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   Former NCLC member Linda Ray, in her 1986 article "Breaking the
   Silence," describes another factor - the NCLC habit of knee-jerk
   rationalization. Ray, who is Jewish, says that whenever anyone tired
   to tell her the NCLC was anti-Semitic, she instantly denied it,
   pointing to supposedly anti-Nazi statements in 'New Solidarity.' She
   recalls reading the 'New Solidarity' about LaRouche's concept of a
   subhuman oligarchical species. "Although I knew it did not make
   scientific sense, I presumed that it was a deep intellectual metaphor
   that was over my head." Years later a friend showed he a 'New
   Solidarity' article in which the Star of David was used to symbolize
   the drug trade. "I quickly replied... 'It is just a graphic arts
   symbol' - which I had naively thought for years. But as soon as I
   said it out loud I realized that I sounded ridiculous. It was as if I
   was waking from a nightmare."

   Ray's article explains the state of mind of many NCLC
   rand-and-filers. It does not explain the acquiescence of the NCLC
   national and regional leadership cadre, many of them Jewish, who
   helped develop the anti-Semitic line and implemented it with
   alacrity. Here, as during Mop Up and the Chris White affair, a few
   rebelled but most bowed to LaRouche's will.

   Kevin Coogan, a member of the intelligence staff, did some background
   research on Carto and the Liberty Lobby. Shocked by what he
   discovered, he quit. Several other members of the national office
   staff also resigned. They prepared unsigned reports and met privately
   with journalists, stating that the NCLC had become an anti-Semitic
   organization and that LaRouche was espousing Nazi ideas. But none
   were willing to go public against LaRouche.

   Security staffer Bob Cohen played a key role in stirring up the
   discontent. He met with several trusted comrades to point out the
   similarities between LaRouche's writings and 'Mein Kampf.' But when
   his friends decided to quit, Cohen backed out. His reverence for
   LaRouche kept him in the organization until 1981.

   Cohen's brother-in-law and fellow security staffer, Paul Goldstein,
   came back seething from a trip down South with LaRouche. The hulking
   former college athlete had been present, as LaRouche's bodyguard,
   when anti-Semitic jokes were traded among the good old boys.
   Goldstein, former friends say, was almost ready to quit. But the
   leadership put him through an ego-stripping session led by Helga
   LaRouche. The session focused on his alleged sexual fantasies, and he
   was told his wife would be ordered to leave him if he didn't shape
   up. Goldstein, reduced to tears, capitulated totally. Thereafter, he
   was one of LaRouceh's most loyal followers.

   A few more NCLC members protested when LaRouche announced that only
   one and a half million Jews, not six million, were killed in the
   Holocaust. Contemptuously ignoring his followers' complaints, he
   issued a press release reaffirming the 1.5 million figure.

   By 1980-81 the protest over LaRouche's anti-Semitism died down. Most
   NCLC members who subsequently quit did so for personal reasons, not
   over matters of principle. Unlike earlier defectors, most would do
   nothing to oppose LaRouche. Don and Alice Roth charged in a
   resignation letter that the membership had undergone a process of
   "moral anaesthetization" They cited a joke that they sad had become
   popular in the national office: "How many Jews can you fit into a
   Volkswagon? One hundred. Four on the seats and ninety-six in the

   In psychological terms the anti-Semitism that seized the NCLC in the
   late 1970s was similar to the violent fantasies that gripped it
   during Operation Mop Up. Instead of assaulting Communists with
   numchukas, the NCLC now attacked Jews via brutally worded propaganda
   tracts. Once again LaRouche helped his followers overcome their moral
   qualms by reframing reality for them through semantic tricks and
   false syllogisms.

   The resulting belief structure involved four layers: a redefinition
   of "Jew," a redefinition of "Nazi," a denial of the concepts of
   "left" and "right" in politics (to totally disorient the believer),
   and, for Jewish LaRouchians, a guilt trip and special fears.

   To redefine the meaning of "Jew," LaRouche concocted a distinction
   between real and false Jews. He said his political attacks were not
   aimed at all Jews, just those who advocate evil policies like
   Zionism. Using Orwellian semantics, he called the latter "nominal
   Jews," and the "Jews who are not Jews." Who then are the real Jews?
   LaRouche said they are the Jewish members of a "humanist" faction
   drawing its inspiration from Philo of Alexandria, a first-century
   Jewish neoplatonist.

   Here LaRouche was at his wiliest. For Philo has no following in
   modern Judaism. His only professed followers are LaRouche's own NCLC
   members, whose interpretation of Philo bears little relation to the
   latter's actual writings.

   The bogus nature of the "real Jew" faction was further revealed in
   LaRouche's polemics against the "unremitting evil" of Zionism. To be
   a real Jew, he suggested, one must repudiate the State of Israel,
   Zionism, and the mainstream leadership of the Jewish community. But a
   sizable minority of Jews are already anti-Zionist and estranged from
   the mainstream Jewish leadership - e.g., some of the Hassidim and
   many secular Jewish leftists. Are they "real Jews"? Not at all. In
   LaRouchian propaganda the Hassidim are portrayed as evil cultists
   while leftist Jews appear as dope-pushing terrorists. In the final
   analysis the Jewish members of the LaRouche organization - a few
   score individuals - are the only real Jews in the world!

