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Legal References And List Of Documents Relating
To Gustav Krupp Von Bohlen Und Halbach

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Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Article 6......

International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1, Section IV (H); Appendix A....

Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg trial. A double asterisk (**) before a document number indicates that the document was referred to during the trial but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason given in the parentheses following the description of the document. The USA series number, given in parentheses following the description of the document, is the official exhibit number assigned by the court.

*3054-PS; "The Nazi Plan" script of a motion picture composed of captured German film. (USA 167), Vol V, Pg. 801

D-62; Letter from Inspector of War Production to Krupp, 21 January 1937. Vol VI Pg. 1028

D-63; Declaration of political attitude by Krupp, 6 February 1937. Vol VI Pg. 1029

D-64; Letter to Krupp, 3 December 1941, enclosing extracts from draft of article entitled "Works Leader and Armament Works" 5 April 1941. Vol VI Pg. 1030

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D-66; Presentation certificate, 7 August 1940, concerning granting to Krupp of Shield of the Eagel of German Reich. Vol VI Pg. 1034

D-88; Correspondence between Krup and Raeder, 7 and 10 August 1935. Vol VI Pg. 1042

D-94; Article by Krupp, Manager and Armament Worker, from 1 March 1942 issue of Krupp magazine. Vol VI Pg. 1043

D-96; Memorandum on establishment of an experimental Tank Factory by the Grusonwerk, 21 February 1944. Vol VI Pg 1047

D-99; Letter from Krupp to Bormann, 11 November 1942. Vol VI Pg. 1048

D-101; Letter from Bormann to Krupp, 21 November 1942. Vol VI Pg. 1050

D-106; Letter from Krupp to Lammers, 24 February 1943. Vol VI Pg. 1050

D-120; Fuehrer decree on family enterprise of the firm Freidrich Krupp. Vol VI Pg. 1051

D-124; Letter from Lammers to Krupp, 16 November 1943. Vol VI Pg. 1053

D-131; Hitler decree of 21 December 1943, approving family enterprise of Krupp. Vol VI Pg. 1054

D-135; Letter from Krupp to Hitler, 29 December 1943. Vol VI Pg. 1054

D-143; List of barracks and beds in workers Hostels and PW camps of Freidrich Krupp A.G. and covering letter of 30 June 1942. Vol VI Pg. 1058

*D-151; Krupp, Schacht and Hess corresponsdence in 1933 regarding the Hitler Fund. (GB 256; USA 831). Vol VI Pg. 1060

D-152; Memorandum by Pfisrch on the conference at Federal Ministry for National Defense in Vienna, 28 September 1936. Vol VI Pg. 1062

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D-154; Memorandum, 23 June 1937, in files of Freidrich Krupp A.G. concerning order for armor plating from Bulgaria. Vol VI Pg. 1062

*D-157; Letter from Krupp to Hitler, 25 April 1933, with enclosure. (USA 765). Vol VI Pg. 1063

D-158; Letter from Rosenberg to Krupp, 26 April 1933. Vol VI Pg. 1066

*D-167; Memoranda by Sonnenberg and Dr. Conn concerning exchange of intelligence involving Krupp works. (USA 766). Vol VI Pg. 1069

D- 170; Notes of 8 May 1939 bu Sonnenberg on conference in Berlin concerning foreign anti-aircraft guns. Vol VI Pg. 1072

D-191; Memorandum on reconstruction of Krupps after war 1914-1918 with special reference to armaments exports, 25 March 1941. Vol VI Pg. 1076

D-196; Memoranda bu Dr. Lehman concerning recruiting of French workers. Vol VI Pg. 1078

D-201; Telegram from Goering to Krupp. Vol VI Pg. 1080

*D-203; Speech of Hitler to leading members of industry before the election of March 1933. (USA 767). Vol VI Pg. 1080

*D-204; Statement of Krupp concerning political organization of state and economy, 22 February 1933. (USA 768). Vol VI Pg. 1085

*D-206; Memorandum, 12 October 1939, on distribution of propaganda abroad through foreign connections of Krupp firm. (USA 769). Vol VI Pg. 1085

D-208; Letter from Krupp to Springorum, 26 April 1933. Vol VI Pg. 1085

*D-230; Instructions for issuing steel

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switches to Krupp camps, 3 January 1945. (USA 898). Vol VI Pg. 1094

D-233; Memorandum, 17 October 1944, concerning working hours for foreign workers. Vol VI Pg. 1095

D-238; Memorandum by Trockel, 28 July 1944, concerning assignation of detainees. Vol VI Pg. 1095

D-242; Letter from Springorum to Krupp concerning contribution of 20,000 marks to Rosenberg. Vol VI Pg. 1097

D-249; Von Bulow memorandum on notes of conference with Grassman, Fuss and Kraft, held 9 December 1942, concerning History of War Economy. Vol VI Pg. 1098

D-253; Affidavit of Peter Gutersohn, 3 October 1945. Vol VI Pg. 1105

D-256; Affidavit of Rene Koenigsberg and Agnes Koenigsberg, 20 September 1945. Vol VI Pg. 1107

D-265; Affidavit of Heinrich Ruhnau, 3 October 1945. Vol VI Pg. 1108

D-267; Affidavit of Heinrich Teidtke, Karl Hanke, Johann Berek, 27 September 1945. Vol VI Pg. 1109

D-270; Memorandum, 7 April 1942, concerning employment of foreign workers. Vol VI Pg. 1110

D-271; Memorandum from Wiele to Ihn, 20 October 1942. Vol VI Pg. 1110

D-272; Affidavit of Elizabeth and Ernestin Roth, 21 September 1945. Vol VI Pg. 1111

