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Kremas II & III
Zyklon-B Introduction Columns

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"It would be very helpful at this point to have the dimensions and characteristics of the induction column. I gather that the tube was a kind of pipe with a wire mesh netting on the bottom. But to have the exact dimensions (diameter, length) would also be helpful."

In Kremas II and III "Zyklon B was distributed in the gas chamber[s] through four introduction columns custom-made in the metalwork shops of the camp. They were shaped like pillars and made of two wire grids with a moveable core. Cross sections of the pillars, 3m high, formed a square, each side measuring 70cm. Fastened to the floor, they passed through openings in the ceiling, ending outside as little chimneys closed with a concrete cover equiped with two handles. The external grid (made of wire 3 mm thick) formed interstices measuring 45 mm x 45 mm, and eas fastened to cube-shaped metal scantlings (cross section 50 mm x 10 mm). Interstices of the external grid--150 mm apart from the internal grid and similarly fastened--were smaller (25 mm x 25 mm). The two grids served as a screen for the moveable core that could be introduced through the opening in the ceiling. The core consisted of a tin prism measuring 150mm x 150 mm at the cross section. The bottom of the core was flat, and the top was a cone. A wire mesh with interstices of one sq mm extended from the base of the core to the base of the cone, and was fastened to a post 25 mm away. The entire length of the core was covered with tin. When Zyklon B pellets fell onto the cone, they spread uniformly throughout the core and stopped at its lower part. After the gas evaporated, the entire core was removed from the gas chamber and the used peelts of diatomite were poured out." (Anatomy, p.167.)

"It would also be good to know how this tube was nestled into the square lattice-work column described inter alia by Nyiszli. The dimensions and characteristics of this column would also be good to know."

There was no "tube." There was a moveable core which was raised (via a wire), filled with Zyklon B, and lowered. After the Zyklon B spent itself the core was again raised and the (inert) Zyklon B removed. (cf. Technique, p.484.)

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