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Date: 9 Mar 1995 18:33:56 GMT
From: Tommy the Tourist (Anon User) 
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Tender Hearts of The SS

In an earlier post entitled "Of 'Jewish Soap' and Veiled Hatreds"
we posed three questions:

     When confronted by an elite too smart to simply admit in
     opinion polls their real motives, what are the indicators
     that their ideas and actions are motivated by malice?

     At what point may we conclude that contradictory statements
     and utterly irrational arguments voiced by visibly talented
     people are motivated by passion and prejudice?

     What extremes of internal contradiction would allow us to
     take alarm that the motivating passion may be hatred?

In that earlier post, we noted that the problem with Holocaust
belief is the facility with which the images of camp life and
conditions conjured by the proponents change, depending upon the
point to be proven.

Today we will tackle one more of those profound contradictions.
But first, a little background.

Those of us who have gathered our impressions of the Holocaust
"homicidal gas chambers" as "instruments of mass murder" from the
popular press and from Hollywood have grown up with an image of
high tech killing machines.

To the popular mind, the chambers were large structures
dispensing hydrogen cyanide gas through automated dispensers
camouflaged to resemble stainless shower heads. The hundreds of
corpses produced by each gassing were then fed by automated
conveyor belts to huge, blast furnace style crematoria.

In this popular or Hollywood view, the killing machine was
mechanical and "capital intensive". No need for battalions of
laborers dragging around dead corpses. The Hollywood view has the
virtue of logical consistency. After all, if you are going to
slaughter millions and dispose of the remains, automation makes
sense. And indeed, the only reason to do this job with gas
chambers is the opportunity it affords for economies of scale and
mass efficiency. The Hollywood view of the gas chambers is
at least logical.

The problem with this Hollywood view of the "instruments of mass
murder" is that there are no remains, either physical or
documentary, of any such high-tech structures.  In a word, the
Hollywood version is false.

Rather, we have ample physical remains and documentary records of
the construction of delousing chambers for the disinfection of
garments, as well as crematory ovens identical to those used in
civilian mortuaries at that time. These records include
construction blueprints and purchase orders from vendors as well
as photographs.

The proponents of mass murder describe for us, and ask us
to believe a new, decidedly low-tech, labor-intensive version of
gas chamber killings.

     From: (Danny Keren)
     Date: 20 Sep 1994 22:12:38 GMT

     "Wayne McGuire  wrote:
     > I was brought up with an image of the Holocaust as a sort
     > of gigantic factory of death, in which six million Jews
     > were exterminated in gas chambers with industrial
     > precision.

     "Not very accurate.

     "But consider a gas chamber like the large ones in
     Auschwitz, 7 X 30 meters in area. One can easily gas a 1,000
     people per day in such a chamber. Actually, the main problem
     the SS had was not the gassing, but disposing of the

What happened, apparently is that some of the delousing chambers
were converted into gas chambers. In the words of one proponent
of the gas chamber story:

     From: (Danny Keren)
     Date: 27 Sep 1994 21:06:09 GMT

     "The delousing chambers at Auschwitz used cyanide gas, and
     the SS had no problems with them. Obviously, it's no big
     deal to use Zyklon-B (which releases the HCN gas) for
     delousing. Using it for killing people is almost exactly the
     same. Only differences are: the Zyklon has to be inserted
     from the outside, and the door has to be reinforced so the
     people being gassed won't break out.

     "I'm sure you'll agree with me that it was no big problem to
     reinforce the doors, and to insert the Zyklon from the

Ok, so we now have makeshift conversions of delousing chambers at
Auschwitz. Fair enough. But as one proponent of the gas chambers
points out, these structures are underground, thus making
disposal of hundreds of thousands of bodies even more difficult.

     From: (Jamie McCarthy)
     Date: Fri, 30 Sep 1994 03:35:13 -0400

     "The underground gas chambers, both homicidal and delousing,
     were located in a swamp and frequently stand for many months
     with a few feet of water."

And indeed, the low-tech nature of these "homicidal instruments
of mass murder" helps explain the lack of any documentation
similar to that which we have for the civilian style crematoria
or any eyewitness testimony of construction workers who built
them. Apparently, they were built on the sly, so that nobody,
including the construction crews, knew what was being built:

     From: (Michael P. Stein)
     Date: 2 Oct 1994 03:56:51 -0400

     "The gas chamber was often referred to as a morgue.  It may
     indeed have been planned that way, before the order for the
     "Final Solution"  was issued.  In part this camouflage was
     because the construction workers were to be kept in the dark
     as to what they were building - "

But now we have the low-tech specter of hundreds of workers
having to go down into underground buildings, coming into contact
with poison gas, and having to carry hundreds of corpses to slow,
civilian style crematory ovens. We are asked to envision such a
means of killing millions of people.

