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Subject: Transcript of LaRouche TV Program: Crisis in Education
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October 21 and October 25, 1992

      The following program is authorized and paid for by

                  LaRouche for President
            Independents for Economic Recovery

TITLE:  The Crisis in Education

ANNOUNCER:  Ladies and gentlemen, independent Presidential
candidate and political prisoner, Lyndon H. LaRouche,
speaking from Rochester, Minnesota: 

LYNDON LAROUCHE:  I am told that there is hardly one
citizen today, who thinks that our schools are doing an
adequate job. Around the nation, groups of parents and
teachers are fighting to reduce class size, to better the
curriculum, and to bring morality back into the classroom.
Unfortunately, those reforms, by parents and others,
however commendable, will not be enough to reverse the
virtual collapse into a dark age of irrationality which
has overtaken our school system over the course of the
25-odd years since the assassination of President John
   Today, let us look at the problem of education from a
practical standpoint. Let us consider the way in which
miseducation has contributed in two ways to bringing our
economy over the past 25 years to its present state of
collapse, in what seems to most a hopeless, worldwide deep
economic depression. 
   First, let us look at the effect of miseducation
concerning history and ideas of political economy upon the
way you, the citizen, judge the economic policies of our
government. Second, let us look at the way in which
miseducation, or lack of education, affects the ability of
our average citizen to produce, to compete against the
better educated Japanese, Germans, and so forth, in the
world of today. 
   In response to a recent program broadcast nationwide,
many citizens have said that my program sounds fine, but
it won't work, because I seem to be ignorant of certain
principles of economics. When I hear more from these
listeners who write in or call in, I find that it is THEY
who are terribly ignorant of economics; who say that my
program would be inflationary -- which is not true -- which
indicates that they believe in the myths that they're told
from Washington, the myths which are told regularly in our
   The center of the objection to my proposals for
action, to get us out of a depression, is my proposal for
monetary reform. Specifically, I have proposed that we
must -- I repeat, we must -- nationalize, federalize, or
shall we say, Constitutionalize, the Federal Reserve
system to bring it into conformity with Article I of the
U.S. Constitution. ("The Congress shall have the power
to...coin money...." Art. I, Sec. 8) It is now in
violation of Article I of the U.S. Constitution, and
that's been known ever since the Warburgs induced Teddy
Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson to conspire, in effect, to
create the Federal Reserve system, to impose it upon us --
a private bank chartered by the U.S. government, which
gives international financial interests not under the
control of government a kind of dictatorial power over our
banking and financial system. And that, my friends, is
unconstitutional. And that is what the Federal Reserve
system is today. 
   Now, the problem arises if I try as President, or
if any other President tries, to get a boom going in the
United States, a recovery from the present depression
spiral which is already going on. There's never been a
recovery. We're in a depression. It's just a matter of how
fast we go down, how steep the slope -- we're going
   To reverse that, if a President were to try to use
the Federal Reserve mechanism as a way of funding growth,
he would unleash an inflationary spiral. And that is what
I am determined not to do. To avoid inflation, you must
federalize, Constitutionalize, the Federal Reserve system;
otherwise, my friends, no economic recovery, because
inflation of that type does not mean recovery; that's just
another big bust. 
   The difference is, when the United States government
funds a recovery program, it does not do so by going into
the public market to buy debt. As you may be aware, we
already have too much Federal government debt to
outsiders, including foreigners. We should have less
growth of debt, but still have growth. The only way to do
that, is to use the currency, printed and issued by the
U.S. Treasury, as authorized by the Congress -- we're back
to Article I of the Constitution -- to loan that money
through its deposits with the Federal Reserve system made
into a National Bank, Constitutionalized, to loan that
money at low interest rates to highly selected, but
crucial projects and private firms; to loan it to the
Federal and State infrastructure building authorities;
($300 Billion to public and state authorities) to loan it
as credit to firms which are contract vendors, essential
to State and Federal authorized projects; and also to loan
it to several kinds of private enterprise to get the
economy going. ($300 Billion to the private sector) And,
to loan it to the point that we get at least 8 million
new jobs started in the United States right away -- that
means within the first months, the first year at most. 
   Then we have a recovery. If we do not do that, my
friends, then we do not have a recovery. 
   So, therefore, it is important that you know why, if
you took economics in school, or if you believe what you
are told by so-called experts, why, in most cases, you
were miseducated -- you were lied to. 
     Who are the political forces that imposed fraud upon
your school system? Because you have to know who they are,
in order to get them out of there; otherwise you're going
to get the same old hokum and buncomb all over again. 
   In the history of the United States, beginning with
the period leading up to the American War of Independence,
our quarrel with Britain, was that Britain was controlled,
including the monarch, King George III, who was virtually
owned by the British East India Company, which controlled
the economy of Britain, with the Bank of England, and
Barings' Bank. 
   These fellows were determined from 1763 on, up to the
point of the Revolution, to destroy the political
independence of the English colonies in North America, and
to deny us the right to engage in technological progress
in agriculture or industry. They wished to keep us
backward, relying upon black chattel slavery, indentured
servants, as opposed to black chattel slavery, as a basic
mode of life. We said: No! 
   Franklin, one of our leaders, together with
Washington, went to London, to meet with the British
Parliament, and said, after meeting with the Parliament
and other people: the situation here in London is
hopeless; this is headed toward an irrepressible conflict;
these people are determined to keep us barefoot and
backward; and we won't stand for it! 
   So we conspired, Franklin did with others, to
establish a republic in this continent which could do
several things: which could have industry, have
