   conditions for it are given_."  [16] 

                                         -- Extracts from a memorandum of 
                                            August 21, 1942, by
                                            Unterstaatssekretaer Martin 
                                            Luther, Director of Abteilung 
                                            Deutschland of the Reich 
                                            Foreign Ministry, and attendee at
                                            the "Wannsee Conference"


To this day, thousands of G.I.s would swear that they witnessed deliberate and 
calculated murder of inmates at the concentration camps they captured, despite 
Simon Wiesenthal's admission that "there were no extermination camps on German 
soil."  Are they lying?  Or merely misinterpreting what they saw -- disease 
and famine, common in wartime -- for something they were *told* they saw -- a 
policy of genocide?  One responsible eyewitness, Dr. John E. Gordon, explains 
why Allied Forces encountered so many dead and dying inmates:

      "The outbreaks in concentration camps and prisons made up the 
   great bulk of typhus infection encountered in Germany...Germany  
   was in chaos.  The destruction of whole cities and the path left by 
   advancing armies produced a disruption of living conditions con-
   tributing to the spread of the disease.  Sanitation was low grade, 
   public utilities were seriously disrupted, food supply and food 
   distribution were poor, housing was inadequate and order and 
   discipline were everywhere lacking.  Still more important, a 
   shifting of populations was occurring such as few countries and 
   few times have experienced."  [17]


A "fact" circulated during the war and for decades afterwards, having the 
same evidential level as the "fact" of the "gas chambers," is now declared 
to be false.  "Holocaust scholar" Deborah Lipstadt admits:

      "The fact is that the Nazis never used the bodies of Jews, or 
   for that matter anyone else, for the production of soap.  The soap 
   rumor was prevalent both during and after the war.  It may have had 
   its origin in the cadaver factory atrocity story that came out of 
   World War I...The soap rumor was thoroughly investigated after the 
   war and proved to be untrue."  [18]


What do Jews stand to gain from the "Holocaust" fraud?  Read on: 

      "With regard to Israel, the Holocaust may be used to forestall 
   political criticism and suppress debate; it reinforces the sense 
   of Jews as an eternally beleaguered people who can rely for their 
   defense only upon themselves.  The invocation of the suffering 
   endured by the Jews under the Nazis often takes the place of 
   rational argument, and is expected to convince doubters of the 
   legitimacy of current Israeli Government policy."  [19]

                                         -- Paula E. Hyman

      "The devastating barb: 'There's no business like _Shoah_ 
   business' is, sad to say, a recognizable truth."  [20]

                                         -- Leon A. Jick


Although there is an attitude of required veneration for St. Elie, the 
notorious hypocrite and illegitimate recipient of the 1986 Nobel Peace 
Prize promotes feelings much different than the saintly ideals he is commonly 
believed to:

      "Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone 
   of hate -- healthy, virile hate -- for what the German personifies 
   and for what persists in the German."  [21]


The hate-centered, profit-driven Cult of the Holocaust will be obliterated at 
the latest by the end of this century.  I am glad to have played a small part 
in its exposure and exorcision.


[Underlining in quoted text denotes original italics]

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#21:  Wiesel, Elie.  _Legends of Our Time_  (New York: Holt, 
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   "At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which 
it is assumed that all right-thinking people will accept without 
question.  It is not exactly forbidden to state this or that or the 
other, but it is 'not done'...Anyone who challenges the prevailing 
orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness.  A 
genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, 
either in the popular press or in the highbrow periodicals."

                                         -- George Orwell

Article 25928 of alt.censorship:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!!jhermann
From: jhermann@interaccess (James Hermann)
Newsgroups: alt.censorship
Subject: Re: Need List of Banned Books
Date: 26 Sep 1994 13:34:08 GMT
Organization: IAC
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Ronald M. Hopkins-Lutz (aa747@cleveland.Freenet.Edu) wrote:

: >... agood list of books that have been banned by public or 
: >university libraries, especially books that were burned?

: What time frame, historical period, culture, country? We are
: talking about a very popular human activity here. I mean
: we're talking hundreds of thousands, maybe millions without
: some restrictions on the list.

How about 1980-present, USA, just public libraries or
public universities?


