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Subject:     The Apollo Project
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From: (Milton John Kleim)
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 23:06:04 -0500
Subject: The Apollo Project
Odin in the former South Africa writes:
>In the articles, Mailer said that the flight to the moon was an unjustified,
>wasteful, semi Nazi adventure insulting to the aspirations of Negroes, along
>the lines that how could so much money be spent on going to the moon while
>millions are starving on earth etc.
I am a staunch supporter of the space program even today.  The scientific
benefits of our manned space flights, and especially an orbital scientific
platform, are enormous, and only the most obtuse fool or madman could 
misunderstand why we venture into outer space. 
The same coloreds and "liberals" who cuss the Aryan Race for destroying
the Stone Age cultures of the non-whites in the past and denounce space
exploration today are the same hypocrites who worship the television,
drive fuel-efficient, light-weight, comfortable vehicles, and use their
PCs to attack us on the Internet.  Of course the technologies that made
these devices possible are the EXCLUSIVE products of Aryan creativity,
largely direct products of the research that was done for and derived from
the Apollo project. 
>The whole affair, according to Mailer, was a "lugubrious foretaste of he cold
>computerized age to come, an age whose only salvation would be the dru s,
>drums and dharma of a different and better breed of men than the astronauts "
Jewboy Mailer should head directly for Niggerania immediately, so he can
enjoy more "drugs, drums, and dharma" of the sub-human creatures inhabit-
ing most of Africa.  I'm sure they'll be happy to welcome him for dinner. 
This "better breed of men" [sic] eats their neighbors, murders on impulse,
has no concept of "self-discipline," burns down their own homes, and faces
an utter apocalypse if the White man ceases to provide millions of metric
tons of food to these "advanced" primates. 
>        Mailer later called Wasps the "most Faustian, barbaric, draconian,
>progress oriented and root destroying people on earth" and his final word on
>the Apollo 11 project was that "WASP nihilism had found its perfect
>expression in the odessy to the moon." (Time 8 February 1971; all quoted in
>Wilmot Robertsons' Dispossessed Majority, page 96).
>Well, well, well ....
The Apollo project is the greatest achievement of humanity to date, the
zenith of eons of Aryan struggle and sacrifice, and illustrates exactly
what was lost in the destruction of the most advanced and progressive
Nation in the history of the world, the Third Reich.  Had National
Socialist Germany survived, it is impossible to imagine the new
technological horizons that would have been reached, soaring humanity
toward our God-ordained purpose.  Even the projects existing at the end 
of the war, wonderfully advanced they were, could not foreshadow the even 
greater scientific achievements to come.  Scientific discovery advances 
at an exponential rate, and the Reich made astonishing leaps in merely a 
few years. 
A Jewboy like Mailer, who comes from a parasitic "people" that has
accomplished absolutely nothing culturally or scientifically on its own
accord, is obviously jealous of the great heights that we have attained. 
It is Jewish jealousy of Aryan perfection -- in creativity and physical
beauty -- that is at the root of why the self-chosen people seeks to
obliterate our kind from Earth.  The Jew seeks to bastardize our people --
to make mullattoes out of our descendants -- as he himself is, to
guarantee we can never fulfill our Destiny.  And despite our creativity
and physical beauty, it is our other noble but vulnerable traits which
have allowed the Eternal Pest to destroy us -- namely our altruism and our
trusting nature. 
If the Aryan Race survives, our next goal must be to land a man and/or 
woman on Mars.  
Free of the Jew and his works in all their caustic manifestations, our 
Destiny is within reach.
-- Milton
"Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the 
FUCK the "Communications Decency Act" [sic]

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