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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Date: 30 Aug 1995 14:24:51 GMT
From: (Greg Raven)
Subject: My reply to Ken McVay

In message <41iq6c$> Ken McVay presents an Open
Letter to me, Greg Raven, supposedly to urge me to treat him and other
anti-revisionists as graciously as he and the other anti-revisionists have
been treating me, that is, by providing links to anti-revisionists Web
materials from my Web materials.

In so doing, McVay provides some excellent examples of why I have so far
refused to so.

When I first gained Internet access and joined the discussion on
alt.revisionism, I explicitly stated that I had no desire to exchange
personal attacks, and that I hoped that we could all stick with the facts.
The anti-revisionists have consistently refused to do this.

McVay writes:

> As President and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for
> Historical Review, Mr. Raven, you operate the IHR's WWW
> site,, as a focalpoint for the
> dissemination of neo-Nazi Holocaust denial propaganda.

Just about everything about this paragraph, the first in McVays open
letter, is inaccurate. To save space, I will deal only with the
substantive falsehoods.

First, I am not president and/or CEO of the Institute for Historical
Review, as the IHR has no president and/or CEO.

Second, while it is true that I make available some IHR material on the
World Wide Web, I do so not in my official capacity with the IHR, but
rather I do it on my own time, and I finance it out of my own monies.

Third, to the best of my knowledge, there is no neo-Nazi (or Nazi, for
that matter) or Holocaust denial material among my Web files.

Thus, although McVay attempts to present himself as being interested in a
free exchange of positions, this posting clearly shows that he is more
inclined to personal attacks on revisionists. In his open letter, he even
includes a URL (Universal Resource Locator -- a form of Internet address)
for a file that can only be considered a personal attack on me, and
visitors to his site will find other files personally (and inaccurately)
attacking me and others.

(Some may find it interesting that McVay starts off his Web material with
a quote from Deborah Lipstadt, an anti-revisionist who also
mischaracterizes revisionists and revisionists positions, and who claims
that there must be no debate on the Holocaust issue -- she is right and
the revisionists are wrong, period.)

McVay is not alone among the anti-revisionists on the Internet in
pretending to ask for fair treatment while engaging in personal attacks.
Jamie McCarthy has also attempted to urge me to include a link to his Web
materials on my Web materials. I have not visited McCarthys Web site in
some time, but the last time I did, one of the first things I read was a
misquote of something I wrote, that McCarthy further mischaracterized in
order to cast aspersions on me.

Finally, there are many sites that include pointers to my Web materials.
It is illogical to assume that I would include reverse links to all of

Greg Raven (
Or, come visit my home page at
The Institute for Historical Review can be reached at:
P.O. Box 241556, Newport Beach, CA 92659

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