Article 16696 of alt.revisionism:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!!wupost!!!!TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU!HERMANN
From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: The Holocaust Myth
Date: 26 Sep 1994 17:11:47 GMT
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Message-ID: <366vcj$ps2@urvile.MSUS.EDU>
References: <365821$ku9@urvile.MSUS.EDU>,<36621d$h80@cat.cis.Brown.EDU>

Danny Keren writes:

>It only proves what kind of people are attracted to "Holocaust revisionism". 
>Kleim has not only failed to document any of his claims, he has also posted 
>what may be the ugliest, most hateful racist garbage in this group.

Since Keren has no substance to attack my posts with, he must resort to the
prime weapon used by a propagandist -- meaningless opinion.

May the reader please take note Mr. Keren has yet to provide documentation
that Adolf Hitler or another chief German official ordered the extermination
of European Jewry, or blueprints of the alleged gas chambers, or official
census records demonstrating that indeed six million Jews were/are "missing."

>He wrote that Jews are inferior.

Citation, please?

>He wrote that he would still deeply admire Hitler even if the Nazis would have
>killed 60 million Jews.

Any action in self-defense is justified.

>He suggested that the mentally retarded and insane in the US be killed.

I stated that hopelessly insane and severely mentally retarded individuals 
should be euthanized.

>He suggested a "program for improving the Aryan race" which includes
>sterilization of those who do not reach a high enough standard.

I support a program which will reward parents who produce children that 
raise the level of my Race, and penalize financially those who consciously 
produce defective children.

>Kleim is such a revolting person that even fellow "revisionist" Bradley Smith,
>who feels rather comfortable with Nazis, expressed outrage at his opinions. 

Citations, please.  I would welcome Mr. Smith to post a reply, if this allega-
tion is true.  If the alleagations are true, they reflect on Mr. Smith more
than they do me.

           "It's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."

Article 16701 of alt.revisionism:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!!wupost!!!!TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU!HERMANN
From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Contradictory material from the Mythologists' own sources
Date: 26 Sep 1994 18:36:56 GMT
Lines: 16
Message-ID: <3674c8$qau@urvile.MSUS.EDU>
References: <36583k$ku9@urvile.MSUS.EDU>,

Jamie McCarthy writes:

>Last time Milton "hermann" Kleim posted this, it was as he was leaving
>the net.  He said he was leaving, then posted this.

I said I was leaving for an "indefinite" period, not permanently.  I don't 
intend to be a regular presence on here in the future, either.  I left because,
as I stated, more important duties required my attention.  Assembly of the 
NS FAQ was one of many.  I read as I have time; I post as I have time and as 
something warrants a response.  

           "It's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."

Article 8987 of alt.skinheads:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!!eff!!!!!!TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU!HERMANN
From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads
Subject: Re: Be Sure to Tell Them...
Date: 27 Sep 1994 02:01:17 GMT
Lines: 9
Message-ID: <367udd$sv1@urvile.MSUS.EDU>
References: <35tcan$n5p$>,<366ng8$>

RABBi GOY writes:

>Any cool white person would support the likes of Malcom X(early years
>before his 'trip') and Louis Farrakahn.  These 2 people along with other
>great muslim leaders are excellent leaders and role ModLeZ for the black


Article 16708 of alt.revisionism:
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!swrinde!sgiblab!!olivea!uunet!world!bzs
From: (Barry Shein)
Subject: Re: Faurisson vs. Berenbaum
In-Reply-To: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU's message of 27 Sep 1994 22:02:48 GMT
Sender: (Barry Shein)
Organization: The World
References: <366hls$> <366tjv$>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 1994 11:04:39 GMT
Lines: 29

From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
>>a) Contrary to your dillusion, the USHMM is not a temple.
>Then please tell us the difference between a temple and the "Holocaust"

You don't have to cover your head to enter the ``""<>""''

There, that was easy.

>>b) Christian icons are placed on public land with public funds
>>   all the time.
>We're talking about _facilities_ of religious worship, not nativity scenes,


For someone who can't distinguish a temple from a museum you sure can
draw a thin line between shrines and _facilities_ of religious

        -Barry Shein

Software Tool & Die    |          | uunet!world!bzs
Purveyors to the Trade | Voice: 617-739-0202        | Login: 617-739-WRLD

Article 16709 of alt.revisionism:
Path: oneb!hakatac!!!!!!!!!!!TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU!HERMANN
From: hermann@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Milton John Kleim, Jr.)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: The Holocaust Myth
Date: 28 Sep 1994 00:12:41 GMT
Lines: 127
Message-ID: <36acdp$3um@urvile.MSUS.EDU>
References: <365821$ku9@urvile.MSUS.EDU> <36621d$h80@cat.cis.Brown.EDU> <366vcj$ps2@urvile.MSUS.EDU>,<3692ai$5ig@cat.cis.Brown.EDU>

Danny Keren responds to me:

># Since Keren has no substance to attack my posts with, he must resort to 
># the prime weapon used by a propagandist -- meaningless opinion.

