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From: (Brennan Price)
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Subject: RESULT: soc.politics.marxism moderated passes 355:106
Followup-To: news.groups
Date: 20 May 1996 22:12:46 -0400
Organization: UseNet Volunteer Votetakers (UVV)
Lines: 694
Expires: 30 Apr 1996 00:00:00 GMT
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Archive-Name: soc.politics.marxism
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         moderated group soc.politics.marxism passes 355:106

There were 355 YES votes and 106 NO votes, for a total of 461 valid votes.
There were 4 abstentions and 58 invalid ballots.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes.  There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes.
Both criteria have been met.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the moderator of
news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly thereafter.

Newsgroups line:
soc.politics.marxism    Karl Marx and his legacy in theory and practice. (Moderated)

Voting closed at 23:59:59 UTC 29 Apr 1996.

Proponent: Per I Mathisen 
Votetaker: Brennan Price 

Votetaker's note:  The votetaker regrets the delay in posting this result.
The abnormally high percentage of ballots declared invalid by the counting
software prompted a closer examination of all ballots cast.

Numerous ballots appeared to have been cast in response to e-mail
solicitations for votes one way or the other.  A few of these solicitations
contained either incomplete or no voting instructions beyond the voting
address.  A sizeable portion of the ballots declared invalid by the
software appear to have been submitted in response to such solicitations.

It was also fairly evident that a sizeable portion of ballots successfully
processed by the software were in response to solicitations, as determined
by several recurring Subject: headers and occasional text from solicitations
appearing with the ballots.  The votetaker considered rejecting these
ballots, but decided against it, as the rejection would have been on the
order of 60 percent of the ballots cast.  The YES:NO proportion of the
suspect ballots was statistically identical to the proportion reported

It is the opinion of the votetaker that the result obtained is nearly
as good as can be expected given the controversial nature of Marxism.
Therefore, the result derived by the vote counting software and checked
for compliance to the votetaker's real name requirement is submitted
without reservation.

RATIONALE: soc.politics.marxism

There is currently no newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of Marxist
philosophy and politics. Such debate has long taken place in the "Marxism"
mailing list and occasionally on the newsgroup
alt.politics.socialism.trotsky. The "Marxism" list has currently well over
300 subscribers and carries about 30-50 posts a day. The above-mentioned
newsgroup carries about 10-20 posts a day and is no place for serious
discussion since it is haunted by irrelevant crossposts, off-topic
conversations and extensive flaming. Neither are moderated.

The reason the "Marxism" mailing list is insufficient is because many feel
30-40, often quite long, mails dropping into one's mailbox is too much, and
would prefer the quicker alternative of browsing a newsgroup. A newsgroup is
also more accessible for newcomers.

The soc.politics.* hierarchy was chosen because it fits well with our
intention of a newsgroup for discussion about marxism as political,
sociological and historical theory and as a means of changing the world.

CHARTER: soc.politics.marxism

This group is intended as a moderated forum for the discussion of marxism
and political topics in connection to marxism. This includes, but is not
restricted to, the political and philosophical theories of Marx, the
relevance and appliance of Marx's theories in the modern world and the
theories and activities of Marxist political movements and parties both
today and in the past.

Moderation Policy:

The moderators reserve the right to reject any articles submitted to
soc.politics.marxism that are insulting, using more than 1/4 quotation,
off-topic or not at all related to marxism. Crossposts will not be
tolerated unless it is an announcement of relevance or importance to the


MODERATOR INFO: soc.politics.marxism

Moderator: Per I Mathisen 
Administrative contact address:
Article submission address:


