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The following city partnerships are dedicated to the unknown tens of of thousands of victims of the KZ Gusen I, II & III concentration camps within the "Mauthausen" system of 49 camps all over "Austrian" territory.

The city partnerships acknowledge the Gestapo´s deportation of large groups from these cities in March 1944 for exploitation in the strategic KZ Gusen II underground projects.

Since that KZ Gusen II camp was an extremely brutal camp, most of these deportees died alongside thousands of others from all over Europe.

The city partnerships encourage projects to preserve the memory and history of the 40,000 victims of KZ Gusen I, II & III in the minds of all people of good will.

These partnerships do not just gaze toward the past; they also promote relevations of current inhumanities, thus fostering human rights in hopes of a future with tolerance, democracy, and the spirit of understanding.

Court of Arms of Empoli

Empoli (FI), Italy

Mayor Bugli and Mayor Honeder signing contract On March 8, 1944, 115 young men from Empoli, located some 39 km west of Florence, were deported to Germany to work in the NAZI war effort. Just 23 of them returned home after World War II.

On March 8, 1997 (the 53rd anniversary of the deportation), Mayor Vittorio Bugli and Mayor Rudolf Honeder contracted to make Empoli a partner city of St.Georgen/Gusen, where the KZ Gusen II (Bergristall) tunnels are located.

From May 2 to 4, 1997, an official delegation from Empoli visited St.Georgen/Gusen, and Mayor Vittorio Bugli gave an official commemorational address at the 3rd Local-International Commemoration.

Meanwhile, several exchange programs between students from Empoli and St. Georgen/Gusen and different local associations were arranged and shall be developped further.

Court of Arms of Sesto S.G.

Sesto San Giovanni (MI), Italy

Sesto San Giovanni is today the north-eastern part of Milan. In April 1944, some 400 young man were deported from Sesto S.G. to Nazi Germany to be used as slave labor. 125 were deported to KZ Gusen, where 94 died.

In May of 1996, a twinning agrrement was negotiated with Langenstein, where the KZ Gusen I & II camps were located.

Representatives of Sesto S.G. and Langenstein An official delegation from Langenstein, headed by Vice-Mayor Ernst Hutsteiner, visited Sesto S.G. on March 6, 1997.

During the 3rd Local-International Commemoration on May 3, 1997, an official delegation from Sesto S.G., headed by Presidente Giancarlo Castelli, also visited Langenstein.

In August 1997, Signor Grimaldi visited Langenstein to discuss further details concerning the future "Gemilaggio" .

Meanwhile there developped a very good cooperation between representatives of Sesto S.G. and local associations from Langenstein. Even some historical documentations are already translated from German to the Italian language by certain organizations of Sesto S.G.

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Twinning Agreement Empoli-St.Georgen/Gusen

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