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   ``{EIR'}s Talks With Lyndon LaRouche 
   August 4, 1993 
   Interviewer: Mel Klenetsky 

     MEL KLENETSKY: Welcome to {Executive Intelligence
Review'}s Talks With Lyndon LaRouche. I'm Mel Klenetsky.
We're on the line with Mr. LaRouche from Rochester,

     ``There Is a Worldwide Crash in Progress; We Are In A
     Depression Already'' 

     Mr. LaRouche, the developments in Europe around the
economic situation are becoming quite dramatic. George Soros
apparently did not get his way with his predictions and his
efforts to collapse the French franc. The EC finance minister
is widening the band  of currency evaluations from 2.25 to 15
percent. The French Nobel Prize economist is warning of a new
crash, 1987- style; what do we have in Europe? 

     Are we looking at another crash? 

     MR. LAROUCHE: Well, we're looking at some other things.
Yes, we are looking at a crash, of course, not just in
Europe. We're looking at a worldwide crash. There are a
number of things that can detonate it. 

     The crash is in progress. We are in a depression
already; contrary to some wishful publicity in various
newspapers and from various governments, the world is in a

   We face, for example, the effect of the Midwest floods.
The United States concentrated a great deal of the world's
food supply in a nine-state area in the United States,
centered around soy and other grains, soy and regular grains.
This whole area is now in jeopardy, as a result of an unusual
weather pattern and lack of preparation for this problem.
There is going to be a zooming price of food on the world
market September-October, somewhere in that period. This is
going to help blow out the entire financial situation, which
is already in jeopardy. 

     At the same time, the underlying, immediate crisis, is
the so-called derivatives crisis; that is, we have a
ballooning financial bubble which is unsustainable, which is
coming to the end of its life anyway, a balloon that's about
to pop, and a lot of things that are going to pop it. 

     Now George Soros, who is essentially a front for a
British- directed group of international speculators, is the
key figure here. He is not the person behind the scenes, but
he's the key figure out in front on this derivatives. He's
attacking every currency in Europe, and will attack the
dollar, if he isn't eliminated from the scene before then. 

     So the British and others are now talking my line a bit,
about putting a transaction tax, a sales tax, so to speak, on
derivatives transactions as a way of either shutting this
thing down or bringing it under control to some degree, while
getting some revenue to balance some very badly unbalanced
budgets, not only in the United States, but around the world. 

     We are on the edge of the worst financial crash of the
twentieth century. Exactly when that will come, is uncertain,
but it will come somewhere between the fall and next spring;
and it's already in process. 

     Q: One of the things that Mr. Allais, the Nobel Prize
economist blamed in terms of this situation, is the unlimited
speculation, the banks creating money out of nothing, the
financing of long-term investments with short-term funds.
What can remedy these kinds of wrongdoings on the part of the
banking community? 

     MR. LAROUCHE: Nothing. 

     That is, nothing in terms of a Mr. Fixit package;
nothing in terms of some simple household recipe that
somebody might think they understand in the great populist
Midwest of the United States. 

     What is happening is an unravelling of an entire system,
most specifically, the system that has ruled the United
States and the world under IMF leadership over the past 25

     What is unravelling is the world that that lunatic,
Milton Friedman, sold to many credulous Americans, the world
which Ronald Reagan bought into, in a sense, from the
propagandizing of Milton Friedman and others. 

     So everything that the average economist from Harvard or
any other leading university today is teaching as economics;
that world has come to an end; and virtually every economist
in the world, unlike a few people like myself and Maurice
Allais and so forth, are totally unqualified to say anything
about this. And the great problem is, that the people who
were advising governments generally, the people who were
chief executives in the banking and related financial
community, are also up to their ears investing in this kind
of criminal speculation. 

     And from none of the leading conventional institutions
of the press or government, is there any sanity on the
question. There are leaks of sanity, out of desperation from
places like the London Guardian, and a few other places, who
are talking about what I've been talking about for some time:
a tax on derivatives, as a way of bringing this speculation
under control. That's only partial, but that's something that
has to be done. 

     What we're talking about really, are the things I
proposed in my last presidential election campaign in 1992. 

