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Subject: A Reckoning
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I am certain to be denounced as a "race-traitor" by many of my so-called
"friends" for these statements.  That's OK; they have a right to their
opinion, as I and my Winchester have a right to mine.

It requires more strength to admit defeat, than to fantasize about victory.

The skinhead culture, as a social unit, is a hideous blot upon the honor
of the Aryan Race.  While there are isolated individuals of high
character, rational mind, and personal accomplishment who identify as
skins, the paradigm (if it can be called that) of the skinhead scene
represents nothing noble.  Unrestrained inebriation, senseless violence
with no strategic direction, and infantile "us/them" infighting are the
endemic traits of the skinhead "movement."

It is alleged the skinhead culture is a neo-Viking warrior culture,
prepared and ready for action to achieve the 14 Words.  Yeah, right!
What has the skinhead culture done to advance Aryan survival?  By bashing
countless heads of _personal_, not racial, enemies in?  By burning down
Black churches?  By spray painting Swastikas?  By drunken brawls amongst
each other?  In their juvenile stupidity, most "brave" skins risk felony
charges with no demonstrable, favorable results for our People's salvation.
These persons are not heroes; they are contemptible fools.

The false image of the skinhead scene is a working-class youth culture of
proud White folk celebrating their heritage, generated as a rebellion
against the evils of the present order.  However, I, a 25-year old son of
a working class family who grew up in the Sacramento area and shared the
same type disharmonic social environment most skins did, need neither beer
nor violence nor cultic organizations to almost singlehandedly achieve
goals on a massive scale, such as I did with the publicity campaign for  Why am I so different?  Perhaps being from a
long line of German _bauern_ instilled me with the traditions of _true_
Aryan culture, not an artificial, cosmopolitan pseudo-Aryan culture.  I am a
lonely standard-bearer of what Third Reich-era Germans called _Kultur_, as
opposed to the _Zivilisation_ of the concrete deserts from which the
skinhead anti-culture arose.  The latter is a hodge-podge of unholistic
social elements fused together of necessity following the collapse of the
social structure of the West.

The Holy Swastika symbolizes the Program of God in the Universe, representa-
tive of both refined strength and intricate beauty.  How few skins understand
its significance and sacredness.  It has been made into a profane
scrawling by those neither comprehending its meaning nor deserving of
wearing it.  The Aryan who is truly strong has the ability to be gentle
and compassionate.  The brutal existence of the skinhead culture is
incompatible with the genuine symbolism of the Swastika.  Most skins
attempt to emulate the malevolent spawn of Hollywood cinema, _not_ the
ideals of the SS, whose heroic men embraced balanced responsibility:
evolved "higher men" of duty, restraint, commitment, and prudence.

The youth of a People is its tomorrow.  If the skinheads are our tomorrow,
then our Race has no future.

I've wasted enough of my life on a lost cause.  Our Race died on May 8th,
1945, when the last Nation of _Kultur_ surrendered to anti-culture.  The
pathetic state of our youth today illustrates so well our lasting defeat.  

I shall now be loyal to myself.  All I wish is one good woman, a family,
and to be left alone.

-- Milton John Kleim, Jr.

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