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[NOTE: Although Mr. Kleim's copyright notice suggests he won't be
amused to find this message here, I felt it needed a far wider
audience than that on Mr. Kleim's original distribution list. Go
ahead, Mr. Kleim - sue me. Make my day. knm]

Subject: _On Tactics and Strategy for USENET_

   USENET offers enormous opportunity for the Aryan resistance to disseminate
our message to the unaware and the ignorant.  It is the only relatively uncen-
sored (so far) mass medium which we have available.  The State cannot yet stop 
us from "advertising" our ideas and organizations on USENET, but I can assure 
you, this will not always be the case.  NOW is the time to grasp the WEAPON 
which is the INTERNET, and wield it skillfully and wisely while you may still 
do so freely.

* Crucial to our USENET campaign is that our message is disseminated beyond 
  "our" groups: alt.politics.nationalism.white, alt.politics.white-power, alt.
  revolution.counter, alt.skinheads, and to a certain extend, alt.revisionism.

  We MUST move out beyond our present domain, and take up positions on "main-
  stream" groups.

* East USENET "cyber guerilla" must obtain a listing of all Net News groups 
  that are avaiable on their system, and search through the list for groups 
  suitable for our posts.

  Find groups that require "tailored" messages: rec. groups concerning food 
  would be suitable for our "kosher tax" message; alt., soc., and talk. groups
  concerning politics and American society would be suitable for our message
  about the Jewish-controlled media.

  Find groups that are suitable for organizational and literature advertise-
  ments: talk.politics.guns should have regular posts explaining how to order
  _The Turner Diaries_ and _Hunter_; should have regular 
  posts of the _American Dissident Voices_ schedule; groups should
  have regular posts about Resistance Records.

* Create posts that are succinct and self-sustaining.  By "self-sustaining," I 
  mean the post should be ideologically clear, with adequate information to as-
  sist the curious to find the "proof" they seek.  An example is in the "kosher
  tax" issue: DON'T post something complaining about paying more so Jews can 
  keep kosher.  Post something that directs the curious to their cupboard to 
  "prove" our contentions, with reasons why they should be concerned about the 

* Remember: volume and regularity.  Make sure at least one article that artic-
  ulates well one or more of our ideas remains on "our" groups AT ALL TIMES, 
  even if it is only a short reply to the Enemy.

  When a newbie sympathetic to us visits "our" groups, and discovers no posts
  expressing views which should be characteristic of the group, he or she will
  become discouraged, possibly never to return, and disheartened that White
  resistance is apparently non-existent.  PREVENT THIS!

  Furthermore, when a newbie posts a message sympathetic to us, CONTACT THEM
  IMMEDIATELY!  Welcome them to the group, and offer them information about our
  activities.  If they are worthy of our comradeship, consider recommending
  them for ANA subscribership.  If we fail to contact newbies, they could also
  become discouraged by this as well, assuming the White Net resistance doesn't
  care about them and/or is incompetent.  I built my personal mailing list of
  over 80 dedicated activists largely through this means.  As the Net grows,
  more and more people sympathetic to our Cause will journey onto it, and we
  need to greet them.

* Except on "our" groups, avoid the Race issue.  Side-step it as much as possi-
  ble.  We don't have the time to defend our stance on this issue against the
  comments of hundreds of fools, liars, and degenerates who, spouting the Jew-
  ish line, will slaughter our message with half-truths, slander, and the ever-
  used sophistry.

  If a newbie or a lurker who seems sincere inquires about racial science, deal
  with them ONLY via e-mail.  Offer them information as your knowledge permits,
  referring them to scientific works if you are not widely-read enough to sus-
  tain a decent discussion with them about it.

* Avoid engaging in non-productive debates with enemy activists.  It is often 
  difficult to distinguish between the Enemy's dedicated lackeys, and the mis-
  guided who are merely parroting what the Jewsmedia has taught them.  The for-
  mer are to be ignored, though it is understandably difficult to endure their
  cheap insults.  The latter should be dealt with in a polite, sincere way.  
  Few are "converted" solely by reason, but one who is open to new ideas and 
  the facts can be guided in the right direction by reasonable, respectful ar-

  Sophistry, the art of using false logic to make ridiculous ideas appear to be
  thoroughly sound, is our opponents' number one weapon.  DENY THEM THEIR WEA-
  PON!  Deny them full use of their bag of dirty tricks by controlling the de-
  bate that ensues from our posts.  Simple minded (not to imply unintelligent) 
  lurkers will be discouraged if they are confused by sophistic gibberish -- 
  which is of course why the Enemy uses that tactic.  In some cases, you may 
  want to "regulate" how widely your posts are distributed; when appropriate, 
  manually cancel your posts to prevent unnecessary debate.