>Everything posted by Kleim has been refuted - I gave a long answer
>to his nutty article yesterday, for instance.

Contrary _opinion_ has been offered, but no refutation with substantive evi-
dence has been given.

># May the reader please take note Mr. Keren has yet to provide documentation
># that Adolf Hitler or another chief German official ordered the extermination
># of European Jewry, 

>Both Hitler and Himmler said very explicitly that the Jews will be
>exterminated and are being exterminated. Can't Kleim read? The
>quotes from their speeches were posted here many times.

No, Keren, I want a document on official stationery from ANY high German
official that orders that Jews are to be "gassed."  Please provide me a 
citation for such a document.

>And there are, of course, numerous documents and testimonies about the
>extermination process itself. They are posted here daily.

Long posts quoting from sources that have the _style_ of evidence but have
no _substance_ as evidence; i.e. lots of words but no facts.

># or blueprints of the alleged gas chambers, 

>Answered in a previous article (posted today).

Not really.  Please provide a citation where the documents in question are
located.  Dr. Faurisson has asked for a design drawing of the alleged "gas
chambers" often and has never been provided one.

># or official census records demonstrating that indeed six million Jews were/
>#are "missing."

>Conclusions of the Anglo-American committee for studying the Nazi 
>genocide inflicted on the Jews of Europe, with exact breakdown,
>country by country:

[irrelevant estimates deleted]

This isn't what I asked for.  Please provide citations where one may find the
census figures from before the war and after the war upon which these _esti-
mates_ are based.  

>Total number of Jews that were exterminated = 5,721,500.

>Some estimates are lower, and some are higher, but these are the 
>magnitudes in question.

Like Mr. McCarthy said, why have State lotteries?  Let's just have the Mytholo-
gists issue their constantly changing _estimates_ of how many Jews were
allegedly murdered by the Germans.  It's just as random.

>## He wrote that Jews are inferior.
># Citation, please?

>Here's a quote from a Usenet article by Kleim:

># I have yet to see a Jewish "artist" who has produced a work nearing that 
># of the worst Aryan painter, sculptor, writer or musician.

This clearly implies the Jewish _culture_ is inferior, but never have I said
_Jews_ are inferior.  Indeed only a fool would say Jews are inferior in ability
to Aryans.  In fact, the Jewish average is in some ways higher than the Aryan 
standard.  Jewish superior traits include a greater ability within the realms 
of intellectualism, which leads to their overabundance in theoretical aspects 
of science and social science.

>## He wrote that he would still deeply admire Hitler even if the Nazis
>## would have killed 60 million Jews.

># Any action in self-defense is justified.

>Anyone still have doubts about Kleim? What did the Jews did that would
>justify killing 60 million of them? 

What doubts are you talking about?  I've never denied my belief in National

The following quote from H.L. Mencken will serve as my response to the latter

"The case against the Jews is long and damning; it would justify ten thousand
times as many pogroms as now go on in the world."

>## He suggested that the mentally retarded and insane in the US be killed.

># I stated that hopelessly insane and severely mentally retarded individuals 
># should be euthanized.

>No comment.

Of course Mr. Keren would like to paint me as some sort of unfeeling monster.
It's typical of his camp.

I stand by my statement, and add that my position stems not from some type
of hatred of severely insane and retarded people, but rather a compassionate
feeling to end lives of misery, ones where they are totally helpless to care
for themselves, with no hope of raising out of such conditions.

Keren apparently believes that any sort of being in human form is "human," 
despite their lack of those traits that delineate "humanity" from animalhood.
I feel otherwise.

>## He suggested a "program for improving the Aryan race" which includes
>## sterilization of those who do not reach a high enough standard.
># I support a program which will reward parents who produce children that 
># raise the level of my Race, and penalize financially those who consciously 
># produce defective children.

>No, he explicitly suggested sterilization. 

Perhaps I did (I'd like to see the quote), but I prefer the plan suggested

Sterilization of defective individuals, including criminals, has been practiced
by the United States and several other advanced Nations.  It is not isolated
to National Socialist Germany.

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