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The Dachau Gas Chamber

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From: Dr. Daniel Keren
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Dan Keren's disagreement with Yad Vashem
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 21:43:36 GMT

In addition to Ken McVay's excellent article: in the meanwhile I have contacted Prof. Gutman of Yad-VaShem (this, following Al Baron's suggestion). Prof. Gutman said that the evidence points to the fact that gassing did take place in Dachau, but that this never passed the experimental stage, and thus it cannot really be said that the gas chamber was used for killing in the sense in which, for instance, the Auschwitz gas chambers were. He added that the number of victims was (relatively) rather small. Prof. Gutman also said that these experimental gassings were carried out under the supervision of Dr. Rascher, who was in charge of the medical experiments in Dachau.

-Danny Keren.

From: John Morris
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Keren refuted
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 10:18:49 GMT

Alexander Baron wrote: [quoting Dr. Keren]

There was - there still is, actually - a gas chamber in Dachau.

Telling porkie pies again Dan. The "gas chamber" which was exhibited in 1945 and which was palmed off on the goyim by the Board of Deputies in Britain and in South Africa was a delousing chamber, even Pressac admits that. These lies were used by two Zionist slimeballs: Suzman and Diamond - to ban DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE? in South Africa. I have documented this. Ask Mike Stein.

There's a letter from Rascher to Himmler, suggesting to gas people in it.

Next time you quote that letter make sure you don't misquote it. It doesn't say what you claim it says. I'm not the only one who can misread.

Since Dr. Keren relies either on my translation of Rascher's letter or on the translation in Kogon's Nazi Mass Murder, perhaps Mr. Baron would like to correct my translation or indicate how it has been misread:

Wie Sie wissen, wird im KL Dachau dieselbe Einricht[ung] wie in Linz gebaut. Nachdem die "Invalidentransporte" sowieso in bestimmten Kammern enden, frage ich, ob nicht in diesen Kammern an der sowieso dazu bestimmten Personen die Wirkung unserer verschiedenen Kampfgase erprobt werden kann? Bis jetzt liegen nur Tierversuche bezw. Berichte ueber Unfaelle bei Herrstellung dieser Gase vor. Wegen dieses Absatzes schicke ich den Brief als "Geheimsache."

[As you know, the very same equipment is in the concentration camp at Dachau as was used at Linz [Hartheim]. Whereas the "invalid transports" end up in certain chambers [at Linz] anyway, I ask whether we cannot test some of our various combat gases on specific persons who are involved in the action. Up till now there have only been animal tests or accounts of accidental deaths in the manufacture of these gases. Because of this paragraph, I have sent this letter marked "Secret"].

(from SS Dr. Sigmund Rascher to Reichsfuehrer Himmler, 9 August 1942. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv, Koblenz.)

My translation of this portion of the letter was made from a photocopy of the original provided to me by Danny Keren.

Rascher's large correspondence with Himmler's office indicates that he was deeply involved in medical experiments including the infamous hypothermia experiments. Rascher was condemned to death and briefly imprisoned at Buchenwald after he rescued two children from the Dachau camp and declared them to be his own in violation of Nazi race laws. While imprisoned, he stayed in the same cell-block as Captain S. Payne-Best, a captured British officer who recalled their conversation thus:

Almost at our first meeting he told me that he belonged to Himmler's personal staff, and that it was he who planned and supervised the contruction of the gas chambers and was responsible for the use of prisoners as guinea pigs in medical research. Obviously he saw nothing wrong in this and considered it merely a matter of expediency. As regards the gas chambers, he said that Himmler, a very kind-hearted man, was most anxious that prisoners should be exterminated in a manner which caused them the least anxiety and suffering. . . . (S. Payne-Best, The Venlo Incident London: Hutchinson, n.d. p. 186.)

We have already had one go round with the evidentiary value of Payne-Best's memoir, and I would like to forestall the obvious objection that it is hearsay and thus not admissible in court. Hearsay it is, but it is also hearsay that would be admissible in any Anglo-American court, and would have been heard in court if prosecutors had known of Rascher's remarks to Payne-Best.

The one witness to testify at trial about gassings was Dr. Franciszek Blaha who confirmed that the gas chamber had been used (Eugen Kogon, et al., Nazi Mass Murder: A Documentary History of the Use of Poison Gas (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1993) pp. 203-204).

I don't know which building Mr. Baron believes was "palmed off on the goyim," but there were both delousing chambers and a facility that was at the very least intended as a homicidal gas chamber at Dachau. Mr. Baron has yet to explain the presence of false showers in a "delousing chamber."

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at University of Alberta     <Scripture veteris capiunt exempla futuri>

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