technological progress in agriculture; which could have
roads, canals, and, eventually later on, railroads; which
could have the most modern technologies from Europe. 
   Then came the time of our Federal Constitution, and
the Confederation didn't work, because we couldn't have
infrastructure: we couldn't have highways; we couldn't
have canal systems built among states; we couldn't
coordinate anything; we weren't safe; we were divided; we
couldn't organize our own interstate trade. 
   So, people were convinced that, in the face of our
British enemy -- who was still determined to crush us,
reconquer us, and enslave us -- we had to have a federal
union. And, a federal union that would not only defend us,
but would subordinate the role of the states to a central
agency which would organize national infrastructure,
regulate interstate commerce, as well as providing for a
common defense -- for creating, as the Constitution says,
"a more perfect Union," so that, as the 14th Amendment
provides, you are not just a citizen of a State, you are a
citizen of the federal United States. 
   Then, the British were still determined to destroy
us. That led to a number of things. First of all, under
Jefferson and Madison, two Presidents in their 16 years in
office, we had a fellow in there by the name of Albert
Gallatin, who was actually a British spy -- of
Swiss-French origin, but who became a British spy -- and
who became Secretary of the Treasury, and so forth, and
who became the key influence, the evil influence behind
the throne, so to speak, in both the Jefferson and Madison
Administrations. Now, he introduced policies which were
directly contrary to our Founding Fathers. He introduced
the policies of the British East India Company against
which the War of Independence was fought. 
   Now, those policies were known as the policies of the
chief apologist, hired apologist, chief hack writer,
propaganda hack writer on economics for the British East
India Company -- a fellow called Adam Smith, who wrote a
book which is popularly known as The Wealth of Nations. 
   So, although in the first ten years of the Federal
republic, under Washington, particularly, and Adams, we
prospered as a nation, we had a miraculous growth, we were
already becoming the envy of foreign nations because of
our success. Particularly in Jefferson's second term in
office, and under Madison, all this was ruined.
   Now, what happened is, some patriots came along, and
recognized that Gallatin was the enemy of the United
States. The patriots, who were called Warhawks, were led
by a young fellow from Virginia, called Henry Clay.  Henry
Clay became immediately the Speaker of the House of
Representatives in his first term. And, these fellows
forced the United States to defend the vital interests of
our citizens against our enemy, Britain. 
   And so, we fought successfully, a second war against
Great Britain. We beat them. We beat them on the high
seas, with American superiority in naval technology, using
small ships called frigates, such as the U.S.S.
Constitution, and superior seamanship and navigation, and
superior gunnery, to beat the British Navy. 
   And then after that, under James Monroe, the man who
defended Washington, DC from the British, who burned it,
when President James Madison and his wife fled to
Virginia, we began a recovery. This recovery took off
under John Quincy Adams. National banking was
reestablished; American policies were reestablished; Adam
Smith was recognized for the enemy he was. Until along
came Jackson. 
   President Andrew Jackson, who was close to a
traitor named Aaron Burr, brought in the policies of the
British. The result of Jackson's policies, particularly in
his second term, led to the total collapse of the U.S.
banking system in what's called the Great Panic of 1837.
And, he was run by New York bankers, on behalf of London. 
   We were restored as a nation during the time of
Abraham Lincoln, when we went back to American policies,
as opposed to British, or Adam Smith, or free trade
   Nonetheless, we continued, despite these corrupt
influences, into the beginning of this century. We were
being looted in various ways by the British, through the
stupidity of the Specie Resumpiton Act we adopted in the
1870's, but were were growing. We were constantly in
trouble, we were constantly broke, but we were growing.
And, the reason we were broke was that we were being
looted by these foreigners, these British, all the way
along. We could never keep anthing for ourselves, to
invest ourselves, because of this arrangement with
   Then came Teddy Roosevelt, who was a total British
agent. As a matter of fact, his mother was a part of the
Confederacy, came from from a Confederate family, which
means the same thing as British. Then came Woodrow
Wilson, a man of the same persuasion. And, these two
fellows brought us under the Adam Smith system, at least
to the greatest degree. 
   And that weakened us. We remained powerful only
because Europe was largely destroyed in World War I, and
again in World War II. We continued to grow, and during
wartime we abandoned the Adam Smith policies, as in World
War I and World War II, and we used policies more like
those which de Gaulle used when he was President of
France, which were called "dirigist" policies, or what
some people in this country these days call, "command
economy" policies. That got us through.
   At the end of the war, we were back to Adam Smith
policy. We had a major crisis as a result of that.
Eisenhower's Adminstration was almost ruined by that.
Kennedy took us a bit out of it, and put us on the road to
recovery, but after that, Johnson was pressured to
capitulate, and we went back to the policies -- Adam Smith
policies -- in a very radical form, which have brought us
to the present degree of ruin we have today. 
   But let me emphasize: the problems of the United
States are in no way caused by foreigners. The economic
problems of the United States are caused entirely by our
government and ourselves, in adopting over the last 28
years, particularly over the last 25-26 years, adopting
policies, one after the other, in the direction of free
trade, in the direction of deregulation, and so forth, and
against technological progress -- for a so-called
post-industrial society, or a so-called services economy
   It is these policies that have ruined us. And unless
we get rid of free trade policies, go back to regulation --
get rid of deregulation -- and get rid of these Adam Smith
policies in general, we are never going to recover. 
   But what has your school been teaching you? Your
university? Your children's school? The textbooks? They've
been teaching you, along with the press in Washington,
that free trade is the way to go. And, as long as we go
that way, we're going to be ruined. That typifies the
first problem in education. 
   Let's now turn away from economics as such for a
moment, to look at the other side of education. Let's turn
to an address that was made recently to an audience in a
southern state, by my Vice-Presidential running mate, the
Rev. Jim Bevel. 

