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From: (John Covici)
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Subject: Let LaRouche go Free to Stop World War Three
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Date: 26 Jan 93 15:17:50 GMT
Organization: Covici Computer Systems
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                     PREVENT WORLD WAR III!
                     FREEDOM FOR LAROUCHE!
        Everyone, who observes the increasing gravity of the
situation in the Balkans and sees how European politicians have
been incapable of responding for 19 months to the ever new horror
reports of concentration camps and rapes, can understand that
this war has the potential, to expand not only to a general
Balkans war, but even under certain cirumstances to trigger World
War III. 
        If the West does not intervene militarily, then the war
threatens to spread to Kosova and Macedonia and thereby almost
automatically also to Greece and Turkey. Thus two NATO member
states would stand on different sides of the war--therefore the
West must intervene if it does not want to give up the Southern
flank of NATO. Various Russian spokesmen have already threatened
that in this case they would come to the aid of their slavic
fellow-believers. And then? 
        January 27 is a Day of Shame for the U.S.A. On this day,
four years will have passed, since the American economist Lyndon
LaRouche was sentenced by a summary court and innocently thrown
into prison. Since then he sits there as a political prisoner of
the Anglo-American Establishment. His fate and his liberation are
closely connected with the question, as to whether it will be
possible, to avert the danger of World War III, for the key to
this lies in a change of policy in the U.S.A. 
        The war in the Balkans is neither a civil war nor a
regional conflict. Rather it began near the end of 1989, when the
Anglo-Americans reacted to the contrasting reunification of
Germany and the opening of the borders of Europe with a reversion
to the same geopolitical thinking, which was already responsible
for World War I and thereby also indirectly for World War II. 
        The possibility, that Germany could assist the states of
the East in their economic development, brought back among the
Anglo-Americans the old fear of Mackinder and Haushofer that the
``Eurasian heartland'' could surpass the ``Atlantic rim
countries,'' the U.S.A. and Great Britain, in significance. And
so already in November 1989 the myth of the alleged ``Fourth
Reich'' was created in England, which served from then on as the
pretext to allow all of the Serbian horrors to run their course,
because a German intervention into the Balkans would prove that
the thesis of the ``Fourth Reich'' were true. 
        The truth is, that the Anglo-Americans and other
geopolitically thinking forces, concretely Baker, Eagleburger,
Carrington, van den Broeck and now Vance and Owen gave the green
light for the Great Serbian conquest, because they expected a
lasting weakening of Germany and the ``Eurasian heartland'' from
a long smouldering Balkan war. That the same circles, who de
facto supported Serbia for 18 months, have now changed their
minds and are preparing a military intervention against
Serbia--be it, because they see, that they have created a
Frankenstein monster, be it that they want to continue their
geopolitical strategy in the military domain and want to draw
Germany into extended military actions against a growing number
of Russian soldiers--changes nothing in respect to their original
        A military intervention seems unavoidable, if the
genocide is to be stopped and an escalation of the war prevented.
But it is absolutely necessary, that there be an understanding
beforehand among all the participants that they must put an end
to geopolitics. 
        We must urgently return to a policy of war avoidance, and
in this depression-shaken world that can only mean economic
development in the interest of all states, which creates the
basis for life for all. 
        If the U.S.A. changes its policy and no longer encourages
the Balkan conflict on the basis of geopolitical considerations,
but rather builds up the whole region economically jointly with
Europe, and thus collaborates on a genuine peace plan, then there
is also no longer a reason to leave Lyndon LaRouche in prison as
a political prisoner. 
        LaRouche is only perceived as a threat by an
Establishment, that wants to base its power on a neo-malthusian
``New World Order,'' in which the U.S.A. claims for itself the
right to control the raw materials of the world and to trample
underfoot more and more the sovereignty of other nations. For
Lyndon LaRouche was only thrown into prison by the Bush
Administraiton, because he has campaigned for a just new economic
world order, that would above all make possible the economic
development of the southern hemisphere and the East. 
        If President Clinton wants to prove, that he is really
serious about his election promise to bring about a political
change in America, then he should free LaRouche immediately! 
        Help to bring about the release of Lyndon LaRouche, there
is nothing better you can do to overcome the danger of a third
world war! 
        Write to the White House, and demand the release of
Lyndon LaRouche: 
        Join in the appeal to President Clinton, which thousands
of prominent personalities from the whole world have already
I request further information: 
I undersign the appeal to Clinton etc. 
        * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

         John Covici

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