     [commercial break] 

     Q: Mr. LaRouche, you discussed George Soros conducting
operations against the French franc. How does an individual,
even if he's representing a group of individuals, conduct
warfare against whole countries? 

     MR. LAROUCHE: Well, because he represents Anglo-American
banking interests. 

     Remember first of all, Soros, though he became an
American citizen, was trained in London and is controlled by
those financial interests in London closely tied to the
British royal family, specifically the Rothschild interests. 

     He has been controlled for some time by a fellow called
Hartmann. Hartmann was operating out of Zug, Switzerland,
which is one of the banking centers, through the N.M.
Rothschild Continuation Trust. Hartmann was the man who
controlled the BNL and BCCI simultaneously, or coordinated
it, which were not Pakistani or Gulf banks; they were British
Commonwealth banks, controlled through this Rothschild
intermediation. He worked for them, and still does. 

     Now on the American side, his controller or coordinator
has been Gerald Corrigan, who's going to work for him on the
Russian side, and a State Department official, R. Mark
Palmer, who went to work for Soros even before he fully quit
his job at the State Department. That's how tight this is. 

     His operation is run largely out of the New York's Fed
operation, and the major banking houses and some of the
financial houses, such as Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs, and so
forth, that crowd, out of New York City. So it's an
Anglo-American operation coordinated from London through this
Zug, Switzerland-based operation. He's operating in every
country in eastern Europe, including Russia, and I think
Ukraine; he's operating in Italy, he's operating against the
British pound, the French franc, the German mark, the Italian
lira. So all of this commotion that we're seeing in European
currencies, while it occurs in the context of a general
collapse of international finance and monetary order, the
collapse in Europe is being pushed by Soros on behalf of
Anglo- American central banking and financial interests. 

     Budget-Cutting Mania: Why the American People Must Give
     Up Their False Beliefs 

     Q: Earlier on, you started to discuss the potential
solutions. What would you say needs to be done to dry up the
derivatives market? 

     MR. LAROUCHE: The point is here, that the American
people and the institutions, accept certain propositions. 

     For example. Look at this insanity called budget
balancing. Now what the administration is doing, in terms of
budget balancing, is from an economic standpoint, absolutely
insane. But don't blame the administration; look at Ross
Perot, who's preaching the same doctrine. Look at the
Bushies, the Bush Leaguers, who were pushing the same
doctrine. They have been pushing it for years, since 1983,
heavily, since the April 1993, when Volcker pushed this as a
way of stopping the Strategic Defense Initiative operation,
by bringing up this budget crisis, saying, ``Cut the budget,
cut the budget.'' 

     Well, this is lunacy. The actual size of federal
government non-military employees today, is a smaller
percentile of the labor force than it was 25 years ago. 

     Government spending as such has not caused this crisis
in any way; and cutting government spending, is not going to
help the crisis in any way. But people {believe} in this
budget-balancing nonsense. People in East Podunk, in
Davenport, Iowa, who knows where else, believe in this
nonsense. It has become the accepted myth. Whenever the
budget is not balanced, whenever there's a crisis, they say
balance the budget. It's a piece of insanity; but the budget
balancing effort, the philosophy behind it, is what has
{caused} this crisis. That is, instead of investing in
creating jobs in areas which make the economy grow and thus
increasing the tax revenue base without increasing tax rates,
what they're doing is {cutting} the growth of the economy,
making the economy smaller, increasing the ratio of tax
burden to total income. It's insane. 

     But every time it fails, they go back and say ``We
didn't do it well enough, we didn't cut hard enough, we
didn't take enough meat out of the bone.'' And that only
makes it worse. This budget package, which the Clinton
administration is pushing, hopefully through, in order to get
a budget at all, is going to make things worse. Fortunately,
it will not make things as bad as a {successful} budget
cutting would have done. 

     But the problem here is that the American people in
particular, have been brainwashed into the thinking of Milton
Friedman and similar types over these years; and when the
Congressmen say, well, maybe you're right, maybe we should
have a growth program, the people in East Podunk and
Davenport, Iowa, are saying, cut the budget, or we'll throw
you out of office. 

