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From:        E. Zundel,

Copyright (c) 1997 - Ingrid A. Rimland

January 2, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Well, a new year is here, and I am happy to report that a new wind is
blowing.  So far, only in gusts- but, boy, does it feel good to fill your
lungs with air and watch the cob webs swirl!

Remember how I mentioned in a ZGrams just a few weeks ago that Ernst
suggested to the Swiss banks they ought to ". . . invest in Revisionism"
since doing so would be, by far, the cheaper, smarter route to go than to
". . . succumb to  blackmail regarding so-called Nazi loot"?

Ernst was the one, in fact,  who has called the Holocaust ". . . parasitism
elevated to a state of doctrine" for some time.  Since 1981, he has openly
called it an extortion racket.  He has told every Revisionist leader,
writer and researcher since at least 1988 that ". . . we must hammer away
at this latest tool of the eternal parasite - people who hide behind their
self-proclaimed, massively propagandized victimhood, while practicing their
Holocaust terrorism, Holocaust blackmail and Holocaust extortion racket . .
. "

Bernie Farber, head of the Canadian Jewish Congress in his testimony in
Ottawa before the SIRC Committee this spring, correctly pointed out that ".
. . Zundel goes further than any other Holocaust Denier,"  making a direct
connection from the Holocaust story to Jewish greed and money grubbing by
calling it an extortion racket.

That's why there are such desperate attempts in Canada to shut Ernst Zundel
up.  That's how you earn yourself derogatory titles such as "evil
magician," "anti-Semite",  "hate monger" and, for good measure, "racist".
That's why the opposition has to mobilize the media of Canada, spend
millions of tax payers' money, and get huge government organizations to act
as their hit squads for them.  Ernst Zundel of Toronto, Canada - a "crank"
whom no one in his right mind,  takes seriously?

Well.  That is not how the cookie crumbles.

Day before yesterday, the President of Switzerland drew himself up to his
full height on his last day in office, and said, OFFICIALLY, as the first
leader in the so-called "free" world -  what Ernst Zundel has said all

None other than Swiss President Jean-Pascal Delamuraz, in a newspaper
interview, stated that Jewish demands for a fund to be set up for Jews who
MIGHT be entitled to money supposedly stolen by Swiss banks during World
War II was "blackmail" and "extortion".

"This is nothing less than extortion and blackmail," Delamuraz said,
referring to a "temporary fund" suggested as an interim arrangement.  "This
fund would make it much more difficult to establish the truth.  Such a fund
would be considered an admission of guilt."

The President of Switzerland went even further.  He pointed out that
criticism of Swiss banks and the country's war role was not only

". . . due to the nature of the revelations but equally to the not very
pure intentions which lay at their origin."

In this newspaper interview with a reporter from Tribune de Geneve,
Delamuraz reiterated the Swiss government's stance that any compensation
measures should wait for the findings of a nine-member historical panel
named by the Cabinet two weeks ago to investigate the Swiss financial role
in World War II.

Now when Ernst Zundel speaks, here's how he puts these matters:

". . . We are dealing with Ghetto-gangster elements in pin-striped suits
who carry calculators in their violin cases, rather than Thompson machine
guns, the way it was done at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.  The take of
their terrorism is far more lucrative than if they had used guns.  Dead
victims don't pay 'reparations'".

Live victims, of course, do.  They pay through the nose and keep paying.

Germans have paid to various "beneficiaries" more than DM 100 billion in
the past half century.  Now Switzerland is supposed to start paying - along
with a whole slew of financially less-endowed countries - such as Poland,
for instance, on whom the same elements are kneeling to pay for all the
so-called "confiscated" Jewish property.  The Poles are in a worse fix -
they are worried that if they pay the Jews, then they will also have to pay
compensation to the Silesians and the East and West Prussians.  Such
reparations payments would amount to trillions, not just billions.  So this
development is pregnant with trouble.

And speaking of billions if not trillions:  According to the Washington
Report on Middle East Affairs, October 1996, (p. 44) Americans have
supported the state of Israel to the tune of more than $5.5 billion in 1996
alone.  Imagine how much it adds up to, directly and indirectly, since
1948!  And no end yet in sight!