soc.politics.marxism Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes
101537.3646@CompuServe.COM                                      Julie Huberman                                              Andy Lehrer                                               Graham Cook
72763.2240@CompuServe.COM                                    Jonathan Flanders
75051.653@CompuServe.COM                                Victor George Nicassio                                  Andrew Cameron Morris                                           Annette Marie Aldous                                          Aaron R. Priven                                      Tom Patterson                                               Andrew Cowan                                          Stephen Wakeford                                                        Adam Rose                                          Arienne Dwyer                                                 Sandy Ryan                                                      Andrew Hagen                                                 Tina M. Wood                                    Alicia Butler                                                   Allan Liska                                             Bowen Alpern                                         Linda Ripley                               Andrew Cooper                                     Anne Owen McCormick                                              Jim Appleby
arw9909@is.NYU.EDU                                                Alison Wight                                                  Josh Atkins                                          Atul Narkhede                                     Thomas Atzert                                                 Alexander Zukas                                           Bruce Cronin                                                  Ben Adair                            Bernd Binder
bcemer@YorkU.CA                                                    Brett Cemer                                                       Lois Danks                                             Ben Rudder                                    Sayan Bhattacharyya                                           Jeric Bilo                                           Dan Birchall                                                 Brian Schuth                                               Blair Sandler                                                   Dave Swartz                                               Gay Harley                                       Brian McDougall                                        Bo G. Ekelund                                           Michael Borek                                          Niels Olof Bouvin                                                Brian Griffin                                             Bret Benjamin                                              Lee S. Bumgarner                                         Ben Weiner                                    Chris Williams                                         Abra Quinn                                                 Cale Layton
carrigan@rastro.Colorado.EDU                               Jacqueline Carrigan                                   James W. Cassell                                              Mark Kupferman                                               Geoffrey Caveney                                           Caroline Bishop                                     Tom Christiansen                                         Jorn Andersen                                                Chris Faatz                                                  Chris Bryant                                                  Carlos Guevara                                           Giselle Gerolami                                         Chris Croome
cj@s1.GANet.NET                                         Christopher A. Johnson                                            Charlotte Kates                                               Carsten Lorenzen                                       Chris Lawson                            Carlos Manuel Indacochea                                                 Christopher Phelps
cvb@acsu.Buffalo.EDU                                              Chris Barnes                                        Andy Daitsman                                       David Cantrell                                         Matt Davies
dawsonb@ohsu.EDU                                               Benjamin Dawson                                         Doug Riblet                                                     Deke Nihilson                                       Derek McMillan                                                Derek Hrynyshyn                                         Joshua DeVries                                       Annette Dexter                                            Dennis Fischman                                            Daniel Heller                                                David Kingsland                                                  Dan Morris                                             Joe H. Smith                                               Don Barry                                                 Luciano Dondero                                                          Doug Orr                                       David Pope                                              David Besser
dse8671@is2.NYU.EDU                                             Diana Erickson                                        Doug Weller                                   Derek Wright                                            John Eckman                                           Ed Book                                      Edward Rushton                                              Erik Hetzner                                       Hans G. Ehrbar                                                Eric Lerner                                          Elliot P. Holar
EMERYS@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU                                          Emery Smith                                              Barry Deutsch                                       Eric Sollien                                                        Erik Olsen                                        Espen Loken                                                  Ed. Stoebenau                                              E. Wayles Browne                                    Karen Farquharson                                                      Zoli Fekete                                   Rudy Fichtenbaum                                            Scott Figgins                                         Carwil James                                         Peter Fitting                                                    Fu Shutao                                               Goetz Renger                                                David Headman                                                     Gordon Fitch                                          Greg Coyne                                                Eugene Marner                                               Gary Holloway                                            Greg King                                           Malcolm Gordon                               Grant Brookes                                              Greg Michaelson                               David Iain Greig                                          Florian Hars                                            Julia Havelin                                     Helmut Fiedler                                             Harry Feldman                                           John Hitzfelder                                          Hilary Kemp                              Heiko Kempa                                              Andrei Hobson                                     Joel A. Huberman                                    Anne E. Huberman                                              Ian Hunt                                          Ian Stonelake                                             Mike Ironside                                            Wendy Richards                                      Ian Jackson                                               Iwao Kitamura                                               J.G. Walker                                                 John Taylor                                       Jacob Minsky                                    James Cussens                                              Jan Perlwitz                                                 Jan Isley                                           Justin Arbuckle
jcohen@YorkU.CA                                                   Joanne Cohen                                          Jeff Sparrow                                                   Johan Forsberg
JFOSTER@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU                                 John Bellamy Foster                                               Jeff Goslin                                                J.T. Hartman                                    Jennifer Hayter                                                   Jack Hicks                                                   John Holmes                                   James J Hurd                                         Joerg Meyer                                                   Mike Morrison                                                John Mage                                              John Ffitch                                            JJ Plant                          Joern Radtke                                              Jason Renaud                                               John Westerman                                        Judith Perlwitz                                               Jules Dubois                                                John Winney                                           Jean-Yves Bourdin                                            Karl-Johan Noren                                                Kelley Bevans                                    Kevin Cabral                                     Kenneth Campbell                          Kevin Timothy Alfred Meaney                                        Kester Edmonds                                      Wolfgang Pomrehn                                       Hinrich Kuhls                                                   Ken Miyamoto                                                  Gunnar Kreku                                                  Leo E. Casey                                    Michael Lepore                                  Martin Schr"oder                                                Louis Proyect                                          Dave Hollis                                 Lorrie Wood                                                       Dana Smith                                        Luigi Candreva