REV. JAMES BEVEL: Now, we're going to work on education in
this country. Let me just tell you what education is. See,
the first thing, you've always got to know what something
is. Education is the science that man employs upon
himself, his fellow man, and his children, to allow him to
accomplish the objective that God created him for. 
   Let's look how God created you. He made you a living soul,
according to the Bible, (2:7) Genesis, in His image and
likeness, to have dominion over the Earth. He did NOT
create you to work for white people, and when white people
do not work full-time, to set up an education system, to
make sure that you have your businesses -- tell white
folks -- look, that they all got them. 
   You see, education is as old as Man. All white men
know about education -- the man know about education --
and, he knows that your boy is not being educated! 
   I've always been amazed by these white men, who would
come around and would give your boy a toy for Christmas,
while his son is learning how to make tools. And then,
you're so stupid, you say: "He's a NICE white man!" He
teaches his son to make tools, and gives your boy a toy.
And you claim he's a NICE WHITE MAN! When does he set the
school up, to make sure that the school teaches EVERY
boy SCIENCE? When does he set the school up, so that OUR
boys have the opportunity -- and girls -- to be engaged in
research and development, production, and marketing in
industrial processing? 
   WHEN DOES HE DO THAT? Let me just tell you all this:
When I was in Mississippi -- I'm a muleskinner by trade --
men who break mules, and make them work. We had these
mules, and I used to plow -- and I plowed from early in
the morning to late at night -- and by 12:00, I'd take the
mules out and feed them; but, we fed our mules
alfalfa-hay, oats, corn, and molasses. Now, Mr. Tolston
had some mules; he only gave his mules grass; by 9:30 his
mules would go like this: (collapses at the podium) 
   If you take -- listen to me good -- if you take math,
physics, chemistry, science, technical information out of
your boy's academic diet, he has to be a criminal when he
gets older. Every white man in here knows that! Every
white man in Alabama KNOWS that. Every one of them knows
that; and they go around acting like they're crazy. Are
y'all listening to me? 
   So, we've got to, then, get rid of that stuff. Let's
cut the game. If we are going to save this nation, we
must see to it that all of our children are educated. 
(From a speech at Demopolis, Alabama, August 21, 1992)