* Remember: our overall USENET strategy must be to repeat powerful themes OVER
  AND OVER AND OVER.  We cannot compete with the Jewsmedia, of course, as our 
  propaganda dissemination is but a very small fraction of the everywhere per-
  vasive leftist propaganda.  However, our ideas possess an energy that truth
  alone contains.  Our ideas, when matched one to one with the chimera of the
  Jews, overwhelm theirs with ease, because OURS ARE IN SYNC WITH REALITY.  One
  well-written message containing our ideas has much greater "bang for the 

* Remember: our target is either the lurkers who are in agreement with us but 
  do not know how to convert their feelings into action because of their ignor-
  ance of the Movement's resources, or those lurkers who have a predisposition
  towards our Cause but have never been exposed to an objective version of our
  ideas because of Jewsmedia misrepresntation and/or inability to satisfy their
  curiosity about us.

* IMPORTANT: While we should all admire his perseverance, NEVER, EVER, do "the
  Gannon," and spam groups with messages totally unrelated to the group's 
  focus.  You will fail in your efforts, as you will infuriate some and gener-
  ate contempt in nearly all of the group's readers, who may read other groups
  you would target.  You could also lose as your access, as a flood of hate-
  mail pours into your system administrator's mailbox.

  Tailor your messages for each group.  Our ideology has myriad facets, and the
  well-informed activist can extract something to fit onto just about every 
  Don't use unnecessary "overkill" -- if a "grenade" will do the job, DON'T use
  a "nuclear weapon."  Of course, overkill can be a useful controversy gener-
  ator and attention-getter, and occasionally there is a sound use for this
  tactic, but, if you post a message so inapproriately provocative and/or pom-
  pous, it will diminish your effectiveness.

* If you have the time and money to spend, monitor the Enemy's groups, such as
  soc.culture.jewish, and other groups where his ideas have complete reign, 
  such as soc.culture.german.  Watch for material that would be of use to us, 
  such as news of enemy mailing lists or FTP and WWW sites.  Relay such infor-
  mation to your comrades, possibly via the ANA.  Much can be freely learned 
  from the Enemy through this manner.

* WARNING: Be aware that EVERYTHING you post will be seen by the Enemy.  All of
  your posts may be catalogued and archived for future use by the Enemy, either
  by self-appointed "Net police" like the notorious Ken Mcvay, or by lurkers
  from the so-called "Anti-Defamation League."

  DO NOT EVER post a message that advocates or supports an illegal act or ac-
  tivity.  Be assured that any message you post that even hints of direct ac-
  tion will be archived!  If you explicitly advocate illegality, such an ex-
  pression will surely be used against you, possibly immediately, by the Secret
  Police.  The First Amendment still guarantees a wide variety of political ex-
  pression, and explicit advocacy of unlawful behavior is NOT necessary.  If 
  your understandable anger builds to a point where you must say SOMETHING, ex-
  press your feelings by quoting the fourth clause of the _Declaration of Inde-
  pendence_ and the ninth article of the _Bill of Rights_.

* If possible, coordinate your activities with your comrades.  It would be ex-
  pecially helpful if a "combat information center," to borrow a Navy concept,
  were to be established under a reliable, competent organizer.  This person
  would not "issue orders," but would take note of who's doing what and where
  they're doing it.  The "CIC" could make recommendations for which activities
  and which "fronts" needed attention.

* Remember: SUSTAINED, electronic "guerilla warfare," "hit and run" style,
  using short, "self-contained" posts is a major component of our struggle.
  Put your Net access to good use, today and EVERY day!

Copyright 1995 by the author, Milton John Kleim, Jr.  All rights reserved.  

Permission is extended to all Aryan activists to distribute this work to other
  Aryan activists via e-mail or hard copy, provided it is not altered, 
  abridged, or annotated.

Under no circumstances is this work to be posted or otherwise distributed pub-
   licly without explicit permission from the author.

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