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From: Evelyn Hill 
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 1996 19:35:05 -0400
Subject: Re: SF: Milton and Movement

I am usually a lurker on this list, not because there isn't much I
would like to say;  but rather because I usually don't have time to say
it.  However, a couple of derogatory remarks about the National
Alliance, National Vanguard Books, and Dr. Pierce need to be commented
on. (Milton Kleim) wrote:
((William Pierce, whom I helped to enrich himself for over a year...))

The National Alliance appreciated Milton's efforts.  However, to claim
that Dr. Pierce was personally enriched is untrue and insulting.
The money that is donated to the NA goes towards our publishing efforts,
buying radio time, paying the phone and electric bills, etc.  NONE of it
goes towards making Dr. Pierce a wealthy man.  Until Dr. Pierce lost a
piece of property, from which he used the mortgage payments to live on,
he didn't even draw a salary from the NA.  This property was lost in a
law suit brought by Morris Dees.

Milton's support for the NA (which consisted mostly of putting people in
contact with us) furthered attempts to educate Whites -- it didn't
further embezzlement.

((  (Pierce) has sold the rights for the "movement's" bible, _the Turner
Diaries_, to a Jew.  The reason is obvious, and I will let the dull
reader speculate. Like many present and former National Alliance
members, I pretended it was alright, a prudent decision, a necessary
compromise of ideals.  But, deep down, it was a fatal blow to my morale.
Pierce, whose actions I must view as "selling out," ...))

The Turner Diaries is not some holy tome handed down from on high.  It
is an adventure novel.  It was written to present White Nationalist
ideas to those who do not read non-fiction -- especially rather
philosophical non-fiction.  Many people have read it and been favorably
impressed.  However, it was only really available to those in "the
movement."  Curious members of the general public had no idea how to
purchase it.  After selling the rights to Stuart more people have read
it in a month than have in twenty years.

We would, of course, have preferred to sell the rights to a non-Jew, but
no one would touch it.  The rights revert to us if, and when, sales fall
to a point at which we could sell more copies on our own.

How much "compromise" was involved is very debatable.  There is
absolutely no way to avoid dealing with entities under Jewish control in
this Jew-infested society.  You pay your taxes don't you?  And what do
you know about the companies you have dealings with everyday?

We certainly don't deal with Jews if there is an alternative, or if we
think that it will be disadvantageous to us.

Also, we have not, so far, been enriched by the sales of The Turner
Diaries.  While the volume of books being sold is high, the profit we
make on each one is considerably less.

As a final comment to Milton personally, let me say that you should have
read -- and taken to heart -- Dr. Pierce's numerous comments on
"hobbyists."  It might have saved you a lot of grief.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ wrote:
((First there is a problem in the National Alliance Organization. When I
joined  the National Alliance the National Vanguard was published
bi-monthly. This was a excellant magizine with historical and up to
date information that was informative and educational. This publication
was replaced with a cheap substitute called the National Alliance

National Vanguard is still being published -- albeit irregularly.  If,
and when, we can find an editor for it, it will be published more
often.  Currently, Dr. Pierce has to edit it and he has very little
"free time."

The National Alliance Bulletin is not a "replacement" for National
Vanguard.  It is an internal newsletter sent to members.  Nor is it
"cheap."  It is printed on high quality white paper, has a elegant
graphical layout, and is mailed first class.  (First class postage costs
much more than bulk mail, but is faster and more reliable.)  National
Vanguard contains news and commentary of interest to all Whites
concerned with the future of their race.  It is also a high quality
publication.  Most subscribers to National Vanguard are not members.

The Bulletin has been published regularly since the early 1970's.
National Vanguard magazine was first published in 1982.

((Since the minimum monthly dues are $10. that means you pay $120
dollars a year for a sub standarded news letter. The American
Renaissance is $20 dollars a year and a higher quality then the Alliance

If by higher quality you mean "more insightful,"  I think that you are
wrong.  (You are also wrong if you mean less typos!)  But this is beside
the point.  You shouldn't join the NA if your only purpose is
entertaining reading at a cheap price.  We want members who support our
goals and wish to further them.  This requires commitment.  Giving $10
per month indicates at least a minimum level of commitment.  Most people
spend more than this per month eating out.

Also, members dues help to finance our educational efforts.  We would
have to roll back our operations by 90% if we didn't have the regular
financial support of our members.

((Another problem that demonstrates a internal problem with the
movenment is the National Vanguard Books. Half the books are no longer
available and there is no addendum to inform the customer.))

With over 400 books offered, some are bound to go out of print before
the next catalog comes out.  Saying that 50% of the books are
unavailable is a gross exaggeration.  (I might also note that it is odd
that those who complain the most about having to give up money, also
complain the most about not having the things that require spending
money -- such as frequently publishing new catalogs.)

There is, however, a solution to this terrible "problem" in "the
movement."  Anyone with Internet access can check our on-line catalog
when they are wondering about the price or the availability of a book.

Naturally, the on-line catalog can be updated much more frequently than
the printed catalog.  The URL is:

Sorry if all this sounded too "bitchy."

Evelyn Hill
National Vanguard Books / National Alliance

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