   LaRouche redefined what a Nazi is in tracts such as "The Truth About
   'German Collective Guilt'" and "Hitler: Runaway British Agent." He
   argued that Hitler was put into power by the Rothschilds and other
   wealthy Jews-who-are-not-really-Jews. These evil oligarchs invented
   Nazi racialism and brainwashed the Nazis to accept it. They then
   urged Hitler and his cronies to persecute the German Jews so the
   latter would flee to Palestine, where the Rothschilds had decided to
   set up a zombie state as a tool of their world domination. But as
   this scenario unfolded, the German people developed their own agenda
   :a "sound and intense... national enthusiam" to invade Britain (the
   Rothschild headquarters). Hitler at first acquiesced in this desire,
   but unfortunately he was ideologically weak - he backed off and
   returned to the puppet masters' game plan by attacking the Soviet
   Union. Thus did LaRouche place the ultimate blame for Hitler's crimes
   on the Jews-who-are-not-Jews-but-really-are-the-Jews-anyway.

   LaRouche didn't deny that Hitler and the Nazis were partly
   responsible for many horrendous crimes as the Rothschilds' junion
   accomplices. But he instructed NCLC members to focus on a newer and
   deadlier plot. The Rothschilds and other "British" families - and the
   Israelis - were preparing to launch a HOlocaust a _hundred_ times
   worse than Hitler's. This new Holocaust was aimed at consolidating
   "British" power, and would involve the death of billions of human
   beings via nuclear war, plagues, famine, and a New Dark Age - horrors
   that would make the "Nazi thing" seem like a "slight mistake." The
   New Dark Age conspirators were "a hundred times worse" than Hitler,
   and anyone collaborating with them (like Jimmy Carter) was also a
   hundred times worse.

   With his followers thus confused, LaRouche was able to switch labels
   on his concepts. The New Dark Age conspirators were not only far
   worse than the Nazis of the Hitler era, they _were_ Nazis. The real
   Nazis were the hundred-times-worse Nazis. Menachem Begin was a Nazi,
   Ariel Sharon was a Nazi, the "Jewish Lobby" in America was "Nazi."

   It followed from this relabeling that anyone who opposed Israel and
   the "Jewish Lobby" was, objectively, _anti_-Nazi. LaRouche's
   followers thus ended up with a topsy-turvy view in which the real
   Nazis were seen as anti-Nazis, and anti-Semitism was perceived as a
   moral necessity - to "save" the Jews from themselves. The LaRouchians
   accordingly worked seven days a week to build a fascist movement
   while imagining they were building an antifascist movement. LaRouche
   had used their fears of fascism to further fascist goals. 

   There was always the possibility that some NCLC members would wake up(
   and begin to critically examine these Orwellian labels. Stage three
   guarded against such a possibility. In "The Secrets Known Only to theK
   Inner Elites," LaRouche announced that the left and the right in
   politics don't really exists. They are a fiction concealing the
   struggles of two conspiratorial elites - the humanist elite
   (LaRouchians or proto-LaRouchians) and the oligarchical elite (the
   Jews-who-are-not-Jews, etc.) Hence, in judging a given party or
   faction one should not ask where it stands on the political spectrum,
   but which elite is manipulating it. Depending on the answer, there
   are good Communists and bad Communists, good conservatives and bad
   conservatives, good Klansmen and bad Klansmen. During World War II
   there were good Nazis (the Wehrmacht) and bad Nazis (the Rothschild
   agents-of-influence in the Nazi Party leadership).

   With the traditional political spectrum abolished, LaRouche's
   followers no longer had to deal with the glaring contradictions
   between their old leftist and new fascist politics. For all intents
   and purposes, the NCLC's political past no longer existed. Fascism
   and communism no longer existed. All that mattered were LaRouchism
   and anti-LaRouchism, which were whatever LaRouche said they were.

   When LaRouche first promulgated these views in the late 1970s, he
   played on his Jewish followers' fuilt feelings, their anxiety over
   their possible tainted status in the NCLC, and their nightmares about
   the Holocaust. In a 1978 article on the "cult origins of Zionism," he
   warned the NCLC Jews: IF you don't put aside your doubts and totally
   devote yourself to our political goals, you are "just as guilty" as
   Adolf Hitler. Indeed, you are _more_ guilty, since the consequences
   of an NCLC failure to take power will be human death on a far greater
   scale than under Hitler. But I know you: Underneath your veneer of
   loyalty to the NCLC you still have a residual sense of loyalty to
   your fellow Jews - the false Jews. Insofar as you feel that residual
   loyalty, you are "on the pathway to becoming a Nazi" - a supporter of
   the evil oligarchy's plan to kill off two-thirds of the human race.
   Forget your narrow bestial ethnic loyalties! Instead ask yourself: 
   "What is a good Jew for? What can a Jew contribute to humanity
   generally which obliges humanity to value the Jew?" (King,42-46)
                             Work Cited:

King, Dennis. Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism. New York:
Doubleday, 1989

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