     Therefore, the Congressmen, under pressure of political
and intellectual corruption in the majority of voters, are
doing things which many of them know to be insane; and this
insanity is making things worse. Every time they try to fix
it, they're using the wrong tool. It's like using a
sledgehammer to fix a fine watch; and every time the watch
keeps ticking, they say, ``Well, hit it harder.'' 

     [commercial break] 

     Q: Mr. LaRouche, please continue this discussion of the
budget crisis. 

     MR. LAROUCHE: Well, the problem here, as I said, is that
the American people believe certain mythologies in which they
have been thoroughly brainwashed by the official press and by
idiots who teach economics in colleges. And therefore they
are demanding, or being induced to demand, more of the
sickness every time the sickness gets worse. It's like you
have some serious sickness, and you say, ``Well, give another
infusion of those infectious bacteria, see if that doesn't
cure the problem.'' 

     So the budget balancing, that is, cutting the growth
factor in the U.S. economy, which is the cause of the
problem, is the remedy they're applying; and that's just
driving things worse. 

     When people believe something, when there's a generally
accepted false belief, then every time the society becomes
sicker, the people demand a stricter application of that
false belief, assuming that's the cure. Like people say,
``Give us more free market; that will cure everything.''
``No, the market's not free enough yet, so give it more of
that.'' The economy collapses and people say well, you didn't
apply the free market principle strictly enough; and the
economy collapses still more as a result of that. 

     That is the kind of cycle we are in. So it's not just a
technical problem, it's a problem of mentality and it's a
problem of mentality which is not limited to a few economists
or to some politicians in Washington. The rottenness here is
imbedded in the minds of the majority of people of the United
States. And since the majority of the people in the United
States are demanding this kind of approach, rather than the
one they need, the crisis is going to become worse until the
bubble bursts. Then the people are going to scream, ``Give us
something else.'' And when the people in the United States
are willing to give up the silly ideas which are now the
popular ideas in which they believe, then we can have a cure;
but until that time, this thing is just simply going to get
worse; and the people should stop blaming Washington and the
technicians, and they should start blaming themselves for
spending too much time watching television--spectator sports,
especially--MTV, and soap opera, and reading silly newspaper
articles. They should start thinking for themselves, and
spending less time on these foolish types of recreations.
Their lives may depend upon it; certainly their incomes do. 

     How the Economic and Cultural Disintegration of the
     United States Could Come About by the Year 2000 

     Q: Mr. LaRouche, you refer to the Anglo-American cabal
behind George Soros. Well certainly, if we look at England
and the United states, they may be financial powers, but they
are not superpowers any more. And when {Nezavisimaya Gazeta,}
the big Moscow newspaper, talks about the U.S. disintegrating
by the year 2000, are they referring to this collapse in
terms of the basic infrastructure of the U.S. economy? 

     MR. LAROUCHE: Partly. This is the July 30th edition of
{Nezavisimaya Gazeta}, a featured article, which stunned a
few people around the world, talking about the collapse of
the United States. 

     Well, I've been talking about that for a long time. I
talked about that during the last election campaign. 

     We are in a process, where, if certain things aren't
done, which I proposed in principle during that
campaign--nobody else proposed it--the United States as we
know it is going to disintegrate. 

     Look what's happening. Suppose we cut the budget some
more and don't have the kind of growth program which the
Congress and the majority of the people forbade Clinton even
to think about. Remember, Clinton had this very token growth
program we talked about a number of times; and that was
crushed. It was crushed by the Congress on the demand of the
New York bankers, and with the backing of the majority of
people in the United States. So we have no growth; therefore,
the thing is going to become worse. 

     Then they turn around, they're going to balance the
budget, as Ross Perot has demanded. That is going to make
things much worse. That means the tax revenue base, through
loss of business and loss of jobs around the country, is
going to make things worse. It means taxes for state and
local governments will collapse. It means we will not meet
the demands of the nation, as for example we're not going to
fix this flood effect. They're just not going to spend enough
money now, to fix the effects of this current Missouri-
Mississippi flood. 