luke@smd.smd.sublink.ORG                                      Luciano Mannucci                                             Brian R. Magner                                                         Lars Wiklund                                     Jacob Andersson                                            Martin Cooke                                        Marianne Sick                                  Michael Thomson                                              Robert Malecki                                           Melissa Forbis                                Manuel S. Lombardero                                                  Marcel Hatch                                                Marian Larkin                                         Mark Goudkamp                                           Mark Houghton                                                  Mark Findlay                                 R. Mark Burchell                                              Marshall DeBruhl                                 Martin Johansen                                      Martin Jukovsky                                  Matthew Carey                                                Max B. Sawicky                                        Wadood Hamad
mcgregoa@Cognos.COM                                            Alayne McGregor                                           Joseph E Medley
mepstein@Trenton.EDU                                              Mark Epstein                                           Markus Freericks                                           Michael Gillman                                               Mike Gonzalez                                        Marianne Hill                           Michael Niemann                                     Michael Perelman                                     Matthias Jordan                                                      Arthur Mink                                            Michael Jerin                                            Mike Keenan                                            Michael Loomis                                                Mike Lynch                                             Michael Lipsie                                Michael Luftmensch                                       Marc Luzietti                                                   Myles Magner                                    Mike McCallister                                                Maria McHugh
mmschiff@YorkU.CA                                            M. Michael Schiff                                          Kent Duryee                                             Fred Ferguson                                                       Eric Ward                                            Manon Anne Ress                                              Stephanie Smith                              Michael-Teunis Galvin                                    Nicole Evonne Lemley                                              Ho-Leung Ng                                            Niranjan Rajani                                                     Josh Klugman                                N. M. Alexander Smith                                                  Kathleen Kelly                                                Oscar Owens                      Wolfgang Oberpeilsteiner                                               I. Oguocha                                         Ole Hofmann                                                        Chan Cheong                                                Oyvin Wormnas                              Servet Utku                                              Jeremy Busacca                                          Paul Mendoza                                              Paul Dunne
paulf@HK.Super.NET                                           Paul Frankenstein                                              Trevor Tymchuk                                              Per I Mathisen
perlo@csb.YALE.EDU                                                Arthur Perlo                                            Robert Perrone                                                      Peter Moore                                 Peter Hundley
peter.matilainen@UAlberta.CA                                  Peter Matilainen                                        Peter J. Rohleder                                           Peter West                                        Peter Rushton
peterm@ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU                                    Peter Maher                                              Gord Peters
peter_hayes@MINDLINK.BC.CA                                         Peter Hayes                                                    Jon Britton                                            Pete Gillard                                    Paul M Gleeson                                                  Phil Gustafson                                        Ian Phillips                                                    Felix Frost                                                     Paulo Melo                                          Yves-Marie Quemener                                         Rolf Koehne                                      Rahul Mahajan                               Rainer Rolffs                                             Raoul Golan                                            Ryan Daum                                          Rhenda Iris Strub                                                 Rick Kuhn                                                Richard Miller                                                       Roby Leemann                                                   Rob Bunting                                             Richard Hoskins                                              Richard Newton                                             Ollivier Robert                                        Ronald D. Braithwaite                                   Ronald Kunenborg                                     Reg. H. Scaife                                           Richard T. Spear                                                   Brian Wiles                                                       Russ Reeves                                           Paul Henry Rosenberg                                       Raymond Chase                                                      Sam Scott                                   Steve Carl Devine                                        Laura Schere                                                    Cynthia Trump
SEANNO@KSUVM.KSU.EDU                                            A. Sean Noonan                                                Shane Gunster                                           Shane Henry Mage                                                 Thomas Wings                                      Robert P. Smith                                     Wojtek Sokolowski                            Soren Groth Petersen                                          Tommaso Spazzali                                                Scott Penrose-Kafka                                      Sven Rudolph                                               Scott Schaffer                                  Kenneth H. Johnson                                           Stanley Rosenthal                                               Steve Cumming                                       Stephen Sommerville                           Frederick Anthony Sullivan                                             Trish Sumlak                                 Kevin O'Donnell
sylvar@grove.ufl.EDU                                             Ben Ostrowsky                                 Jeremy Moss                           Ulrich Schatzschneider                                             Paul Kneisel                                                   Theresa Alt                                                     Tom Ellett                                          Todd M. Freeberg                                          Thomas G. Smith, Jr.                                            Tim Willets                                                 Tarik Kanaana                                                 Tom Keefer                                       Tom Amundrud                                               Tom Condit                                               Roger Tracy                                                   Mike Ballard                                         Tania Maria Rosario                                               Paul Odekirk                                                    Tony Tracy                                 Geoff Brown                                             Thomas Waters                                                  Anthony Adams                                          Bob Kastigar                                   Jim O'Loughlin                                               Kurban Versi                                                 Van Piercy                                                  N.T. Wakelyn                                      Richard Walker                                     Werner Unbekannt
WGDCC%CUNYVM.BITNET@GITVM1.GATECH.EDU                              Walter Daum                               Gary Wilson                                             Wolf Goehring                                             Paul Cockshott                                         Yaron Rozenbaum
zarembka@acsu.Buffalo.EDU                                        Paul Zarembka                                            Zeynep Tufekcioglu

