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Subject: Re: Another myth bites the dust
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Someone unimportant wrote:

> Origin: MERCOPUS - 0604 - Mensa-F
>   Date: 12/10/93
>     Re: Holocaust Revisionists


>      If
>      ANYBODY alleges that the Holocaust never happened I would like
>      to know who they are, what they said, where and when. Absent
>      such evidence, I am compelled to regard "Holocaust denial" as a
>      myth.

I can name two people who allege that the Holocaust never happened, by
their own respective definitions.  Greg Raven is one (he's the head of
the IHR) and Ernst Zuendel is another.  They define the Holocaust very
precisely, and they go down it point-by-point and deny each point.

Allow me to repeat a posting I made about five weeks ago. wrote:

> I don't deny there was a Holocaust,

Nonsense.  You define the Holocaust as the murder of six million Jews as
a central act of state by the Nazis during the Second World War, many in
gas chambers.  You deny the figure of six million, you deny that there
was a Nazi program, and you deny that there were any gas chambers.

You deny precisely what you define.  You deny the Holocaust.

How do I know how you define the term "Holocaust"?  You defined it for
us, in <2pi7nk$>:

   For the purposes of this discussion, I am using a fairly generic
   definition of the word Holocaust, which is the murder of six
   million Jews as a central act of state by the Nazis during the
   Second World War, many in gas chambers.

How do I know what you deny?  You defined it for us, in

   Revisionists DO say that there was no German program to
   exterminate Europe's Jews, that numerous claims of mass killings
   in "gas chambers" are false, and that the estimate of six million
   Jewish wartime dead is an irresponsible exaggeration.

Furthermore, you know all this.  Even if you'd "forgotten" what your own
beliefs were, Mr. Raven, you have been reminded many times in email. You
have failed to address your self-contradiction even once.

Posted;  emailed to Greg Raven again, so that he may have one more
chance to explain his self-contradiction.
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