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   The Grand Design begins with a total rejection of "British liberal
   notions of democracy," notions which are "is like a farm without a
   farmer, in which the chickens, sheep, cows, horses and pigs form
   'constituencies.'" His own humanist republic would have "nothing to
   do with elections, parliaments, or such differentia," but would
   ruthlessly suppress all "nonrepublican" (i.e. non-LaRouchian)
   influences. The American people wouldn't lose anything, because our
   democracy is merely a facade for an already existing dictatorship of
   the "monetarist faction" - i.e. the oligarchy. LaRouche would replace
   this bad dictatorship with a good one - a "class
   dictatorship-in-fact" of the industrial capitalists, with labor
   leaders like the Teamsters as junior partners to provide a "broader
   social base." Within this dictatorship the interests of capital and
   labor would be "understood to be identical," and strikes by labor
   unions would not be tolerated.

   But this dictatorship would not actually be run by the capitalists. A
   special elite who have mastered the "humanist" (LaRouchian)
   philosophy would take command. These favored few would have exclusive
   power to shape the laws of the new order - laws aimed at curbing the
   selfish tendencies of society's "less moral strata" - and they would
   not tolerate any "direct violation of humanist outlook and methods"
   even from capitalists.

   To make this palatable, LaRouche adopted Big Brother's "freedom is
   slavery" slogan, only phrased more arcanely. Freedom has nothing to
   do with tolerating "violations of universal law" (i.e. of LaRouche's
   will). Freedom is "exactly the opposite"; it is the "abhorrence of
   such error." In other words, freedom is the abhorrence of freedom.

   LaRouche's "freedom" would involve total control over the
   individual's innermost thoughts. He distinguishes between thoughts
   "which lead to increasing human perfection - which we call good," and
   thoughts "which abort progress or worse - which we call evil." His
   Republic would "mobilize the good within the individual citizen to
   rule over the evil within himself." The individual citizen would have
   little choice to do otherwise. The state "does not 'concede' freedom
   to the individual, but _demands_ that he or she partake of it in the
   general interest of the state...." Anyone who refuses to go along
   "has no consciously defensible premise on which to say to his
   fellows: 'I have a right to live as a free man.'"

   LaRouche would revise the criminal justice system to reflect this. No
   longer would a criminal be someone who commits criminal acts; it
   would be anyone who thinks criminal thoughts. Such thoughts would
   include putting one's own interests and those of one's family above
   the interests of the Republic. "Every citizen who holds the view, 'I
   can't worry about society and the world; I must attend to my family
   responsibilies,' is exhibiting a degree of relative infatilism
   tending in the direction of the criminal mind," says one LaRouchian
   manifesto. Indeed, such a mentality not only tends toward
   criminality, it _is_ criminal.

   LaRouche's system of government would require immediate purges of any
   opposition. The police would be empowered to conduct "surgically
   precise preventative action." The first target would the Jews and
   others who operate as agents of the London-based oligarchy. LaRouche
   describes the conspiracy as a four-tiered ziggurat of (from the top
   down) Jewish bankers on Wall Street, Jewish community leaders, Jews
   and pro-Jewish Gentiles in the government and the media, and finally
   the gutter networks of Communists, environmentalists, and peaceniks.
   This conspiracy has kept the nation subservient to London, enabling
   "speculative capital" to bleed dry "industrial capital" through
   usury. The influence of the conspirators dates back to Benedict
   Arnold and is so deeply rooted that only a complete purge can restore
   the nation's sovereignty. As a 'New Solidarity' editorial put it,
   "America must be cleansed for its righteous war by the immediate
   elimination of the Nazi Jewish Lobby... from the councils of
   government, industry and labor." (Note the Orwellian use of the word
   "Nazi.") A second editorial called for an FBI task force to "root out
   the cancer in the American body politic that is the so-called Zionist
   Lobby." The task force would include a "permanent Special
   Prosecutor's office." Jewish leaders would be investigated and their
   organizations "dismantled or registered as foreign agents." A special
   congressional committee would "clean out Senators and Congressmen who
   maintain their covert relationships with Zionist spies." Anyone who
   opposed this would be "branded as a traitor." The Zionist "octopus"
   would be "eliminated" at all costs.

   Such appears to be LaRouche's program for a fascist state: 
   dictatorship by the party elite, a purge of the "Zionists,"
   suppression of all oppositioin, brainwashing-stype pressure on those
   who refuse to internalize the party elite's ideology, denial of
   citizenship to subhumans, and revisions in the criminal code to make
   it all "legal." The Grand Design's next stage is the "total
   mobilization of the entire nation" in preparation for Total War.

   The Nazis used the term "total mobilization" to discuss German's war
   economy, but LaRouche believes they never understood the idea. They
   simply looted until there was nothing left to loot, then went under.
   _Real_ total mobilization means ever-expanding scientific discovery,
   technological innovation, and industrial investment. And these must
   expand _faster_ than the needs of the war machine. (King, 52-54)
                             Work Cited

King, Dennis. Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism. New York:
Doubleday, 1989

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