D-274; Statement by Ihn, 1 October 1945. Vol VI Pg. 1112

D-278; Memorandum from Works Catering Department to Dr. Lehmann,

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Employment Office, 19 March 1942. Vol VI Pg. 1116

D-279; Affidavit of Alexander Haverkarte, 1 October 1945. Vol VI Pg. 1116

D-280; Secret memorandum, 17 June 1942, concerning need for and obtaining of workers for cast steel works. Vol VI Pg. 1117

D-281; Memorandum by Winhold, 13 July 1942, concerning urgent production A.Z. 23 (Pr). Vol VI Pg. 1119

*D-283; Report by Krupp hospitals, 7 May 1943, concerning deaths of Eastern Workers. (USA 899) Vol VII Pg. 1

D-287; Letter from Krupp to Raeder, 30 October 1942. Vol VII Pg. 1

*D-288; Affidavit of Dr. Wilhelm Jaeger, 15 October 1945. (USA 202) Vol VII Pg. 2

D-291; Speech by Krupp, 1 May 1936. Vol VII Pg. 7

D-297; Memorandum from Theile to Hupe, 26 March 1942 concerning employment of Russian PWs and civilians. Vol VII Pg. 9

D-298; Affidavit by Dr. Georg Wolff and chart, "Fried. Krupp Berthawerk, Markstaedt Breslau, Number of Accupied Foreigners, Prisoners of War and Concentration Camp Inmates" Vol VII Pg. 10

D-304; Krupp speech, 13 October 1938. Vol VII Pg. 12

D-305; Affidavit of Heinrich Bushhauer, 5 October 1945. Vol VII Pg. 13

D-306; Affidavit of August Kleinshmidt, 11 October 1945. Vol VII Pg. 14

D-310; Memorandum from Grollius to Kolsch, 18 March 1942. Vol VII Pg. 15

D-312; Affidavit of Karl Sehnbruck, 11 October 1945. Vol VII Pg. 16

*D-313; Affidavit by Dr. Apolinary Gotowicki, 13 October 1945. (USA 901). Vol VII Pg. 18

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*D-316; Memorandum to Mr. Hupe, 14 March 1942, concerning employment of Russians. (USA 201). Vol VII Pg. 20

*D-317; Krupp speech, "Thoughts about the Industrial Enterpriser" January 1944. (USA 770). Vol VII Pg. 21

D-318; Memorandum from Diwkelaker to Ihn, 20 March 1942. Vol VII Pg. 24

*D-321; Affidavit of Adam Schmidt, 12 October 1945. (USA 895). Vol VII Pg. 25

D-325; Affidavit of 17 October 1945 concerning payments of Fried. Krupp Cast Steel Works to Party and Party Organisations. Vol VII Pg. 26

D-332; Letter from Janssen to NSDAP, 27 June 1935. Vol VII Pg. 26

*D-335; Memorandum from Stinnesbeck to Jaeger, 12 June 1944. (USA 900). Vol VII Pg. 27

D-338; Special medical report by Dr. Jaeger, 28 July 1944. Vol VII Pg. 27

D-339; Special medical report by Dr. Jaeger, 2 September 1944. Vol VII Pg. 28

D-341; Affidavit of Johannes Schroeder concerning Freid. Krupp Participations. Vol VII Pg. 29

D-345; Letter from Col. Zimmerman to Krupp firm, 27 August 1942. Vol VII Pg. 30

D-348; Secret memo by Reiff concerning conference in Berlin, 14 August 1942. Vol VII Pg. 31

D-353; Speech by Krupp, 18 October 1933, at first meeting of Committee for Industrial and Social Policy of Reich Association of German Industry. Vol VII Pg. 32

D-354; Affidavit of Paul Lenz, Wilhelm Sill, Herman Rosskothen, Fritz Schink, Karl Fortkamp, Wilhelm Piegeler, 5 October 1945. Vol VII Pg. 34

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D-355; Affidavit of Walter Thoene, 8 October 1945. Vol VII Pg. 36

D-363; Krupp speech, 4 September 1939. Vol VII Pg. 37

D-366; Memorandum from Haller to Schuermeyer, 8 December 1942. Vol VII Pg. 37

D-367; Affidavit of Frauenrath, 12 October 1945. Vol VII Pg. 38

D-368; Letter from Lutze, 15 August 1934, concerning use of Hitler Fund. Vol VII Pg. 39

D-373; Letter from Terboven to Krupp, 24 June 1935, thanking Krupp for contributions. Vol VII Pg. 40

D-375; Letter from Krupp to Hitler, 24 July 1942. Vol VII Pg. 40

*D-382; Affidavit of Raimund Becker, Aloys Hoefer, Josef Dahm, 4 October 1945. (USA 897). Vol VII Pg. 41

D-385; Speech by Krupp at first showing of Krupp film on 27 October 1935. Vol VII Pg. 42

D-386; Speech by Krupp on election after death of Hindenburg, on 10 August 1934. Vol VII Pg. 43

D-387; Speech by Krupp, 7 April 1938. Vol VII Pg. 43

D-390; Krupp speech to jubilees of plant on 6 May 1941. Vol VII Pg. 43

D-391; Speech by Krupp, 6 April 1938. Vol VII Pg. 44

D-392; Speech by Krupp, 26 January 1934. Vol VII Pg. 45

D-393; Speech by Krupp, "The Day of Fate of the German People" Vol VII Pg. 47

D-526; File memorandum, 29 July 1942, concerning acquisition of Liancourt lease. Vol VII Pg. 71

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