Voted No
102404.147@CompuServe.COM                                        Anthony Cicci
75264.1320@CompuServe.COM                                      Thomas J. Tully                                      Pierre Savoie                                             A. Reichert                                            Alan Milnes                                                     Brad Aisa                                         Milton Kleim                                             John Johnston                                           Steve Bonine                                             Martin H. Booda                                        Peter G. Bouillon                                           Breier W. Scheetz                                               Brian Bresnahan                                            Bryan Williams                                         Bernard Klatt                                          Carrie Johnston                                                     Ales Casar                                      William C. Cox
chasm@ICSI.Net                                              Charles L Hamilton                                               Chris Stamper
comp139q217@camins.Camosun.BC.CA                                Roger Williams                                                   Charles Smith                                          David Weigel                                          David A. Burton                                                    David Crawford                                            David J. Morrison                                                Olivier Devuns                                                 Dimitri Vulis                                               E. F. Gehringer                                                   Holly Colyer                                                  Eric Stobbart                                          Steve Evans
finc27@zx2.HRZ.Uni-Dortmund.DE                                    Thomas Adams                                           Eric Forbis                                                 Frank Peep                                        Pawel Friedman                                     Alex I. Hamlow                                            William R Ward                                          Lance Hollister                                                  Dean Hougen                                                     Jay Stevens                                               Joseph L. Bell                               Jim Breckel                                          Jenny Phillips                                              Jeff Taraldson                                           Jeffrey A. Harper                             John Eric Conner                                               John Gleason                                                John Leslie                                           Jeff Quinton                                                    Phil Finkle                                                 Karl Ward                                                   Hasnain Khan                                              Kim DeVaughn                                             Kevin Nelson                                           Wayne Knecht                                           K.C. Komosky                                       Kevin Phillips                                                    Larry Smith                                        Michael Burns                                              Mark E. Taylor                                           Mark Steinberger                                              Martin Singleton                                           Darin McBride
mike@MIT.EDU                                                      Mike Decerbo                                               Michael Klein
mphillip@phillip.salzo.Cary.NC.US                                Mike Phillips                                               Kerry Gilliard                                        Edward Holdgate IV                                       Christian Weisgerber                                             Olav Nieuwejaar                                   Patrick J. LoPresti                              Arthur Edward LeBouthillier                                               Peter Schwarz                                           Peter T. Goedhart                                     Chris Phillips                                             George Burdi                                       Michael Redmon                                                 Richard Lanser                                                 Rick Savage                                             Glen Ryan                                                     Frank Ryan                                                     John Cross
scarew@KEAN.UCS.MUN.CA                                             Shawn Carew                                               Lenny Schafer                                                Sean Roberts                                        Steven Sanabria                                                  Dwight Brown                                         Nicholas Sylvain                                               Natalie E. Smoot                                               Ed Bertsch                                            Thomas G. McWilliams                                                    Paul Nanson                                      Travis L. Thompson                                       Thor Kottelin                                             Tintin Herge                             Todd C. Lawson                                                        Tony Storz                                    Connelly Simmons                                                 Kay Wang                                                      Shane Ryan                                         Raymond Horogan                                       Steve Willner                                               William W. Gould                                              David L. Hanson                                                    Ned Fleming