This low-tech image may have some plausibility for Auschwitz,
which had batteries of crematory ovens. (The camp had a
population of up to 100,000, and, in this era before antibiotics,
had death rates from diseases such as typhus of up to 20%
per year, necessitating the disposal of up to 20,000 bodies
per year.)

But the low-tech image is even more troublesome for camps such as
Treblinka, where there were no crematory ovens, and where the gas
chambers are alleged to have been wooden rooms in which prisoners
were suffocated with diesel exhaust.  The battalion size work
crews which apparently emptied the rooms of corpses carried them
away to open pits where they were buried.

All of which prompts skeptics over and over to ask why simpler
and easier low tech means were not employed. Namely, why did the
SS not simply shoot them?

For which the proponents of the "homicidal gas chambers" have a
ready answer:

     From: (Barry Shein)
     Date: Wed, 28 Sep 1994 07:43:28 GMT

     "Actually, the reason for not using bullets was because it
     took a lot of soldiers to shoot that many people every day
     and yes indeed the SS tried this and had "morale problems"
     which are also documented in their memos etc. Ordinary
     soldiers had a problem with mowing down men, women and
     children all day for very long."

So the reason the SS had to resort to crude, low-tech gas
chambers to kill jews is that they could not find anyone in the
SS willing to shoot them!.

Now if that is the case, then why would the Nuremberg War Crimes
Tribunal brand the SS as a "criminal organization"?

What happened to "Ivan the Terrible?" Was he not willing?

The tender hearted SS could not bring themselves to shoot the
hated jews! Se' fantastique!

Now it happens that literally millions of American males over the
age of 40 have actually fired the M-60 NATO 7.62 mm belt-fed
machine gun. Millions more have seen it fired. It has a cyclical
rate of fire of about 560 rounds per minute. The Germans invented
machine guns with similar rates of fire before World War I. The
venerable U.S M-2 .50 cal. machine gun (larger and heavier than
the M-60) with an RPM of about 470 was designed by Browning
during WW I and is still in use.

The SS had several different models of these guns in WW II and had
them available at all times.

Proponents of the "homicidal gas chamber" argue that the
capacity of the crematory ovens at Auschwitz was from 1200 to
1400 per day if run day and night.

One belt-fed machine gun can kill all 1400 in 5 minutes. All it
takes is one man to fire the gun, one to clip belts, and one on a
bulldozer to move the bodies.

Soldiers in wartime do what they are trained to do, and that is
to use their rifles and machine guns.

What the proponents of these low-tech "homicidal gas chambers"
are asking us to believe is that the SS could not find one anti-
semite willing to stand back 200 meters from a 100 meter rank of
souls 14 deep and shoot them for 5 minutes. Each bullet would
pass through several bodies. That is all it would take.  One
anti-semite SS soldier in each of the four "death camps" five
minutes per day.

And such persons could not be found?

As with the previous post, " Of 'Jewish Soap' and Veiled
Hatreds," this notion of a tender SS bears not only on the
credibility of the "homicidal gas chambers" story but on the
motives and character of the proponents as well.

It is yet another example in which proponents of the Holocaust
take positions that are fundamentally and profoundly

How is it that the SS is a "criminal organization" filled with
anti-semitic murderers such as "Ivan the Terrible" one moment,
but in the next, when the ease of shootings has to be dismissed,
no SS troops could be found who were willing to kill?

How is it that John Demjanjuk's SS identity card alone is
conclusive evidence of murder, when, at the same time, to save
the low-tech version of the "homicidal gas chambers", holocaust
proponents brazenly state that no such murderers could be found
within SS ranks?

The problem with Holocaust belief is how quickly and easily
reality transforms itself into fantasy depending upon the point
to be proven.

Now I ask you to consider what passion could drive otherwise
visibly talented people to such depths of contradiction?

Is it the same passion that drives these people to such forceful
advocacy of "understanding" "tolerance" and "respect for

What if the passion that drives these people to advocate belief
in the Holocaust as part of their campaign to enforce the values
of "understanding" "tolerance" and "respect for diversity" is in
fact concealed hatred?

Do words have double meanings for these people? - One set of
meanings for me and another for thee?

If so, then what exactly do they, as our leaders and elites, have
in mind for us?

Caution is in order-

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