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The Holocaust Myth: A Debilitating Device of the Jews

Why is the legend of the Holocaust propagated?  Is it because the
self-proclaimed Chosen Ones wish to "never forget?"  Or is it for a
more dastardly purpose?

The Holocaust Myth is peddled by both professional liars, and well-
meaning but misguided historians.  Enormous amounts of material have
been produced, and hundreds of millions of dollars have been expended
in this campaign to disseminate the "acceptable" version of the plight
of the Jews under the Third Reich.

Building upon the fact that hundreds of thousands of Jews suffered
and died during the war -- a war in which Jewish leaders played the
major part in materializing -- the Holocaust Myth was developed into
a legend of genocide as convenient but irrelevant facts, misinterpre-
tation of the conditions existing at the concentration camps, grossly
inflated numbers of Jewish missing person reports, and a myriad of
falsehoods were manifested into a fable about a program of extermi-
nation against European Jewry.  Never before were historical events
made into a fictitious legend so successfully; the clever synthesis
of folklore and cinema into the believable myth of the Holocaust 
stands as a testimonial to Jewish artistic skill.

What do the Jews stand to gain from the Holocaust Myth?  Mainly two
things: most importantly, a psychological and spiritual weapon for
utilization against peoples of the West; secondly, billions of dollars
of monetary aid and materiel for their cause, including the State of
Israel, via "reparations," and profits collected from the promotion
of the Myth.

The Holocaust Myth serves to shield Jewry from valid criticism, criti-
cism of their unrighteous acts which is negated due to their unique,
special victim status, this victimhood gained in large part by public
sympathy generated through the Myth.

The Holocaust Myth serves to instill shame in White people, to dim-
inish pride in the accomplishments of the Aryan race.  By applying
guilt where none is deserved, White people are morally disarmed and
disabled, inhibiting their ability to assert themselves when impor-
tant decisions affecting the Fate of their race need be made.

The Holocaust Myth is used as a vehicle for extortion.  The German 
people have been deprived of many billions of Marks as "restitution"
for "crimes" they could not be guilty of even had they occurred, and
other Aryan nations are expected to contribute to Israel and other
Jewish charities largely to "atone" for their inaction to "save" the

The Holocaust Myth lies in the bedrock of the new "multicultural"
religion which Jews have a great part in foisting on the world.
Without this fabled tale about genocide perpetrated by the defenders
of the Aryan race, such a scheme would utterly fail for lack of 

Criticism of the Holocaust Myth, regardless of the validity of the
arguments presented, is unlawful in Germany, France and several
other countries because of the legend's fragility.  Further Dracon-
ian measures to suppress the fast-growing public skepticism about the
extermination claims will undoubtedly be enacted.  However, this will
prove self-defeating, for as more and more special protections are
required to compel conformity with the Jewish version of history,
the Myth's validity will become ever more questioned.  Reasonable
people will come to understand that if the Holocaust was fact, special
legislation would be unnecessary to help perpetuate it.

Of course many revisionists have a political motive in denying the
factuality of the Holocaust.  They purpose to eliminate the unrighteous
influence that Jews wield when they use their Holocaust Myth.  They
seek to right an obscene wrong, to remove the indictment against not 
only Hitler and National Socialism, but against all Western peoples
who have refused to bow to the Jewish will.  The neutralization of
the eternal shame imposed upon the White race will occur when history
is revised in accordance with the facts.  Justice is the motive of
many historical revisionists.

Should the Holocaust Myth be demonstrated to be the illusion that it
is, what are the ramifications for its primary purveyors?  Great
public outrage would undoubtedly result, as the world is made aware
that it was so dispicably and deliberately deceived.  Exacerbating
this justifiable rage will be the fact that the willful deception
had as a primary purpose the manipulation of Western peoples' Destiny,
and the extraction of their tax dollars.  The uncodified exclusive
privileges of the Jews would be withdrawn promptly.

Yes, the Holocaust Myth is an illusion, a tremendously powerful,
well-constructed and effective illusion.  Many safeguards are erected
to prevent its lack of substance from being revealed.  But, the truth
often appears at inopportune times.  Many more half-truths and con-
cocted "facts" shall be issued, but, as the body of truth slowly 
emerges, so does the Grand Myth slowly erode.  With work and perse-
verance, the Holocaust Myth will be shown to be what it truly is:
a hoax; a program which simply did not exist.

-- Milton John Kleim, Jr.

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