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Subject: "Nazis" and National Socialists
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"Nazis" and National Socialists

  What is a "Nazi?" 

  That's a good question.  There's alot of wisdom in the maxim, "WHAT is a 
'Nazi?'  It's someone who is winning an argument with a 'liberal'."

   Essentially, the term has no definitive meaning.  It's a plastic cliche
of no factual substance, applied to an opponent to divert discussion and
debate into the emotional, impulsive arena, out of the realm of rational,
meaningful dialogue. 

   "Nazi" is a pejorative invented by the opposition of the German
National Socialists.  It was never used by Hitler or any other National
Socialist statesman.  It is no more legitimate and accurate to use "Nazi"
to describe a National Socialist, than it is to use "Christ killer" to
accurately describe a Jew, or to use "rag head" to accurately describe an
East Indian. 
   The illiberal "liberals" vocally decry dehumanization and objectifi-
cation of human beings, but it is they who most often fail to practice
what they preach. 

   The illiberal "liberals" prefer to deal with caricatures, rather than 
people, for caricatures are easier to confront.  Caricatures don't need to 
be debated.

   The illiberal "liberals" refrain from substantive discussion with those
they objectify mainly for two reasons: fear and sloth.  They fear that
cherished leftist concepts and myths will be debunked via genuine debate. 
Since most "liberals" lack self-discipline (an earthly extension of their
philosophy), sustained substantive debate is a pursuit they'd rather not
engage in, regardless of the stakes -- it's just too much work. 
Dishonest, distorted caricatures generated by Hollywood serve to shield
the illiberal "liberal" from the need to construct an intelligent argument
based on _factual_ data. 

   The illiberal "liberal" would like to pretend that "Nazis" deserve 
special abuse.  We all know they're BAD, and we don't need to consider their
arguments or their humanity....

   But never mind the fact that the illiberal "liberal" reviles the use of
the term "Commie" applied to a Marxist -- even though _communists_, and
not "Nazis," are responsible for the greatest mass murders of history. 
Don't mind the fact the illiberal "liberal" would never even _think_ of
using the racial epithet "vicious niggers" to describe Black Africans who
perform clitorectomy on little girls and enslave their neighbors even
today.  Never mind that the illiberal "liberal" is incensed when the term
"Jap" is used to describe the originators of the Bataan Death March.

   When I am asked, "are you a Nazi?," I will continue to say "no," and 
it will be an earnest reply.

   However, if I am asked, "are you a National Socialist?," the answer
must be, because I believe in the body of philosophy which endeavors to
apply all the immutable laws of the natural Order to human affairs and
promotes a truly progressive social order: "yes." 

   If asked, "are you a racist?," the answer must be, because I recognize 
the unique qualities, shortcomings, and needs of each human race, and 
incorporate these realities into my world-view: "yes."

   If asked, "do you admire Adolf Hitler?," the answer must be, because I
acknowledge the triumphs and struggles of the most notable figure of the
20th Century, the greatest German statesman, who, in the Rousseauian
tradition, represented the Will of his People, and directed the miraculous
transformation of a broken society into the most progressive and advanced
Nation of its time: "yes!" 

-- Milton John Kleim, Jr.

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