     We're going to find sections of government around the
country going out of business--local governments. Davenport,
Iowa, for example, may go out of business. Other communities
around the nation, more and more of them, larger and larger
communities, not just small ones; entire state governments
will be virtually, if not entirely, shut down. Then later,
within a couple of years, whole sections of the federal
government, including the pension- distributing function,
will be shut down. Because the money does not exist to meet
these functions, these demands. 

     We will see a process of disintegration of the structure
of government combined with the worst depression in the
history of the twentieth century, combined with racial and
ethnic tensions which are being featured and fostered through
things like the Outcome Based Education program (OBE), which
is a program of turning children into zombies, dividing them
against one another. 

     [commercial break] 

     Q: Mr. LaRouche, you were discussing the {Nezavisimaya
Gazeta} article on the disintegration of the U.S. by the year
2000 and you were mentioning Outcome Based Education. 

     MR. LAROUCHE: What is happening in our school system, if
parents would look at what's coming up particularly in the
fall, is that, in 40 states in the United States at last
report, there are official programs to implement a revision
of education, a revision which is actually designed by,
literally, Satanists, that is, people who avow the worship of
Satan, such as Alice Bailey some time ago, and other friends
of the world's leading Satanist up to 1947, Aleister Crowley. 

     These Satanists designed the gut of this program. The
people who are leading in the program, like Robert Muller,
who was formerly connected to the UNESCO organization of the
United Nations, are members of a Satan-worshipping cult
called the Lucifer Trust, or known more commonly recently as
the Lucis Trust. This is being pushed also by a group from
out at the Stanford Research Institute in California, using a
book written some years ago, 1979, by a woman called Marilyn
Ferguson, who worked with a guy called Willis Harmon out
there at SRI. And if people look up Marilyn Ferguson, {The
Aquarian Conspiracy,} and look at Chapter 9, you'll see that
that Chapter 9 is being quoted all over the place by the
people behind the so-called Outcome Based Education or what
the Satanists call, as does the Anti-Defamation League, ``A
World of Difference'' program. 

     Now this program takes out of the schools all of the
so-called cognitive elements of education, and puts in what
is called affective education, the affective side of
education, the emotions--in other words, brainwashing. In
fact, such literal elements of brainwashing are {mandatory by
state law} in many states. This brainwashing includes things
such as the so-called relaxation hour, which is a
deep-breathing hypnosis program, using such imaginary
creatures as Pumsy the Magic Dragon; and the children are
told to go off into this fantasy. Children are told to hate
their parents; children are being separated from their
parents by orders of social workers who are totally
unqualified, so-called ``counsellors,'' who go in and say,
``Well, the child is not behaving in the approved manner,
politically correct manner, therefore, the parents are not
raising him or her properly,'' and take the child away from
the parents. 

     This action against children and families, done largely
through the National Education Association, which has avowed
itself during the 1980s, as committed to destroying the
nuclear family in the United States; this program's effects
upon the population under these economic conditions, is to
destroy the people of the United States. 

     And so what {Nezavisimaya Gazeta} says, is nothing
different than what I've been saying for some years. The
United States is headed toward disintegration, under the
present program. The test is going to be this year--not just
on the economic programs. 

     Will the parents of this nation allow this educational
program, this Outcome Based Education or ADL World of
Difference program, this literally Satanic program, to
continue in the school systems? 

     Remember the Joseph Fernandez case in New York City,
where they were teaching homosexuality to children at the age
of six. You have these pro-child-molesting organizations
which publish these books which are going into the school
system as reading material for six-year-olds. And they were
made mandatory by Joseph Fernandez, who was the Commissioner
of Education up there in New York, until some parents
revolted and he had to get out. 

     But that's going on all over the country: literal child
molesting. Sexually tainted child molesting, intellectual
child molesting, is going on. If that happens, we don't have
any population, we don't have families; we don't have
anything. And this nation is headed toward disintegration. 

     The American people are facing a moral test. Because I
think the one place the American people are most likely to
show morality, is toward the care and protection of their
younger children. I think they've given up on their
adolescents; but their younger children. And if the American
people do not defend their younger children, by stopping
these child-molesting programs called Outcome Based Education
or CORE program or World of Difference program, these Satanic
programs, then this nation has morally judged itself as unfit
to survive; and all the ingredients are there, for
disintegration of this nation. Disintegration: just coming
apart before the end of this century. 

