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From Sat Sep  9 03:23:10 PDT 1995
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From: (Cecelia A Clancy)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Mr. Raven, I have some questions.
Date: 9 Sep 1995 03:55:59 GMT
Organization: University of Pittsburgh
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In article ,
Greg Raven  wrote:
>In article <42oc9m$>, (Cecelia
>A Clancy) wrote:
>> Greg, now that you are here, please post here how the Board of Directors
>> of IHR is selected, who selects them, and who these borad members are.
>The IHR does not have a board of directors.

But Greg, you yourself have made reference to the IHR Board of Directors
right her in a.r. and have done so recently.  It was in the same 
post in which you stated that IHR has no President and no CEO.

If there is no President and no CEO, then to whom do you report?

The IHR DOES have a Board of Directors.  Who is on that Board and
how are they selected?

And while we are at it, please elaborate on the rights and powers
within IHR of the Editorial Advisory Board.  What is its function?
What role do they play in "running" IHR - I say no role.

>> Plese either post of send me information of the Carto lawsuit stuff.
>There are nearly a dozen lawsuits, and mountains of paper have been
>generated. Can you be more specific in your request?

CAn you begin with an overall summary?  Can you give docket numbers
for the court documents and cases?  Can you give references to
pretrial deppositions?  Can you give references where I can find
court transcripts?  Can you give references on any out of court
settlements?   Can you give the names and professional addresses
of the attorneys on both sides?  Who were the judges?
In which courts were the suits filed and heard?

>> Is IHR still tied to Noontide Press?
>No, and it never was. The IHR and Noontide Press are both dbas for the
>same parent company.

... which is the League for the Survival of Freedom, which has been
a long time Carto front.   If there is not tie, then how come everything
in the IHR Catalogue could be found in the Noontide Press Catlogue printed
>from  the same plates?   And how come after I subscribed to the IHR Newsletter
and Journal of Historical Review, I would get promotional mailings from
Noontide Press -- to include a multipage catalogue --  that had the same
unique number  above my name as the number that was on the mailings I
would receive from IHR.

>> Is IHR still owned by the League for the Survival of Freedom?
>In a manner of speaking.   

In a manner of speaking how?   Is the League for the Survival of
Freedom IHR's parent company?   Is it still Noontide Press's parent
company?   Does Willis Carto still own the League for the Survival
of Freedom  ---or did he ditch that too when he ditched IHR?

If you do not want to e-mail me, then send me something via snail
mail.  You should still have my address in one of your old mailing
list databases.

>> What is Willis Carto's relationship, if any to IHR today?
>Chief adversary.

As far as the public is concerned at least.   But are all the lawsuits
he has made genuine or are they all a ruse to cover up the fact that
he still runs and owns IHR????   If IHR's holding company is still
the League for the Survival of Freedom and if Carto still owns and
controls it, then he still owns and controls IHR.  What is going
on Greg?  Again, to whom do you report?

>> Does Mark Weber have an e-mail address?
Then can you give me his P.O. Box (not the IHR one, his own,  or shall
I get it from the Simon Wiesenthal Center  -- Mark gave it to thle
SWC one time on its answering machine thinking he was applying for
a job with a neo-Nazi publication called _Right_?  Isn't that "right?"

>> Where is Tom Marcellus now?
>Probably at his computer at home here in Southern California, happily
>earning a living.

Then he should have an e-mail address.  I would like to interview
him as part of my research on the Revisionist movement?  Can you
give me his e-mail or snail mail address?


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