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Subject: ANA Editorial -- Revisionism: The Secondary Endeavor

Revisionism: The Secondary Endeavor

As much as I admire the courage and dedication of those activists who are pri-
marily oriented towards the "revisionist" cause, it is necessary to say some-
thing which is in no way intended to demean their work or idealism.

Revisionism is and must be a secondary affair for Aryan racialists.  Revision-
ism, whether it involves correction of the Holocaust Myth, edification about 
the facts of Dresden and Hiroshima, or several other historical issues, cannot 
be primarily instrumental in helping to "secure the existence of our People and
a future for White children."

Unfortunately, and I say this too with -- even greater -- risk, revisionism is 
often used by hobbyists as a pretense to "activism" for our Holy Cause.  ** I 
AM NOT SAYING ALL REVISIONISTS ARE HOBBYISTS! **  However, there are only a few
in the revisionist camp who make the contributions necessary to be truly 

Revisionism can never be more than a "harrassing agent" for the Jews and their
lackeys and servants.  The Establishment has vast social, and in some coun-
ries, political, resources to bring to bear against those who dare deny its 
"Holocaust" Myth and the associated chimera.

For our Cause to succeed, we must diversify our message as much as possible,
just as the Jews and their lackeys have done for those whom they rule over.
We must have what Commander Rockwell called "multilevel propaganda."  

Multilevel propaganda means that we have a specific message for various groups
of people.  And not only do we tailor our message for different socio-economic
classes and persuasions, but we must have numerous focii for our messages.  
Multilevel propaganda means we attack the controlled media, the Washington 
Criminals, the "kosher tax," immigration, reverse discrimination, "free trade" 
and other criminal economic policies, etcetera, etcetera.

The Jewsmedia and Jewish "entertainment" have something tailored for EVERYONE.
We must counter this with our own messages, one or more of which will appeal
to the interests, passions, and fears of EVERYONE.

Holocaust revisionism is but ONE important aspect of our propaganda campaign.  
We can invite debate and free thought by presenting such a controversial issue,
but it is tactically and strategically erroneous to continue the excessive re-
sources the Movement has traditionally devoted to it.  If the money and time 
which were expended on superfluous revisionist activities (which must be dis-
tinguished from the tactically useful activities of Irving, Zundel, and Wikoff)
were diverted to other, more profitable issues, we could do alot to erode the 
enormous mind-control of the, at present monolithic, media monster of the Jews.
Attacks on the Jewish-controlled media hold much greater promise, as the facts 
about the controlled media are obvious to even the casual investigator, and do 
NOT have the at present unbreachable defensive psychological and social con-
structs (such as the sanctity of "memory" and the eternal victimhood of "God's 
Chosen People") which the Holocaust Myth is shielded with. 

Our propaganda campaign has a place for Irving's revisionism amongst Yggdra-
sil's racially-conscious "conservativism," traditional ultranationalistic White
racism, and National Socialism.  But it is sheer folly to attempt to defeat the
monster by aiming the "spear" at it's most protected spot, while not making an 
equal or greater effort to knock the beast down by assaulting his more vulner-
able organs.  Get him off his feet, THEN go for the heart.

Revisionism CANNOT be an end of itself.  It must be a means, one of many means,
to erode the mind-control of our Folk by the Jews, and through this, a means
to secure the perpetual survival of our Aryan Race.  If we know what really
happened to the Jews of the Third Reich, or how many were killed at Dresden,
yet lose our People and culture, such knowledge won't mean a thing.

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