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Date: Wed, 30 Oct 96 17:04:14 GMT
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Subject: The Nazional Alliance: the Reality...
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A Nazional Alliance member writes:

>On the contrary, we represent a larger majority of actual militia member
>opinion on subject such as race, immigration, the Constitution as well as
>many others.

Uh, bullshit!  (excuse me :-).

During my time as an activist on the Net, I bumped into lots of militia
people, and VERY few of them show ANY similiarities in philosophy to that
which makes National Alliance adherents unique.  NO WHERE in the militia
movement have I seen ANY indication of National Socialist/Nazi philosophical
teachings, including in Trochmann's Militia of Montana.

>Since I have been working with militia members over the last few years, I
>have found that the leadership of most militias are the ones who have cause
>the hostility here. 

Is that two or three militia members?

Both rank and file and leadership echelons of the militia movement are
predominately non-racist or even anti-racist...and almost always ANTI-Nazi.
Perhaps up to 35-40% have SOME sympathy for the stated goals of the National
Alliance, but once these people understand that the _stated_ goals (wrapped
up in pretty pro-American phraseology) and the _real_ goals of the Alliance
and allies are radically different, this sympathetic element diminishes to
perhaps 2-3%.

>In their attempt to distance themselves from race, they have lost any clear
>philosophical basis for their involvement. 


Do you have any idea why the militia/Patriot movement exists?  The
militia/Patriot movement is a collection of individuals and groups who are
afraid for their Nation's well-being in the wake of incidents like Ruby
Ridge and Waco, and they believe they are doing what is allowed them by the
United States Constitution to protect the interests of their families and
their country.  I don't necessarily agree with them, but I do understand

When I was a member of the Alliance, my friends and I made fun of the
militia people because we thought they were much too conservative and PC.
Their interest in constitutional republicanism was completely incompatible
with our interest in National Socialist revolution.

>This is exactly what happens when leaders become politicians and forget the
>meaning of truth and honour. 

What was that about William Pierce?...

>...the quality and dedication of new members is way down. I have seen this
>all before. It happens to all groups when they begin to play the media
>game. You can't out Jew the Jews. 

William Pierce tried to "out Jew the Jews," as you say, when he sold the
"movement's" "bible" to a Jewish publisher.  Quite funny, really, since Dr.
No, uh, Dr. Pierce is now seen by most as a hypocrite, liar, and profiteer.

Pierce is playing the "media game" like few can, and his book sales are
skyrocketing. He jacked up the price of _the Turner Diaries_ 101% (from
$5.95 to $12) on Hitler's Birthday, in order to profit from the publicity of
dead children at Oklahoma City and his "sell-out" to a Jewish publisher.

>The National Alliance is not at all what these criminally dishonest
>so-called patriots have tried to portray. 

Let's see what William Pierce has to say...

"If the Organization [the National Alliance - ed.] survives this contest, no
Jew will -- anywhere.  We'll go to the uttermost ends of the Earth to hunt
down the last of Satan's spawn."    -- William L. Pierce, National Alliance

>The National Alliance is about self-determination for the people of Europe
>here in America and all over the world. 

"We fired all our missles at two targets: Israel and the Soviet Union
[sic]...what we lost, however, is substantial...nearly a fifth of the White
population of the country -- not to mention an unknown number of millions of
racial kinsmen in the Soviet Union [sic]."   -- William Pierce, in _the
Turner Diaries_

>The NA stand for an end to forced integration; and end to non-European
>immigration and a peaceful resolution which will allow all parties to find
>their own destinies. 

"Not twenty feet away another woman lay motionless, her face covered with
blood and a gaping wound in the side of her head -- a horrible sight which I
can still see vividly everytime I close my eyes.

"According to the latest estimate released, approximately 700 persons were
killed in the blast or subsequently died in the wreckage...

"[T]here is no way we can destroy the System without hurting many thousands
of innocent people -- no way."  -- William Pierce, in _the Turner Diaries_

>Every group needs to govern their own affairs and Whites are no different. Self
>determination and self respect for Whites and a chance to start working
>toward being the best that we can be as a people, is this evil? 

No, but what the National Alliance really stands for...well, THAT is evil.

>It is time for a change, and the National Alliance has is leading this 

"Certainly, we must have made some mistakes today -- mistaken identities,
wrong addresses, false accusations -- but once the executions began there
was no admitting to the possibilities of mistakes.  We deliberately created
the image in inexorability in the public mind."  -- William L. Pierce, in
_the Turner Diaries_

>If many here would simply drop their hatreds and guilt and think for once
>as a member of the White race, what the National Alliance is working toward
>would be an obvious and much needed organization to join. 

"Therefore, the Organization resorted to a combination of chemical,
biological, and radiological means, on an enormous scale, to deal with the
problem [ostensibly to stop the Chinese from invading Europe -- ed.].  Over
a period of four years some 16 million square miles of the Earth's surface,
>from  the Ural Mountains to the Pacific and from the Arctic Ocean to the
Indian Ocean, were effectively sterilized.  Thus the Great Eastern Waste was
created."  -- William L. Pierce, in _the Turner Diaries_

>But since many refuse to accept the fact that they are White and no matter
>how guilty they feal or no matter how much the work they do against what
>the perceive to be "nazism", other races still see them as Whites and they
>will be treated like Whites whether they like it or not. 

My ancestry is completely White, I accept that, I am proud of it, and yet I
am also now opposed to the "ideals" of the National Alliance.

>Being White means that you are part of a greater family and with that comes
>a group responsibility to ensure the future of our people. 

Being White does not necessitate the destruction or malignment of any other

>I am only a member, I do not speak for the National Alliance, but I can
>tell you that if you listened to a few radio programs at
> and simply looked at what we are
>saying, you would see that we stand for what is right and what is natural.

What American Dissident Voices does is disseminate PROPAGANDA, deliberate
falsehoods and distortions.  What ADV discusses on shortwave is NOT, repeat
NOT, what the Alliance _really_ stands for or intends to do.

Pierce's "magnum opus," _the Turner Diaries_, along with his newer work
_Hunter_, are the REAL program of the National Alliance.  Of course, neither
he, nor his associates who are smart enough to know the difference (as I
did), admit that the propaganda piece "What is the National Alliance?" and
such do not tell the truth.  They are "pretty propaganda" complete with
beautiful visions, patriotic slogans, and feigned ideals, designed to appeal
to the gullible, the soul-searcher, and those with low self-esteem.  Once
one reaches a certain intellectual and/or commital point in the Alliance,
one understands this...that violent revolution is the unstated (for obvious
reasons) goal and its teaching the raison d'etre of the National Alliance.

-- Milton John Kleim, Jr.

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