     Q: Mr. LaRouche, I would like to move to Bosnia for a
second. Talking about disintegration, this area of the world
is facing obliteration and the latest Owen Plan, called for a
partition, and the President of Bosnia, Izetbegovic, rejected
it, on the basis that it did not recognize the sovereignty of

     What is the significance of that rejection? 

   MR. LAROUCHE: Well, the rejection is twofold. First of
all, Owen and his crowd are closely associated with those
Serbian fascists who are doing the atrocities in former
Yugoslavia. So don't be surprised that Owen continues the
policy of Henry Kissinger's buddy, Lord Carrington, in doing
everything possible to help the Serbs butcher and take over
everything. Owen is just simply a degenerate; there's no
other way to put it. The man is a psychiatrist, he's linked
to these psychiatrists, who, like Karadzic, are directing the
atrocities. So don't be surprised at anything. 

     Izetbegovic saw this. His legal adviser, a professor of
international law, Prof. Boyle, noted that once he signed
that thing, he'd lose everything. There was a blow-up in the
meeting. The adviser who actually wrote this garbage, blew up
and stalked out of the room when his role and his policy were

     But there's another aspect to this point. The reason
that the United States is collapsing politically, and the
reason that the world is collapsing politically, is because
the United States backed down to British and French pressure
and did not intervene militarily in the Balkans to aid the
Bosnians against these Serbian fascists in April and May, as
had been planned. 

     Recently, as we know, a group of members of the House of
Representatives and the Senate, moved with a letter to the
President, giving him support for acting on this. So the
United States put more pressure on the Europeans to give
permission for the United States to use planes, air support,
to help the Bosnians against the Serbian artillery positions
and presumably to lift these sanctions against the Bosnians,
so they could have some guns to defend themselves. 

     This is still being debated; and this debate this
weekend, comes in the context of these two things.
Izetbegovic said he will not betray his nation; Owen is
exposed as the thug he is, that is, he's one of the
criminals, not one of the mediators, properly; and that's the
way she goes. 

     So at stake, if Clinton does not succeed in getting the
United States to take military action in time, air power
action primarily, to stop the Serbs before the atrocity is
fait accompli, then the credibility of the United States
government and specifically of the Clinton administration,
goes down the drain. 
      [commercial break] 

     The Clinton Administration's Credibility Rests on Bosnia 

     Q: Mr. LaRouche, what hope does Izetbegovic have for
saving Bosnia and for defending the idea of sovereignty,
which is under such major attack? 

     MR. LAROUCHE: We're at one minute to midnight or past it
right now. 

     The issue is not just Bosnia; the issue is the United
States. If President Clinton is not able to act militarily
before Sarajevo falls or virtually falls, then the United
States will have lost irreparably, under Clinton's
administration, its credibility as a power. Slamming Iraq,
slamming Somalia, that sort of thing, does not do anything in
effect. These Bush tactics do nothing to deflect from the
fact, that Bosnia is the issue over which the Clinton
administration stands or falls. 

     If the Clinton administration does not bull through
military action to save the Bosnians from the Serbian
fascists in time to save Sarajevo, in particular, then the
Clinton administration goes down in flames; I don't think
much of anything could be done to save it. That's where the
issue lies. And if the Clinton administration loses
credibility in that way, then all of the world's system, all
of the governments of Western Europe, Japan-- the whole kit
and caboodle--they all lose credibility. And we go on to a
slide in the direction of chaos, globally. That's what this
really means. 

     Why the Utopians Are Unleashing Chaos Throughout the

     Q: Mr. LaRouche, Italian anti-mafia prosecutor Bruno
Siclari, in discussing the recent Rome and Milan bombings,
referred to the involvement of organized crime, and he also
mentioned plans to destabilize all of Europe. You were just
mentioning chaos spreading throughout the world. What is
behind these kind of destabilizations? 

     MR. LAROUCHE: Well, there was a meeting which {EIR} was
among the first to cover, an article to which the major
Italian press and authorities have referred repeatedly. 

