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Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 04:17:15 GMT
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Don Black replies to me:

>>The controlled media allows people like Duke coverage to attract hope-filled
>>White people to his Cause, only to destroy their hope by implementing their
>>(preplanned) smear campaign against the "flypaper."  It is a matter of
>>psychological warfare, pure and simple.

> How do you know all this? Have you had real world experience in this type of 
> thing? Or is this just something you've decided is true?

Oh, now we're gonna start the "listen sonny, boy..." stuff, right?

I may ask you something which reflects on your right to criticize my
assertions, Don:

What substantive, sustained achievements have you made in your Movement

I'm only 24, but I am pleased with my development over the past couple
years in regards to political dynamics.  You're alot older than me, and
should have alot of accomplishments to list.

And, if you refrain from attempting to insult me, I'll refrain from asking
you about a certain island fiasco.

> I suppose, if you plan to lose anyway, it's useful to project such 
> all-encompassing power to the Enemy. You can't be expected to win when the 
> Enemy is that intelligent and powerful. 

While the Enemy is quite powerful today, he is subject to attrition due to
the inherent decadence of "democracy," while we continue to grow, even
though very slowly.

The System is metastable, and will disintegrate exponentially.  The dis-
integration is slight at present, but will rapidly increase.

We will win because we have the Vision and the Idealism, and the System does

> Did you like the article Rick Savage posted suggesting the Klan, National
> Socialism, and modern Revisionism are all part of some Masonic conspiracy?

No I did not.  I have stated many times I do not agree with the Identity
people.  But contrary to your allegations, I did not denounce Rick for his

> This isn't reality, of course. Our enemies have a lot of power, but they are 
> far from omnipotent. The Duke campaign caught them completely by surprise. I 
> know this because I was there.

Certainly not omnipotent, for if they were, we wouldn't be here right now.
"1984" would be here instead.  But it is foolish to claim they do not have
tremendous power, far more than any government previously anywhere.

What exactly did you do for the Duke campaign, and how do you know what
you were told was the truth?

I stand by my assertion that Duke is an instrument for the policy of the

> >Duke is akin to the Deutsch Nationale Volkspartei during the rise of Hitler. 
> First of all, this isn't '20s-'30s Germany. Solutions for '90s America will be 
> a lot different. Second, there are "responsible alternatives" now, 
> alternatives primarily to the Duke campain. There's Newt, Rush, maybe even 
> Buchanan. The Establishment has only expressed genuine alarm at the Duke 
> phenomena.

The era is irrelevant.  Machiavelli is not obsolete beause he wrote
centuries ago.  The principles for political scheming are the same today
as yesterday.

Again, I assert that the "genuine alarm" was fake.  It was calculated and

Duke is a perfect puppet to capture the naive racists.  Limbaugh and the
others cannot do that, or do it as well.

>>There is of course a very strong similarity between Duke and Limblob. 
>>Certainly their expressed ideologies are radically different, but beneath the 
>>veneer of expressed ideology, they both serve the same purposes.
> More unsubstantiated theory.

So you say.  PROVE yours has more validity.

> Perhaps I should point out to you at this point that there are many "Movement" 
> types who think open National Socialists such a yourself are really tools of 
> the Enemy intended to discredit real "patriots." They have just as much 
> substantial basis for this notion as you have for yours.

You sound like an egalitarian.  

What makes YOUR opinions sounder than mine?

>>>If your group demonstrates any real success, you'll have no problems getting 

>>OK.  You have cornered yourself.  Either you must declare the National 
>>Alliance an "ineffective" organization, or you must admit I am correct in my 
> assertion.
> That's an odd statement. Of course I think the effectiveness of the NA is 
> limited. I'm sure Dr. Pierce would agree.

Of course it's limited.  But it is also the strongest in the entire
Movement, yet the NA receives virtually no publicity.

> It regularly reaches a few thousand individuals directly with its literature, 
> perhaps a hundred thousand more through its radio broadcasts, and maybe a few 
> tens of thousands through its ftp site and my posting of ADV transcripts on 
> various newsgroups. Relatively few American Whites have ever heard of the 
> National Alliance.

And that's why the Jewsmedia ignores the NA.  And what we're attempting
to remedy.

> You don't hear that much about the NA, though, because the media doesn't
> think it's a major threat right now.

HA HA HA HA!!  Now you're a comedian.

Good God!  Are you trying to say the Jewsmedia coverage of loser groups
like most of the Klan clubs, Aryan Nations, and the so-called "NAAWP," is 
so intense because they present a greater threat to the ZOG than the
Alliance does?

The Jewsmedia LOVES to publicize the failures of the Movement, not the
successes.  I cannot possibly see how anyone can intelligently assert that
the Enemy is going to publicize (i.e., help) what is working against them.

> As Bismarck said, "Politics is the art of the possible. . ."
> Do you really think there is any possibility your approach will win? I doubt 
> if you do. You've set up certain conditions whereby victory will be possible. 
> The rest of the world isn't going to cooperate, of course, and then you can 
> say "they deserve what they get." 

I am one of the "ends justifies the means" tacticians and strategists.  I
agree that ANY means to "secure the existence of our People and a future for
White children" is appropriate, but ONLY if the EVENTUAL ends will be
TOTAL solutions to our problems; in other words, National Socialism.

If what this Movement is aiming for is NOT total solutions, but some
halfassed half-measures ala _Hunter's_ "Ryan," then I will withdraw from
the Movement immediately.  I will not waste my efforts on a "solution" that
will eventually lead to the destruction of my Race anyway.

The only End worthy of my efforts are the biological and cultural security
of the Aryan Race.

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