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Wilhelm Frick
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Frick promoted the program of racial persecution and racism, involving the wiping out of the Jews, and the killing of the allegedly insane and others for whom the German war machine had no further use.

In addition to its many other responsibilities, the vast administrative empire of Frick controlled the enactment and administration of racial and eugenic legislation. The "Manual for German Administrative Officials" (3475-PS) shows the following additional functions of Frick's Ministry: Health Administration, Social Hygiene; Heredity and Racial Welfare; Reich Plenipotentiary for Sanitaria and Nursing Homes; Board for the Examination of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists; and Reich Committee for Public Hygiene. Accordingly, Frick was the administrative guardian and protector of the German race.

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1) Persecution of Jews. Frick took charge of the legislative and administrative program through which the Nazi conspirators sought to wipe out the "non-Aryan" part of the German population. Here again he drafted, signed, and administered the basic legislation. Among these discriminatory enactments were e following: the Reich Citizens Law of 15 September 1935 deceiving Jews of their citizenship rights (116-PS); the law for the protection of German blood and honor, 15 September 1935, prohibiting mixed marriages (2000-PS); the first ordinance der the Reich Citizens Law, 14 November 1935, depriving Jews of the right to vote (1417-PS); the Civil Service Act of 7 April 1933 providing for the elimination of non-Aryan government workers (1397-PS); the decree of 20 May 1938 introducing Nurnberg laws in Austria; the decree of 31 May 1941 introducing the Nurnberg laws in the annexed eastern territories (see 3119-PS).

Extending his program of persecution even to the religious practices of the Jews, Frick signed the decree which outlawed ritual

But the activities of Frick's Ministry were not restricted to commission of such crimes, camouflaged in the form of legislation. The police field offices, subordinates to Frick, participated in the organization of such terroristic activities as the pogrom of 9 November 1938. The pogrom was organized through a series of secret teletype orders issued by Heydrich (374-PS; 3051-PS). Afterward Heydrich reported on the loss of Jewish life and property resulting from the pogrom (3058-PS).

The pogroms gave the Nazi conspirators occasion to proceed to the complete elimination of the Jews from economic life and the confiscation of most of their property (1662-PS; 1409-PS).

Three days after this pogrom of 9 November 1938 Frick, his undersecretary Stuckart, and his subordinates Heydrich and Daluege, participated in a conference on the Jewish question under the chairmanship of Goering. At this meeting various measures were discussed which the individual governmental departments should initiate against the Jews. Goering's concluding remark in that conference was:

"Also the Minister of the Interior and the Police will have to think over what measures will have to be taken." (1816-PS).

It was, accordingly, Frick's duty to follow up by administrative action the pogrom organized by Frick's own subordinates.

Thereafter, Frick signed the Law of 23 July 1938 ordering a

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special registration for all Jews, in order to establish the strictest possible control over the Jewish population.

After the outbreak of the war Heydrich issued an order in Frick's name, compelling all Jews to wear a yellow star in public (2118-PS).

Among the Ordinances which Frick issued under the Reich Citizen Law of 15 September 1935, special mention should be made of the 11th Ordinance of 25 November 1941, which ordered the confiscation of the property of all deported or emigrated Jews; and the 13th Ordinance, under which the Jews were deprived of all legal protection and completely handed over to the jurisdiction of the police (1422-PS; 3085-PS).

Stuckart, Under-Secretary in the Ministry of Interior, characterized this legislation as the essential preparation for the "final solution of the Jewish question" (3131-PS).

(2) Measures against "Inferior Racial Stock." The Public Health Service was administered as a division of Frick's Ministry. One of its subdivisions was devoted to race and heredity problems (13123-PS). In his capacity as chief of this service Frick drafted the basic law controlling sterilization of persons afflicted with "hereditary diseases" (3067-PS). Its administration was in the hands of his Ministry (D-181; L-305).

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