LAROUCHE:  There are two reasons for a public education,
in the traditional sense. Its function, in the most
general way, is not to produce a bricklayer, or a
physicist, or a chemist, or an astronomer, or a college
professor. The objective is to produce a mature human
being, who is a competent representative of our
civilization; who is able to make decisions, to understand
problems, and to participate as a citizen in shaping the
policy, and choosing his or her representatives, in
discussing policy questions in all areas with his or her
representatives. We want to produce a high quality of
individual citizen. 
   And the first function of education is not to produce
someone who's able to earn a living. Any person is
hireable for a job at the age of 18 or 25, if they've had
a good education, even if that involved no specific job
specialty training, just on the basis of the development
of their intelligence, their powers of intelligence. That
comes later; that comes on the college level, in a good
society. Our general purpose is to develop a quality of
citizenship, so that all citizens are able to enjoy
POLITICAL equality of education, to be neighbors in more
or less equal political standing with one another as they
become mature members of new families. 
   The second thing, is to lay the foundations in
knowledge for an individual who's caapable of coping with
the technology, and the problems that entails, of current
and emerging society. Now let's talk about what Jim is
talking about in that excerpt you've seen, from that
   What does education do? Let's focus on the secondary
education -- what we used to think of as high school, or
part of junior high school, education. 
   What's the difference between Man and the animals?
What's the thing that defines HUMAN education, or human
knowledge, as distinct from animal experience, animal
learning? Well, if human beings were animals, like the
lower animals, we would be pretty much like our ancestors
many millions of years ago. We would be like baboons,
running around gathering things to eat, as baboons do.
We'd probably have pretty much the same disposition, and
family relations, and life expectancies of baboons. 
   But, human beings have another quality, a quality
which Christians in particular call, "imago viva dei," the
quality of the individual which is in the living image of
God. That is, God as the Creator. That doesn't mean that
we can become God, but that means that we have some
quality which is sacred, which makes human life sacred,
which makes the developent of the individual person's mind
sacred. Which means that there is only one race, not many
races, human races; there is only one human race. We all
have the same potential for this "imago viva dei," this
living-image-of-God quality. And, the function we are
concerned about, is to develop that. 
   Now, how does this pertain to the way in which
society functions in earning its daily bread? Well, what
happened is, that we, as Mankind, have changed our ways,
we've made discoveries, typified by scientific
discoveries, which enabled us to change our way of
behaving, to increase our power over Nature, so that more
of us can live on the same area of land, and, with the
same physical effort, we can each have more even though we
give ourselves less land to do it with, as population
becomes more dense. In other words, the potential
population density of Mankind increases. 
   So, whereas primitive Mankind -- if he ever were
primitive, in that sense -- could never exceed a world
population of about ten million living individuals, we
have well over five billion living human beings today. And
they could all live well, if our technology had been
available to all of them. This five-billion-odd population
is not the cause of poverty. It's the lack of technology
for most of humanity which denies them the ability to use
the resources available to them in an effective way. 
   So, this creative power to make scientific
discoveries, and kindred discoveries, to improve our ways,
is what characterizes Man. And, human knowledge is the sum
total of this intellectual process of discovery, which is
rightly called creative discovery. It is this power of
creative discovery which makes each of us in the living
image of the Creator. We are in the image of God when we
act creatively and lovingly toward Mankind with our
individual powers of creative discovery -- or simply to
assimilate and transmit discoveries as a mother to an
infant child does. 
   That is the purpose of education: to develop that.
   Now, what do we want to give a child? We wish that
child, by the age of 16 or 17, to have experienced in his
or her own mind, the experience, the mental experience, of
going through the process of discovery, for at least some
of the most important discoveries of all Mankind. We don't
wish that child to come out knowing a bunch of formulas,
although he or she will; we wish that child to have
experienced other people going through creative
discoveries -- the greatest minds we know of in all
history -- to repeat their experiences of discovery. So
that our child has developed in his or her mind, that
quality of the ability to discover. That is true human
knowledge, and that is the true, proper purpose of
   If we give the child that, and if we give the child
the ideas of physics, the ideas of chemistry; if we give
the child the ability to perform experiments which
re-experience some of the great discoveries in history,
then as Jim proposes, that child is not simply a mule nor
a jackass; that child is a human being who is endowed with
all the qualiities of great human beings before us -- who
KNOWS that he or she has a mind developed to echo the
greatest achievements of the minds before him, or before
   That is the fundamental pupose of education, and a
nation which is educated in that way, in which that
standard of compulsory education is provided to all, to
all young people, to all children, that nation is a nation
that can't be beat. And that is a nation which is an
inspiration to other nations, a nation which is envied in
the best possible way -- envied with the desire to imitate
and to cooperate. 

