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Subject: Misperceptions and Clarifications about "A Reckoning"
Date: 23 Jun 1996 22:24:11 GMT
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Misperceptions and Clarifications about "A Reckoning"

Considering the responses I've received to my statement, there seems to 
be considerable misunderstanding as to my purpose and intentions in 
making the statement.

I am NOT taking a vacation.  I am NOT merely distancing myself from the 
skinheads.  I am leaving the so-called "movement."  PERMANENTLY.

The "movement" is an entertainment industry, not a cause.  There are a 
few -- tragically few -- idealists among those who identify with the 
"movement," and who sincerely believe in the ideals purportedly being 
advanced.  However, the vast majority of the ranks of the "movement" 
derive solely entertainment value from the reams of propaganda and the 
hours of hate rock spewed forth regularly.

The "movement" provides amusement to those who cannot find amusement and 
diversion elsewhere.  Within the "movement" young and old alike can live 
out delusive fantasies of glory and triumph in the comfort of their 
homes.  It is a "movement" of _reaction_, not a movement of revolution.

The "movement" is an industry built upon the backs of working people with 
bright but unrealistic hopes, mostly young people.  Perversely, it is 
also built upon the tragedy of dead people like hate rocker Joe Rowan.

William Pierce, whom I helped to enrich himself for over a year, has 
sold the rights for the "movement's" bible, _the Turner Diaries_, to a 
Jew.  The reason is obvious, and I will let the dull reader speculate.  
Like many present and former National Alliance members, I pretended it 
was alright, a prudent decision, a necessary compromise of ideals.  But, 
deep down, it was a fatal blow to my morale.

Pierce, whose actions I must view as "selling out," will continue to be 
regarded as a "hero" in the "movement," while those of us who speak the 
truth will be seen as "disruptors," or "race-traitors."

The "movement" is a fertile ground for hyperactive egos to take root and 
blossom.  Certainly my ego blossomed fully during my "movement" career.  
Great minds burdened with sloth and limited discipline find a home in the 
"movement."  Reputation and fame are easily obtained by saying outrageous 
things and engaging in provocative acts, far more easily than were the 
same minds to endeavor in more "normal" enterprises.  This is a self-in-
dictment, yes, but it's the truth.

One of the most ironic situations within the so-called "movement" is the 
disparity between the Ideal and the reality.  One may peruse the pages of 
a White Nationalist publication, _Resistance_ for example, and compare 
what is held up as perfectual, and what actually exists within the ranks 
of the "movement."  The "movement's" ideal aesthetics reflect little or 
nothing in common with most of their admirers.  Certainly I am not 
showing a blond Teutonic chauvinism here, as I've met many very 
attractive brown-eyed brunette ladies, but the utter ridiculousness of 
having images of slender, blond Nordic girls and brawny, fair sons of 
Vikings plastered everywhere throughout the "movement" exemplifies the 
delusionary mentality of most "movement" adherents, since hardly 10% of 
those within the "movement" approach those Nordic ideals.  In fact, many 
White Nationalists could very well be subjects of the Waffen-SS's screed, 
_Der Untermensch_.  The absurdity, even hypocrisy, of the "movement's" 
Nordicism is encapsulated in the latest _Resistance's_ article on Jack 
London, a Nordic who gloried about the "perishing and lordly race of 
blonds" and ridiculed the "ruck and spawn of dark-pigmented breeds."  
Perhaps the crude, brutal zeal of so many within the "movement" reveals 
an inferiority complex, fanaticism being a "compensator" for their 
perceived "deficiency."

Also ridiculous is the vast amount of kitsch, and artifacts stripped of
context seen within the "movement."  The almost universal obsession with
material culture from the Viking Age and from the Third Reich highlights
the inability of of the "movement" to generate new cultural
manifestations.  Certainly, I enjoy cultural material from the zenith of
White cultural evolution, but it is quite distasteful to view and hear
cheap imitation.  Almost every piece of visual art is copied from National
Socialist Germany, or is a syncretic manipulation of Celtic or Gothic
culture with little or no regard for the context which our ancestors
respected.  This fact alone, the almost complete inability to create truly
new cultural material, demonstrates that we are defeated, and the
"movement" is living in the past, attempting to hang onto an era that is
gone forever.  It also shows how diminutive my generation really is
compared to our predecessors whom we can never emulate authentically. 

The callous attitude of the "movement" towards unfavored persons extends 
not only to non-Whites, but also to those of our own Race.  This 
callousness is clearly illustrated in a recent _Resistance_ feature.  
George Burdi's laughable self-aggrandizement, "logic dictates that such a 
discussion [of "esoteric racialism"] will only attract individuals with 
the intelligence to understand and dutifully apply its teachings" is only 
a prelude to the shocking statement soon to follow.  Burdi writes, "So, 
with Planet Earth as the ship, we have to drop some people overboard, or 
we all die.  How do we decide who lives and who dies?  Do we throw over 
the retarded, the malformed, the crippled, and the maladjusted, or do we 
round up the brightest, strongest, healthiest, most beautiful men and 
women and have them take the plunge?  If we really had to decide (and we 
do) who lives or who dies, who do we keep?  Who do we kill?"

Just WHO is "malformed" and "most beautiful"?  Perhaps if I were doing 
the choosing, I'd decide that all who didn't fit my ideal should be 
eliminated.  Since "obviously" blue eyes and blond hair are "most 
beautiful," Mr. Burdi would be the first to go.  Of course, I am being 
grotesquely facetious here.

"Maladjusted" he says.  What are skinheads but social misfits rebelling 
against a society that is extremely uncomfortable?  I've never heard of a 
successful businessman who advocates eradicating his best customers.  
Nay, we are not talking merely about callousness, but hypocrisy.

My decision is not a hasty one.  I have held onto the illusion that I 
was accomplishing something despite the facts which glowed brightly 
before my eyes for sometime.  Recent personal sorrow of a life-changing 
magnitude forced me to accept the facts I lied to myself to ignore.  I 
thank God that in emotional tragedy I have been given great wisdom and 
long-needed humility.  I ask God that I now be allowed to "serve my Race" 
in the ONLY way that matters in our era, a way so few of my critics have 
the character to engage in: raise a happy, healthy family.

I will offer as further explanation of my position a recent exchange
between George Burdi and myself.  Mr. Burdi chose to make his response
public via the Resistance Records Electronic Newsletter, complete with my
city of last residence.  I now make my response public as well.  It
follows this message. 

-- Milton John Kleim, Jr.
   Roseville, Minnesota


"The proper function of man is to live, not exist."

                                        -- Jack London

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