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Legal References And List Of Documents Relating To Hermann Wilhelm Goering
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*3786-PS; Stenographic transcript of a meeting in the Fuehrer's Headquarters, 27 January 1945. (USA 787) .Vol. VI, Pg. 655

*3787-PS; Report of the Second Meeting of the Reich Defense Council, 25 June 1939. (USA 782) .Vol. VI, Pg. 718

*C-10; OKW directive, 28 November 1939, signed by Keitel, subject:. Employment of 7th Flieger Division. (GB 108) .Vol. VI, Pg. 817

*C-39; Timetable for Barbarossa, approved by Hitler and signed by Keitel. (USA 138) .Vol. VI, Pg. 857

*C-59; Order signed by Warlimont for execution of operation "Marita", 19 February 1941. (GB 121) .Vol. VI, Pg. 879

*C-62; Directive No. 6 on the conduct of war, signed by Hitler, 9 October 1939; directive by Keitel, 15 October 1939 on Fall "Gelb". (GB 106) .Vol. VI, Pg. 880

*C-63; Keitel order on preparation for "Weseruebung", 27 January 1940. (GB 87) .Vol. VI, Pg. 883

*C-72; Orders postponing "A" day in the West, November 1939 to May 1940. (GB 109) .Vol. VI, Pg. 893

*C-75; OKW Order No. 24 initialled Jodl, signed Keitel, 5 March 1941, concerning collaboration with Japan. (USA 151) .Vol. VI, Pg. 906

*C-120; Directives for Armed Forces 1939-40 for "Fall Weiss", operation against Poland. (GB 41) .Vol. VI, Pg. 916

*C-126; Preliminary Time Table for "Fall Weiss" and directions for secret mobilization. (GB 45) .Vol. VI, Pg. 932

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*C-139; Directive for operation "Schulung" signed by Blomberg, 2 May 1935. (USA 53) .Vol. VI, Pg. 951

*C-140; Directive for preparations in event of sanctions, 25 October 1935, signed by Blomberg. (USA 51) .Vol. VI, Pg. 952

*C-159; Order for Rhineland occupation signed by Blomberg, 2 March 1936. (USA 54) .Vol. VI, Pg. 974

*C-174; Hitler Order for operation "Weseruebung", 1 March 1940. (GB 89) .Vol. VI, Pg. 1003

*D-729; Notes on conversation between Goering and Mussolini on 23 October 1942. (GB 281) .Vol. VII, Pg. 177

*D-730; Statement of PW Walther Grosche, 11 December 1945. (GB 279) .Vol. VII, Pg. 177

*D-731; Statement of PW Ernst Walde, 13 December 1945. (GB 278) .Vol. VII, Pg. 183

*D-769; Telegram signed by Gen. Christiansen, 21 September 1940, relative to application of capital punishment in connection with Railway strike in Holland. (GB 304) .Vol. VII, Pg. 229

*D-775; Draft of directive, 14 June 1944, from OKW to Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe", regarding treatment of Allied" Terrorist"-flyers! (GB 308) .Vol. VII, Pg. 232

*D-776; Draft of directive of Chief of OKW, 15 June 1944, to German Foreign Office at Salzburg, concerning treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 309) .Vol. VII, Pg. 233

*D-777; Draft of directive, 15 June 1944, from OKW to Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe" concerning treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 310) .Vol. VII, Pg. 234

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*D-779; Letter from Reichsmarshal to Chief of OKW, 19 August 1944, regarding treatment of Allied "Terrorist"- flyers. (GB 312) .Vol. VII, Pg. 235

*D-780; Draft of communication from Ambassador Ritter, Salzburg, to Chief of OKW, 20 June 1944, on treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 313) .Vol. VII, Pg. 236

*D-781; Note of OKW to Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe", 23 June 1944, regarding treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 314) .Vol. VII, Pg. 239

*D-783; Note of a telephone communication, 26 June 1944, with regard to treatment of "Terrorist"-aviators. (GB 316) .Vol. VII, Pg. 240

*D-785; Note from OKW to Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe", 4 July 1944, concerning "Terror"-flyers. (GB 318) .Vol. VII, Pg. 241

*EC-3; Letter of Liaison Staff at Supreme Headquarters, Armament Procurement Office directed to General Thomas, Chief of Wi Rue Amt, Berlin, 25 November 1941. (USA 318) .Vol. VII, Pg. 242

*EC-126; Economic Policy Directive for Economic Organization, East, Agricultural Group, 23 May 1941. (USA 316) .Vol. VII, Pg. 295

*EC-286; Correspondence between Schacht and Goering, March- April 1937, concerning price control. (USA 833) .Vol. VII, Pg. 380

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*EC-305; Minutes of meeting on 12 February 1940, under Chairmanship of Goering concerning labor supply in the East. (USA 303) .Vol. VII, Pg.402

*EC-317; Order of Goering, 7 September 1943, concerning evacuation of harvest crops and destruction of means of production in agricultural and food economy in parts of Occupied Eastern Territories. (USA 786) .Vol. VII, Pg. 405

*EC-408; Memorandum report about the Four Year Plan and preparation of the war economy, 30 December 1936. (USA 579) .Vol. VII, Pg. 465

*EC-410; Appendix to Goering's directive of 19 October 1939 concerning the economic administration of Occupied Territories. (USA 298) .Vol. VII, Pg. 466

*EC-472; Directives of Reich Marshal Goering concerning economic organization of Occupied Eastern Territories. (USA 315) .Vol. VII, Pg. 539

**L-3; Contents of Hitler's talk to Supreme Commander and Commanding Generals, Obersalzberg, 22 August 1939. (USA, 28) (Referred to but not offered in evidence.) .Vol. VII, Pg. 752

*L-79; Minutes of conference, 23 May 1939,"Indoctrination on the political situation and future aims". (USA 27) .Vol. VII, Pg. 847

*L-83; Affidavit of Gerhart H. Seger, 21 July 1945. (USA 234) .Vol. VII, Pg. 859

*L-151; Report from Ambassador Bullitt to State Department, 23 November 1937, regarding his visit to Warsaw. (USA 70) .Vol. VII, Pg. 894

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*L-221; Bormann report on conference of 16 July 1941, concerning treatment of Eastern populations and territories. (USA 317) .Vol. VII, Pg. 1086

*R-133; Notes on conference with Goering in Westerland on 25 July 1939, signed Mueller, dated Berlin 27 July 1939. (USA 124) .Vol. VIII, Pg. 202

*R-140; Secret letter from Goering's adjutant, Major Conrath, 11 July 1938, enclosing transcript of Goering's speech of 8 July to representatives of aircraft industry. (USA 160) .Vol. VIII, Pg. 221

R-148; Letter from Goering to Supreme Reich authorities, 8 March 1940, concerning treatment of male and female civilian workers of Polish nationality; also letters, orders, and memoranda relating thereto. .Vol. VIII, Pg. 251

*TC-27; German assurances to Czechoslovakia, 11 and 12 March 1938, as reported by M. Masaryk, the Czechoslovak Minister to London to Viscount Halifax. (GB 21) .Vol. VIII, Pg. 377

Statement IX; My Relationship to Adolf Hitler and to the Party, by Erich Raeder, Moscow, fall 1945. .Vol. VIII, Pg. 707

*Chart No. 1; National Socialist German Workers' Party. (2903-PS; USA 2) .Vol. VIII, Pg. 770

Chart No. 10; 1938 Proposals for Luftwaffe Expansion 1938- 1950. (L-43; GB 29) .Vol. VIII, Pg. 779

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