             For more information, write
                LaRouche for President
                    P.O. Box 266
                 Leesburg, VA  22075

  The preceding program was authorized and paid for by:

                   LaRouche for President
           Independents for Economic Recovery


         John Covici

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From: (John Covici)
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Subject: Transcript of LaRouche TV Show: Principalities And Powers
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                  LAROUCHE FOR PRESIDENT
                    October 25, 1992

   The following program is authorized and paid for by:
                 LaRouche for President
            Independents for Economic Recovery

TITLE:       "...principalities and powers..."
                   An Address by
             Independent Presidential

                 Lyndon H. LaRouche

LAROUCHE (Speaking from Federal Prison, Rochester, MN):
The World is now entering into the worst crisis of the
20th century, a crisis more deadly than that which built
up around World War I and its aftermath, a crisis more
deadly than that around World War II, its build-up and
aftermath, and a crisis more deadly in some ways, than the
longterm threat of nuclear war between the two superpower
blocs, prior to the end of 1989. 
   On the 16th of September, for example, we had a
financial crisis, with repercussions since, which show
that we've entered a new phase of a worldwide depression,
which in physical terms, is far worse than the depression
of the 1930s. 
   In the meantime, we have the spread of war. You might
say that World War III has already begun. We have a
spreading war in the Balkans; we have a war in
Transcaucuses, involving the Turkish population against
the Armenians, and the Georgians against the Abkhazians,
and so forth and so on; we have a war in Central Asia. We
can say, in general, World War III is spreading rapidly in
the form of these local wars. It's like a forest fire,
threatening to engulf whole continents, and perhaps the
world as a whole. 
   The U.S. misery is beyond belief. The physical
misery, the homelessness of a type which has not exisisted
in the United States in this century, prevails. We have,
coming out of the mouths of people like Clinton and Perot,
proposals for so-called emergency action, which are almost
identical to the austerity proposals of Benito Mussolini
and his backer, Volpe di Misuratta, in Italy during the
1920s. Fascism is being presented as a remedy for the
social unrest caused by depression. 
   We have unjustice in this country beyond belief. We
are now talking, at the Supreme Court level, about the need
to execute death row prisoners, even if it is known that
they are innocent of the crimes for which they are
convicted -- murdering people for the sake of procedure --
that's the philosophy. This is no longer America. 
   How did this happen?
   Look at this statue for a moment. Let's go back to
the time of the man this statue depicts: General Albert
Pike. To understand why the United States is in such a
mess today -- why we not only have these troubles within
our nation, but in our relations with the world at large;
why the people in Washington seem to be incapable either
of recognizing the problem, or proposing effective
solutions; why Clinton and Perot, as well as Bush, show
not the slightest comprehension of what our problem is --
we have to go back to the time of the Civil War, to the
time of the man depicted by this statue, General Albert
Pike: racist, traitor, and Satanic degenerate. The fact
that that statue has stood in Washington, DC near the
Supreme Court, beside the Labor Department building,
maintained on public land at public expense, shows that
there is a pervasive corruption and ignorance inside our
government, which is the cause for the continuation of our
present problems. 
   Let's go back to those events of the Civil War, and
trace it up to the present, to see what the problem is,
and what we have to understand, to solve the problem
before us. 


   What is called the U.S. Civil War, the most
devastating war in our history, was NOT a war between the
states. It was a civil war in the sense that a faction,
including Bostonians such as Albert Pike, New Yorkers such
as John Slidell, and so forth, were all part of a British
conspiracy, run through the Southern Jurisdiction of the
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which took over control of
the states, with the aid of a traitor at the head of the
Democratic Party, August Belmont, a confessed traitor, in
order to destroy the United States, by dividing it into
several parts, so that the British might control it. 

VOICE:  "New York would...cut loose from the Puritanical
East.... She would open her magnificant port to the commerce
of the an independent city-state...." (August