     There was a meeting on the British royal yacht
Britannica, off the coast of Italy. In that meeting, the plan
was launched for the internal destruction of Italy. All of
the things that are happening in Italy, in the form of what's
called a NATO strategy-of-tension tactic as we experienced in
the 1970s, is coming from that quarter in Britain, the same
quarter which is behind George Soros. All of these elements
in Italy, which are moving toward the disintegration of
Italy, which are using terrorism in Italy, are of that same

     The center of that, is the old Mazzinian Freemasonry,
though the Freemasons in Italy are split between those who
are with the British, and those who are against them. Some of
the Freemasons in italy, are, as they have said openly,
against this British plot; others are for it. And it appears
that some of the American intelligence networks, are tied up
with the British in pushing it. 

     So there is U.S. as well as British complicity, as well
as complicity, say, from certain circles in France and so
forth, in this terrorism and destabilization in Italy. We're
back to the Moro assassination pattern, 1978, in which a
former prime minister of Italy, Aldo Moro, under personal
threat from Henry Kissinger, was kidnapped and assassinated
by his kidnappers in an effort to destabilize Italy in 1978.
And this was a process which went on from 1975, 1976, which
Giulio Andreotti, the recent prime minister and often prime
minister of Italy can talk about, because he came under
direct pressure from Kissinger, from the Americans, to attack
Moro, back in the 1975-1976 period--a great mistake on Giulio
Andreotti's part. But it's similar. 

     Kissinger's friends, or Kissinger's owners in London,
and his friends in the United States, are involved as the
principal force from the outside, directing the
destabilization of Italy--and the terrorism that goes with

      Q: What do they hope to accomplish? 

     MR. LAROUCHE: Destroy Italy. Destroy Europe. 

     The idea is, that since the British and American
economies are collapsing, and despite all the silly talk in
the newspapers, every person in the higher circles inside the
United States, knows that the U.S. economy is collapsing.
They may not say it in the press, they may deny it when
confronted with the fact; but they know it. They know also
that the only way the United States and Britain can preserve
their political power in the world, is to collapse the
economies of their friends, as well as the economies of the
former Soviet empire. And China; and that they are doing. 

     They are collapsing the economy of China. That's what
the Chinese are attacking this Governor of Hongkong about.
They are collapsing the governments and the peoples of
Russia, eastern Europe. Eastern European economies are down
to 30 percent of what they were in 1989, as a result of this
destabilization. They are collapsing the German economy. They
are collapsing the French economy, the Italian, the Spanish,
the Netherlands economy, the so-called Scandinavian

   All of these economies are being collapsed, by the
people who own Kissinger, as a way of trying to keep
Anglo-American control over the world. 

   It's pure destruction. It's just like the people who are
putting this deconstruction program, this OBE program, this
World of Difference program through the schools, know they're
brainwashing the American children, know they're destroying
the family; they are destroying the United States--they know
they're doing that. They're doing it, because that's their
purpose. They think that somehow works out to cause chaos and
bring upon the world their kind of utopia reborn out of

   You have two policies in the world today, from these
circles. One circle, which is shrinking in power, is the
circle associated with George Bush's idea of a new world
order. Well, the new world order doesn't work; it's gone,
it's finished. And all the killing of the innocent people in
Panama and Iraq and so forth; that didn't work. It's

   Instead, these people are saying, well, let's go to
chaos; let's have worldwide chaos; and we'll come out on top
with some kind of utopian scheme to rebuild the world, after
we go through a period of chaos, and that's what you're
seeing, is the delivery of chaos. 

     ``Demjanjuk Walks Free or the U.S. Department of Justice
Has No Credibility'' 

     Q: I'd like to switch now to a discussion of John
Demjanjuk. It seemed that the saga of this retired auto
worker who was accused of being Ivan the Terrible had come to
an end with the Supreme Court of Israel saying that he was
not Ivan the Terrible and releasing him, and the Sixth
Circuit of the United States saying he could come home. But
now, the Israeli Supreme Court--another division of it--says
they may try him again. 