Somewhere I read that the Aryan race is the only race on earth that carries
its own parasites on its back wherever it goes and wherever it settles -
like some exotic animal species take with them parasitic birds in Africa.
Repeat after me, class:  "The Holocaust is NOT about this so-called
victimhood.  It is a clever TOOL for making victims out of fools by playing
on their sympathies!"

Said Swiss President Delamuraz, who doubles up as economics minister and,
hence, has the credentials, that the initial Swiss response to criticism of
the Swiss banking system had been "naive" - exactly what Ernst said in one
of his newsletters when this matter first came to the fore.

Delamuraz:  "No one . . . appears to see that apart from dogged research
into historical truth there is also a strong political desire to
destabilize and compromise Switzerland," he said.

"This has one link in Washington and another in London, where it was a
matter of nothing else than trying to demolish Switzerland's status as a
financial center," Delamuraz is reported to have said to a reporter of this
French-language Swiss newspaper.

Said Zundel, the Outspoken Swabian:

"No wonder that they want to criminalize Holocaust Denial and Holocaust
Revisionism.  We are the ones who are blowing the whistle on them.  The
Holocaust Promotion Lobby has a protection racket going that makes the
standard Mafia-take mere chicken feed.  These folks are criminals.
Extortionists.  They are hiding behind victimhood while operating on a
global scale.  Show the first sign of weakness, and the hyenas will move

"Remember the IKEA flap, where this billion dollar Swedish furniture store
chain was accused of having a president who belonged to a Nazi organization
at the end of the war?  World-wide strikes were threatened by the Simon
Wiesenthal Center, and only when the chain's management flew to Los Angeles
and promised to establish a store in Israel were the threatened strikes put
on hold.

"Remember how the Japanese caved in when. in a similar situation, action
was threatened against Marco Polo Magazine, a lucrative, highly popular
upscale glossy publication?  One of my Japanese contacts had been able to
place a seven page, top notch Revisionist article.  Immediately, the
Israeli consulate and the Simon Wiesenthal Center dispatched a delegation
to Tokyo and leaned on Volkswagen Japan to withdraw its large ads from the
magazine.  The Japanese magazine's management, defiant at first, obediently
caved in after its huge parent corporation fell all over itself in abjectly
apologizing to the Jewish Lobby.

"Result?  Everybody was fired.  The entire magazine disbanded.

"These are just two examples of Holocaust terrorism to extort behavior
favorable and profitable to current, not past, Jewish interests.  We ought
to finally get it straight in 1997, now that we can quote a President . . .

Does the common man in the street need "hate laws"?  Or does the Holocaust
Promotion Lobby need them sorely?  You ask yourself that question.  You
have in Switzerland a country that WILLINGLY criminalized skepticism about
the Auschwitz "gas chambers" a mere few years ago, thereby legally painting
itself in a corner!

The Swiss are in a fix now.  They have outlawed Holocaust skepticism and
questioning the details of so-called "gassing" stories and other
fabrications.  Was it done by forces behind the scenes who knew the "Nazi
Gold" scheme was coming?  With this "hate law" in place, the Swiss disarmed
themselves before the struggle for truth in their history even got going!
How can the banks play the Revisionist card now?  Publish their findings,
which will have to be Revisionist information if they are honest findings,
and go directly to jail?

Well, it is not too late.  There still is Jurgen Graf, right there in
Switzerland, to name just one Revisionist - and what a powerhouse of pen,
that one!

It would be a magnificent beginning if tiny Switzerland would lead the way
and systematically start using the hard work of people such as Graf and
other pioneers who have, as one of our correspondents put it, ". . . thrown
careers and reputations to the winds in their pursuit of truth and
fairness. . . " and who, this writer then goes on to say while quoting from
a dusty book he found in an old box, ". . .  gave their breast(s) to the
bullets of a mob, for the rights of free speech and opinion."


Thought for the Day:

"1997 = The Year of the Struggle.  Give it your all!"

(Michael Hoffman II)

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