LAROUCHE:  This was not a Southern conspiracy; it was a
consipiracy by British-controlled traitors to the
United States, to take over the southern states, the
slave-owning states, as a way of dividing the United
States into several parts, which might be kept in
perpetual conflict with each other, to eliminate the
United Staes as both a factor in world politics, and also
to weaken it to the point that the image of the United
States, of the American Revolution, might be erased from
the memory and hopes of people around the world. 
   For example, Albert Pike, the traitor whose statue
we've seen, was from Boston; Louisiana's John Slidell
was an in-law of August Belmont, the traitor from New
York City; one of the worse of the traitors, Captain James
Bulloch, was the uncle, and, for a considerable period of
time, the political mentor of a President of the United
States, his nephew, Teddy Roosevelt, the man who was
President in 1901, at the time when this statue was
   In the 1830s, Pike, a Bostonian, was sent down to
the South by his fellow Bostonian, Caleb Cushing, also a
member of the plot. By 1859, Pike had risen to the
position of Supreme Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction
of the Scottish Rite, and thus the supreme commander of
the forces of the Confederate conspiracy, which had now
moved to take over the relevant states against the
opposition of such patriots as Texas's Sam Houston, who was
opposed to this conspiracvy. 
   Pike, as head of the Southern Freemasons, was not
only the racist who later formed the Ku Kux Klan at the
Nashville, Tennessee Maxwell House Hotel in 1867, Pike was
also a Satanist. In his own words, as Pike said in Paris
in 1889, Pike explained the religion of his Freemasonic
cult, as follows: 

VOICE:  "The true philosophical religion, is the belief in
Lucifer, the equal of Adonai...." (Albert Pike) 

LAROUCHE:  Pike's Freemasonic plot had two subordinate
arms.  The first, founded in 1843, was the B'nai B'rith.
Now, the B'nai B'rith was not the representation of Jewish
organizations in the United States. Quite the contrary,
the majority of Jews in the United States were violently
opposed to slavery, in the tradition of the Passover
seder, and during the Civil War fought, or otherwise aided
the Union, in the cause of crushing slavery and
maintaining the Union. The B'nai B'rith was founded as the
pro-slavery racist faction among Jews. The B'nai B'rith of
Freemasonry became the Confederate spy organiation, later
headed by Judah Benjamin, who was involved in the plot to
kill Lincoln, among other things, and who worked very
closely with Pike. In fact, Judah Benjamin played a key
role, together with Pike, in founding the Ku Kux Klan in
Tennessee in 1867. 
   The second subordinate organization of relevance of
the Southern Jurisdiction of Freemasonry was what was the
fighting arm of Freemasonry, which was known originally as
the Knights of the Golden Circle, the precursor of the Ku
Kux Klan. 
   These three elements -- Pike's Freemasonic Lucifer
worshipping cult; B'nai B'rith; and the Ku Kux Klan --
have been continuously interconnected from 1867 down
through the present day. 

                  "Friends and Enemies"

LAROUCHE:  At the time that Lincoln was inaugurated, the
Confederacy went into open secession, open revolt. At that
time, the leading enemies of the United States were
Britain, under the leadership of Lord Palmerston, who was
otherwise known as the author of the Second and Third
Opium Wars against China; and Palmerston's political
catamite -- the man that Palmerston, in fact, put into
power in France, Napoleon III. 
   The friends of the United States were Russia, the
Russia of Czar Alexander II more specifically; and also
the Meiji Restoration forces in Japan; friends in Germany;
and (you might not know it, but it's significant) the King
of Thailand. 
   This alignment of friends and enemies became crucial
in the course of the 20th century. 
   By 1862, it became clear, that once Lincoln had
replaced more or less treasonous generals like General
McClelland, the protege of August Belmont who refused to
win the battle of Antietam, that the United States was
organized in such a fashion that, by its own means, the
Union would win the battle against the Confederacy, unless
outside military interference occurred, to prevent that
from occurring. 
   At that time, Lord Palmerston's Britain and France's
Napoleon III agreed to deploy British and French naval
forces to attempt to break the Union blockade of the
Confederacy, and thus enable France and Britain to
reinforce the Confederacy, perhaps not to win the Civil
War, but to make it so costly that the United States would
bend to the will of the British government and accept a
separate peace with the British Confederate puppet. 
   At that point, Alexander II, the Czar of Russia,
intervened. He prepared to send naval forces, which he did
in 1863, to aid the United States. The Russian Navy
arrived in New York City and San Francisco on friendship
visits; and the commanders of these Russian flotillas, had
sealed orders. In the event that Napoleon III or Britain,
or both, should intervene against the Union, to attempt to
break the Union blockade or other actions, these sealed
orders would be opened, and Russia would go to war against
Britian and France, in aid of its ally, the Union. 
   At that point, Britain backed down, and the United
States was able to settle its internal affairs by its own
   That began a worldwide movement, under which the
United States was implicitly the ally or the friend of
Alexander II's Russia, and of Germany, against our deadly
enemies Britain and Napoleon III's France, until about the
end of the century when things began to change. 
   During that period, despite the assassination of
Alexander II by forces friendly to Britain inside Russia,
the policy of Alexander II was continued. A small group of
the Russian nobility and others continued this admiration
of the American System policy. At the same time, Count
Sergei Witte, the leader of various governments of the
Czar, reached out to Germany and to France, in an effort
to get Continental cooperation for a general economic
development of all Eurasia, based on cooperation initially
in building railway lines which would extend from Brest on
the coast of France, through Paris, to Vladivostok. And,
of course, the Germans had a related policy of moving a
rail line to from Berlin to Baghdad. 
   The British reacted with violence to this, because
they saw that the economic development of of the continent
of Eurasia meant an end to their dream of a worldwide,
single one-world British empire. The idea that the United
States, which had been traditionally (since Lincoln, at
least) had been allied with Russia (or at least, that
faction in Russia which Witte represented) and with the
more positive forces in Germany, and forces around the
Meiji Restoration in Japan (which in the 19th century were
very close to the United States) and forces for
independence, anti-British forces such as those of Sun Yat
Sen, for example in China -- that these forces united,
would mean an end to the British Empire, and the British
had to break up that coalition. 
   And, thus we had in the 20th century this upsurge of
wars and revolutions, including World War I, which were
entirely orchestrated by the British. 

