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EIR.020193:You had the attempt to drive the United States, under British
EIR.020193:time. In the 19th century, the British, fearing that France and
EIR.020193:the British Library, sometimes called the British Museum, who was
EIR.020193:were the Mazzini-type lodges run by the British. We had this
EIR.020193:interventions in the area, still run by the old British
EIR.020193:kind of British control I talked about. Until that is faced, we
EIR.020193:  - The ADL Is Deployed By A Faction of British Intelligence -
EIR.020193:   This organization has always worked for a faction of British
EIR.020193:particular, {was ordered} from New York City by British
EIR.020193:intelligence through a British intelligence agent, Canon Edward
EIR.020193:was also a coordinator for British intelligence's Hospitaller of
EIR.021893:beginning, from 1989-1990, the British and U.S. governments not
EIR.021893:British government. There {is} an understanding with Moscow on
EIR.021893:Reagan-Bush administration. And the British were brought into it,
EIR.021893:the British establishment as well, because we talked to them, and
EIR.021893:British and others did, beginning 1989 or 1990 with the fall of
EIR.030893:and Freemasonic in flavor, that is, the British Freemasons,
EIR.030893:Herrhausen, who was assassinated on British orders,
EIR.030893:sheikh is a British intelligence asset. We have his pedigree;
EIR.030893:he is British intelligence. He was brought into the United
EIR.030893:asset actually owned by British intelligence out of the old
EIR.030893:and the British. He was used as the extremist, a
EIR.030893:and Britain put a British asset, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
EIR.030893:     We have heard Lord Owen, the British ambassador,
EIR.030893:policy, not just the Bosnian policy, but over the British
EIR.032493:mine, was killed, assassinated, by British interests because they
EIR.032493:Clinton administration and the British government still calls
EIR.032493:challenging the sea power of the British Empire. And the British
EIR.032493:coming back to become part of the British Empire. 
EIR.032493:   From 1880 on, the British became very excited about what
EIR.032493:   This was triggered, by British agents and their friends in
EIR.032493:the worldwide power of the British Empire. 
EIR.032493:a British Intelligence asset, and some Serbs who were also
EIR.032493:Balkans--in the same way that British Intelligence had launched
EIR.033093:Anglo-American, essentially British but Anglo-American,
EIR.033093:leadership of German science, the British feared--not the
EIR.033093:   The British thought that if that were to occur, that would be
EIR.033093:the end of the British Empire, because the continent of Eurasia
EIR.033093:That was a signal for both U.S. intelligence services and British
EIR.033093:of Europe, which they did. And at the same time, the British and
EIR.033093:certain U.S. and British assets in former Yugoslavia--that is, the
EIR.033093:got together, under U.S. and British sponsorship, with the Israelis
EIR.040893:and the British economies, which is already going on. 
EIR.041493:cities from water. So {whole sections of British cities were cut
EIR.041493:British were afraid that with the development of Germany and a
EIR.041493:States which hated Britain and the British Empire--would come
EIR.041493:development which would destroy the ability of the British Empire
EIR.041493:Austro-Hungary. But it is the British who are the guilty parties
EIR.041493:   In 1989-1990, the British, fearing that the unification of
EIR.041493:with the British Empire. We are now going to foster the
EIR.041493:this British idiocy against which we fought in our War of
EIR.042193:same period, by British, French, and Spanish forces. 
EIR.042193:traitor, an accomplice of the British in a war which was
EIR.042193:British-controlled traitor (by his own words)--who had
EIR.042193:Scottish Rite, together with British intelligence,
EIR.042193:British adversarial role toward the United States in the
EIR.042193:especially from 1763, 1766, when the British Crown and people
EIR.042193:around the British East India Company and Barings Bank, moved
EIR.042193:history of, first, American {resistance} to British looting,
EIR.042193:and secondly, the British effort, with the aid of traitors
EIR.042193:an end to the domination of the world by this British Empire
EIR.122892:the Adam Smith form of the British East India Co., destroyed 
EIR.122892:British economy is the useless rust bucket today, and why the 
EIR.122892:and he finds that horses, i.e., a parody of the British aristocracy, 
EIR.122892:the British government, that the Serbian fascists of Slobodan 
EIR.122892:Serbian Lodges: this particular group, together with the British
EIR.122892:Europe operation,} initiated by British intelligence, with the
EIR.122892:trained in these arts, {by British psychological warfare}--that
EIR.122892:British intelligence, through people like Fitzroy McLean, who is
EIR.122892:the British supported the Communist partisans there, and also
EIR.122892:British intelligence. And these guys, received their training
EIR.122892:is being run {with the consent} of the Russian, British, French,
EIR.122892:British Parliament who are complaining about it, and elsewhere.
EIR.122892:outgrowths of the Rosicrucians, such as the British Freemasonry
EIR.122892:British side, such as the Houston Stewart Chamberlain side, the
EIR.v20n5-1:anti-Augustinian dogmas of the British East India
EIR.v20n5-1:was the unique alternative to the British System of Adam
EIR.v20n5-1:paid agent of the British East India Company, and it was
EIR.v20n5-1:precisely the free-trade system of British imperialism
EIR.v20n5-2:so-called eighteenth century ``British liberalism'' of
EIR.v20n5-2:reference to British imperialism, let alone any reference
EIR.v20n5-2:          - Adam Smith and the British System -
EIR.v20n5-2:importation of British goods. The colonies were to be
EIR.v20n5-2:British national debt. 
EIR.v20n5-2:represents the real capitalist alternative to the British
EIR.v20n5-2:form of Christian economy, which opposed the British
EIR.v20n5-2:States has adopted the British system, which Neuhaus and

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