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Subject: Burdi vs. Kleim over "A Reckoning"
Date: 23 Jun 1996 22:25:27 GMT
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An exchange between George Burdi and myself concerning "A Reckoning":

>I have a lot to say about your comments.  I have been there and looked
>down the same dark, morbid tunnel.  I actually tried to call you when
>I first read your statement, to try to talk you out of it.  But each of us
>must make our own decisions, and if you lack the resolve now, you will
>most certainly not last when real hardship sets in.

And what will the skinheads do when the "real hardship" sets in, and the
beer supply evaporates?

I have thrown almost all of my resources into this struggle.  30+ hours a
week since October 1993.  ALL of my spare finances.  I have flushed a
comfy career opportunity down the shitter.  And you tell me about
"hardship"?  If we were making gains, then all of my struggle would be
worth it.  If we could field another Hitler for President, I would fight
like I've never fought before to elect him.  But that's not going to
happen, not tomorrow, not next year, not in our lifetimes.  WHAT has
FIFTY YEARS of struggle, often by greater men than ourselves (Rockwell,
Mathews, etc.), achieved? 

>In the name of being a REAL National Socialist, you are abandoning
>the very principles that you hold dear.  Your life and my life mean
>nothing ... all that is important is the Folk.  

What "folk"?  A few tens of thousands of drunken skinheads?  A few dozen
old profiteers fantasizing about "victory"?  George, WE are not the Aryan
Race.  We have no revolutionary following.  We have a "following" of losers
who bitch about ZOG destroying their lives just as Negroes bitch about
"White Racism" destroying theirs.  They beat each other up, and attack
fellow Aryans because they're of the "wrong" crew.  You know this to be

>If we live morbid,
>miserable lives because we were born into the dark ages, then
>that is just our tough luck.  We are the torch-bearers of a rich
>genetic heritage that calls us to a duty beyond our own
>all-too-human existences.

I'm certainly not pretending that I am escaping the coming apocalypse. 
When it comes, I will face it as surely as you.  But what the fuck, why
should I provide entertainment to a few hundred hobbyists who don't
believe for a second we can win?  IF we have any chance at all, the only
duty to our genetic heritage I have is being wasted on meaningless
propaganda.  I should be using my time to raise a family.

>You and I can wax poetic all we want.  But the bottom line is
>that you are puking out of a movement that needs men like
>you.  Instead of having faith in the unseen, unknown progress
>you are making, you are acting selfishly like a good goy.

"Acting selfishly"?  You make me laugh.  When the skinheads sober up and
start spreading the word with the same revolutionary fanaticism I have 
over two years, well, then I can be criticized.

Men greater than us surrendered when they knew the battle was over. 
Admiral/Fuhrer Doenitz and General Field Marshal Keitel surrendered when
they knew there was no point to continuing.  We should have the courage to
know that we have no chance of achieving greater goals than the 3R sought,
with far less resources.  The skinheads are not the Waffen-SS, and NEVER
will be.

>Just remember, every time you see a beautiful White girl
>walking arm-in-arm with a buck black nigger;  every time
>you watch a Jew on the television whine about the holocaust
>and lie about Adolf Hitler;  every time another small and
>unreplacable part of our collective Racial consciousness
>dies ... you are an accomplice.

Oh, yes, the "race-traitor" shit.  How about William Pierce, who I helped
to enrich himself for over a year?  The same William Pierce who sells the
"movement's" bible to the Jews?  Will you cease printing National Alliance
propaganda in future issues of Resistance as a protest over his selling
the COPYRIGHT to the Turner Diaries to the Jew Lyle Stuart?

Everytime I see a Black with a traitorous blond bitch, I shall remember
that Nature is exacting her righteous judgment on a Race too weak and
feeble to defend itself.  A Race whose men cannot rise above inebriation
and self-gratification, and simply will not follow an example that is not

>The herd have an excuse - they don't know any different.
>You do.  You know far too much to make such a selfish
>choice.  You mock the *real* sacrifices made by *real*
>men and women who suffer a thousand deaths behind
>ZOG's wires, while you live your comfortable life and
>pretend to be a White man.

Oh, yes, George.  "Real" men.  Aryans have always had the courage to face
reality, and I've been lying to myself for long enough. 

>The problem today with our society is that no one takes
>their oaths seriously any longer.  

I have never taken an oath to a man, an organization, or any other
artificial body.  My "oath" is to God, and that which is dead, my
heritage.  Oaths are no longer valid when one party is deceased. And the
Aryan Race has proven itself no longer a viable entity. 

>Marriages break-up fast because *quitting* is an option.  Children 
>are neglected because saying "I don't give a shit"
>is just a reach for the TV remote away.  

My wish is for one good woman, a family, and to be left alone. I will
never betray my wife, my children, or my extended family. 

I've seen the face of the skinhead "culture." All the failings you rail
about are endemic to the skinheads.  You tell THEM in the next
_Resistance_ about this, and then you'll have right to say this to me. 
You start upholding the REAL values of the Aryan Race in _Resistance_, and
your enterprise will go down the shitter tomorrow.  You know the whole
White Power "movement" is an entertainment industry, and if you stop
providing what the skins and other White Power fans want (i.e. start
telling them what they ought to hear, not what they want to hear), no one
will read your 'zine. 

>Our entire
>planet is dying because people can get-away with
>being slobs and bums and losers and *quitters*,
>and can roll their eyes back and say "I don't
>give a shit".  Well, some of us do.  Some of
>us march onward irrespective of the odds,
>and take our oaths seriously.

As I said, I have never taken an oath to anyone or anything but God and my
family's heritage.  God's judgment on His Creation is nearly upon us,
because WE, not the Jews, not the Negroes, are destroying ourselves, and
are too WEAK to survive.  There are too few idealists among us.  There are
too many who have delusions of grandeur and success in meaningless
accomplishments.  I know all about this; I had these delusions until my
breakup with Sylvia FORCED me to see reality. 

>I hold you in profound contempt.


You have a right to your opinion.

I now journey West to find myself a Woman of Virtue and a quiet life to
enjoy those things which really mean something. 

>14 Words Forever,

And they are certain to be achieved by alcoholism, senseless violence,
brawling, and selling CDs. 

-- Milton

PS: What was that quote from Jack London in the latest _Resistance_? 
    Something about man's purpose not being to merely exist, but to live?  I
    guess he's a contemptible "race-traitor" too.

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