                     "The Change"

LAROUCHE:  The shooting, the execution, of President
William McKinley by admirers of Teddy Roosevelt from the
Henry Street Settlement House, not only brought Teddy
Roosevelt to power, but effected fundamental changes in
the internal and foreign policy of the United States. 
   Instead of having as our friends and allies, Germany,
the faction of Alexander II and Witte in Russia, the Meiji
Restoration forces in Japan, these became our enemies.
And, our former enemies in London and within France, the
faction of Napoleon III, became our new allies. Against
Russia -- although we allied with Russia against Germany
later -- Teddy Roosevelt's friends in the grain cartel and
elsewhere, were active not only in suporting radical
groups for the overthrow of the Czar, but in collaborating
with the government of Lenin and Trotsky in the earliest
period, to help build up the institutions of Bolshevik
power, and to enter into partnerships with the new
Bolshevik powers. 
   That was a big change!
   The domestic changes included the following. TR
wanted to crack political opposition in the United States,
and for this purpose, he wanted to create a national
police force like that of France's Napoleon III. He
retained as his Attorney General, Charles Bonaparte, who
was a nephew of Napoleon III, and he created a national
police force called the National Bureau of Investigation,
the predecessor of the FBI. 
   Later on, Roosevelt was crucial, in collaboration
with the backers of Woodrow Wilson (who was a like-minded
scoundrel), in giving us two other institutions: the
Federal Reserve System, and the Federal income tax system.
Without the collaboration between Teddy Roosevelt and
Wilson, these would never have occurred. And thus, the
United States was placed under the control of a debt
system in which our national finance and banking was at
the mercy of private interests, to loot us almost as they
   This arrangement, or rearrangement, of the political
map brought the United States into World War I, a war
whose purpose was to further Britain's fear of Continental
economic development, by playing one nation of the
Continent against one another in bloddy war (even with a
lot of British sacrifice thrown in to facilitate that);
and to allow Britain to go on, with the collaboration of
its new junior partner, the United States, to establish a
new, one-world empire in the image of the Roman Empire.
For that purpose, the victorious Allies, the
Anglo-Americans and their French political catamite
partners, established the Treaty of Versailles and its
institutions at the end of World War I -- including the
League of Nations, which was supposed to gradually put
into place this new, one-world empire. 
   Well, that didn't work out too well. The Great
Depression, and other events, intervened. 

GRAPHIC:  George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography,
          by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin
LAROUCHE:  As this carefully researched book documents the
facts, in 1932-1933, this British group and its friends in
New York City, put Adolf Hitler into power in Germany.
Let's emphasize: Adolf Hitler did not come to power
because the German people put him into power, but because
the Anglo-American occupying powers which controlled
Germany's finances, put him into power. 
   In point of fact, in 1932, an international
conference on eugenics was held, sponsored by the mother
of Averill Harriman, and others, at the American Museum of
Natural History in New York City. This conference was
addressed by Hitler's personal race theorist, Ernst Rudin.
At the end of that conference, Ernst Rudin was elected
unanimously president of the International Federation of
Eugenics Societies, and Mrs. Harriman and others stated,
that they admired the Nazi Party because of those racial
purification dogmas presented by Ernst Rudin. 

