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Subject: Wotan (was re: National Socialism Frequently Asked Questions)
From: (Christopher J Hoover )
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 1994 15:24:51 GMT
Organization: University of South Dakota

[introductory notes]

The following is from a reprint of David Lane's "Wotan Is Coming," _WAR: 
White Aryan Resistance_, April 1993, found as a chapter in Charles P.
Cozic, _Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict_ (San Diego:  Greenhaven Press,
1994).  All bracketed material is Cozic's, except one [_sic_], which is
mine.  Any further misspellings or typographical errors are probably mine
as well.

Violence Is Justified to Protect the Purity of the White Race

by David Lane

About the author:  _David Lane is an inmate at the Leavenworth federal
penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas.  Lane is serving a forty-year sentence
for murder, racketeering, and robbery._

As it grows ever more evident that there is no peaceful solution if we are
to secure the existence of our race, our fold will be forced to abandon the
conservative hoax.  If their allegiance to our executioners' religious and
political institutions is greater than their instinct for racial survival,
then they are the enemy.  If they obey the first law of nature, the
preservation of their own race, then they must become total implacable,
fanatic, and ruthless enemies of our executioners' institutions.  This we
call the revolutionary mentality.

The time has long passed for endless tomes demonstrating intellectual
sophistry whether it be in deciphering alleged history (secular or
religious) or theories that wrap logic five times around a crooked tree.

                                 Fabled History

These tomes are demonstrably immaterial and irrelevant.  Irrelevant because
history is a fable.  Every power system, religious and secular, for at
least 2000 years, has continuously altered, rewritten, backdated, invented,
and slanted all previous historical records, which in turn were false to
begin with.  The propaganda of the victor becomes the history of the
vanquished.  The issue that concerns us is clearly defined in present day
circumstances.  A reasonable observation of central Africa in comparison to
central Europe is enough to horrify any sane white person who has learned
how to think.  White males should be equally horrified that the beauty of
Aryan women may soon perish from the earth.

Having once competed in the materialistic ZOG [Zionist Occupations
Governments] controlled American capitalist system, I learned to hate the
term positive attitude, as it was a staple in the sales seminars, used to
inspire materialistic swine toward ever greater greed.  Nonetheless, a
positive attitude is necessary if it is combined with action.  To that end,
in the future, we will hopefully focus our words and teachings on what we
must do to win.  The problems we face have already been delineated
countless times.  It takes only one paragraph to define the problem and
only 14 words to state our goal.

                           Denying White Separateness

The problem, in one paragraph, particularly the portion underlined, is as
follows:  _America and the Zionist Occupation Governments deny us
exclusively white countries and everything necessary for our continued
existence as a biological and cultural entity_.  White people who resist
are destroyed socially, economically, and politically.  Those who continue
to effectively resist the murder of their race are imprisoned or
assassinated.  We are a small minority on earth.  The inevitable result of
racial integration is a percentage of interbreeding every year, leading to
racial death by miscegenation.  Forced integration is therefore deliberate
malicious genocide.

It takes only fourteen words to state our goal, our cause, our passion, to
wit; "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white

It takes only one sentence to justify our actions, to wit, we obey the
first law of nature which is preservation of our own kind.

                           Wotan:  Necessary Violence

So, let's go on to strategy.  Resistance to tyranny within an occupied
country necessarily forms into certain structures.  Most basic is the
division between the political or legal arm, and the armed party which I
prefer to call Wotan [German for Odin, the supreme god and god of war in
Norse mythology] as it is an excellent anagram [_sic_][1] for the will of
the Aryan nation.  The political arm is distinctly and rigidly separated
from Wotan.  The political arm will always be subjected to surveillance,
scrutiny, harassment, and attempted infiltration by the system.  Therefore
the political arm must remain scrupulously legal within the parameters
allowed by the occupying power.  The function of the political arm is
above all else to disseminate propaganda.  The nature of effective
propaganda is magnificently detailed in [Adolf Hitler's] _Mein Kampf_, and
condensed in _88 Precepts_.  The political arm is a network and loose
confederation of like minded individuals sharing a common goal. 

Wotan draws recruits from those educated by the political arm.  When a
Wotan "goes active" he severs all apparent or provable ties with the
political arm.  If he has been so foolish as to obtain "membership" in such
an organization, all records of such association must be destroyed or
resignation submitted.

The goal of Wotan is clear.  He must hasten the demise of the system before
it totally destroys our gene pool.  Some of his weapons are fire, bombs,
guns, terror, disruption, and destruction.  Weak points in the
infrastructure of an industrialized society are primary targets. 
Individuals who perform valuable service for the system are primary
targets.  Special attention and merciless terror is visited upon those
white men who commit race treason.  Wotan has a totally revolutionary
mentality.  He has no loyalty to anyone or anything except his cause. 
Those who do not share his cause are expendable and those who oppose his
cause are targets.  Wotan is mature, capable, ruthless, self-motivated,
silent, deadly, and able to blend into the masses.  Wotan receives no
recognition for his labors for if the folk knows his identity then soon the
enemy will also.  Wotan are small autonomous cells, one man cells if
possible.  No one, not wife, brother, parent or friend, knows the identity
or actions of Wotan.

                               Death to Traitors

In particular, if you are a white male who commits race treason, the day is
coming when you will be visited by Wotan.  Your demise will be unpleasant.

Judges, lawyers, bankers, real estate agents, judeo-christian preachers,
federal agents, and other assorted treasonous swine take note, Wotan is
coming.  Your wealth, your homes, your women, and your lives are at risk
when you commit treason.  Pray that you die quickly.  One day Wotan will
feed your repulsive carcasses to the vultures and bury your bones under
outhouses that our folk may forever pay fitting tribute to your memory. 
That day is called "Ragnarok" [Norse concept of doomsday].

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