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How to FTP

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Loosely speaking, FTP is a way of moving files from one machine on the Internet to another.

How do I access Nizkor's files via FTP?

Unless someone has downloaded this file and printed it out, you're probably reading this on the World-Wide Web. Given that fact, it's easiest for you to use our FTP-to-WWW "gateway."

Simply click the link to the FTP archives, and you'll be "transported" there. Click directory names to enter each directory, and click file names to read them. When you're finished browsing, click the back-arrow, or other "go back" button, until you return to the Web.

If you prefer, you can also use the built-in web browser; the option for doing that is on each page that the gateway presents to you. However, our special software provides some added features: automatically making URLs clickable and so on.

What if, for some reason, I can't do that?

Your next-best option is to use some other FTP client software on your computer. On the Macintosh, for example, there are programs called Fetch and Anarchie that will make FTP as painless as possible. You'll need to know the site name, which is, and the directory name you want to access.

If that option is also unavailable, you will probably still have access to the most ubiquitous FTP client software of all. It's on nearly every Unix machine in the world, and it's accessed by typing "ftp" from the shell prompt.

If you need help using that client, try typing "man ftp" at that same shell prompt.

How do I find the file I want?

A good question.

If you are looking for information on a certain subject, the first thing you should try is our search page. It will allow you to search the contents of all the files on our site, including files in the ftp archive.

If you see a reference to a file in the ftp archives on this site, it will mention a filename and a directory. If you're not sure where the directory is, or you just don't want to click through each subdirectory, simply go to the search page and enter the name of the file. You'll be presented with a link to that file, or, if there is more than one match for what you typed, all the files that match.

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