GRAPHIC:  "It is unfortunate that the anti-Nazi propaganda
with which all countries have been flooded has gone far to
obscure the correct understanding and the great importance
of the German racial policy." (from an article titled "The
German Racial Policy" by Dr. C.G. Campbell, Honorary
President of the Eugenics Research Association, in the
March-April, 1936 issue of Eugenical News) 

   So, they knew what they were doing. 
   This led to war, World War II. There's no need to go
into the details of that. The point is: during the last
years of World War II, the Allies -- Britain, the United
States, and Moscow -- set up a series of institutions,
constituting a new set of Versailles agreements. 
   Throughout the postwar peiod following World War II,
the United States and Britain operated on the basis of
what were called, generically, the Yalta agreements. That
is, despite the conflicts, including the threat of
thermonuclear war, between the Soviet Empire and the
Anglo-Americans throughout most of this period, at all
times, there was a back-channel relationship, to such
effect (as Henry Kissinger, for example emphasized a
number of times) that whenever Moscow, together with
London and Washington, would come to an agreement on world
policy, the rest of the world had to obey. So, there was a
kind of condominium in effect, all through this period. 
   That process came to an end, beginning late November,
1989, when a sequence of events was unleased which led to
the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, and led to the crumbling
of what Winston Churchill had called, the Iron Curtain. 

                 "After the Wall Fell"

LAROUCHE:  The policy fight had begun even before the Wall
collapsed, or even before most people around the world
knew it was going to collapse. The policy fight began with
my address at the Kempinski Hotel on Columbus Day, October
12, 1988: 

   "Under proper conditions, many today will agree
the time has come for early steps toward the
re-unification of Germany, with the obvious prospect
that Berlin might resume its role as the nation's capitol."

   A year later, the Wall came down, at which time, I
introduced a program for a world-wide economic recovery, a
program based on using the economic potential of Central
Europe, the so-called "economic productive triangle," to
regenerate economic growth in Eurasia -- very much along
the lines which Count Witte had desired at the end of the
last century and the early part of this century. 

GRAPHIC:  "The Paris-Berlin-Vienna Triangle:
           Locomotive of the World Economy
           -- Lyndon LaRouche's Program for
           Reversing the World Depression" (pamphlet)

LAROUCHE:  Had that program been adopted, as many
sympathized with it and were working to have it adopted,
we would be in an economic recovery, not a depression,
   Around Margart Thatcher madmen, like Connor Cruise
O'Brien and Nicholas Ridley, we began to hear the words,
"a Fourth Reich," and how Germany must be stopped from
engaging in ventures in which German economic power, with
or without France, might play a large role in Eastern
Europe and the former Soviet Union. 
   In order to assist in stopping programs like the
Triangle program, which I had proposed, from being
implemented, friends of Kisinger, such as Britain's Lord
Carrington, or the State Department's Lawrence
Eagleburger, unleashed their Serbian military puppets to
enact genocide and other war crimes on other sections of
the population of the former nation of Yugoslavia, thus
creating a Balkan ulcer of war, which threatens to destroy
Central Europe and much more within. 
   For the same reason, the same geopolitical reason,
that the British had orchestrated the creation of World
War I, and that Anglo-Americans, by putting Hitler into
power in Germany, had created the preconditions for World
War II, these madmen, typified by Kissinger cronies
Carrington and Eagleburger, with their Balkan adventures,
were back to World War I drafting boards, starting another
world war -- of little wars in the Transcaucusus, the
Balkans, Central Asia, and elsewhere, with potential
nuclear implications, spreading and spreading throughout
the world, until the whole world itself, under conditions
of depression, might be engulfed in war. 

   The worst depression of this century is in full
swing. We having spreading wars in the Balkans,
Transcaucusus, Central Asia. And, we're at the verge of
movement to a change of government which might be a
hard-line development around Moscow in the very near
future. This all is the result of the horrible
mismanagment of the post-1989 period, by the U.S. and
British governments, chiefly. 
   Thus, the legacy of this statue of racist,
treasonous, Satanic Albert Pike, still influences the
domestic and foreign policy shaping of Washington, DC. If
we do not root out of our republic, the treason, the
corruption, the degerneracy which Albert Pike and his
collaborators and followers represent, there is no chance
that the United States will prevail as a nation, either in
its domestic affairs, or its foreign affairs. 
   Unless we act now, to reject all lesser evils which
compromise with what this statue symbolizes, there is no
hope that the United States will escape the kind of Hell
which world famine, world disease, spreading war, and
economic depression generally, portend. 

GRAPHIC:  "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers, against
the rulers of the darkness of this world, against
spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:12)

        Lyndon H. LaRouche is on the ballot in 

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Iowa,
Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, North
Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont,
Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin 

   All other States, write in LaRouche and Bevel

            For more information, write
               LaRouche for President 
                    P.O. Box 266
                 Leesburg, VA  22075

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                  LaRouche for President
             Independents for Economic Recovery

         John Covici

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