     MR. LAROUCHE: Well, they're going to have the same
problem. You know, of course, the Sixth Circuit, as you said,
has lifted the restrictions on granting him a visa, to come
back to the United States. There are people in Israel on the
Yahoo or ADL side, who are desperate not to have him come
back to the United States. So they put pressure on Israel to
keep him there. That is, the Anti- Defamation League and that
crowd around Neal Sher at the Office of Special

     But it happens, as {Der Spiegel,} the German newsweekly
has reported this past week, that examination of this
additional evidence, shows that the new charges against him,
are as fraudulent--that is, based on forged documents and
obviously forged documents--as the original charges. 

     Remember: Demjanjuk was kicked out of the United States
and put under a death sentence in Israel, on totally fake
evidence, manufactured with the late Armand Hammer's
complicity, with the complicity of the Department of Justice,
and with the Soviet KGB, which faked this evidence for Armand
Hammer and for the U.S. prosecutors. 

     He has now been exonerated of these charges. The whole
case against him was fraudulent, a knowing fraud upon the
court from the beginning. Now they say, well, let's have a
new case against him. And the evidence in the new case, is as
fraudulent as the evidence in the old case. They're
forgeries, very crude and obvious forgeries, done to try to
keep this from blowing up in the face of the Anti-Defamation
League and similar people in the Department of Justice. 

     So we have a Department of Justice nest which is tied to
the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. That nest is the
most corrupt part of the U.S. government. The problem that
Miss Janet Reno faces now, is can she, will she, clean out
that nest of corruption from the Justice Department, which is
centered in B'nai B'rith and the Office of Special
Investigations currently around Neal Sher? 

     Demjanjuk walks free in the United States or else the
Department of Justice has no credibility. 

     Q: Mr. LaRouche, you mentioned earlier the B'nai B'rith
and the ADL. Of course, there's the ADL case in San
Francisco, where a number of people are accused of spying and
selling information to foreign governments; and now it
appears that Kenneth Bialkin has gone to bat for the ADL, and
is calling for a plea bargain. 

      Well, how does an institution like the ADL have so much

     MR. LAROUCHE: Well, they don't have their own power. 

     B'nai B'rith was created in the 1840s. It was created
not by Jews. Remember, Judaism is a religion. It is not a
race, it is not a nationality, even though Israel was founded
in 1947. But Judaism is a religion, or the religious culture
which is shared by people who are no longer practicing Jews. 

     But it's a religion of many nationalities. It is not a
race, it is not a nationality--unless you're an Israeli. 

     These people were essentially members of a Satanic cult,
a racist, pro-Satanic pro-slavery organization, who were
created as a branch of British intelligence in the 1840s
under the direction of Lord Palmerston from Britain. B'nai
B'rith was created in New York and Charleston, South

     B'nai B'rith was a spy agency during this period prior
to and during the Civil War, for the Confederacy. 

     B'nai B'rith was among the founders of the Ku Klux Klan,
back in 1865. B'nai B'rith was a co-founder of the rebirth of
the Ku Klux Klan in 1915, together with Woodrow Wilson, who
endorsed and backed this rebuilding of the Ku Klux Klan in
1915 as a pro- British, pro-war operation. 

     All of Hollywood--Metro-Goldwyn Meyer, Paramount, Warner
Brothers--was created around this Ku Klux Klan recruiting
drive using the ``Birth of a Nation'' film and other films as
the means for doing it. 

     So that's what B'nai B'rith is. It is filth. It is not a
Jewish organization. It is a faction of people, who were
admittedly Jews, but who are pro-slavery, pro-racist, and
pro-Satanic; and that's not a good recommendation for being a

     MEL KLENETSKY: Mr. LaRouche, thank you very much. We're
coming to the end of our program. This is ``{EIR'}s Talks
With LaRouche.'' We'll see you next week. If people want to
write in to ask questions, present questions to ``{EIR'}s
Talks,'' or to found out information about how to order
{EIR,} write ``{EIR} Talks With LaRouche, c/o EIR News
Service, Inc., Attn: Mel Klenetsky, P.O. Box 17390,
Washington, D.C., 20041-0390. 

                           - 30 -

         John Covici

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