------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                     Rich Graves
mmt@RedBrick.COM                                                 M Mike Taksar                                                Marc Thirion                                         Risto Widenius

Votes in error
------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                              Matt Aggus
   ! No vote statement in message                                               Alan Cibils
   ! No ballot                                                       Matt D.
   ! No real name given                                              Nunes Silva
   ! No vote statement in message
bheyler@skidmore.EDU                                              Brian Heyler
   ! No ballot                                         Les Griswold
   ! No ballot                                           Chai R. Montgomery
   ! No ballot
   ! No name given                                                  Fiona Sinclair
   ! No vote statement in message                                Judy Doyle &/or Alex Taylor
   ! No ballot                                              Danny A. Nijburg
   ! No ballot
david@U.Arizona.EDU                                                      David
   ! No real name given                                              David Calvis
   ! No vote statement in message                                      Dennis G. Medina
   ! No ballot                                               R.C. (Dick) Gray
   ! No ballot                                      David Bedggood
   ! No ballot
dr@ICSI.Net                                                     Dan Rothschild
   ! No ballot
   ! No ballot                                              Daniel W Norbeck
   ! No ballot               If you do not give your real name, your
   ! No real name given                                        John Graversgaard
   ! No ballot                                                          huug
   ! No real name given                                   Richard Hyman
   ! No vote statement in message                                                      CEP
   ! No real name given                                       Jeffrey Turner
   ! No ballot                                      Jacqueline Cantwell
   ! No ballot                                                   Jeff Jedras
   ! No vote statement in message                                                        Jess
   ! No real name given                                 Jeffrey A Klosterman
   ! No ballot                                            Jonathan Marin
   ! No ballot                                                 GUTAYE
   ! No ballot                                           Ken Brown
   ! No ballot                                             Frank Kovacs
   ! No vote statement in message                                    Leonardo Lomartire
   ! No vote statement in message                                              LaborNet
   ! No real name given                                               Leo Bauer
   ! No ballot                                            Lew Waldeck
   ! No ballot                                       Marco Vadilonga
   ! No vote statement in message                                                       Megan Adam
   ! No vote statement in message       by way of (J. William Hull)
   ! No real name given                                               || Eric ||
   ! No ballot
   ! No ballot                                          Blaine E. Thompson
   ! No ballot
   ! No name given                                       Robert A. Horton, Jr.
   ! No ballot                                 Simon Bromberger
   ! No ballot                                   Salvo Pagliarello
   ! No vote statement in message
   ! No vote statement in message
slord@YorkU.CA                                                      Susan Lord
   ! No ballot
smash@nazi.scum                                                 Andreas Baader
   ! Invalid address                                                Tim Snow
   ! No ballot
   ! No ballot                                                 David Walters
   ! Invalid address                                               Natalia Liarokapi
   ! No ballot
WA150%UTMARTN.BITNET@GITVM1.GATECH.EDU                          Sylvia M. Rowe
   ! No ballot                                                 Wyatt Kaldenberg
   ! No ballot                                                 Marcus
   ! No ballot                                           Bruno Esposito=20
   ! No vote statement in message
  Running UseVote 3.0

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