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   But LaRouche's theory of ideological deception also asserts something
   more subtle. Through ambiguity and code words, it's possible to
   appeal to the reader or listener's "preconscious mind" and thus lead
   him gradually into ideas his conscious mind would otherwise reject.
   So when LaRouche wrote in 1979 about "Machiavelli's" success in
   outwitting the "donkey censors," the word "censor" was actually a pun
   referring both to political censors and to the censor (superego) of
   Freudian theory. A 1986 LaRouchian article, signed by none other than
   "Machiavelli," made this point clearly: Euphemisms or code words are
   "an artificial mechanism to avoid the moral shock of facing
   bestiality in its most degenerate forms." Although the author
   portrayed this as a method used by oligarchs rather than his favored
   humanists, the basic principle was in fact used by LaRouche in the
   mid-1970s to instill fascist ideas in his leftist followers. As most
   of them feared and loathed fascism, LaRouche could never have won
   them over without code words and ambiguity to short-circuit the moral
   shock they would have experienced if he had spoken frankly.

   LaRouche was aware of what he was doing. "Words and syntactical
   forms," he wrote, have customary meanings. to elicit something
   _beyond_ those customary meanings, to express an idea that is
   "genuinely new," one must add "a new meaning" - however subtle - to
   the "existing medium." LaRouche made this observation in 'The Case of
   Walter Lippman' (1977), which gave new meanings to many "customary"
   terms. For instance, "republican" was used over and over to mean
   "fascist." 'Lippmann,' LaRouche's major theoretical work, also
   abounded in multileveled puns to slyly suggest various fascist and
   anti-Semitic ideas. For instance, LaRouche referred to the oligarchy
   as "nominalists." Nominalism was the medieval precursor of modern
   empiricism. For LaRouche, it is a synonym for "materialism" - the
   philosophy that anti-Semites accuse Jews of having developed as a
   weapon against Christianity and Aryanism. LaRouche's nominalism also
   designates material values - the alleged money consciousness of the
   Jews and the alleged "bestial heteronomy" of the masses. On a deeper
   level the term refers to the "nominal Jews" - the "Jews who are not
   Jews." In addition, since the nominalist philosophy was closely
   associated with scholastic philosophers from England (especially
   William of Occam), LaRouche can use it to cross-reference his
   favorite anti-Semitic euphemisms: "British" and "British empiricist."
   Such puns aside, LaRouche has good reason to hate nominalism: It is aw
   philosophy that argues that words are only signs for things and have no
   independent existence - it thus stands opposed to LaRouche's semantic


   Former LaRouche followers believe that the planting of code terms in
   NCLC publications is a means of signaling old-style fascists around
   the world (the "old humanist networks," as some LaRouchians call
   them) that the NCLC is sympathetic to their aims. One way this is
   done is by using occult buzzwords like "Atlantis" and "Thule" to
   allude to the Aryan race and the Third Reich. The practice springs
   from occult beliefs in Hitler's inner circle. Cryptic references to
   such beliefs are easily recognized in the secretive world of Western
   European and South American neo-fascism as well as in U.S. white
   supremacist circles.

   LaRouche also has adopted various conspiracy theories of the Nazi and
   pre-Nazi era long forgotten by everyone outside of hard-core
   anti-Semitic circles. He uses these theories in a sly form, referring
   to the "Babylonians" and the "British" rather than the Jews. This is
   not just sending signals; it is LaRouche's version of what he calls
   the Renaissance intelligence "codes." It enables him to evade the
   "donkey censor" to discuss in print the core theories of Nazism: that
   the Jews are the ancient enemy of the human race, that they are a
   separate biological entity, and that they must be crushed in a final
   cataclysmic stuggle. Through this code language, he is able to
   promote a neo-Nazi ideology in all but name yet remain sufficiently
   respectable to gain meetings with high-level Reagan administration
   aides and raise tens of millions of dollars a year from elderly
   conservatives. LaRouche has shown his fellow fascists around the
   world how to have your cake and eat it too. (King, 271-272)
                             Work Cited

King, Dennis. Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism. New York:
Doubleday, 1989

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